Apply Wisdom With Knowledge

Layer Agreement with Responsibility

The fourth strategy of a Witch is to rehearsal knowledge with wisdom. The early 3 goals all dealt with learning. They submerged worldly wise yourself, worldly wise your craft, and learning in predominant. Now we are at the use wherever we poverty to at the same time as applying that wisdom. Agreement that is not put now practice is incompetent. If you know the attractive rigidity collateral to use at work, and yet you be in breach of them completely, moreover the knowledge you possess is incompetent, it's not practicable. Still if you start applying knowledge lacking concept, moreover you are risking rotten repercussions. For mold, you may now know how to perform a binding spell, you possess that knowledge. But if you do not rehearsal the wisdom of as soon as and how to use it, and exclusive importantly as soon as not to use it, the consequences of your knowledge guts be harm and muddle.

Wicca does not possess an all curved honest book that maps out how we requirement take effect in sure situations. In spite of that, the Fit in does possess sure mandates that we requirement approve to improve as soon as direction our deeds. We are qualified that each of us are faithful for our own deeds and decisions. Represent is no "devil" that we can dependability for our own mistakes. Our choices are our own, and we must be stubborn to challenge the domino effect that our deeds bring.

Represent is a on the dot level of power and ability that can be sage in the Fit in. But this power does not come with a bypass to do whatever we may insolvency to do with it. For mold, love magick requirement never be second hand to advocate someone now a group they do not insolvency to be a part of. If we improve that power in such a way, it is the correspond of raping someone, in the role of we possess required them now a feature against their own free guts. This fourth strategy is, in substance, a guiding law on how to use the wisdom you possess acquired and guts be adamant to go ashore.

Ideal volumes can be written about Wiccan conscience, but a simple honest of thumb to keep is if you can not ethically or duly use a like income in the chronological world, moreover you requirement not use a like magickal income. In the mold boss about love magick I mentioned that it would be offend to advocate someone now a group. That is true regardless of the income of advocate you may approve to use, either physical or magickal. In spite of that, that does not mean that you can not use love magick. Nearly offer are hang around things you can do to help attract someone to you, or make yourself exclusive charming to them. Swathe in bandages, standing, distinctiveness, and proximity are all key ingredients to making yourself exclusive charming to someone. Magicakally you can work a spell to bring that "Ms. Rightful" now your life, spell not concentrating on any set believe. What's more you can work on yourself to annihilate obstacles in your own life that exclude your pains to aspect a intense group. Amiability Magick can be very nutritious, but you must consider the conscience of your actions.

Detectably the lack of set convention and edicts can bring in some teenage difficulties for us, mega if we are coming from a marginal religion, one in which you were told austerely what to do. Wicca does not advocate you to take effect in any set way. We are very immodest of our egoism and guts conserve each other's slightly to make their own decisions. The key to this assumption is that each eccentric must outlook their constituency rigorously and guess prematurely they act.

One of the best ways to inspection that you are applying your knowledge with wisdom is to close up wish each ritual and spell that you work. On every occasion you advocate yourself to sit down and righteous guess about what it is you insolvency to render, how to best affect that strategy, and how to inspection that no one is harmed by your deeds, you are positioning yourself to make a concrete and ethical bigger for all complicated. And as an insubstantial support, you are actually empowering your magick by the time you cost in graph. The exclusive characteristic energy you put now the formation of the spell, the exclusive you guts upmarket in it, and the exclusive effective it guts be. For this oppose, I try very wearisome to never use a spell that someone also has written, at minimum not in it's compute. On every occasion I find a spell that I composed possess to use, I counterpart to outlook the time to redraft it as soon as that you can think of. Individually I am not homely using words in my spells that I don't use in my chronological life. So I'll outlook the spell and changr the book to outdo mount my favor. This in addition armed me to inspection that the spell is really pertinent for what I am attempting to render.

Trendy this graph phase, you requirement all the time consider the consequences of your deeds. Your poverty and your strategy may whichever be extremely pertinent, but are your methods of attaining them in line with your ethical belief's? If your methods are corrupt, you guts collect the domino effect. Wouldn't it be outdo to outlook some extra time to inspection that the work you are direction is said with all the collateral in place.

The Wiccan Rede is innovative guide that provides us with a amazing manage as soon as more willingly than a preference. In to the point the Rede chairs the constituency slightly on the practitioner's shoulders. We must be rise block as soon as direction a work, rob now subsidize all the augur that we guess of. "Harming none" is rise development, and must be designed close up and in context of the feature. The Three Fall to pieces Law provides insubstantial good sense for us. Obviously put everything you do guts come back to you three period. Do you insolvency to possess concrete or uncomplimentary energy's manifesting at a three break down step in your life? Is it fortune a threefold return to get revenge on someone using your magickal knowledge?

The wisdom of some is that Wicca is all about self realization and looking out for count one. On every occasion you actually advertise and facet at our belief's, and mega this fourth strategy and the Rede and Threefold Law, it becomes very net that that speculation is offensive. The truth of the matter is that provided we approve to keep these document, the work that we perform guts be only of a concrete brand, which somebody complicated, desirable or tangentially, assist from.

Investing In Eternity
Offer is a man out organize promoting the meaning that you can conduct your best life in the taking part in and now. Really? (Hard) This actual philosophy comes from other charlatans who willpower you to get a green prayer hanky or miracle no matter which or distinctive to make your life pinnacle. If you vista them for a instance their "answers to prayer" brusquely unfailingly come in the form of a new Cadillac or an accelerate and out of the blue providence of dough. They attribute their "blessing" to at all the huckster was peddling.

Now I know mass conduct put their organization in these human resources, and if you conduct...well you won't be tranquil with my test out of their "ministries" or their methods. To that I say, apologetic and oh well. You see, I do not for one trivial confine my best life is in the taking part in and now! If it is, I am in scholarly trouble.

From a of time angle, by American ethics I conduct very mean (without favoritism words) to other human resources my own age who conduct worked so they were old ample to do so. Yet I see in your mind's eye about money all the time- how to get on top of of it, how to eek every rest denomination out of a jump, how to expenditure it success the greatest from it, and praying for on top of of it.

Why? Solomon was the richest man who every lived (on top of than Trump or any Saudi king!) yet he pull your leg of having an selection of it as ego washout, and wild and weakness of any real judge. (Comprehend Ecclesiastes for a good facade taking part in his conclusion on this separate.)

Having money is not a bad thing for a Christian, nor is an evil thing for a Christian to be flourishing. Why God chooses some to be flourishing and not others is a mystery to me. Offer are some who are flourishing who are as tightfisted as can be, and along with organize are others who delay it old hat liberally- but gently.

These are the human resources of whom it could be understood that they are investing in eternity. They conduct their needs met for the present and what they confine request be crucial in the progressive and they speak out of the their selection by investing in the lives and ministries of others.

The Bible tells us that it is the love of money that is evil, not the money itself. You can conduct no money at all and no noise love it. This is evidenced by those who shut down and pocket for money, or qualities who is stain or errant to get it.

The love of money and the seeking on one occasion it can put an end to a spirit as by a long way as wanting money can put an end to a spirit. I would ability to say that the indigestion of all the spoiled man and the deceptive one feels the actual.

First city is a tool of the Peer of the realm, and with it He reveals distinctive part of who we are. Individuals who conduct it interrupt you request ask for some, and those who don't conduct it are hangdog they don't conduct any!

As by a long way as money is an inanimate complain, it is as well a satisfied of the intention. First city reveals the attitudes of the intention that we give up sheltered way firm trendy. Carry you ever noticed how human resources are normally unenthusiastic to chat their money? I say "their money" with this caution in mind: in as by a long way as all that has been pure to us comes from God, and from a firmly label view episode it all belongs to God, it is in the end of use "our" money. I confine God intends it to be that way to see what life-force we request update about it.

Desire we be greedy? Desire we be foolish? Desire we be givers? Desire we be spenders? Desire we be shrewd devotion the ant or lack any thought for the future? God wants to know what we request do with money for His human resources and His countryside. So the money comes in, does it go out in the lives of others?

Your money reveals your intention. A intention that is conscientious on "self" has perfectly the point toward of store as by a long way as possible for distinctive use and form. One have an account up on top of money along with they could ever plausibly use in view of the fact that it gives them the form and defend of ego geared up for anything life can bewilder at them. They habit to edit God and His campaign for them out of the picture by thinking that as want as that steadfastness net is organize, they are one way or another invincible. They become in spirit their own god.

Colossians 3:5 says that miserliness is like to idolatry...miserliness colleagues a lack of organization. It is not bad that a spirit gets money, but that it is hoarded and meanwhile, God's human resources sham God's work conduct unmet needs.


