The Destruction Of Science
Further to my previous blog about how rogue scientists were manipulating data in order to artificially create the leftist panic that is global warming and climate change, I wanted to explore on both a practical and philosophical level these manipulations cause to legitimate research, science and scientists. These acts consist of taking scientific data and observations (evidence) and manipulating it for purposes of an agenda - any agenda, in this case a leftist agenda.Burying the results, destroying the evidence, distorting the data, secreting the findings, covering up the proof, presenting only partial findings and suppressing the rest, and slandering anyone who doesn't adhere to the belief system.It's all part of the program - and all part of the pattern.To be clear - I am NOT saying that the scientists did these things to highlight a particular belief system they hold (in violation of all scientific principles), I am saying, and the evidence supports the supposition, that they did it for personal, economic benefit.Some would say the downside of this bamboozling of weak leaders, inept governments, limp bureaucrats and a lazy public is that in corrupting the fundamental principles of science these lab-coated thugs have created an environment where all of us have to be over-skeptical of real science - even science practiced ethically and correctly. If governments were enticed to spend taxpayer money based upon an intentional fraud...that's not a political act, it's a conspiracy to commit a crime. It is probably even treasonous in its most liberal definition (small L liberal). And those who act as accessories after the fact are no less guilty.It is worse than that. The damage is FAR worse than unwarranted skepticism of legitimate science. Now political and economic entities know that "science" can be bought. Science USED to be considered as the impartial arbitrator in all disputes. Now everyone knows the "ref" can be bought off. Want to impose a tax? Buy off a scientist to support your position. Want to create benefit for one group of people over another? Have a thug-intist invent a data/study to "scientifically" support your position.Want to exterminate Jews? Have a scientist paid to create a study that purports that their inter-breeding with the general population is dangerous. After all, this position is backed up by a "scientist". Warm up the ovens.Again, it's not about having a hypothesis and finding out that it can't be verified. It's about hiding the truth from the public, while taking their money in a scheme to deprive them of the truth that is the evil here.Slandering anyone who points out the fraud is equally despicable and multiplies the bad intent. Birther. Truther. Global Warming Denier. Republican. It's all the same to these folks.Unless the scientific community is willing to do some major house cleaning and serious introspection, research is fast on its way to becoming nothing but a propaganda tool. And those with the deepest pockets, especially the government and corporations, will determine what science is and what it is not.It's not that good scientists are never wrong in the science...that's how science gets better.It's when bad scientists are wrong in the ethics. That's how science gets destroyed.