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MAGICAL LONG CURTAINS ARTby Sandra McCraw ScarpaMy rating: 1 of 5 starsMagical Long curtains Art / 1-56718-653-XHaving the status of Alice asked herself "SO IS THE USE OF A BOOK DEFICIENT PICTURES?", she was, I embrace looking at this unimaginable petition of a quilting book. I option never understand why pagan crafting books group, added normally than not, to be tawdrily puzzled together in an liveliness to challenge in on a superficial marvel. Pagans are kind too, and put forward is indeed someone, everywhere, who is (A) pagan, (B) a quilter, and (C) competent to put together a fair-haired quilting book. I protection (D) (has time in which to doing this) is the limiting constituent, what apart from a world of fantastic, able pagans, we run in receipt of this rubbish shoveled to us.Why is this book so bad? This is a quilting book out-and-out deficient pictures. Oh, that's not out-and-out true - put forward are some heart color dinner service showing off a six-piece log hotel wall cover. That's it. Swing. Offering are no blocks put forward. No applique. No quilting what on earth.The jabber of this book is that it option teach you how to correspond with a magically empowered cover. Question: Do you now, or specific you ever owned, a '"Wicca 101"' or an `introduction to paganism' book or at all in black and white by Cunningham? If so, then you know everything this book has to give or. You know what each color can expound. You know what each incense aroma is linked with. You know which gods to invoke for your spells. You know what candle to use to symbolize your declare. (HUMDRUM NOTE: QUILTING BY CANDLELIGHT IS NOT EVERYTHING I RECOMMEND. ELEGANT, NON-FLAMMABLE LIGHT IS IMPORTANT TO QUILTING. THIS BOOK IS LEAVE-TAKING TO GET SOMEONE TO DRY THEIR HOUSE DOWN BY CONFRONTATION.) You know all this and you don't command it repackaged in a amiable abundant book pretending to be a quilter's guide epoch self-possessed thumbing its snout at quilters and recounting them to bring their own blocks and collection what it isn't leave-taking to deliver any new, creative blocks or patterns. You mega don't command a book which imprudently insists that a magical cover can never, ever be washed or all the magic option be lost. The plain ridiculousness of this shill burns my primary.This book is a game swindle and individual road breaking and entering. I am misguided at the publishing detached house that would rage out a quilting book with no cover patterns and with magical cue that was trustworthy cribbed from Cunningham's books. Offering is genuine no way that a fixed quilter would find this book to be helpful - there's not quite no actual relaxed, and what is put forward is second- and third-hand Wicca 101, with comprehensively no quilting manner of speaking supplementary at all. So I would really, really mean is a *real* quilting book for pagans. Whatever thing with, you know, altered blocks and actual techniques and piecing commands. Whatever thing mean every non-pagan themed cover book I own, release for pagans. How unproven. I inference I'll run looking.~ Ana MardollWATCH ALL MY REVIEWS