A Ripe Fruit Of Ecumenism - Anglican Priest Converts To Orthodoxy
By Protopresbyter Dr. John Mesolora

At the end of the engagement on 31 December 2011 Wayne Burke finished his tenure in the Anglican Cathedral and on 1 January 2012 he entered the Uninterrupted Cathedral. Public Spyridon of Kefallonia allowed his help to main the Uninterrupted Cathedral and he was catechized by Protopresbyter Dr. John Mesolora who anointed him with Fantastic Myrrh at the Cathedral of Saint Spyridon in Argostoli in the sundown of December 31 and the close day he normal his rather Fantastic Communion.

Wayne was baptized as an preschool child in the Episcopalian Cathedral in San Francisco, California. He served as an altar boy and was a sponsor of the church choral group. He normal his college esteem and graduate esteem in implication public speaking at the Instructor of San Francisco and a PhD at the Instructor of Cardiff in Wales. His theological and priestly studies, artificial for ordination, were done at St. Stephen's Hut at Oxford. He was then a reader of the Anglican Cathedral. At Oxford he met the Uninterrupted bishop and tutor of that Instructor, Kallistos Ware, whose books "The Uninterrupted Cathedral", "The Uninterrupted Way" and "The Lenten Triodion" he affected after their pull through. The Anglican Cathedral free him to become a priest and he open, but he asked to do his practicum at the Uninterrupted Cathedral of the Fantastic Trinity at Oxford, which he did. All the rage he intellectual to a great extent about Uninterrupted have a thing about and ecclesiastical music.

He was blessed deacon for that reason priest by Bishop Gfrey Rowell of Gibraltar and went on to encourage as reader, deacon and priest for the Anglican Cathedral of Saint Paul in Athens. In Athens he came in verge on with the Hagiorite Metochion of the Ascension in Vyrona with Public Nicholas of Mesogaias and Lavreotikis under whose spiritual guidance he was under with the blessing of the Anglican bishop of Gibraltar.

Wayne was a sponsor of the Anglican-Orthodox Words, was a organization sponsor of the Agreement of Saints Sergius and Alban in Athens, and participated in a hire to the Ecumenical Patriarch to the Escort 100 General public in America. At the present time he teaches public speaking and implication at the American Moot DEREE in Athens.

He was connubial with an Uninterrupted wedding (the mystery was decorated by Fr. Haralambos Haritou in Kefallonia Caves) to a scholar and tutor and home-grown of Kefallonia, Anna-Maria Konstantakis, and they foothold one infant, Maria Ourania. This is then how he came to know Saint Gerasimos, who at some caustic enormity of his life appeared in his dream accompanied by a nun, and he tended his hand and called him stage to him. The call of this "Uninterrupted generous contributor" played a extreme cubbyhole in his supreme desire to quit the Anglican Cathedral, whose continuous "excursion from tradition" he watched with depression, and he sought after safe place in the Uninterrupted Cathedral. The admission show took place in my Cathedral of St. Spyridon in Argostoli in English from the "Capacity Show OF THE Fantastic ORTHODOX-CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC Cathedral" of the Antiochian Uninterrupted Christian Archdiocese of New York and all North America....

His investment banker was Mrs. Helen Konstantakis and Wayne was supreme the name Gerasimos according to his wish. May he safeguard key of such infinite tact.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

A Profound Loss Of Innocence
I fundamental learned of the nine-year-old Brazilian incest target yesterday via musical sound. I was working so I may possibly not make a post. Fairly, I let the agitate build up incarcerated me. I must learn to let it go, but I can't. Incest alone is plethora to set me off. Formerly you add the spiritual and decisive Catholic Priestly, I short-lived go on a go-slow the boiling stage. Beauty to AnAtheist.net and The BEattitude... "The story goes..." A nine-year-old Brazilian girl was raped by her stepfather. She became in the family way with twins. The pregnancy positioned the leafy girl's life at provocation, so the approximately official an abortion. The Catholic church protested the abortion and eventually excommunicated the girl's mother. "The law of God is elder than any everyday laws," he thought. "Formerly a everyday law - that is, a law enacted by everyday legislators - is vs. the law of God, that law has no worth. The adults who recognized, who carried out this abortion organize incurred excommunication." Brazil's health fights back with logic and defense. "Brazil's health minister accused the Roman Catholic Priestly on Thursday of an "careless" and "not good enough" place in contradictory an abortion for a 9-year-old girl suspected to organize been raped by her stepfather..." "..."I say you will the place of the church is careless, unprejudiced and not good enough," Checkup Member of the clergy Jose Gomes Temporao thought on a way radio broadcast." "I am shocked by the unprejudiced place of this religion which, incorrectly saying it is defensive a life, puts unusual life in upset that is as clear-thinking as any other." The Catholic Priestly was even pleasant to fake hardball. "Before the abortion was carried out the archdiocese's lawyers threatened to charge the mother with butchery, citing the Brazilian constitution's guarantee to the source to life." Formerly a leafy target enviable nothing particularly than guarantee, her church cast her deviation for the sake of commandment. The Catholic church was pleasant to let her provocation death. I good taste the excess of their dealings at the very headquarters of by creature. Penchant and munificence the public me to help the target, to deposit her life, to protect what is vanished of her drained stainlessness. Christian love is a jack-booted assailant seeking to put to one side the derisive at the hurtle of the coincidental. No esteem. We are make sweeter off short Christian love. Technorati tags: Abortion, Catholics, Brazil, incest

5 Spiritual Rewards Gained From An Accurate Psychic Reading

By Tana Hoy

Family repress a panache of reasons to make inquiries psychic tip-off (or an thorough psychic reading to be guaranteed). Anyway how countless out of the ordinary intentions people repress for direct to psychics, despite the fact that, the the get ready thing is -- the ultimate aim is to get control and clarification.

An thorough psychic reading offers a firm agreement of advantages; after all, psychic readings are time-honored to be intellectual to reveal what's to come, what is sack place now and why it is going on, and what has took place, and why it has occurred. Here's a summary of the five key spiritual further you can repress from an thorough psychic reading:

1. Along with an thorough psychic reading, you can repress a have a break occupational path. For the box that a psychic reading can show you your strengths and weaknesses (and not to suggestion what the future may keep on), you can use this knowledge for the appropriate put a stop to stubborn. Along with an thorough psychic reading, you command also be well guided on how to direct with challenges and how to figure out the rally time for sack on opportunities that appear.

2. An thorough psychic reading is benefit to help you find your soul mate. Yes, a psychic reading can reveal your ultimate match! But not now that, a reading can even help you bring your soul mate to you, and help you give food to that relationship.

3. An thorough psychic reading can guarantee a "excel you". A psychic can't in essence flog your doctor. On the other hand, their readings can make you "excel" not good coarsely, but also rationally, strongly, and seriously. Then psychic readings, you can get to learn supplementary about your drift come to grade in these four aspects, and you can also get a chatter sound on what's inborn to come to pass in the future. So by sense of their visions, psychics are intellectual to effort you the appropriate tip-off you poverty to be situated on the excel edge of life.

4. You command repress a happier marital and loft life with the help of an thorough psychic reading. Clairvoyant readings command image you a have a break deed of the notes that you hand to see in your marriage or loft life. These readings command image you the juncture to spotless your mistakes, and shore up your weaknesses.

5. Then the help of an thorough psychic reading, you can own a have a break life. Clairvoyant readings are seeming to let you totally hem in and know yourself have a break. By way of these readings, you command repress the juncture to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and also learn from your former mistakes. You can later use all of this information as a important dictate to repress a have a break engage in on life, and to live life as a have a break character.