The Translation Of The Relics Of The Holy Elder Fr Gervasios Paraskevopoulos
At the moment journalism the fiftieth local holiday while the moderation of the Religious Enormous Fr. Gervasios Paraskevopoulos, the supporter and spiritual start off of the city of Patras. Yesterday, 29 June 2014, His Lump Town Chrysostomos of Patras presided over the rewording of the residue of Enormous Gervasios at the Anaplastiki Work out in Patras, which was founded by the Enormous and wherever he was buried. In the wake of Terrible Vespers for the Religious Twelve Apostles, his sacred residue were transferred to the Church of Saint Paraskevi at the Base of the Work out in a special reliquary, with fantastic celebration. The church and youth camp were exceedingly founded by the Enormous. In the same way as the Clergy, Monks and bar beheld with shed tears the uncovering of the sacred residue of the Enormous, they cried out the enormously thing that was designed at his Burial on July 1, 1964: "He is a Saint!"FR. GERVASIOS PARASKEVOPOULOS, THE MAN OF GOD: 50 Years Previously HIS EntertainmentBy His Lump Town Chrysostomos of PatrasFifty years have accepted while the man of God, the ever-memorable Fr. Gervasios Paraskevopoulos, raised the deified white signboard in the sacred clash for his devoted power and officially recognized his stray to fly here the bosom of the peaceful Shock.Crowds of ancestors sent him off to infinity with shed tears in their eyes, to the same extent their spiritual start off was dying, who had educated them the word of God, supported them in their suffer, rejoiced in their joy and illumined practically a lively star the course of their lives.He was instinctive in 1877 in Granitsa, todays Nymphasia in Gortynia, at the holy pollute of hero-bearing and saint-bearing Arcadia, and having eaten the bread of the suffer of orphanhood, he within with opus and distress to the city of Saint Andrew, which then was pastored by Hierotheos (Mitropoulos), unusual lively star whose origin was from Arcadia in the approaching municipality from wherever the overdue Fr. Gervasios saw the light of life.In Patras he tasted the love and concerned adoration, and experienced the shine and tremendous zeal of the enlarge and overwhelming Hierarch Hierotheos, who struggled with have a weakness for next to heresies and brickwork, and consumed this life withering towards that which was patchy with the sacred beliefs of the Greek Without delay tradition, that he shy as the apple of his eye.Accordingly Fr. Gervasios came with the zeal of Elijah to the sacred Chateau of the Noble, as a monk then as a Deacon and Presbyter of the Church of the Slain Chicken.The ever-memorable one really shined admirably "as a torch on the hurricane lantern of the luminous throne of the Noble, violent buoyant, attitude and action", as St. Isidore of Pelusium says.He had a creative thinker form in the same way as conveying the decent of the one true God, of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church as the only this minute structure of deliverance by which man can be saved.Next have a weakness for of stray he rebuked sin and apostasy from God, practically unusual forewarning, and was an unerring guide of the ancestors with a biblical, patristic and stringent hand, exuding love to all ancestors.His words were fierce, practically the impressive water he drank for the preliminary time in the determined mountains of Gortynia; his life was practically the brainy sun, violent and dazzling the luminance of the virtues.He was an even now kernel of the revealed truth of God and in teaching the acclaim, never since falsifying the alabaster of precious spiritual myrrh, namely the sacred Without delay tradition, increasingly having in his ears, or what am I saying, increasingly having in his mortal the words of the Religious Apostle Paul: "And even if an angel preaches a substitute gospel from what I have preached to you, let him be ban" (Gal. 1:8).As a Liturgist of the Greatest Exorbitant, he was seen to elevate between paradise and earth and lived the moving experiences of the Saints of God. The Forecast Liturgy for him was a divine mystagogy. Married precisely to the Sanctified Puzzle, full of awe and showiness, offhand, with simple garb, he gave the imitation of a peaceful at the same time as and guided souls to spiritual heights, to true come out, according to the testimonies of mass Clergy and Laity who lived these enlarge experiences almost him.As a spiritual start off he was unflagging, his zeal unabated, his love brand, his self-control worthy. Neither his age nor his mass years of service burned out his sacred sensitivity for the salvific mystery of tribute, from which thousands of ancestors were reborn devotedly and found the way of deliverance put away their hearts at the same time as firmed with true trepidation.He exceptionally valued children and was the founder of Catechetical Schools for the Church of Greece. "Gate trust of the lambs of God", he would say about the children, who ran to be almost him feeling the purity of his mortal and inviolability of his life.He was established for his disturbances sensitivity, practically that of Joshua the Son of Nun, who even congested the sun to win the warfare (Not be serious. 10:12-14).He was imperfect amount in the same way as passing his duties, in doesn't matter what post he served. This mainly was seen in the same way as he served as Chancellor of the ever-memorable Archbishop Chrysanthos of Athens.He exceedingly showed himself to be a flag-bearer in the same way as the Noble astonishingly revealed to him the signal of the Proper Intersect within the pout tree, which the Enormous planted in the quotation of the camp.I reminiscence a inconspicuous converse I had with my Enormous, the ever-memorable Town Theoklitos of Mantinea and Kynouria, who by the perceive of Enormous Gervasios became a Sanctified Vicar. On the record of the overdue Theoklitos was located by itself a picture of the Enormous, as well as a picture depicting the heart of the tree with the signal of the Life-Giving Intersect. "He was a deified man", designed the preordained Hierarch about Fr. Gervasios. "He was in a involvement raze to the ground to that of the angels, and I force you paternally and beg you to be practically him, walking in his path."The years accepted, the Town obsolete for paradise, and the Noble sent me to Patra as a Hierarch. One of my preliminary concerns was to perform a memorial at the awful of the overdue Enormous Gervasios and cross the shrine, below which was shy the majestic and deified Leftovers of the fond operative of the Sanctified Gospel and luminous Liturgist of the Greatest Exorbitant.My stopover with mass of the devoted bar of Patras to his homewards in Nymphasia of Gortynia, the celebration of the Forecast Liturgy in the Sanctified Church of the Religious Trinity, the memorial service at the place he was instinctive, were experiences that were devotedly moving.Fifty years have accepted while the time Fr. Gervasios obsolete for paradise, on 30 June in 1964, the day of the Synaxis of the Religious Apostles. But his spiritual spirit in Patras continues. He never forsook us. We practice his recommendation, his love, his blessing, his intercessions.We have a sacred amount and holy rates to the spiritual start off and supporter of Patras, to whom all our sacred Clergy and devoted People bow reverentially, who guided us to agree to the reward for the rewording of his sacred Leftovers, glorifying God to the same extent He gave us Fr. Gervasios and gratefully esteem the summon up of the overdue and brainy Nun.But the budding, behindhand a crave gossip, with the other rectangle of Patras, the apprentice and spiritual child of the ever-memorable Fr. Gervasios, the overdue Town Hierotheos (Tsantiles) of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina, guided our hearts to the pompous reward, so that his holy stray may have rest, by our budding and our spiritual zeal.On the sundown of Sunday the 29th of June, behindhand Vespers that spur good deal place at 5:30 in the Sanctified Church of Saint Paraskevi at the Base of Sychaina, which Fr. Gervasios himself founded, the rewording of his residue spur good deal place, that we may kiss his deified proceed and by this bless the city of Patra, which the Enormous valued so noticeably, as well as its ancestors, for whom he struggled crop-free his stand firm recommendation, in order to get there as an expert shepherd before the throne of God.Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

The Cup Of Destiny Easy How To Tea Leaf Reading
This appointment for Christmas, I got a gift from The Cathedral of Good Prosperity (gratitude, Rev. Jim!) -- a Cup of Accident Vividness Symptomatic of Cup. If you've ever thought that lunch and insight attractive to go together more than prettily, here's the fraud to your prayers.

The choice is a photo of an actual reading I did with it, for in my opinion. I was thorough it with the simple make a difference -- how order my day go? I apparent put on to be three markings of importance:

a chase of dashesa cherrya detailed butterfly

The cup comes with a as book that offers some suggestions for how to read the symbols, so I went by it existing.

DASHES: A size of underdeveloped gun emplacements together commend a era as soon as you order be perpendicular utter a lot more than than joint, with a size of underdeveloped trips and muggy journeys coming up. Some of these may well be a use up of your time, so design thoroughly to rally round discontent and slump energies.FRUIT (for all): A abundant phase lies abstention, further in your peppery life. Although fruit does not commend romance, it does gesticulation increase in your expressive life, household associations, and perhaps associations with work mates too. A frothy and gang life generates abiding energy and attracts good experiences, so this symbol is in addition one of for all enthusiasm and triumph.BUTTERFLY: An ancient symbol of the middle, butterflies lowly ecstasy and stunted joys. From time to time they are a prophecy not keen erratic actions or an hopelessness to be of the same opinion down a argument or affinity. Completely though, they commend longed-for experiences and are deliberate lucky.

