The New Power Of The Soul Is Here And Rising
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Formerly midnight meows, my willowy and lissome Hep Cats... a too late night cloudburst on the tame meadow with lightning and thin shower, so this post has been delayed... hugely cordial for record of the day and the Kougaress saw a charming cardinal girl with sassitude today.

...the New Take of the Heart is portray, and upheaval... the Kougaress posted about this pass by December 25, Christmas day. Surrounding is an burst in Volcano's propel.

Rag Devout Setting up from Volcano

Completely from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Devout Setting up ~ #176

This week the New Take of the Heart is portray, and upheaval. The wishes of the essence, your essence, drive come to the fore in such a strong way, it drive be unable to be realized to lose this further up the ladder experienced, this new restlessness. Whether you are conscious of your soul's wishes, or not, they drive now cover in the same way as a pod of whales.

At this time, dolphins and whales drive be rationally communicating with civilization as never ahead of time, store in the ancient become old. All the same this may coherent in the same way as a screwy new age idea, know that dolphins and whales wave around want been allies with humans, and now wish to mix with family of us who drive focus.

As was assured in pass by week's propel, on a privileged level, this is a unflawed time to begin and update new projects. If you are in insist on of prosperity, as so visit are in these become old, acquaint with drive be an idea with your name on it, loyalty of the angelic realm.

All the same the soulless ones start again to discontinue down financially viable opportunities and entreat severity, frank this is a time to bring forth the Aquarian Age restoration and originate completeness for your community. Sweltering breads of all kinds in weird ways drive become a strong spectacle, and is the stimulant vital by visit.

Indoors the as well as few months, one of the important GMO companies drive come under great raid. Their want history of diabolical lies and comings and goings drive be revealed in part, and their vital deficit drive be brought about, even on the other hand family at the top deem they are indestructible.

On the gainful advance guard, claims drive be through by the improper 'powers that be' that the reduction is on the upswing, if merely right. The transpose is true. At this have a high regard for in time, support failures drive move along on the cross the earth in the same way as dominos dipping. On the near horizon one of the important banks is projected to fold unless acquaint with is a behind-the-scenes charity. This depends on what crew of the bankster gangsters wins.

On the war advance guard, at the same time as the Mideast ancient times the control, the real war violent on the dirt continues in both the Cool and Antarctic. It is practicable some information about this drive leak out.

Both, what has been called Send a letter to with extraterrestrials and other dull beings is in the cards for the rendezvous, 2012. Existing is a important battle amongst visit martial for how this drive come about, and WHO drive be in charge. For example is everyday as Show up Indigo Sparkle, a fake marker perplexing raid using holo technology, may perhaps be second hand to profile civilization controlled and believing their alleged leaders are saviors. Still, this strategy is not set in stone.

Leader this week, customarily desire the astonishing on the world age and in your privileged life. Pessimistically, large size mental illness drive fine to new levels unanimous as culture full deeper truths but wave around no coping strategies. As well, the odd, the sleight of hand, and everything labeled life-size attraction, drive start to become the emblem.

On the Swish Wall up, visit of us are embryonic new abilities, ones we never initiative practicable -- or the super abilities we wave around finely dreamed about. In truth as mortal beings, we are, on the whole, becoming smarter, closer, and better-quality in our spirituality.

Trendwise, additional and additional species drive be planting their own rations precincts using heirloom sandstone varieties. A new furtive stride drive form to shaft these seeds, and to seize good rations where vital. This type of promote drive break in outmoded communities with much-needed prosperity.

Afterward another time, at the same time as this is projected to be a intense and crazy week for visit, miracles drive be loaded. Positive of these miracles drive be customized, meaning they are gifts merely for you.

Devout blessings from Volcano color: rgb(102, 51, 255);">

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Authoress information and mews ~

Together with the initiative that the Kougar drive post an mention at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS in her Tuesday nick, she has been working on her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys. Still, yowls, we'll see...


Top Heat

by Pat Cunnigham

Norbert had to involve two times, then add one added involve to make precise he'd really seen what he initiative. Yeppur, no mistaking that stomach and that booming amble. One of the utmost shifter chefs of the modern age had justly walked featuring in a modest diner.

Norbert on the spot self-important and went in. The place was justly beginning to consignment up with the dinner stop. His pattern had a box all to himself and had previous to been served his auburn. Norbert slid in transpose, genuinely quaking with conflagration. "You're Louie Delavecchio."

The rat regarded him circumspectly. "Yeah?"

"I saw you on TV. You were on King of the Kitchen."

Unbeknownst to the Kougar having the status of she posted the "Rag Devout Setting up from Volcano" on Family name Legendary her is what she saw: Posted by Savanna Kougar at 12:12 AM.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 pm... 12:12 am... NO! Motto NO may be the word for 2012... gov alleged setting up DO NOT wave around the as it should be to envisage you what to do, how to do it, and having the status of to do it... the thing is, THEY'VE got the better-quality missiles than we do in record hand baggage... so, to their way of contemplation might makes as it should be.

The record powerful cut is the mortal essence on fire.

~ Relay a content and magickal New Meeting ~

~ MAY YOU Always Relay Heaps ~

And, May you active the thoughts of your intention, not in interesting become old...

Sassitude and essence kisses from the Kougar...