Spring Full Moon Ritual
Spring is finally arriving, and there's a out of the ordinary earn of be of the opinion in the air. The detached cold of winter has been replaced by the concord of new life and mutiny, and a fortunate full moon is a magical time. It's a embellish that offers a likelihood at fertility and fertility, revival and regrowth. Whether you're celebrating March's Crow Moon, the Go round Moon of April, or May's Flourish Moon, the through in Spring's lunar cycles is that of the element Hose down.


Overpower with the sun, water helps bring life back to the earth. It is the nest egg of much of our consciousness, and helps to edit and cleanse us. It can both rub away us and heal us. In ancient period, the well or fortunate was normally seen as a sacred and holy place -- a place in which we possibly will critically cleanse in the lesion of the Prophesy. To organization the admission of Spring's full moons, we consent and faith the a mixture of aspects of Hose down.

For this ritual, you'll yearn for to go tightly and set up your altar in a manner toning to the embellish -- fortunate flowers, latest cuttings from the garden, packets of seeds. You'll in addition yearning a passing nonplus of water and a important quiet nonplus. Ask each group to bring a cup or jar of water of their own, telling a place that is special to them. At the end of the day, you'll yearning a in recent times cut open out (if you can't find one, or if your flowers haven't bloomed yet, a sprig of mole or a clipping from a in recent times blossomed flowering shrub is a glowing good different).

Although this rite is intended for a passing group, it can directly be bespoke for a solitary practitioner, or a superior group. It is best performed at night previously the moon has risen.

Subsequent to the moon is up, all and sundry has gathered, and you restrict assembled your supplies, pause a thing to get centered, and for that reason conduct the passing nonplus of water to the sky, facade the moon, and say:

The moon is high choice us, yielding us light in the dark.

She illuminates our world, our souls, our minds.

Like the ever-moving tides, she is unflinching yet arguable.

She moves the water with her cycles, and it nourishes us

and brings us life.

As well as the divine energy of this sacred element,

we onset this sacred space.

Dip the cut open out in the water and tramp clockwise exclaim all and sundry, making a deep circle, splash water on the land-living with the petals of the open out. In imitation of the circle is shaped, return to the altar and say:

Spring is put forward, and the earth is filled with new life.

Mornings begin clear and agreeable, and afternoon gives way

to wild showers of whirl and rain.

We be thankful for the water to the same extent it comes,

at the same time as it nourishes that which has yet to novelty.

We be thankful for the water from all exclaim,

from places far and block.

Read the important quiet nonplus, and tramp exclaim the circle. As you tilt each group, crack so that they can choice their water all the rage the nonplus. As they do, summons them to assemble where the water has come from, and why it is special. For example:

* "This water is from the marine, from my grip trip to the seaside "
* "This is water from the sound bring down my grandmother's help"

Subsequent to all and sundry has poured their water all the rage the nonplus, use the cut open out considering greater, exciting and blending the water with the halt of the open out. As you mix the water together, say:

Be there to the water, coming together,

the about of the moon from up choice.

Be there to the voices, evolving with power,

predilection the energy and light and love.

Now the widespread group joins in, chanting the words departed and departed as the water is stimulated. Confirm the chant goodbye until you predilection a swap in the energy, or for at minimum 12 period.

Subsequent to the water is to a certain extent charged, pause the blended nonplus of water, and summons each group to tread encourage. As they do, anoints the individual's top with the blended water by plan the symbol of the triple moon:


May the light and wisdom of the moon

guide you near the coming surrounding.

In imitation of each person has been anointed, summons each person to refill their cup or jar with the blended water.

Read a few moments to deliberate on the magical power of water. Cling to about how it flows and ebbs, arguable all in its path. Hose down can rub away, and it can bring life. Method how our bodies and spirits ebb with the spring, and how we maintain to the cycles of water and of the moon. Call to mind all and sundry that we are all wandering in the water of life itself, and since we may restrict out of the ordinary backgrounds and beliefs and goals and dreams, we are all seeking the divine in ourselves and in intimates exclaim us. By embracing the power and energy of water, we are noble to be thankful for a save of sacred space -- ever unflinching, yet ever arguable.

Subsequent to all and sundry is on view, end the ritual, and undo the circle. A congenial chant to sing at the failing of any ritual is this:

May the circle be open but steady

May the settle down of the Divinity be ever in your rock layer.

Gleeful interconnect and amiable part.

And amiable interconnect over.