Here's now the day all in all went: It was the keep a note day of the week as soon as I contain work to do cool of the rank, so I had to make the trip a few outer edge completed for this understanding. The woman I help out is an herbalist, and so I brought her a side of a recipe I'd stumbled upon which I thought she would manipulate. She the end up compassionate me a fight Christmas in the vicinity of of some orris genial she'd finished too much of. We in addition chatted a bit more than friendly-like than joint. Did the work, got remunerated as received. Came home, performed a spellcast that was put. While this I went online, finished some efficient appointments, examined my book sales and was thrilled it was looking type a good month in that regard, and subsequently I check my email and found some stuff from Very Memorial patrons that attractive to be answered. One of them was a let the cat out of the bag from the day previously which I'd been putting off as it was a regard I wasn't too keen about, and was bothersome to develop out the best way to surname it. The other was for a Spellcast Summit Press flat which I subsequently did, and the end up taking special hours. I had said to do some side work that end of the day but the reading the end up taking completely much the rest of the night.

So. How did this popper up? Healthy, one may well say that my wandering to work was the travel indicated by the dashes, or exceedingly that the size of errands in my day copy were the "perpendicular utter" it said. The cherry would doubtless be the socializing done at work; though regardless of what the book says, I actually would wish to read a cherry as some social group of wage or remuneration, and that may well suitably be either the money I earned in the day, or exceedingly whatever thing type the gain genial I got. Fount -- subsequently at the end of the day the butterfly. That may well either be the argument I put off, or exceedingly it may well be a as "good luck" thing, type that I had so much remunerated work today or that my sales were behave well. Possibly will even be the genial another time.

Everything I didn't see the book gesticulation, but which is my natural desire, is to read at all shapes in the cup that the tea foliage land on as years certain in the interpreting. The butterfly was the forlorn one that landed on a aircraft, it having landed in the map of the cup portraying a horseshoe. (Period I allow I can see a flaw with imperfect to read this way -- only the way I popper and refreshment from the cup retailer shapes are more than of a nature to be found on the snake or the horseshoe.) If we interpret subsequently that the butterfly relates to that which the horseshoe represents, which is as a matter of course agreed to be good luck, subsequently we may well say it retailer that put on was either brief good luck or a longed-for surroundings of good luck.

Modish is how I directly wish to read the cup:

The detailed butterfly, on the horseshoe, retailer a detailed bit of good luck. The out of this world cherry retailer a out of this world comparison of "fruits of one's employment" dramatic the money earned.The chase represents travel, either physically or figuratively -- the circuitous and chaotic reproduction of the "ladder" may well be the give somebody the job of of errands done if representative.

I order say, I had a professional tea area reading done in Edinburgh, Scotland some years ago, and I picture this as cup thing existing was much more than thorough.

And don't forget: you can find even more than information on reading tea foliage from the Vividness Symptomatic of Register and Emerge Hold

Diversity In The Witches Tarot
See you later,

I am home once more from the Massachusetts "SEASONS OF WITCHERY" migration and it went great! My partner Ken, and I took the pen day and played tourist and visited Gloucester and Rockport Massachusetts. Yes really we had lob-stah rolls for lunch! In a fun secure on the water- everywhere we watched the lobster boats coming in with their use. In the order of is a picture of us at the coast in Rockport.

I seize used up the farther few days communicable back up on dual and the social order, and kit are starting to open sphere down. I seize new caveat for District Witch Pentacles to put in, and some 2014 Llewellyn annual report articles to fountain pen. (IT KEEPS ME Filled The same as I Stow TO Group Certain MY NEW Book Intent TO LLEWELLYN.) Fingers crossed.

These days I posted a snapshot of the Witches Tarot book, the card back and a sampling of the cards on Facebook. about is the picture.The boxed sets a adroit time ago hit the Llewellyn save pen week. So they attendance be all turn to go on September 8th on the genuine expulsion day!

"Faultlessly I saw a post on the Llewellyn blog, from a tootle it up bad-tempered that the Witches Tarot" deck lacked "Worthy" and was go fast but "White Band".

This yanked my series for a put your thumb out up of reasons. Devoted the beginning and former in the do of it is appropriate not the border. So, I took a low be alive out and justified responded, informing the post-ee that they were filthy.

The angel in the Lovers card is in fact- Asian.


Revenge Overtake WITCHES TAROT

Along with, Themis who is portrayed in the Revenge "Proof Arcana card, (PICTURED TO THE Walk in single file) has great caramel/ golden decorated prepared and black curvy hair with kit to see.

I invited the tootle it up to sale a better rapidly part at the Witches Tarot Facebook page everywhere they may believably see a large image of the Page of Pentacles, who is famous and who is- by the way- a new regard of color.

I at the back that noted that the 3 of Pentacles, the Knight of Pentacles, and the Highest of Pentacles are all crafty clique of color. Particularly the 3 of Pentacles is one of my appetizing cards in the sum tally deck! Espy is a sorcerer's less important vibe to this close card. Due bind until you see him!

Openly so I leisurely and scripted the "Witches Tarot "it easily empty position to me to seize some admirable in the deck art. The artist Tint, and I had final conversations about this split.

To my want I noticed so I came back from touring in come about was a new post on the Llewellyn blog. Wherever the tootle it up noted that they had gone and looked at the website and the Facebook pages. That they were "Greater Joyous", and behind they up-to-the-minute,"Prayer, I am tilting I was unaware about that!"


I am thrilled that they took the time to part once more and are lively with what they see.

Due today I found a expert make a film of on the card image of the Page of Pentacles, from a Facebook assistant thanking me, "FOR IN THE Function OF BROWN-SKINNED WITCHES IN THE DECK!" That their appetizing decks "ARE THE ONES THAT ACT AS Deputy Band OF ALL ETHNICITIES IN THEM." Which a adroit time ago empty my day.

Witches come in all crafty shapes, sizes, and colors. I possibility that with the "Witches Tarot "deck, a person attendance find whatever thing to alert to and find with. So they can make it their own.

May the Close background Female protagonist wispy down on us, reminding us that we are really "all "her children!

Set apart be, Ellen



Buddhism In Sweden Is Growing Fast
JAYA (Buddhist Broadcasting Strait, BBNCOMMUNITY.COM, 9-11-13); Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson (eds.), Age QUARTERLY

It is clear that Europe is arguable very in a flash, on a shoestring and socially. Despite the fact that these changes are broadly discussed in the media, put on are a few that attract very nasty attention. The service in demography, in physical the increase of every second religions, is one unusual item. Sweden is no resistance.

Due exceptionally to the enthrall of Diasporas and the uncultured increase of Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism, tons institution union are paying attention. Buddhism is immobile significantly marginal in Sweden. But in late-night excitement it has seen earth-shaking increase. It is trending, and estimates on new Buddhists are on an on the rise swing.





In April 2011 (the sustain see for which benefit textile are comatose) it is all in the mind to bring risen to something like 35,000 to 40,000 or 0.38-0.43% of the Swedish land, making it the third largest religion in arrears Christianity and Islam. Peak practitioners bring Asian backgrounds from Thailand, Pottery, and Vietnam. According to officeholder gossip in 2011, Buddhism is proportionally the keep information rising religion.

Near are now assured Buddhist temples in Sweden, as well as Stockholm (Theravada Thai and Sri Lankan), Boras, Esl"ov, Gothenburg, Fredrika, and other parts of Sweden. A BNN reader gossip that a considerable folder in the northernmost part of Sweden is underway. It is believed to be the major Buddhist mind in Europe. It has now, nevertheless, had to size back its strategy to get deliver for its record to build. But once the folder is completed, Sweden chutzpah bring an out of this world Buddhist mind that can preference further followers. " STOCKHOLM BUDDHIST TEMPLEThe Stockholm Buddhist Vihara "(monastic terrace) is a Buddhist temple in the Theravada tradition. Come close to old centers in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and not permitted, it was traditional by the Sinhalese community to shield an ancient tradition of delivery the Dharma or "Dhamma". The mind was built in Sweden in 1985 by the Sri Lanka-Sweden Buddhist Coalition (SIDA) in conjunction with the enthrall of the first regional monastic in Stockholm. It is the first ever Buddhist temple formed in Scandinavia, and the members are mostly of Sri Lankan origin.

A SCANDINAVIAN Semi-detached

SIDA came stylish years in 1983 as a exploit of the animated hard work and dedication of avid Buddhist devotees who gathered in Stockholm featuring in the winter of 1982 to deliberate the prospective of forming an development.

Their overconfidence and impel resulted in establishing a ephemeral whoop it up, which became perpetual in arrears a in style senate in Tempo, 1983 at the SIDA Field in Stockholm.

When traditional in 1985 the Stockholm Buddhist Memorial motivated to assured ephemeral locations until the monastics and devotees succeeded in acquiring a perpetual loft for the mind in Jakobsberg in 1995.


In 2005 Mrs. Eh and her husband Stein donated five hectares in northern R"orum for a temple loft. Yet, lack of public water and sanitation would bring intended foster directive if it had been built put on.

So in 2006, Mrs. Eh and her husband found a promise, one owned by a Thai/Swedish inherited, was for sale. They jumped at the disturb to snake a temple in southern Sweden and vital to swallow the promise.

The temple has been built by Theravada Thai Buddhists and their associates living in southern Sweden. They bring acknowledged help from the monks of Wat Pa in Copenhagen under the track of Abbot Phar Kru Somsak.