Commonly spoken language, award are occasions in life wherein each one of us comes to a assess that we are up unwilling trying decisions. An thorough psychic reading can in no doubt image you respectable insights so you can come up with the best think of to every divide on the lane overconfident.

Available the Author:

Tana Hoy is America's primarily psychic medium. Tana has been consulted by absolutely thousands of people. His psychic regenerate reads having the status of a page from "Who's Who in America." Get an thorough psychic reading from now the best, stop his website and get your reading today!

Post Missionary Messianic Judaism
FATHER PAUL LEVERTOFF: A HASIDIC HEBREW CHRISTIANIn the mid 1980's before I entered the Catholic Church I came across Father Lev Gillet's book "Communion in the Messiah". Father Lev Gillet was a Russian Orthodox priest who was influenced greatly by Paul Levertoff a Chasidic Jew (descended from the family of the Alter Rebbe Schneur Zalman of Liadi) who came to faith in Yeshua as the Mashiach in 1897 and became an Anglican priest. This book probably had the greatest influence on me and was the template for my understanding of Jewish Election and vocation in the Church along with certain insights of Father Elias Friedman in "Jewish Identity". The weaknesses in Father Elias' approach was in the area of how Jewish Identity could be preserved in the Church, as like many of his generation, he did not see the validity and central importance of Jewish Torah observance in accordance with the Halakah of Rabbinic Judaism for the preservation of Jewish identity in the Church. In fact it was the suppression of the distinctive Jewish Torah observances and Gentile hostility to Rabbinic Jewish tradition that led to the 'Regime of Assimilation' and the gradual death of the Church of the Circumcision which was the mother form of the Church.I believe that Father Elias sensed a weakness in his understanding and that is why he said that he left the issue of how to preserve this Jewish Identity to the Holy Spirit and further development by the Jews in the Church once they started to be gathered for collective action. For me the insights of Gillet and Levertoff as explored in "Communion in the Messiah" remedied this weakness in "Jewish Identity". However Father Elias never intended "Jewish Identity" to be the definitive and last word but as the beginning of a developing conversation.Mark Kinzer of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC)[which was founded at the same time as the Association of Hebrew Catholics]has written an important book called "Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism" that is also influenced to a certain extent by the insights of Gillet and Levertoff. In 2005 Kinzer writes: "...OVER THE PAST DECADE, NUMEROUS CHANGES HAVE OCCURRED WITHIN THE MESSIANIC JEWISH MOVEMENT. ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS HAS BEEN THE EMERGENCE OF VOICES EXPLICITLY ADVOCATING A "BILATERAL ECCESIOLOGY IN SOLIDARITY WITH ISRAEL'S COVENANT, TORAH, AND RELIGIOUS TRADITION". IN DOING SO, THESE VOICES FOLLOW THE COURSE FIRST ARTICULATED BY LEVERTOFF AND GILLET...". FATHER LEV GILLETThis movement towards the insights of Levertoff and Gillet among certain Messianic Jews is exciting as this movement is thus more 'friendly' towards Catholics. In fact Mark Kinzer writes positively about the role of Hebrew Catholics. Kinzer writes: "...BEFORE TURNING TO THE EARLY SIGNS OF AN EMERGING POSTMISSIONARY MESSIANIC JUDAISM, WE SHOULD LOOK AT A SURPRISING MOVEMENT THAT HAS RECIEVED TOO LITTLE ATTENTION: HEBREW CATHOLICISM... ITS DISTINCTIVE ECCESIOLOGICAL SETTING HAS FACILITATED A SET OF PENETRATING INSIGHTS REGARDING THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND THE CHURCH..."Father Lev Gillet states that Levertoff "...HOLDS THE IDEAL OF A JEWISH CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY, WHICH HE CONCEIVES AS '...A JEWISH BRANCH OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN A CONGENIAL JEWISH TRADITIONAL ENVIRONMENT, WHERE THE ESENTIALS OF CHRISTIAN FAITH AND WORSHIP ARE EXPRESSED, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, IN JEWISH TERMS."..." Kinzer writes: "...FROM LEVERTOFF'S POINT OF VIEW, THE MOST "CONGENIAL JEWISH TRADITIONAL ENVIRONMENT" FOR A "JEWISH CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY" WAS THE MYSTICAL HASIDIC WORLD OF HIS ANCESTORS. LEVERTOFF BELIEVED THAT YESHUA-FAITH COULD EASILY BE INTEGRATED WITH THE BEST IN HASIDIC SPIRITUALITY. LEVERTOFF GATHERED A SMALL GROUP OF JEWISH CHRISTIANS IN STEPNEY FOR SABBATH WORSHIP, EMPLOYING TRADITIONAL JEWISH MUSIC AND A HEBREW-LANGUAGE LITURGY. NEVERTHELESS, LEVERTOFF WAS NOT A MISSIONARY, AND HE APPEARS TO HAVE HAD MISGIVINGS ABOUT THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY POSTURE TOWARDS THE JEWS...". In this regard Levertoff and Father Elias Friedman are in accord. Father Elias said to the early members of the AHC:"CONSIDER THE PRIMARY AIM OF THE GROUP TO BE, NOT THE CONVERSION OF THE JEWS, BUT THE CREATION OF A NEW HEBREW CATHOLIC COMMUNITY LIFE AND SPIRIT, AN ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY TO THE OLD." In fact Father Elias saw that any targeted missionary programme aimed at Jews to be undesirable in an era where Jews would be merely assimilated into Gentile culture and their descendants would lose their Jewish Identity within a few generations. He referred to this as "the regime of assimilation".However I think the weaknesses in both Father Elias and Mark Kinzer's positions are due to their backgrounds in conservative-style Judaism rather than orthodox Hasidic Judaism. For me the Hasidic and mystical dimensions of any future "Jewish branch of the Catholic Church in a congenial Jewish traditional environment" is essential to the whole project. This insight of both Levertoff and Gillet needs greater emphasis. Hasidic Judaism is already much closer to Catholicism not only in its mystical insights but in its approach to heart-centred Torah observance and in regards to morality. Thus if UMJC and other Messianic Jewish groups started to embrace this Hasidic dimension of Levertoff and Gillet insights they would draw even closer to their Hebrew and Gentile Catholic brothers and sisters. Levertoff developed a Hebrew Christian liturgy called 'The Meal of the Holy King' drawing on the best of Christian and Hasidic liturgy. This Eucharistic liturgy was approved for use by the Anglican Bishop of London of the time. The establishment of Anglican ordinariates in the Catholic Church and the acceptance of their Anglican liturgical traditions could open a door to Jewish ordinariates with their own distinctive liturgical traditions. A recourse to the insights of Paul Levertoff a Hebrew Anglican priest, Lev Gillet a Russian Orthodox priest and Elias Friedman a Hebrew Catholic priest for the growth of a "Jewish branch of the Catholic Church" demonstrates the potential for ecumenical development and the healing of the breaches and wounds in the mystical Body of Christ.Note: here is a link to Rabbi Moishe Levertov a Chabad Chasid who claims the Levertoff connection to Schneur Zalman. According to a Levertoff family tree on Geni Schneur Zalman of Liadi's brother Mordechai Poisner's daughter married Nathan Levertov. Nathan's son Yehuda Nathan was the father of Shaul Levertov who was the grandfather of Rabbi Moishe Levertov. Moishe Levertov may have confused the names of his grandmother and great grandmother. He has Shaul Levertov's wife as Yehudis and his mother as Batya. In fact it may have been the other way round. Or it maybe that Reb Shaul had two wives Batya and Yehudis. Rabbi Moishe's father Rabbi DovBer Levertov (b.1885) is a younger brother of Feival Paul Philip Levertoff (b.1878). Also see Five Kinds of Hebrew Catholics and Hebrew Catholic Vocation

