Interview With A Witch Part 1 Meet Christopher Penczak
Christopher Penczak Since "The Secret Circle" revolves around the happenings of a mysterious coven in Chance Harbor, we thought it'd be fascinating and beneficial to get to know witches betterfrom a "real" Witch's perspective, of course. And who better to address our biggest questions than co-founder and president of New Hampshire's Temple of Witchcraft (as well as author and teacher) CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK? READ HOW CHRISTOPHER BEGAN HIS STUDY OF WITCHCRAFT BELOW: "I actually started out as a skeptic and didn't really decide to practice. I thankfully had an open mind, and the more I experienced, the more I was drawn to practice, but in many ways was really hesitant to join another spiritual tradition after growing up Catholic and leaving the Church after 12 years of Catholic Schooling. A long time family friend and mentor of mine turned out to be a Witch, but didn't tell me until I was out of High School. In those days it was still fairly secret, and there was often rules about not telling people who were still minors. It was before the days of raising kids Pagan or Wiccan openly. She slowly revealed her beliefs to me until one day she used the ?W? work and told me she was a Witch. At first I thought she was kidding. Then I thought she was delusional and tried to understand why she could believe she was a Witch. The more she opened me up to the philosophy and beliefs, the more I realized that perhaps it was for me. This first mentor helped me experience a very profound healing ritual under the full Moon for a friend of mine who was gravely ill, and made a complete recovery after the spell defying medical expectations. Then, she brought me to her own teacher, a famous Witch in Salem, MA, Laurie Cabot. After studying with Laurie, I had a very pivotal experience with psychic diagnosis and healing, and that prompting me to learn more of the Craft and decide to commit to it. At first it was all meditation and psychic development. I didn?t want to see the religious side of it. Then it became artistic and creative. Finally I succumbed to understanding how both the science and the art are a part of the greater spiritual mysteries, and devoted myself as a priest in the Craft." WHAT ARE YOU DYING TO KNOW ABOUT MAGIC AND WITCHCRAFT? WHAT WOULD YOU ASK CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO ASK HIM "ANY "QUESTION? The post Interview with a Witch Part 1: Meet Christopher Penczak appeared first on The Secret Circle.