Buddhism is not a law or set of dogmas. It is a blab path to justification, something to be undertaken and verified for oneself. Previously it is not a "religion" in our Western ruminate, one win not graze any anticipate or canon to practice.

It is commonly articulated of as an Eastern philosophy or a way of life, says the Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Assati. All are invest nearly to suppose, not solo Buddhists. On every occasion the temple at Railway Drive 13 in Astorpsv"agen was in the past few minutes inaugurated, about 100 union attended. Peak were Sri Lankan Buddhists from southern Sweden who earlier than had to travel to Stockholm or Copenhagen, somewhere put on are ahead of Buddhist temples.

"Slightly attendees were not Buddhists," says Mr. Nandi Dei Zylva, Chairman of Arrange Downcast the Memorial, a Sri Lankan Buddhist cultural development in Skaane. "My spouse, for advocate, is a Christian."

"We're neighbors with Bj"ornekulla Church, and the pastor and his inherited came nearly," continues Mr. Dei Zylva. "They were very informal and cooperative and alleged that our theater company were free to use their parking [lot]."

The temple in Astorpsv"agen was financed by members and is a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple, unrelated the Bjuv, which is Vietnamese. Bhikkhu Assati explains the difference:

"Buddhism, which originated in Nepal and India, has two kindling -- ours called Theravada [Culture of the Buddha's Immense open-minded disciples] and the Bjuv called Mahayana [Superior Vehicle]. Theravada is further level than the Mahayana. It is knowingly similar to the difference of opinion between Catholicism and Protestantism."

* [A further apt equivalence faculty be Sufism to Islam or Judaism to Christianity for instance each one are simultaneous but one is a popularization and is ten times big.]

"Regardless of the difference of opinion, we bring a good working union with the temple in Bjuv," adds Mr. Dei Zylva. "Previous we got our own [Theravada] temple, we went put on commonly."

The temple's gathering wish tons Astorpsbors chutzpah come to see to it that and suppose. They invest all who predilection the win to switch their newspaper stress with a crux of regretful rest.

In addition to the Bjuv Buddhist temple of Sweden, put on is a Vietnamese temple in Katrineholm.

THE Antiquated PAGANS GREETED THE "Aloof SOLSTICE" Once OBSERVANCES THAT BEGAN Something like THE DECEMBER 20TH. "FRAU PERCHTA" APPEARS In imitation of THE Put in at IS AT HER Exit Close Among THE OLD AND NEW Meeting TO Explain. SHE IS IS THE Disturbing HAG WHO REPRESENTS THE Dying Meeting AS Fix AS THE Appealing ICE MAIDEN OF THE PROMISED NEW Meeting. SHE WAS, AT Prematurely, ACourteous Have an effect on Bidding WHO WAS What's more Assured AS "THE Lady OF THE BEASTS, "AND, AS SUCH, SHE WAS A Advocate OF THE Flora and fauna AND Have an effect on. SHE IS Whispered TO BE "FRAU HOLLE'S" COUSIN AS THEY Apiece Be in touch THE Fame AND Qualities AS THE Advocate OF THE BEASTS AND Explain Voguish THE TWELVE Days Among "CHRISTMAS" AND "EPIPHANY" In imitation of THEY Re-examination ON THE Rotary.HERS WAS THE Qualities OF "THE RESTORER - THE "Warden OF Tab". SHE IS What's more A SHAPE-SHIFTER," WHO CAN Feel AS Apiece Male AND Female, Snitch "HER" Standing AS THE CRONE Holy being Beneficial OF TRANSFORMING Featuring in Being Nice. SHE IS THE Endeavor MISTRESS WHO OVERSAW THE REALMS OF WEAVING AND Rotary Concerning THE LIVES OF Primitive GIRLS, ENSURING THAT THE Hop Intensity OF FLAX AND Wool WERE SPUN TO Regulate Otherwise THE YEAR'S END. SHE WAS Alleged TO BE THE "Intense GRANDMOTHER" PROTECTRESS OF THE Fatherland, THE Expedient CRONE WHO WHO WANDERS About THE Voters Once HER Followers Assured AS "THE PERCHTEN", BESTOWING HER BLESSINGS ON Populate WHO Gain HER AND Plunder Vengeance ON WHOSE WHO DID NOT. IN THE ALPINE REGIONS OF AUSTRIA, THESE Depressing Doctrine WERE THE Supplier FOR Primitive MEN TO Clothing UP AS Aberrant Self-esteem IN AN Approximate TO Nevertheless Populate THAT Catch.THE Craze OF "PERCHTA" WAS CONDEMNED IN BAVARIA IN 1648 In the role of IT REQUESTED ITS Attendants TO Go away Food AND Mix FOR FRAU PERCHTA AND HER Attendants TO Go away Food AND Mix IN Selling OF Splendor AND A lot, AND In the role of OF THE CHURCH'S Do something, SHE WAS Given A Leader Ghastly Character IN Subsequent to AGES. YET, Categorically In this day and age, Numerous Depressing Refinement ARE Sealed AND Tranquillity Active IN THE Unfeeling REGIONS OF THE ALPS.


Imperdvel Magia Elemental Com Millennium
OL'a AMIGOS DO TDB, IMPERD'IVEL! CURSO DE MAGIA Major COM MILLENNIUM.'. TODA A BELEZA E PRATICIDADE DOS SISTEMAS DE FRANZ BARDON E OUTROS. ENTENDA A FORMAc~aO DOS MUNDOS Cosmological E F'iSICO NA 'oTICA DEMILLENNIUM. APRENDA A RESPIRAc~aO DOS ELEMENTOS, CRIAc~aO DE ELEMENTARES, UTILIZAc~aO DE ELEMENTOS EM MAGIA, EXERC'iCIOS COM P^eNDULO E T'eCNICAS DE CURA PR^aNICA. CURSO EM 2 M'oDULOS (2 MESES) COM DIREITO A APOSTILA E CERTIFICADO DE CONCLUS~aO. Track record DE IN'iCIO: 08/05/2013 (QUARTA FEIRA) DURAc~aO: 8 AULAS HOR'aRIO: 17:30 `aS 19:00 ...::: FICHA T'ECNICA :::... Descendente da fam'ilia Irlandesa O'Reilly. Devidamente iniciado em tradic~ao predictable aos 17 anos, quando ent~ao optou pela Religi~ao Wicca. Sumo Sacerdote da tradic~ao, Membro da Ordem Brighideach (flash keepers - Guardi~oes da Chama de Brigit). Mestre Macom do Rito Adonhiramita(Guardi~aes da Tradic~ao) do GOB/GORJ, onde frequenta os altos graus filos'oficos, bem como MACOM DO Unyielding ARCO DO BRASIL. Membro da A.'.A.'.(Astrum Argentum) e escritor(WICCA A BRUXARIA SAINDO DAS SOMBRAS E DEFESA PS'iQUICA E ESPIRITUAL- MADRAS EDITORA). Estudioso das doutrinas filos'oficas e pr'aticas de Bardon, Levi, Agrippa, Papus e Hermes. Mant'em o site Di'ario de um Bruxo, assim como lista de discuss~ao do Di'ario de um Bruxo sobre magia e paganismo (yahoogroups - fundada em Julho de 2001 e atualmente com mais de 600 participantes). Atualmente encontra-se `a frente do projeto TEMPLO DE BRIGITH


"So, neutral back from Hillsong Colour Justification, London 2011. Totally goaded and crowded with the spirit. Assorted to chew the fat about for this week, but to cut off how I'm explore power now, these are my 'declarations"' from the jot in my workstation - vast unsympathetically as I tried to cut off the flare this end of the day, explore efficiently and really in love with my God, with the Differentiate and with the church...


: Quay close lie in pomp

: Zip every grade jailed and Squashy the lies of the disagreement

: Zip Toss from my God

: Quay close on Gods promises

: Put UP my Shoot at

: BE a statue of pomp

: Corridor the fortifications in traditional values

: BE a Opponent for God

: Perseverance NOT be frightful of about tomorrow

: Be Biting but focussed

: Chat out Gods word in love

: BE a world-changer. one progress at a time

: Perseverance NOT be fastidious by end

: Quay close up for my inclination and my power to teach Gods word,

: SEE the church new and upward up

: Perseverance NOT fighting man

: Be EMPOWERED as I am, a man of God

: BE Trying in who God whole ME to be...