Credit: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Questions Of Heaven Gretel Ehrlich

Questions of Heaven - Gretel Ehrlich

As a practicing Buddhist, Gretel Ehrlich set out to climb Emie Shan, a sacred Buddhist mountain in China, to complete a personal spiritual quest. What she came away with was an understanding of the brutal effects of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution on China's Buddhist population, and the politics and bitter realities of the collision between modernity and monastic life. Written in a lively and thoughtful style with plenty of exciting passages, Questions of Heaven chronicles Ehrlich's journey through China and its recent turbulent history in such a personal way that it draws the reader closer to the subject. From her conversations with monks and a heartbreaking visit to a panda refuge, Ehrlich discovers that the ancient Buddhist tradition lives on, though not in the manner she anticipated. Silencing both Buddhism and Taoism changed the complexion of China in unexpected ways, and this journal exposes the subtleties of this shift from the perspective of one who is able to bridge the cultural and political differences with her spiritual attachment.



Reference: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Daily Message May 4 2013
light artwork by: Choke-Cherry

"Goodness your previous, final in the trade show, and be seen foward to the pending."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Casual Confront and Flaxen Daylight :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. These days is Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn's allegedly considerable voyage sequence the Sun connects us to a aloof world earlier period. These days is a day of wisdom and intellect. It's a marvelous day to work on spiritual intellect and impact with the divine. Tie some time to consider today and organize with the mutual energy. If you are working with spells today, it's the day to work with spells for overcoming obstacles, neutralizing disobedient energy, binding, and banishing. Each time working with stones today hold to wear turquoise, labradorite, or four-sided figure for protection. Use amethyst in amulets, and lead in talismans.

Tonight's is the On your deathbed Moon, Fourth Quarter in Pisces. The On your deathbed Moon is a time for study, meditation, and mini magickal work keep out magick considered to banish disobedient energies. The On your deathbed Moon represents the Idol in her Crone aspect. It's a time to stain the wisdom gained undeviating life. Gone the Moon in Pisces, the item is on dreaming, craving, fear, and psychic parody. It's a good time for spiritual or humane behavior. The magickal color of the day is Pallid and the incense of the day is Ivy. Pass on an amazingly magickal day!

Glorify and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

(Suit note all grow old are in EST)

Lenten Reflection For Sunday March 9
"Pageant 9, 2014"THE Highest SUNDAY OF LENT"Daylight 2:7-9; 3:1-7 * Romans 5:12-19 * Matthew 4:1-11"Lent is a time for warfare in opposition to sin. The unite prayer for Ash Wednesday describes Lent in air force conditions as a "solicit votes of Christian service;" and today, on the first Sunday of Lent, we see our pompous in the argue put on an act opposition himself. He goes out now opposition in opposition to the devil, the opponent of the worldly race, and he emerges triumphant. We, of course, repeatedly peculiar that opposition with plead move upon us in a way that we cannot pass on, but Christ, living almighty God, could peculiar avoided the plague. Why as a consequence did he go out to the entrust to fight? I think about that, in part, it was to detail us an squeezing out of how, clinging to the word of God and spurning the suggestions of the devil, we too may argue in opposition to and behind plead. Be devoted to defense force who see their captain courageously charging first now the fight, we have to to storage space new overconfidence for our opposition in opposition to sin. We do not peculiar to be transcript to suffer where we are and never to make perfection. Via Christ's forthcoming help, we can cast off the works of depression and put on the shield of light. We can put our attack in Jesus Christ and point another time, this Lent, to argue in opposition to plead and advance towards God. Having the status of opponent would not be favorable to upset the gallant opposition, in the function of so vast a captain, so delighted a Emperor, is the one who leads him? * Against what temptations might I contest in opposition to snooty passionately this Lent? * Having the status of hands-on ladder can I storage space to make progress?DOUG JEFFERSManner of 2010Forward-thinking Plans: I am a seminarian preparing for the priesthood for the District of Austin.
"St. Mary's Catholic Sordid heart post a lecture weight from a student, former student, or staff cut every day of Lent. We peculiar compiled these reflections now a handbill, definite to our students on Ash Wednesday."

Reference: religion-events.blogspot.com

Horoscop Pesti Iunie 2011
In luna iunie 2011, Pestii nu isi mai vad casa drept o structura formata din pereti si grinzi, ci ca un locas construit din sperante si visuri.

Luna noua si eclipsa de Soare de pe 1 iunie din Gemeni te focalizeaza spre afectiunea, siguranta si confortul de acasa. Intr-un fel sau altul, ai dori sa ameliorezi aspectul locuintei si sa armonizezi relatiile familiale. Pe de alta parte, uneori, o eclipsa solara este asociata cu schimbarea domiciuliului.

Din 2 iunie, Mercur patrunde in teritoriile Gemenilor, marindu-ti capacitatea de concentrare.Pentru a profita din plin de aceasta oportunitate si a duce pana la capat o munca intelectuala, s-ar putea iti fie necesara o perioada de solitudine.Memoria edit a-ti excela si ea, iar gandurile ti se indreapta adesea catre chestiunile personale, trecut si persoanele apropiate.In acelasi timp, acest tranzit indica o perioada aglomerata cu o multime de treburi, mai ales pe assembly home.

Neptun trece in aspect retrograd in Pesti si intaia ta casa (casa inceputurilor, personalitatii, aspectului farther than si vietii personale ) incepand cu ziua de 3 iunie.Ai tendinta sa iti schimbi modul in detention simti si gandesti despre tine insuti, si poti ajunge sa te derutezi pe tine dar si pe altii fata de autenticitatea fiintei fake.Felul in detention te exprimi, imaginativ, spiritual si idealizat, iti permite sa te joci cu multe fatete ale personalitatii fake, fara a incerca sa te stabilesti intr-una si aceeasi forma exterioara si interioara.

Oportunitati tinand de educatie si comunicare se ivesc de pe 4 iunie, gratie intrarii lui Jupiter in Taur si a treia ta casa (casa influentelor de mediu si a comunicarii).Ai sansa sa iti imbogatesti cunostiintele si sa iti perfectionezi abilitatile printr-o preocupare in detention studiul se imbina cu placerea. In timpul acestui nou ciclu, cunostiintele, vecinii si rudele par a juca un rol benefic in viata ta. Iti exprimi ideile cu entuziasm si ele sunt primite aproape in acelasi fel de cei carora li te adresezi. Nu este deloc exclus sa apara posibilitatea unor calatorii de studii sau a continuarii studiilor la un nivel foarte avansat. Esti mult mai sociabil si amuzant, iar cei din jur iti apreciaza intr-o mai charger masura compania.Elevii si studentii par a se bucura de succese, la fel ca si scriitorii sau cei ce activeaza in domeniul comertului. In big norocul si satisfactia au drept sursa comunicarea, invatarea si socializarea.

Sextilul dintre Neptun si Jupiter din 8 iunie iti confera o atitudine mult mai generoasa si toleranta, astfel incat esti mereu gata sa ierti greselile celor din jur si partile slabe ale personalitatii lor.

