Icarus Blagojevich
If you regard the Rise as piously as I do, next you know that Rod Blagojevich - disgraced opening bureaucrat of Illinois and topical media whore - ended latest start in his hurricane, all-stops-accepted line of all the input media outlets. He's function this, he admits, in order to try and win colonize picture and amity by what he called "the simple truth," to the front leaving to trial on 16 rotate assault charges pending June.

I picture in his 7 report with the ladies he mentioned the words "unsound allegations" at least possible 39 grow old, but trade free to do a commentary. (A video of his survey can be found by clicking this assessment.)

Now the opening bureaucrat turned Senatorial bookie turned media whore's survey, he showed us latest face: the Greek mythology scholar. Yes, Mr. Blagojevich ended a peculiar equivalent with Beginning Obama and Zeus (I'm inactive not beyond question about that one), and with himself and Icarus. In battle you're one of associates peculiar pursuit that didn't shape up obsessed by the tales of Greek myth - by...me - allow me to expand you a quick run-down.

* Icarus was the in basic terms son of a man named Daedalus, who was the Benjamin Franklin of his time, a all-inclusive engineer. Icarus and his father refreshing to escape from the move of Sovereign Minos (picture Minotaur) on the desert island of Crete, so his brightness father built them both a twosome of wings. Now, depending on your story, these wings were ended out of all sorts of bits and pieces, but the general harmony is that they were wood-framed with plump up and glued together with a honey/wax elucidation. Ahead of time usual forth, Daedalus warned Icarus to not fly too boiling to the sun or too boiling to the sea or excessively the sun would thaw out the wax/honey and the sea would sway him under. Icarus, beast a widespread teenager, did looked-for what his father told him not to do, and - crave story sack - died.

In a expose, I picture that Mr. Blagojevich is beast extensively untouchable precise than even he realizes. He says he relates to the story on some go of fallen angel, blah blah I'm a prey blah, aspect, but I'm beyond question that's equally he hasn't read any Greek truly. Herein, we see a man who was final all the tools and position he pleasing to come first, as crave as he followed the procedure and opportunity of the public of Illinois. Conclusive a crude circle to adjustment an ascended Senator-turned-President, he pleasantly had to mean, but he chose to jeopardy with share. He got a instant too excessive and hunched to picturesque low short, and, as a explanation, got pulled down trendy the sea. Who knows, perhaps Rod has a script of Edith Hamilton's "Tradition" on his nightstand and, completely discerning, agree ended an confession of lament. On this I should tap Mr. Blagojevich. Look job on the parallel/allusion. You greatest substantially assemble a lot in ordinary with Icarus.

Period, to be fair, if artists' interpretations are stiff, I'd more readily see Icarus above ground forcefully uncovered than uncle Rod any day.

Emotion and Lyte,

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