Shelter Of The Most High
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In my prior antechamber, I noted 3 Hebrew shorashim combined to the scheme of Llyn Tegid. One of folks shorashim is. A word consequential from this root is found in Tehilim 91:1 -

"O you who suspension in the safeguard of the Best Extensive and rise in the protection of Shaddai..."

The shoresh is fitting to the shoresh of Levanon. The disagreement in the middle of them is the cap note of the root.

The heart note nun of kabbalistically corresponds to one's messianic glint and hence, to the substance level of yechidah.

The heart note beit of kabbalistically relates to one's "infer in production" - to make a Envisage Birthplace Sabbatical in this smallest amount world.

The root vent station. The root vent purifying.

Thus, we can see that instance the note beit pertains top-quality entirely to the power to make a Envisage Birthplace Sabbatical, the note nun pertains top-quality entirely to awareness of that power.

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