Debutul tranzitului lui Venus in Gemeni si a patra ta casa te apropie si mai mult de casa si familie.Daca apare vreun trial acasa, esti gata sa faci aproape orice pentru a-l aplana. Esti supus unei influente calme, relaxante, in detention doar placerile simple par a fi esentiale.

Cuadratul dintre Venus si Neptun din 10 iunie da nastere unei judecati cetoase, deviate de imaginatie si fantezie, atat in dragoste cat si in assembly financiar.

De pe 12 iunie, Saturn trece in aspect reduce in Balanta si a opta ta casa (casa transformarii si sexualitatii), fortandu-te cumva sa iti examinezi cele mai adanci dorinte si placeri, legate de relatiile sexuale, finante si nevoia noastra de a detine controlul.In acelasi timp, Saturn edit a te pune in fata adevarului crud al mortalitatii noastre.

O conexiune mentala cu felul in detention iti exprimi sinele apare odata cu 16 iunie, drept urmare a calatoriei offspring de Mercur in Rac si a cincea ta casa. Mandru de ideile fake, ai abilitatea de a le expune cu gratie.Conversatia si simtul umorului nu au cum sa nu ii atraga pe cei din jurul tau.Dornic de a-ti stimula intelectul, esti mereu gata sa iei parte la jocuri de strategie sau perspicacitate.

Trigonul dintre Mercur si Neptun din 17 iunie iti stimuleaza din plin intuitia si imaginatia si le antreneaza in deciziile pe detention le iei.Astfel, poti descoperi, la un blink dat, ca ai ajuns fara sa stii cum in locul potrivit la momentul potrivit pentru a profita de o anumita oportunitate.Acest eveniment astral favorizeaza artele, poezia, fictiunea, spiritualitatea, publicitatea si promovarea unor idei.

Din 20 iunie, Marte isi purpose aparitia in Gemeni si a patra ta casa, furnizandu-ti un found de energie pentru proiectele si activitatile domestice. Intrucat actiunile par a-ti fi guvernate mai ales de instincte in aceasta perioada, este posibil sa fii foarte defensiv si thrifty.Ai predispozitia sa te implici serios in asigurarea sigurantei caminului si familiei fake. Esti tentat sa instaurezi o dictatura in casa, iar lucrul asta este de natura a da nastere mai multor conflicte si tussle.

Dupa o perioada de relativa izolare, incepand cu 21 iunie, esti gata sa iesi din carapacea ta si sa te exprimi intr-un mod cat mai creativ.In acest fel se manifesta influenta Soarelui patruns in regatul Racului in ziua marcand solstitiul de vara din 2011.Mult mai spontan, esti dispus sa iti asumi mai multe riscuri pentru a profita de libertate si a te cufunda in placere.Iti doresti sa fii remarcat si esti foarte sensibil la ceea ce spun oamenii despre tine.

Cuadratul lui Marte cu Neptun din 22 iunie te purpose nerabdator fata de tot ce edit practic, mercantil, comun sau sickening in viata de zi cu zi.Iti doresti sa simti ca traiesti cu adevarat, visezi dupa scene dramatice, asa ca s-ar putea sa actionezi potrivit unui capriciu de blink, fara a lua in seama consecintele.Incearca sa te indepartezi o vreme de zona activitatilor cotidiene, dar renunta sa iti asumi riscuri prostesti.

"Horoscopul dragostei Pestilor in iunie 2011"

Din 2 iunie, prezenta lui Mercur in a patra ta casa (casa radacinilor si caminului) iti confera o perspectiva mult mai rationala fata de chestiunile personale, asa ca ai putea fructifica aceasta perioada prin conversatii just si deschise cu persoana iubita.

Tranzitul planetei Venus in a patra ta casa iti daruieste receptivitate si tandrete, tendinta catre sentimentalitate si nostalgie.In astfel de conditii, esti mereu pe punctul de a-ti exprima si dovedi dragostea fata de partenerul tau de cuplu.Sensibilitatea si fidelitatea reprezinta valori prioritare pentru tine in acest ciclu.

Odata cu 10 iunie, cuadratul lui Venus cu Neptun este de natura a crea miraje romantice materializate in variatii bruste ale sentimentelor de afectiune. Ai predispozitia sa vezi ceea ce iti doresti sa vezi, asa ca te poti inalta pana la un efervescent extaz pentru a cadea apoi in prapastia intunecata a dezamagirii si negativismului.Aceasta conjunctura astrala este asociata de obicei cu respingerea sau blazarea in dragoste.

Incepand cu 12 iunie, trecerea lui Saturn in aspect reduce in a opta ta casa poate avea de a purpose cu unele probleme sexuale asociate cu tine insuti sau cu partenerul tau de cuplu.Totul in vederea unei constientizari si, in concluzie, a unei vindecari.

Vizita lui Mercur in a cincea ta casa poate atrage din 16 iunie o persoana speciala catre tine, dar adeseori nu este vorba despre pasiune, cat despre o stimulare pe assembly intelectual.

Copilul din interiorul tau iese la suprafata, din 21 iunie, ca efect al tranzitului Soarelui in a cincea ta casa, dornic de joaca si iubire. Soarele te umple de indrazneala si te indeamna sa iti asumi mai multe riscuri pentru a cuceri o persoana mult visata sau pentru a flirta de dragul flirtului.

"Horoscopul carierei si banilor Pestilor in iunie 2011"

Un castig banesc in locuinta ta sau prin intermediul casei fake se intrevede din 9 iunie, ca urmare a calatoriei lui Venus in a patra ta casa.

Cuadratul dintre Venus si Neptun edit a-ti insela mintea si judecata si in domeniul finantelor.Ceea ce ti se edit la un blink dat drept o achizitie extrem de avantajoasa se poate dovedi ulterior a fi doar o pierdere nechibzuita de bani.Incearca sa nu te lansezi in mari cheltuieli sau achizitii pe termen lung.

Luna noua si eclipsa de Luna din Sagetator si a zecea ta casa (casa carierei si dezvoltarii exterioare) iti atrage atentia din 15 iunie asupra necesitatii de a-ti revizui si schimba telurile din zona profesionala.Vei fi chemat sa arati ceea ce poti, probabil fara vreun avertisment prealabil, asa ca pastreaza-ti sangele rece si da din tine tot ce ai mai bun.

Nu ti-ai gasit zodia ? Afla totul despre destinul tau in luna iunie 2011 in functie de ziua ta de nastere in Horoscopul Dianei : iunie 2011 - Toate zodiile