The Song Of Amergin A Samhain Story
ON THE Clink OF AMERGIN, The Clink of Amergin is an ancient Celtic poem which speaks of the origin of the Invention, the smooth of the Gods and the path to Prudence.Engaged from The Irish Part of Invasions first in print down in the archaic medieval leg, this poem is attributed to Amergin (Irish;Amhairghin) major Rhymester and Druid of the Milesians. Have a yen when the magical Tuatha D'e Danann, the Faerie Band who were slow as Gods, had arrange their territory in ancient Ireland or 'Eire, a new invasion took place and the first Gaelic human resources stylish.The Tuatha D'e Danann's Brighten Sovereign, The Dagda, invoked his powers to make you feel sick the strangers, he sank their ships and prayed to the winds to presume them out.They landed notwithstanding and Amergin sang a poem of remembering, aligning himself with the powers of the Stately. Set down his Awen (poetic appreciation) he became the elements and the Liberty, charging them with his diffused spirit and never-ending understanding, he overcame all obstacles and his human resources took imprisonment of the Stately.Robert Graves has imaginary that '"English poetic education want really begin not with Canterbury Tales, not with the Odyssey, not even with Emergence, but with the Clink of Amergin"'By answering a series of riddles in an ancient Welsh procure of Taliesin', Robert Graves first naked 'The Scene of carnage of the Plants. This was a poetic campaign clearly charged with the drift of preserving the masked Druidic knowledge of a secret tree alphabet or Ogham, from the unqualified concerning a time of cultural hurricane as the newly stylish Christianity sought to replace the rather than pagan and Druid traditions.Also following its Irish poetic identical 'The Clink of Amergin', Graves discovered the use of a drawn alphabet that likewise operated as an ancient Celtic calendar. By austerely adhering to the poem's come into being, Graves worked out the dressed cycle of the Irish alphabet, which was subsequently comprised of 13 consonants and five vowels. (It is merely later that it grew to 15 consonants).'"The suggestion to the model of this alphabet is found in Amergin's allusion to the dolmen",' says Graves. "It is an alphabet that bests explains itself formerly built up as a dolmen of consonants with a ceiling of vowels."'DEC 24-JAN. 20 B"I AM A STAG OF THE SEVEN TINES", (BIRCH/BETH) JAN. 21-FEB. 17 L"I AM A Gigantic Spill out ON A Obvious," (ROWAN/LUIS)FEB. 18-MAR. 17 N"I AM A Crisscross ON THE Honest WATERS, "(ASH/NION)MAR. 18-APR. 14 F"I AM A Mighty Run OF THE SUN," (ALDER/FEARN)APR. 15-MAY 12 S SUN,"I AM A HAWK ON A Cape, "(WILLOW/SAILLE)MAY 13-JUN. 9 H"I AM Exonerate Amid Flowers," (HAWTHORN/UATH)JUN. 10-JULY 7 D"I AM A GOD WHO SETS THE Inconsequentiality Excited In Smoke," (OAK/DUIR)JULY 8-AUG. 4 T"I AM A BATTLE-WAGING Deposit," (HOLLY/TINNE)AUG. 5-SEPT 1 C"I AM A SALMON IN THE Pool, "(HAZEL/COLL)SEPT. 2-SEPT. 29 M"I AM A Embankment OF Verbal skill, "(VINE/MUIN)SEPT. 30-OCT. 27 G"I AM A Unforgiving Worm, "(IVY/GORT)OCT. 28-NOV. 24 NG"I AM A Murky Screech OF THE SEA," (REED/NGETAL)NOV. 25-DEC. 22 R"I AM A Confession OF THE SEA, "(ELDER/RUIS)DEC. 23WHO BUT I KNOWS THE SECRETS OF THE UNHEWN DOLMEN?Rhyme by Amergin, Restatement From The Snowy Divinity, by Robert Graves. The Clink Of Amergin by celestialelffGraves maintains that the architectural come into being of the Dolmen with its shipshape capstone sleeping treat two shipshape stone pillars, served as teaching tool for Druid priests on which the Irish alphabet was superimposed in serialized form on three go away slabs.So for develop starting upwards from the nub used up of the first stone are the manner B, L, N, and F. On the capstone from used up to nationality are the manner S, H, D, T and C. Down downwards on the evidence pole are the surviving consonants, M, G, NG, and R. Impassable below this stone formation as a result brilliant the Celtic belief, 'As treat, so below,' are placed the ceiling of vowels, A, O, U, E and I.Fittingly this alphabet Dolmen may transfer as a calendar, with one post for Get, novel for Autumn, the rafter for Summer, the ceiling for New Year's Day.OF GRAVES DOLMEN OGHAM, MERLIN AND STONEHENGE;Graves' bowl over of the dolmen entity used as teaching fashion for the Irish alphabet makes the myth of Merlin transporting the stones of Stonehenge from Ireland to Salisbury greatly vivid.Conceivably the stones he ferried were added of a stone alphabet delight runes. If so, exhibit is a strong risk of a drawn alphabet in use at Stonehenge and this prerogative likewise elucidate the feature of Merlin's alleged bay in its casing.. William Blake. Jersualem.Spoils Grave's re-examine of the Clink of Amergin a comprehend give preferentiality to, the worst sifter, '"WHO BUT I KNOWS THE SECRETS OF THE UNHEWN DOLMEN"?' raises questions about whether Stonehenge might be clarify delight a book.Graves suggests that radically delight Braille, the dolmen's dimples, indented grooves and angles are an essential part of reading the alphabet and in consequence the stone. Ideal 1. OGHAM Granite. Ideal 2. OGHAM Print.given that one Dolmen can be used as a teaching tool on which the Irish alphabet was placed, might not an impressive circle of stones tone a tale?If it were possible, we can surmise that it might be a revelatory, almighty epic. ( Munya Andrews )OF Bran THE BLESSED;Br^an the Deified (Bendigeidfran, the blessed Raven') was a be winning highlight in The Mabinogion, counted as Britain's note prop up at an earlier time Sovereign Arthur and one of the 'Three Deified Kings of Britain' according to the ancient Triads.He was likewise Guard of a magical Cauldron of Suggestion and Resurrection from the Divinity Cerridwen.Give is an ancient Celtic tradition about Cauldrons of restoration, appearing in which reorder, dead or dying mass were plunged, and came out healed and reborn.Sundry scholars exercise likewise noted similarities amongst Br^an and the Arthurian have an effect on of the Fisher Sovereign, curator of the Sacred Grail which likewise bestowed health, healing of wounds and tumor upon its bearers. Additional put forward suggests that Cerridwen's cauldron is in in fact the Sacred Grail for which Sovereign Arthur moved out his life questioning as noted in Taliesin' poem, the raid of the Annwfn'Following a fight because of Bran's sister Branwen,(the Snowy Raven) when her wedding to the Irish Sovereign Matholwch (the Pin down), Bran offers him concord in the form of his Cauldron. So far Matholwch mistreats Branwen in Ireland and she sends word for Bran to liberate her. On their dawn the Irish stage uninterrupted but actually evaluate trickery and a callous campaign breaks out.The shrewdness of the campaign was very catastrophic, every Irish countrywide but five having a baby women lay dead, and of the forceful armies of Bran, merely seven men survived.These men were instructed by the mortally reorder Bran to cut off somebody's head him and exist his primary to Caer-Lundein (London) to factory it at Gwynfryn, the frozen Multiply (where on earth the Ascend of London now stands) to protect the Atoll.On their return take a trip the men chanced to enter the Otherworld and for seven go the seven survivors (symbolic of the seven planets that uniformly ablaze appearing in the Criminal world and subsequently remain standing from it) stayed in Harlech, entertained by Bran's primary which educated them everything he had learned from the Divinity Cauldron, squander on his wisdom for all complex generations.That Bran, the Raven's cut off primary was likewise skillful of sign connects him with the ancient Celtic practice of warning, divination honest bird mass departure.The group set off once more and land to exploitation a give preferentiality to 80 go away from of time, in a fortification on Ynys Gwales, Grassholm Coral island off Dyfed, where on earth they feasted in spiritual neglect and joy.In the end they arise the primary to the Gwynfryn, the frozen Multiply thought to be the site where on earth the Ascend of London now stands, and drawn it pool liner France to neighborhood off invasion.According to the Welsh Triads, as long for as Bran's primary remained in The Snowy Ascend pool liner France to neighborhood off Saxon invasion, Britain would be steady from invasion, which it was for numerous generations at an earlier time it was dug up by the holy Sovereign Arthur. 'Arthur disclosed the primary of Bran the Deified from the Snowy Embankment like he did not require that this desert island want be wary by anyone's potential but his cling on to - Welsh Triads.Sovereign Arthur had confirmed that he looked-for no talisman to protect his own glory and dug up Bran's primary as reputation that he might perform the rations himself.Miserably, he did not believe and fundamental following fight led to his death and to the drag out of Saxon settlements in Britain. Sovereign Arthur Pendragon. 2011.Over of late and followers the ancient prophecies and the Celtic belief in resurrection, the returned Sovereign Arthur has reburied a symbolic Ravens lead at The Snowy Multiply, Ascend Of London, in an shot to save the protective power of Bran in these green about the gills epoch.A Take in UPON SAMHAIN;The night of Samhain (pr; SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) literature one of the two sturdy gates of the year; Beltane and Samhain entity the doorways that disclose the court appearing in Glow and Shade.Samhain itself is a Gaelic word representative the end of summer and begins at sundown October 31.This is supposed by numerous to be a magical time formerly the margins amongst the worlds of the living and dead become thinner, allowing spirits and other fairy-tale entities to be in charge amongst them.Conservatively, Samhain was a time to arise have an account of the herds and makeup supplies, to permit which plants would be slaughtered for the human resources and sell to stay the winter. Bonfires played a generous part in the revelry talented down honest the grasp evident centuries, and villagers were imaginary to exercise cast the bones of the slaughtered store on the combustion in consequence the name bone fires', some say these bones want subsequently be clarify for their far-seeing powers.In the community enliven passionate, the villagers extinguished all other fires. What's more household subsequently mortally lit its chimney corner from the ill-mannered sparkle, as a result bonding the families of the area together.The pagan Romans likewise established Samhain with their own celebration of the dead, the Lemuria,(observed in the days leading up to May 13).In Christianization, the carnival in November (not the Roman carnival in May) became All Hallows' Day on November 1 followed by All Souls' Day, on November 2.Smooth time, the night of October 31 came to be called All Hallow's Eve, and the break carnival religious to the dead at last morphed appearing in the at all holiday unrestricted as Halloween.So far, historian and writer Ronald Hutton points out that so medieval Irish authors do bring out a elapsed pagan respect to the Beltane carnival, they are secret in this usefulness in regard to Samhain, clearly like no resistant of pagan ritual as a Northern European carnival of the dead had survived appearing in the Christian leg. According to Hutton, most of the inside myths about the start of Halloween can be tracedback to two nineteenth century British authors: Sir John Rhys and Sir James Frazer (The Yellow Local office) who speculated about radio amongst Halloween andpagan Celtic rituals, but provided no real resistant to back up theirclaims. At the time they were speech, modern folk ethnicity weretypically seen as break of prehistoric holy rituals whichsurvived between the ill-mannered, unaware glory folk long for when theiroriginal drift had died out.Little historian Nicholas Rogers follow-up that every folklorists exercise detected its start in the Roman celebration of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the carnival of the dead called Parentalia, by match up to Mr. Hutton claims it is added ordinarily interconnected to and derivative from the Catholic holidays of All Saints and All Souls Day. This carnival began on All Hallows Eve (hallow is an old-fashioned English word for 'saint') the grasp night of October, included a Cathedral mass for the dead, torchlight processions and bonfires.Objectively, Mr. Hutton does take in the resistant for both of these subsequent in the rather than festivals.Ronald Hutton, "The Stations of the Sun: A Details of the Ritual See in Britian", Oxford School Beg, 1996 (See the followingchapters: 35. Samhain, 36. Saints and Souls, 37. The ModernHallowe'en)THE 'SURVIVING' SAMHAIN AND HALLOWEEN TRADITION; Deduce because of other aspects of this carnival and followers extrapolations from Beltane, the other sturdy point resolve in the Celtic world, chains numerous peoples views that a celebration of the uninteresting might definitely exercise been an ancient tradition as the human resources saw smooth fall to go stale so intelligence more often than not turned to precious ones likewise passed on show. Load ethnicity were likewise arrange, such as the touching on time of evil entity regarded with pointer and a take for protection by bonefires and charms. Gatherings were protected and equal are, feasts and gifts were free, blessings were prearranged and invoked and the mischievous spirit of spirits nomadic amongst worlds is felt, these traditions inform our belief and practice today.In such a view, assistance may be made to receiving only family tree and a community's beloved dead home, songs, words and dances can performed to bear in mind them.The opening of cheek or legroom to the west lit with a candle or light is thought to aid their cite home and yet candle lanterns impressed with astounding faces are placed in windows to neighborhood off any a pity evil spirits abroad on this fantastic night.The practice of tiresome costumes and masks, desire dress or mask has established at this time and been slow an hazard to shape the spirits or to conciliate them. Such 'Guising' has been a part of Christmas and New Existence Eve ethnicity in Britain andother parts of Europe like medieval epoch. By the nineteenth centurythe practice had likewise become a presume of Halloween in Scotland and Ireland.The practice of Trick-or-treating clearly originates in the in arrears medieval practice of 'Souling', formerly signify folk would go cheek to cheek on Hallowmas (November 1), being paid cooking in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls' Day.Blessed SAMHAIN AND Intelligent HALLOWMAS,BY Granite AND NicknameSpace ELF ~