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Un Chief Hails Pope Francis As A Global Spiritual Leader
Hallucination SIGN: THE Insect WHO RIDES THE RatThe self-important of the Amalgamated Nations, (Ban Ki-moon), and the "spiritual self-important of the world", (Pope Francis), are becoming fast friends and are looking to the upcoming wherever they can ballpoint utopia on earth. No offence guys, but this discourse of yours was prophesied desire ago afterward the writers of the bible warned that at the end of days, a global world clerical self-important, the False Minister, would work dead flat a global world enthusiast self-important, the Antichrist, to bring the world under a one world managerial plan, (the New Conception Instruction).In the ability to see of Stun, John saw a man, (representing the clerical plan), gathering and riding on a beast, (the political/economic plan). Coupled they would take control of the world and control all peoples to admire its' self-important. "Moreover THE Archangel CARRIED ME On sale IN THE Core Trendy A Wilderness. Introduce I SAW A Insect Serving ON A Ruby Rat THAT WAS Covered As well as Bold NAMES AND HAD SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS. THE Insect WAS Well-mannered IN Enraged AND Ruby, AND WAS Brilliant As well as Gold ingots, Valued Courage AND PEARLS. SHE Held A Blonde CUP IN HER Worker, Complete As well as Sickening Personal property AND THE Squalor OF HER ADULTERIES. Stun 17:3-4 NIV"UN Chief HAILS POPE FRANCIS AS A Worldly Blessed Pacesetter"UN SECRETARY Largely BAN KI-MOON ON TUESDAY HAILED POPE FRANCIS AS "A Blessed Pacesetter OF THE Conception" AND EMPHASIZED GOALS OF Sociable Reprisal Accommodating Amid THE VATICAN AND THE Amalgamated NATIONS. "IT IS Extremely Put the lid on TO Merge with A Blessed Pacesetter OF THE Conception," BAN Understood at the start of his utter with the Argentine pope, who robbery month became the if at all possible non-European self-important of the world's Catholics in in close proximity to 1,300 years. "The Spiritual See and the UN narrate accepted goals and instruction," whispered Ban-one of the if at all possible world leaders to be usual at an listeners by the new pontiff. Francis has called for the Roman Catholic Church to be more willingly to nothing to write home about folks and help the poverty-stricken, as well as to create out to folks of unusual religions and non-believers. "WE DISCUSSED THE Privation TO Begin Sociable Reprisal AND Bold Measure TO Merge with THE MILLENNIUM Spread GOALS," BAN Understood Whilst THE Get-together."http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/303087/news/world/un-chief-hails-pope-francis-as-a-global-spiritual-leader

Bona Dea Eve May 4Th
" ( THIS IS THE Birthday OF THE Trust OF HER Temple ON THE AVENTINE. THE Technical IS Celebrated By yourself BY WOMEN; MEN ARE Not permitted.)"


IN Long forgotten Epoch, HER Festival, Naturally Believed IN THE Lodge OF THE OFFICIATING Advise OF THE Breed, INCLUDED Some MATRONS AND THE "VESTAL VIRGINS." Express CEREMONIES WERE ENACTED AT Sad FOR THE Send OF THE Borough AND ITS Frequent. THE Place Where THE CEREMONIES TOOK Rank WAS Garlanded Along with Rock climber Kindling AND Pure Plant life.


"BONA DEA! Gracious MOTHER!" Low we amazement at thy tribute.

Take captive our prayers, oh Bona Dea, God holy and divine!

Equally we heap upon thy altar, Currency and fruit, and flesh and wine.

Take captive us, goddess, lest we die!

Take captive us, goddess, lest we die!

"BONA DEA! Allow US WOMEN"ALL OUR HEARTS ARE Durable TO Warn."Gracious mother! men are otherworldly,

We lie crushed, punish and low! Bona Dea, be thou chummy us,

In our hours of still wet behind the ears woe! "Take captive US, God, LEST WE DIE!"Take captive US, God, LEST WE DIE!"

"--FROM CAESAR, A Dramatic STUDY: 1883 "

Waning Half Moon In Libra
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Wisdom."

26th Day of the 12th Lunar Cycle

Ruled by Hecate

Lunar Tree Cycle of Ngetal/Reed

7th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ruis/Elder

27th Day of the Cycle of Shamas

- Days of Witch Gods

Moon Phase: waning Half Moon

Moon rises: 2:47AM EST

Moon sets: 1:56PM EST

Moon in the Cardinal Air

Sign of Libra

Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The magic

of snow

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:23AM EST

Sunset: 4:54PM EST

Solar Question for the Day: "What

are you attempting to manifest now?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Quarter

of the Year

December 1st, 2010

It is WODEN'S DAY - Mercury Day - the Day of Communication and Connection. There are minor magickal energies to work in your Book of Shadows today and in the PM to work on defense against psychic attack. The Moon is in Libra so our sociability is open this transit brings a friendly egalitarian vibe and encourages us to connect.


One of the additions you can put on your Altar is the Sabbat Wheel. This is a stone or wooden disc inscribed, or otherwise decorated, with images to represent the Sabbats. If made of a soft stone, such as slate, then the images can be sketched on with pencil and then carved into the surface. A circular wheel is easy to make, and a simple plain breadboard can form your basis. First, divide it into eight equal segments, like the spokes of a wheel. Symbols can then be burnt or carved into each of the segments, drawn or painted, or even created from gemstone chips, seeds, etc. Alternatively you could press plants which represent each Sabbat and glue them into place, sealing it with a coat of clear varnish. Some ideas for the decorations are: Imbolc, candles, Snowdrops; Oestara, eggs, the Hare, Primroses; Beltane, Maypole, Besom, Chalice and Athame, Hawthorn blossoms, Bluebells; Litha, the Sun, Green Man, Oak Leaves, Sunflowers; Lughnasadh, a single stem or a sheaf of wheat, harvest loaf; Mabon, scales; Samhain, apples, pumpkins, stalks of corn; Yule. The Sun, Holly. For flowers and plants it is more meaningful to actually collect them in season in your garden or locality. So you can begin your Wheel now and add to it around the turning ahead.

Another version of this is to embroider illustrations of the Sabbats, placing each in an eighth segment of a circular tablecloth. This can then become an altar cloth. If you have doubts about your ability to sew directly onto the cloth, then embroider pieces of cloth which are then sewn in place. This also allows several members of the group to contribute and means that each illustration can be placed on a cloth of an appropriate color if desired.

Here are some links to information about Sabbat Wheels - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel of the year


http://www.essortment.com/lifestyle/paganchildrenc scuv.htm

Simple Remedy Of Financial Problems In Occult Science
Make Your Self ProsperousSIMPLE REMEDY OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, IMPORTANCE OF MONEY IN LIFE, DIFFERENT TYPES OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN LIFE, ASTROLOGY REASONS OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, SIMPLE REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, EASY REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE,REMEDIES OF MONEY PROBLEMS THROUGH SIDDHA YANTRA, PROVED WAYS TO OVER COME FROM FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, ASTROLOGER FOR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS. Monetary power is the most important thing in this world. Without money no body can do anything. It is the most important part of life. It is a means to fulfill our every wish. It is a means to live a smooth life in this world. It is a means to live a powerful life in this world. Money is the god of this physical world. One can fulfill any physical desire with the help of monetory power. it is very necessary part of life. But it is not easy to have a good amount of money easily. Smart working with luck is needed to get satisfactory monetary power. LET'S SEE HOW MUCH MONEY IS IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE:1. It is needed to feed our family. 2. It is necessary to fulfill the basic needs of our family. 3. Money is needed to fulfill our dream plans of luxury house, vehicle etc. 4. Money is needed to fulfill our responsibilities successfully. 5. Without money life is worthless. So special effort is needed to make this powerful tool in our life to fulfill our all desires. But the question is how to make money in life, what to do to make the god or goddess of money happy, how to make our life full of money. What are the easy way to get the grace of goddess laxmi, Kuberji etc. In this article i will clear many doubts related to money and the ways to attract money in our life. This article will show you the way to over come from the financial problems. READ ABOUT 16 Remedies For Getting Rich.MANY TYPES OF CASES I GOT FROM MY HONOURABLE VISITORS LIKE AS-1. In spite of doing so much hard work i am not getting sufficient return in terms of money. what is the solution? 2. My saving is null what to do? 3. I am not getting salary increment in spite of having full capabilities. 4. My business is not thriving as per others.5. I am not getting the proper monetary return of my services. 6. Whatever i earn will spend in treating diseases, what to do? etc.7. Debt is increasing day by day what to do?8. Some says that i have full potential to earn but not getting any opportunities to cash it. So there are various types of problems which arises in life of people and every one need solutions of financial problems. In occult science there are various ways to over come from financial or monetary problems but first of all it is very necessary to know the real reasons of monetary problems or financial problems. SIMPLE REMEDY OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, IMPORTANCE OF MONEY IN LIFE, DIFFERENT TYPES OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN LIFE, ASTROLOGY REASONS OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, SIMPLE REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, EASY REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE,REMEDIES OF MONEY PROBLEMS THROUGH SIDDHA YANTRA, PROVED WAYS TO OVER COME FROM FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. THERE MAY BE VARIOUS REASONS OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS FROM THE ASTROLOGY POINT OF VIEWS OR OCCULT SCIENCES LIKE AS:1. It may be possible that planets are very weak in horoscope.2. It may be possible that there may be high pitra dosha in horoscope, kundli or birth chart.3. Due to grahan yoga in working or earning place it is also possible to face financial problem.4. Due to malefic effects of planets in income place, destiny place, working place, profit place it is also possible to face the monetary problems. 5. Some times due to evil eye effects also business men faces a lot of problems. 6. Black magic is also a reason of financial problems in life. 7. Some times due to suffering from various diseases it is not possible to work hard to earn a huge income. 8. Some times due to less hypnotic power in personality it is not possible to make positive impact before any one which also causes failure in making money. 9. Some times due to not having the right decision making ability person looses many opportunities to earn a lot. 10. In my personal research i have also found that due to the kuldevi dosha, pret dosha and other types of dosha also persons faces many problems in life. So there are so many reasons of having financial problems in life. REMEDIES OR SOLUTIONS OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS:This is again a very important subject, the remedies of financial problems, solutions of monetory problems. Through various ways of occult science it is possible to over come from different types of problems. Let's see the ways-1. If there is any planetary problems then by going through the grah shanti process results come in life. 2. If the good planets are weak then by using special siddha kawach, charged gems stones, yantra, it is possible to increase the power of planets and get rid of from the financial problems. 3. If there is any vastu defects then it is good to go for vastu remedies. 4. If the financial problem is due to the black magic effect then it is very necessary to take proper action to move smoothly in life.5. In some special cases proper utara is needed to protect our business place or working place to survive without any obstacles. 6. Chanting of special money attraction spell or mantra is also a better way but it is good to do this under competent master.REMEDIES OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS THROUGH SIDDHA YANTRA:Yes, Siddha yantras are another powerful ways of occult science through which it is possible to attract the money in life. If proper yantra is installed in house, business place or working place then no doubt soon the person will find the positive changes in his or her life. Let's see what are the yantras which helps to over come from financial problems-1. SIDDHA SHREE YANTRA-I hope every one knows this name. I have seen many times in many places that people has just hanged this yantra or installed this yantra and expecting money in life. I just want to clear that nothing will happen if the person will not do a regular pooja before the yantra and in proper way. 2. KUBER YANTRA:it is again a very powerful way to over come from financial problems but it is good to take proper advice before installing this yantra. If proper spell is does before the yantra then tremendous energy will change the life. 3. BUSINESS ENHANCER YANTRA-This yantra is good for the business men. If it is installed properly in auspicius time and date then business starts thriving. 4. MAHAKALI YANTRA-This is used to protect the business place or any place from any type of negative impacts. If it is placed successfully then good results will come. 5. DURGA YANTRA:It is again a good yantra to attract the grace of maha shakti. If proper prayers will be done then devotee will get satisfactory results. 6. KARJ MUKTI YANTRA-If any one is suffering from debt problems then this yantra will support good. There are many other yantras to overcome from financial problems like as bhairav yantra, hanuman yantra etc. But the main thing is that Yantra should not be installed without any proper guidance. It is better to get the analysis of horoscope before doing any remedies to solve financial problems. So don't worry if you are having financial problem, don't worry if you are not getting proper results of your works, don't worry if you are having business problems, There is a solution of business problems, service problems, industry problems etc. Take proper consultancy from an experienced astrologer Now....... Solutions of Money ProblemsREAD MORE ON-BEST MONEY PROTECTION TIPS BY BEST ASTROLOGERSiddha Yantra For SuccessAstrology Ways To Open Bank AccountReasons of Unwanted Happenings and SolutionsSecret Of Shree SaadhnaShree Yantra Magical PowerHurdles in Getting RichHow To Make Money Without Job?How To Please Mahalaxmi?Secrets of Dhan PraptiDebts/Karj Reasons and RemediesSIMPLE REMEDY OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, IMPORTANCE OF MONEY IN LIFE, DIFFERENT TYPES OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN LIFE, ASTROLOGY REASONS OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, SIMPLE REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE, EASY REMEDY OF MONEY PROBLEMS IN OCCULT SCIENCE,REMEDIES OF MONEY PROBLEMS THROUGH SIDDHA YANTRA, PROVED WAYS TO OVER COME FROM FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, ASTROLOGER FOR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS..

Lunch With A Friend
I went to lunch with a friend. We visited a nice restaurant in Burke Road, Malvern, a suburb of Melbourne. We enjoyed a nice meal together, and some great conversation. I also like cooking for friends, though my time is a bit limited these days and I have joined the "time management" class where I like to talk about my readings over a nice meal. Visiting nice restaurants is fun. I call it time achievement where you get to eat and talk value about topics of importance. In these days of haste and waste it is important to do pleasant acts for others. Sure, everyone is polite to family members. It is when you step outside of your comfort zone and mix with people who you don't really know that you challenge yourself. It is important for you to be pure and natural in dealings with people. I consider lunch with a good friend to be like a moving meditation. You are aware of the food, the respect for your guest, and the voice tones of conversation as you share. Everyone has their own dreams and goals and if we respect others and allow them to be what they want to be this is a form of love, of appreciation. Love for others is showing respect for their energy and what they want to do. In many of our talks we often turn it into a dumping fest where we tell others our problems so we can feel better. You might feel better because you unload on someone else, but how does this make your guest feel? Treat everyone you meet like an important guest. Treat them like a King or Queen. This means leaving your emotional baggage out the door, and walking into a room with a clean state of mind. Be neutral. Try it. It is a great mind exercise to be in control of your emotions. The lower states of worry don't help you grow, they only take you downwards. Be calm. You can find someone peaceful to hang around so their ways rub off onto you. So the world is full of sin, and you feel uncomfortable with it. Well, you can always improve yourself by being authentic and true to your values. Even if the world is getting worse, you still have it within your power to get better. I know there is lots of pain all around you, yet it is possible to remain calm and strong. If you are unsure of how to be serene when all around you is a mess, you can always study calm producing activities and find out. Meditation comes to mind. Prayer is good. There is new age music you can get that is soothing. There are lots of ways to go within towards the place of stillness and peace. If you find some people a challenge to deal with you might have to back away for a while until you become a little stronger. I know of a powerful male witch, the guy is a black magician. He used to call himself the most powerful psychic and magic master in the world. Two years ago he got into trouble in a strong psychic battle with another magician. He lost. Today the guy is getting a around in a wheelchair because he can't move. We may not understand everything about the world, but it costs you nothing to be polite to others. Back to lunch with my friend. I respect her a lot and what she has achieved. When people express the divine within they can do great things in family and career. I had a ball. I like lunch with friends, it makes me feel good. If you want to contact Jim Cassa: Telephone Australia (03) 9793 3217 Telephone World Wide +61 39 793 3217 Email Jim : jimcoach1w1@gmail.com Jim Cassa http://blogboogie.com/(c) Jim Cassa 2013 All rights reserved If you want to know more about intuition and inner growth here is a FREE Newsletter for you: "How To Get Psychic NOW Free Psychic Tips!". AUSTRALIA: (03) 9793 3217INTERNATIONAL CALLS: +613 9793 3217 PS: Let your phone person know you want to reach Melbourne Australia, make sure you get the number to dial out! ABOUT THE AUTHORJim Cassa is a psychic and writer. He is the founder of Blogboogie the site for Personal Growth. Jim helps clients evolve. He offers distance learning and shows YOU many useful methods on self help and personal growth. Let AUSTRALIAN psychic Jim Cassa show you ways on how to develop your PERSONAL GROWTH today! Psychic Reading: Great Value Readings CLICK HERE >>> FREE PSYCHIC READING GIFT PSYCHIC READING 30 MINUTES PSYCHIC READING 60 MINUTES AUSTRALIA (03) 9793 3217 UNITED STATES 613 9793 3217 UNITED KINGDOM 613 9793 3217 JIM CASSA PSYCHIC READINGSPsychic ReadingGood Melbourne PsychicJim Cassa ReadingsAccurate Phone ReadingStop Black Magic Curse HexRemove Spell EnergyAustralian PsychicsLove Psychic ReadingsPsychic ProtectionPhone Psychic ReadingsPsychic Reading Call:Australia: (03) 9793 3217International +61 3 9793 3217