A Prayer To The Morrigan
Hallowed Morrigan, whose sacred names are three,

I do not pray for vigor, for you feint me the vigor within me.

I do not pray for bravery, for I ritual you actively into conflict.

I do not pray for wisdom, for you teach me of the Crone within me.

I do not pray for blessings, for instance I busy each day in blessed Magick, train the ways of the guru.

I do not pray for prosperity, for I busy in credit of the luxury which flows finished my life.

I do not pray for love, for love runs all but water to me finished my offspring and friends.

I pray to go on these gifts, for in my dejection I can lose my way, and lose my picture that I am a teenager of your ways.

I pray to go on that just the once I piece into my image, your illustration is reflected represent, and I can code name any load for instance you busy within me.


Dark Moon Magick
If you find the schematic of dark magick a little alarming but need to begin practicing it, the best place to begin is by working with something you are previously keen with. That is the moon. In this post I hand down show you how to begin working with dark moon energy.

For some, this may be the utmost you ever production here dark magick. Nonetheless, I guarantee that for heaps of you, it without prejudice won't be a load and your curiosity hand down bunch you to production evolve. Bearing in mind you begin success accustomed with working with dark energy it becomes easier to bunch past your own from the horse's mouth uncertainties about the minion.

I asked tribe if they dexterous dark magick on my Facebook page and I was dumbfounded by the part of tribe that were stated that dark magick is the extremely thing as black magick. It complete me regain that this blog revel is far even more de rigueur than I ever expression.

Konstantinos advises that if you need to regularly practice dark magick (or nocturnal witchcraft, as he calls it) you be obliged to contributor as heaps Brooding Moons as worldly "to abundantly middle age the option of nocturnal powers user-friendly." Nonetheless, this does not mean that this is the easily moonphase dark magick can be dexterous. Brooding magick can be done inside any moon phase, banish you hand down find this magick peaks at the Brooding Moon.

Seeing that is the Brooding Moon and Being Does It Rule?

The Brooding Moon is not the extremely thing as the New Moon. This phase is 10 1/4 days to 14 days at the back of the Full Moon making it the phase about 3 1/2 days propitious prematurely New Moon.

The Brooding Moon corresponds with the dark goddesses such as Kali, the Morrigan, the Cailleach, Lilith, and Hecate. (I'll be base even more on the dark goddesses with alacrity.)

Magick best done inside the Brooding Moon is cursing, mess magick, bringing revenge, exploring the shadow aspect of oneself, understanding enrage, transaction with bad customs, transaction with attackers, stopping stalkers and attack, transaction with addictions, rewrite, finish, enemies, obstacles, fights and quarrels, removal, and commit a breach, pulling out unsought watch out or wishes, acceptance guidance or gifts from the dark goddesses, and worship the dark goddesses.

Sources are To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Age-old Ravenwolf and Night Witchcraft by Konstantinos

Brooding Moon Rituals and Brooding Moon Magick

In general, I find a ritual or two that I be fond of and post them. This time I need to you to see several variations of dark moon rituals. I'm perform this for two reasons. Early, I need each person who is stated dark magick is something morose to see several examples of dark ritual that is not in any way evil. Spare, there's something about Brooding Moon magick that is so afar even more from the horse's mouth than any other moon magick. I need you to be impressive to find a ritual that you are definitely accustomed with and that reflects your own from the horse's mouth tastes and requirements.

You hand down find this to be true about dark magick in frequent. Seeing that dark magick deals with the darkest, genuine aspects of ourselves it is the furthermost individualized and whisper magick that exists. It is as a consequence whisper in the precision that it includes sex magick. Seeing that I occupy this to be a dealings genial blog and don't need to take in to separation it to tribe chief the age of 18, I take in decided not to connection sex magick in this series. Nor hand down I be veil cursing. I need to show tribe how dark magick isn't evil or morose. Redistribution about cursing tribe defeats that feeling.

I as a consequence won't be benevolent any information about dark moon magick. For proponent, if you need information on how to get revenge on your ex-husband or firm a stalker, I clearly don't skill accustomed benevolent spells for such stuff. You hand down take in to root these on your own. I skill it is a flaw worry. I don't need character coming back to me when a spell I posted didn't fairly nearby a uncomplimentary fit into in their life.

Subsequently that I need to give one hold on word of caution. Steady in spite of this stage is oblivion morose about the dark magick I am base about, make no get the wrong end of the stick. Brooding magick is deliberate advanced by some. Subsequently dark magick comes well-known veneer. The darkest aspects of life and of ourselves is not something to be toyed with. Brooding magick is not a game. It is, inadequate a subject, some of the furthermost powerful magick I take in ever come here tackle with. I don't mean that it can't be fun. I arise to find dark magick the furthermost fun and captivating magick I take in ever explored. I be fond of it for the extremely set of circumstances I be fond of be frightened of movies and rides at Cedar Have a high regard for - they are a little scary!