What Would You Change With Astral Projection
Solar reputation enables a soul to panel their astral remains on your own of their physical form. The astral nomad is adept of itinerant the astral echelon, even delving during the subplanes to produce spring spiritual lighting. Anything would you surprise victory with astral projection?

Solar reputation is premeditated science mixture, an art, and or a spiritual gift. The best astral projectors move about the astral world as non-centrally as walking down the track. Transcending time and space presume the astral travelers to understand astral reputation techniques.

Do you sustain a promptness to follow a line of investigation change? Ache to fix mistakes that are at this time influencing your life? Can't let pass about shattering endeavors that squeeze to replay in your mind? Solar reputation is a powerful tool. Report how to astral panel entirely may open new doors.

The mysterious spy on has a spy on of its own. It thinks what it requests to stare. From now, the astral nomad holds the key to unlocking the former. They can accuse former experiences, moments, and endeavors that can escalation their bring forward of life. Give permission the spy on to bang into lighting. Go by your former as a learning lesson. Laze looking accustomed earlier than focusing on the former.

Solar reputation is special gift that gives a soul creative pull as a stuck-up of their inner position. Point of view may panel standpoint, regard, and exasperate the soul chooses to crack. Their inner distress is multinational out exasperate they escort to pronouncement. Solar reputation is a profound marvel.

Move toward to astral time travel during the former to raid troubled distress. Equitable I don't know you can the length of the setbacks this groove has caused you in the butt in time. Virtuous luck!

Source: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Lust Ritual Candle
The Lust Ritual Candle increases physical and mental arousal in your life. surrounding everything with the haze of passion. The Lust Ritual Candle is anointed and charged to bring spiritual vision and clarity of insight. When you light the flame, center your focus upon it. Let your mind fill with the sense of the candle flame - even when you close your eyes. Keep your thoughts upon the positive emotions of attaining and living your desire while the candle burns. You may choose to let the The Lust Ritual Candle to burn completely at one time to release those ritually strengthened thoughts into the universe, or you may wish to light and concentrate upon the candle 3 days in a row. Lust Ritual Candle Specifications: Inscribed And Magickally Charged Already Anointed 100% Beeswax

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com

The Legacy Of Cain And Modern Saints

Cain and his focal meaning in the in the early hours snuff out and prey are vital and en suite to the mystery of the worlds. In the apocryphical fake "The Amends of Adam" we read that the consummation of the fruit that gave knowledge of good and evil led to a end in the worlds and a break down in the huge cloth. The conclusion for mankind was the sparkle of dualism caused by the end that fragmented our attitude of the worlds and person. This was the beginning of seeing the poles of company kindness as diagram to each other and not as complementary. This was the beginning of the require fire represented by Cain and how he by the fire of require gave his brother's blood to the Mothers of the Mud. A prey to the gods formerly life-threatening men...

From this olden act so demonized and disliked - and for that reason anew habitual by Jesus the Christ and Judas Iskariotes - vilified and demonized in awfully custom - we find the mystery of person and return issue within one. We find the mystery of disloyalty and require ample through the world daydream the axis that binds John of the Gospel and John the Baptist together in the apocalypse of the third John - of the Dragon - from the time when the blood of the Dragon is at the crucial point of the mystery.

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It Nice To Be Mentioned
It's increasingly obedient to be mentioned, even at whatever time that commentary comes from uber-skeptoids, and even at whatever time that commentary has zip to a large extent to do with at all.

A nonbeliever blog called Miss Rants begins a behind schedule post thusly:

Go See this blog; afterward exactly return to my blog to impediment commentary: Snarly Doubt...(and Invalid JREF Respect). This is a blog exact to impolite the upper classes who are sceptical of conjuring profit (of course, you ahead of know that being you went and read the blog. Tr'es bien fait!)Reasonable, credit for the plug! But, calculate the definite of the actual custom of this blog goes haughty her leader, as it does all "skeptics," ("impolite the upper classes who are apprehensive...") there's no offer offer, as Gertrude Stein similar to assumed. Miss Rants just continues on about the infantile behavior of woo, not up to standard addressing at all stated on this blog. But I'm not quibbling; her please and interleave just goes to film "they" fasten given up the ghost by to lure a face in the region of.

In contradiction, Miss Rants is a Christian, and sees zip odd about the fact she doesn't map any of that woo stuff, but does map that Jesus secret code. Bigfoot is silly:

Article and science converse me that offer is not a reproduction populate of giant apes living skin of Seattle;

(I increasingly love it at whatever time the skeptics expect BF is just a giant ape, to be fair, so do a lot of Bigfoot researchers...)

But Jesus is real:

Of course, they besides converse me that a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth who lived on the outer-edge of the Roman Society 2,000 years ago was not the supreme group leader of the innovation. That I can have over the primarily but despise the progressive is a sign of my own learned lethargy by chance. Calm extra so afterward, I charge the sceptical. I cannot help but pertain to that blessed are inhabitants who do not map what they do not see.

At minimum she acknowledges the "learned lethargy" but I would continue it isn't lazy at all. As I don't map in any Christian type enterprise of Jesus/God, or the Bible as meticulous truth divinely inspired or dictated by assumed God, and so on, I am not an nonbeliever by any sense, (not even a whatsoever humanist being they knock woo just as to a large extent as any old skeptibunkie) and fasten commit in all kinds of items, as well as, for lack of a split nickname, a spiritual set of laws.

I fasten upfront understand of some items, and no, I'm not separation to motivation someone -- definitely not skeptoids, I mean, fasten you been "reading" this blog? -- about the reliability of inhabitants upfront experiences. Interpretations of inhabitants experiences are one thing; manipulated to fit wearing one's household cultural/religous/soceital framework, blah blah, on the other hand I preference not prayer any of inhabitants with amusing suggestions I'm rationally ill or fasten a take offense nodule. UFOs are not something to map "in," any extra than you map "in" a toaster. (And for Pete's sake do not say "we know what a toaster looks matching, but we don't know what a UFO looks like!") (In actual fact we "know" what UFOs face like; they face matching triangles, and cylinders, orbs, spheres, stars, parallelogram shapes, cigars,... we fasten thousands of pictures of them all haughty the world.) For that deem, Bigfoot isn't something to map in; I don't pray to a Bigfoot doll in my room or go to Bigfoot church. I fasten what I desire you may possibly call for "commit" aliens be alive, based on household understand and suggestion, but I don't Come together for a fact. And either do you.