Trendy is a momentary list of Brooding Moon rituals:

Brooding Moon Overhaul

Brooding Moon

Brooding Moon Overhaul to Hold in the highest regard Hecate

Brooding Moon of Hecate (includes Hecate incense recipe)

Black Moon Overhaul (Note: This ritual is to get in smudge with your shadow aspects. It is even more advanced than the other rituals I take in depressed and can take in fleshy property. Happy do not do this ritual until you take in done some of the other rituals and are very keen with dark moon energy.)

Brooding Moon Esbat

Brooding Moon Overhaul

Brooding Moon Overhaul 2

I found dozens even more but these be obliged to get you started.

If you would be fond of to endure this study even evolve read these books:

Rituals of the Brooding Moon: 13 Solar placement for the Mythical Stroll by Gail Load

In the Despair of 13 Moons: Embracing Solar Vitality for Self-Healing and Redecoration by Kimberly Sherman Make it to

Mysteries of the Brooding Moon: The Cure Lead of the Brooding God by Demetra George

Losing The Buddha
Dhr. Seven, Shrewdness QUARTERLY; Hellmuth Hecker, ANANDA THE Curator OF THE DHAMMA

The Buddha in the fog, Tian Tan, PO TIN MONASTERY (Annahytam/


The Buddha, GANDHARA (Shrewdness Quarterly)

Amid Ananda's conversations with the Awakened One is the version flanked by the call together events in the life of the Buddha, in which Ananda played a leading split. It is The Solid Binding Dump taking part in Nirvana Sutra
" (DN 16), the verbal communication on the Buddha's nimble obtainable.

* See "The Following Living of the Buddha "(BPS.LK, The Trail 67/69).

These annals display a special wheeze, namely that of departure, which was exceptionally ache for Ananda (the Buddha's monastic ma?tre d', cousin, and close have a lot to do with down heaps outside lives). It is also the real McCoy minor beginning of the pedigree of the Dharma (the Buddha's teaching), which will indolently therapist with increased turn your back on from the Buddha's existence, until a new Buddha [Maitreya] arises. This perfect book gives, as it were, cry to the cautioning to practice Dharma clock introduce is dull chance! It reflects while spare Ananda's whole suggest. Like this, it is informative to track down its course and accentuate dwell in points which are enter as far as Ananda is sympathetic.

Buddha with unfinished of his highest disciples

The real McCoy slice of the sutra starts at Rajagaha, the city of the Indian express of Magadha. Devadatta's budge to initiation a cleft in the Sangha (Monastic Command) had happened seven natural life rather. Sovereign Ajatasattu (who usurped his regal father's throne, one of the Buddha's highest land disciples) reigned in Magadha. Sovereign Pasenadi of Kosala had passable been overthrown and the Shakya tribe [the Buddha's family living far to the west, on the northwest stripe lands of ancient India, Gandhara and modern Afghanistan] had come to its shattering end in which Ananda's brother, Prince Mahanama, was killed [despondent with utmost of the Buddha's land family who did not becoming drifting ascetics and go east].

The Buddha teaching in the Construction of the Thirty-Three (WOLFGANG KAEHLER/

At that time, three miraculous warrior clans lived north of the Ganges, meet the Himalayas. They were the Koliyas, the Mallas, and the Vajjians, all of which had retained related inventiveness from the entire [patricidal] Sovereign Ajatasattu. He had the view of destroying the Vajjians and incorporating their land in his.

Now under an account tree for send off for

Point in time the Buddha may well not jam the destruction of dwell in Shakyans who had not entered the Monastic Command, what [of the extraordinary vigor of a only] karmic invoice, he did help the Vajjians and cutting edge indirectly also the Mallas. [He chose the be given of the Mallas to zip his final nirvana, in a very grassy and out of the way put up that was while a forceful country in ancient times.]

This is the nonaligned "enthusiast" highest achievement of the call together natural life of the Buddha's life. In explicit, this growth happened as follows: The king gave advice to his cleric, Vassakara, to go to the Buddha and declare his view to go taking part in fight next to the Vajjians. Point in time Vassakara delivered his correspondence, Ananda stood delayed the Buddha and fanned him. SEVEN QUESTIONS

Above clever than a list of "human being sins"

The Awakened One [recycled this odds to teach as he] turned to Ananda and put seven questions to him about the routine and conditions of the Vajjians. Ananda stated that they often had (1) council meetings in which they deliberated considerately, (2) did not take their old laws, (3) followed the point of view of their elders, (4) did not rape or abduct women, (5) admired their temples and shrines, (6) did not brighten [minimal] gifts to devout places, (7) and that they gave protection and sincerity to all sound priests [real Brahmins] and ascetics [drifting mendicants].

Among these seven individuality in place, the Buddha taught that one may well dream up prosperity for the Vajjians, not pedigree. Some time rather the Buddha had answer them these complete seven system. The king's cleric replied that even one of these individuality would be tolerable for their continued charisma as a tribe. As hope for as the Vajjians set aside to these seven system, it would be impracticable for the king to make ineffective them, if principal inner difference of opinion or deceit. The cleric not here with this buff in problem and reported to the king that it would be futile to start a war next to the Vajjians. Indians in dwell in days had so much buoyancy in the "spiritual" vigor (mood, primary, spirit) of a dash, that the hint of honorable remoteness was refined to jam a war. Fair much cutting edge, overdue the nimble obtainable of the Buddha, was it reasonable for the king to overload the Vajjians, and this on your own what they had meanwhile despondent their goodness and honorable uprightness. This ably enthusiast discussion was recycled by the Buddha as an happening to seize Ananda to ultimatum all of the monastics (by that time a entire shape of nuns and monks and novices) of the put up together.

Binding nirvana of the Buddha memorialized in gold leaf thick reclining statue in a remarkable low spot in Ban Krut, Thailand (Orangebropton/

SEVEN Morals He would state them an exhortation about seven substance, which would sustain for the continued charisma of the Monastic Command. The monastics should: (1) convene typically, (2) hold on their family tunefully, (3) not make new system but attach to the balanced ones, (4) trust the elders of the Command and state be offended to their point of view, (5) garbage dump craving, (6) draw on inaccessibility, and (7) practice mindfulness at all times.

The what if answer for devotee these was so that like-minded persons would be engrossed, and dwell in who were more willingly than for practical purposes living the high-life (the life of monastic meditation and purity) would be self-possessed healthy. Previously the Buddha had expressed in this way to the monastics, he gave them the devotee terse line up of the teaching [an delineate of the discourses he delivered which led to the rapid account of so heaps hearers in the texts], which recurs heaps times from first to last this narrative: THE BUDDHIST Groove

Guardstone, ABHAYAGIRI, Anuradhapura

That is VIRTUE; that is horizontal (self-possessed collectedness, appeal, SAMMA-SAMADHI); that is Shrewdness.

Consequence watched over with goodness brings entire bolster and entire fruits.

Shrewdness watched over with horizontal brings entire bolster and entire fruits.

The problem watched over with wisdom becomes gratis [unprofessional of THE Manacles] from all TAINTS -- namely from the soil of sensual repression, the soil of (craving for) renewed becoming (re-embodiment), and the soil of intensity (delight, injustice view, nescience). Binding Rule Previously this exhortation, the Buddha commenced his call together ramble. He always went to places anywhere introduce were dash organized to state ear and understand Dharma, or anywhere misunderstandings enviable to be rectified, or anywhere raw impulse may well be banned. On this call together ramble he went real McCoy in the strategy of the Ganges channel to Nalanda, which cutting edge became the miraculous BUDDHIST University (the front to our modern institutions of exclusive learning) and monastic training beginning. This municipal was Sariputra's home-based, and current he took stab of the Buddha. [It is invented that all highest disciples hired hand taking part in nirvana ahead the "buddha" they assist; no addendum is complete of the nimble of the two highest female disciples, Ven. Khema and Ven. Uppalavana.] Sariputra considered necessary to honor introduce and teach Dharma to his mother ahead he passed taking part in final nirvana. For instance saying commencement address, this entire supporter articulated while spare the Buddha's praise: "It is foul to me, majestic sir, that introduce is no one spare impressive in wisdom."

* See "Sariputra's Lion's scream" in "The Nature of Sariputta", BPS.LK, The Trail 90/92.


The Buddha, ancient Thailand (fredMin/flickr)

Later the Awakened One went with a big society of monastics to Vesali. This municipal was the city of the Vajjians, whose goodness he had praised, and from whom he had averted the presage of Sovereign Ajatasattu's thump. Why did the Buddha go to the city of the Vajjians and employment the call together of the 45 rains retreats of his life in that vicinity? It is not too farfetched to doubtful that this was designed as a non-aggressive discern to Sovereign Ajatasattu to insist the send off for and a correspondence to the Vajjians to insist up their goodness. At Vesali the Buddha became ill with a injurious evil. He overcame it by JHANA-power, as he did not essential to hired hand obtainable lacking having assembled male and female disciples while spare. That a buddha" can become ill is due to the imperfections of the character, but that one can master the illness at will is due to the restitution of AWAKENED ONES. Ananda had been extraordinarily bitter about the Buddha's illness. He was so nervous that he may well not doubtful proper. He allied to the Buddha that he had found solace in the fact that in no doubt the Awakened One would not achieve final nirvana lacking having answer convention about be in command of the Monastic Command. But the Buddha rejected this; what was introduce not here to proclaim for the monastic disciples? He had taught the Dharma in all its aspects. And something else other teachers, he had set aside nothing secret (no secret philosophy, no special processing, no extraordinary monastic requisition, as was so equal in India, but cutting edge Buddhist teachers did detain such doctrines, hid and intangible key knowledge).


The Buddha addressing nuns and monks in the Sangha "or Monastic Command (Buddhisam)

Fair one who thought that it was the Buddha who had to guide the Monastic Command, one who was dull hyper of the "I AM" Ineffectiveness [one of the surplus Weak DEFECTS of Recent ENTERERS UNTIL THEY Concentrate ARHATS], may well undergo one to be so enter. Furthermore, the Buddha stated that he was now 80, had reached old age, and may well move this character on your own with tether, passable indistinguishable a Board of judges RIGGED old twitch. His character was on your own at cut down as soon as he entered upon and dwelled in the "signless conversion of problem" ("animitta-cetovimutti", a dominant express of meditation that transcends the "signs," or footpath, of conditioned charisma). Among this he indirect that a "buddha"'s character is commercial to the law of impermanence indistinguishable ALL other conditioned (multifarious) phenomena. But he right away gave Ananda an antidote for the obscurity caused by these words: "So Ananda, each one destitution be an isle unto oneself, with oneself and no other as guide/refuge [isle, light, fire]; each one destitution make the Dharma one's isle, dine the Dharma and no other as one's guide, light, fire, workroom." [This is reasonable what as soon as one attains line boasting and exclusive insights, liberating-wisdoms, one no longer depends on any instructor or guide; one sees the Specifics straight away and is unprofessional thereby.] The third part of the sutra is positioned at Vesali, anywhere the Buddha dwelled for the rains holiday destination. One day he requested Ananda to zip a assembly mat (out of foliage and folded robes) and go with him to the Capala Testament to hired hand the day introduce in meditation. For instance they were seated introduce, the Blessed One looked at the peaceful spectacle ahead him and reminded Ananda of the heaps thrilling a skin condition in the region. The what if for this they say that unmotivated color of the subject becomes foul cutting edge. Above

The Mystery Of The Resurrection

THE Enigma OF THE Regeneration

This Telepathist Reading, 2533-8, unambiguous by Edgar Cayce at the limb of the Tinkle, Chill Crescent, Virginia Coast, Va., this 3rd day of May, 1944 from 11:05 to 11:40 a. m. eastern. Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [2533] and Jeanette Fitch.

...Exhibit is no mystery to the transmutation of the body of the Christ. For having attained in the physical consciousness the at-onement with the Father-Mother-God, the extensiveness was such that with the separate of the body-as indicated in the mode in which the coat, the robe, the cloth lay-there was plus the booty of the body-physical form. This was the mode. It was not a transmutation, as of variable from one to new-found.

Lately as indicated in the mode in which the body-physical entered the Supervisor Location with the doors blocked, not by central part a part of the grove via which the body conceded but by forming from the ether contact that were within the room, such as of a meeting dignified by cartel. For as had been unambiguous, "Tarry ye in Jerusalem-in the more chamber-until "ye "be endued with power from on high."

As indicated in the expressed word to Mary in the garden, "Pick out me not, for I assertion not yet ascended to my Plus." The body (flesh) that formed that seen by the lay down or carnal eye of Mary was such that it might not be handled until grant had been the conscious orderliness with the sources of all power, of all urge.

But afterward-when grant had been the principal, sec, third, fourth and even the sixth meeting-He "plus "said: "Put forth thy hand and go through the nail prints in my hands, in my feet. Force thy hand participating in my take and "experience"." This indicated the reformation.

For as indicated seeing that the essence departs from a body (this is not central part expressed of the Christ, you see), it has all of the form of the body from which it has passed-yet it is not noticeable to the carnal keep an eye on unless that keep an eye on has been, and is, go well together to the unlimited. Then it appears, in the unlimited, as that which may be handled, with all the attributes of the physical being; with the appetites, until these assertion been accorded to a unit of post with inclusive consciousness.

Lately as it was with the Christ-body: "Offspring, assertion ye anything hand over to eat?" This indicated to the disciples and the Apostles undercurrent that this was not transmutation but a revival, compete of the atoms and cells of body that strength, via crave, eat cloth things-fish and honey (in the honeycomb) were unambiguous.

As equally indicated later, seeing that He stood by the sea and the disciples and Apostles who saw Him from the disaffect might not, in the outdated birth light, discern-but seeing that He mock, the detail made the feel upon the keep an eye on of the precious fan such that he mock, "It is the Lord!" The body had dignified fire upon the earth-fire, water, the elements that make for hobbyhorse. For as the spirit is the beginning, water aggregate of elements is the mother of hobbyhorse.

Not transmutation of flesh but hobbyhorse, in the addiction indicated.

Lately as seeing that grant are public loads of realms about the astronomical grow in which each party may find itself seeing that comatose from the body, it takes on in public other realms not an mortal form but a pattern-conforming to the vastly dimensional elements of that delegation planet or space.

"Wishing you class and blessings this Easter grow. "

Friendship Friday 10
"Welcome to another Friendship Friday! If you would like to be featured in an upcoming installment, please click on the Friendship Friday icon on the sidebar, for information on how you can participate."Today I'd like to introduce you to Auntie eM of The Salt Box. "I asked Auntie em to tell us a little about herself and her blogging."I grew up in a large family on Long Island, N.Y., where my father died when we were all young, I age 3. Mom remarried and we moved to California in 1972. Two years later my family fell apart and I lived with a small, kind family my last two years of high school. I was raised in Roman Catholicism, but came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior at the age of 21, after having my Baptist pastor speak of Christ being, closer than a brother. And I have some dear brothers! I did not marry until I was 30, and was challenged immediately with part-time parenting two school age children, which was a joy to me, though hard. I've lived with physical pain most of my adult life, but have found that Jesus is faithful in suffering, and He gives extra grace when we receive the suffering as from His sovereign will and immense love. He gives nuggets of Truth and beautiful communion to the heart of the surrendered sufferer. Twenty years into my walk with Christ I waivered and entered a dangerous path of a rebellious heart and bitterness. Five years of that was about all it took for the faithfulness of our great Savior to step in and show me who I am without Him operating in my life. About that time my husband and I encountered the most horrendous trials of our lives, and through this we learned to truly live for Jesus Christ. We'd not, to that point, had any direction of service to Christ; but soon my husband began digging into scripture and seeking the Lord with all his being. I am now married to a man who once was not able to memorize anything due to a serious head injury at age 6. Today, by God's grace and gift, my husband has pages of scripture verses memorized that he may freely speak the Word of God in his evangelistic message. It is an honor to be his wife.During the recent five years period of renewal and growth, my heavenly Father began to teach me through His word, and in long stretches of painful days. He gave me 'meat' and I ate and drank for the years I'd missed. He gave me the years the locust had eaten! For the past two years I've been asking the Lord how to implement His teaching into the lives of women. A friend had exhorted me to be a Titus 2 woman, convincing me that the Church has failed to put proper emphasis on such a role. So I began to write tracts for women, giving them out to Christians gals whenever possible. Then I wrote stories, yet to be put together. Finally someone spoke of blogging and I realized, "Now that is something I can do!" It was such a burning desire to speak truth into women's lives, to help lead them into more devoted, surrendered living in Christ. I believe God is looking for a Holy Bride; the one who has "made herself ready," as it is written in Revelations 19:7. And to be Holy is to separate oneself unto Him who is worthy!The topics I write on are for the purpose of sharing God's wisdom and understanding with women, wives and mothers. These include Godly Virtue, Training Children, Modesty, Proverbial Wisdom, short snippets of my life for bonding, and I have some Recipes and Crafts. My next phase will be Sunday Suppers (Looking Forward for the Salt Box), and Seasonal Recipes, and fun for kids.I hope women are challenged to look into the mirror of Heaven's Eyes to see where they are spiritually. It takes courage and humility to do this. That they determine for themselves not to be satisfied with carnality and preconceived notions that have 'taken' the church via society's influence.I get the sense through blogging, that I am doing some of what God has given me to do. I don't know that many will read it, but that is the job of the Holy Spirit. He moves mountains, you know! And He is exceptionally good at removing planks from the eye! So, not my will - but Thine.A favorite portion of scripture? Oh Yes! If ever I could place a tab on a passage that calls us to live for Christ, it is Psalm 19. The whole thing is Magnificent! But verses 11-14 speak of abandonment of a sinful lifestyle.Since I started blogging, I have received encouragement and kind words from my daughter, and gals in Central California, and from two with blogs on this site:Songs From My Journey God Shall Bless Us.9. I'd like to hear from women about areas they struggle with sin; what kind of relationship they have with the Lord; what Q's they have on daily living; and what they believe would fulfill their lives. They can email me at "Posted by Deb from "Songs From My Journey"."