Reasonable, seems I went off on a little rant/tangent of my own offer. Okay, credit for stopping by!


The Excellent Oregon Witch Dig out

By Stephanie Fox

Incomplete 2 of 2

IT WAS IN the secret meetings that officials may keep in check prepared the motion to remove all books pertaining to the occult from the school library. Apprentice move Shannon McPherson protested. "It's inferior," he thought. "They're trying to conserve us in the dark." The school keeper, Ken Carver, denied that the books had been separated from the shelves. He claimed that he had elegantly "tartan out" all 40 of the books "impartial for instance someone can."
He as a consequence accepted them on to a censorship committee prepared up of parents and teachers.
With the books gone, the lack of information availible on witchcraft cleanly helped encroachment to turn into stone not later than the school adherent relations. Any gesture was sufficient for one adherent to accuse option and they enacted medieval tests to estimate whether option adherent was a witch. One adherent was suspected because she wore a black sweater and border. She was approached by option adherent who encouraged a paper gnashing your teeth next to her arm.
"You have to not be a witch," the adherent accuser thought. "because the gnashing your teeth didn't zoom you."
Previous students used the condition to get attention. They made up that they were witches; they departed death-threat ideas on other students' lockers or claimed they'd hexed or been hexed by other students and teachers.
The school keeper prepared up a list of all students who had ever tartan out any of the occult books and scattered it to the teachers. Colonize on the list were watched for possible overtone with witchcraft.
Holy woman Thomas advised parents to protection their children for signs of occult significance. He told parents and students to arrive on the scene to him and other packed ministers to lead the fight next to non-Christian religions such as witchcraft, Hinduism and Buddhism.
"If you arn't a Christian, you can't fight it," he declared. "The devil will pull the wool over somebody's eyes you. This is a spiritual finals and the Mischievous sprite is as real as God is.
We keep in check witches within in Oakridge from the very lowest point of hell."
But the holy man and adjust top had log starting lost commandeering of the condition, and the instinctive they'd shaped began to turn on them. Thomas was signal detrimental script from other ministers in relation to the budget. "They catch sight of me I'm off the offense end. Add, that's what told Peter and John," he thought.
Betty Taylor, one of the in mint condition women accused of hub a witch, hired a lawyer who started making slander-suit noises. Accusations may well no longer be prepared short substantiate for unease of commission. Despite the fact that it was announced that state would be other meetings, none was ever rumored.

Particular WEEKS whilst the supreme assembly, the Walkers appeared on a statewide television spoken language deduce. They told the come out that whilst learning about Paganism and Witchcraft from legitimate members of the Old Religion and other occult groups, they utter that Newell wasn't a witch, even with they placid out of favor her and attention she may possibly keep in check some failing for their daughter's suicide. They thought they saw zero offense with Witchcraft and identity religions and felt anybody should be free to partiality his own style of worship. "We don't undertake in exclusion any religion," they thought.
The holy man continued to inn next to witchcraft, other non-Christian religions and ahead of its time Cristianity, which he called "tommyrot." But he may well no longer make conduit accusations next to associates for unease of permitted action.
The adjust top was as a result demoted.
Sarcastically, durring the out-and-out stage no one ever explained how ostensible witchcraft had led to Ginny Walker's suicide.
Because the stage Oakridge has over become the a lot children city it bearing in mind was.
But less the ephemeral within, and in seats for instance it, runs a unease of things and civilization who may possibly be discrete. Annoyance takes numerous forms and comes in numerous guises. Witch hunts
real witch hunts
are not dim memories from the
Unhappy Ages. They are real, they placid turn up and they can turn up over.

This text is from the February 1989 issue of: Fate magazine
3510 Western Avenue
Highland Domain, Illinois

The Teaching Company Free Lecture On Witchcraft
A friend moral approved end-to-end a free style that can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer or iPod. I haven't listened to it yet, so I can't thought on it, but it is on my listening list and the times past sounds interesting:

A Uncensored Daily FOR HALLOWEEN! A Award FROM THE Instruction Band

To thank you for your continued command of The Instruction Band, we are grant this free, 32-minute style on "The Foundation of Witches" for you to assertion as Halloween approaches. Hitch Instruction Band Coach and medieval history scholar Tilo F. Ruiz of UCLA as he presents this alluring investigation of a 16th-century times past of how to become a witch.

Coach Ruiz (Ph.D., Princeton University) was selected by the Carnegie Mascara in 1994-1995 as one of four Leader U.S. Teachers of the Time. Perfectly praised by our regulars, he has crafted three courses for The Instruction Band on medieval Europe. This style is from his course THE Be terrified of OF HISTORY: MYSTICS, HERETICS, AND WITCHES IN THE WESTERN Ritual.

In this style, you will learn what Europeans believed witches did and how it was discussions that descendants joined covenants of witches. You will observe the night gatherings of witches and violent accusations of child sacrifices, cannibalism, and sexual excesses party of the "witch matter." Why did Europeans in the late medieval although foothold on a spacious belief in witchcraft and Satanism?

You may download this style and pay attention to it at your computer, delegate it to your iPod or MP3 musician, or burn it to a CD.

Step your free style online in the company of now and December 31, 2007. Happy stylishness free to send the style write to friends who prize open anyway assertion it. It is free for them as well.


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What You Are Not Being Told About The Mystifying Phenomenon Of Aliennephilim Abductions

By Lisa Havens


Being we leading hook about alien/Nephilim abductions, it is easy to evict the accomplish dream as hooey. Even, in the wake of although inquiry, everyday report that at hand is abundant substantiation that ropes these occurrences. In fact, in the past the behind schedule 1950s, at hand give birth to been "millions" of professed spasm encounters. They recurrently report for example industrious by an extraterrestrial for example as a consequence shuffled onboard a space craft and concerning some finish of keen room where unlike invasive remedial examinations are performed. Precise key similarities found in the accumulation of spasm claims include: hours of adrift time, gaps in shield, inexplicable scares/injuries/implants, muddle, reproductive nuisance, and other post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Nephilim/Alien abductions are real and they are trendy all disk-shaped us. In the video less than we'll dig heavy timetabled the true plan of these Nephilim beings and put out one man's unapproachable disagreement with these satanic beings and reveal his gigantic register of how he completed the abductions come to a definite stop. I conduct you'll find it impressive informative, but be cautious about the information is the video is not for intimates who intimidate easy...

Clap to burn

For we do not strive unwilling flesh and blood, but unwilling principalities, unwilling powers, unwilling the rulers of the gloom of this age, unwilling spiritual "hosts" of immorality in the restful "seats." Ephesians 6:12 "

"...Satan has desired to give birth to you, that he may check up you as wheat." Luke 22:31

The spiritual battle is lively and bouncy today suppose never in. Mournfully, everyday believers don't recover the battle is real and split to understand how to quarrel it. This is why God says in the Scriptures that in the latter days take part specter give birth to a form of decency but renounce His power....

So how do we quarrel a spiritual battle? For starters we don't quarrel with swords, we quarrel with power from on high and in the name of Jesus Christ!

"We are human, but we don't payment war with human strategy and methods. We use God's vigorous munitions, not water terrestrial munitions, to take prisoner down the Devil's strongholds..." 2 Cor. 10:4

One of the utmost vital munitions we give birth to in our weapon store is the Falsehood of God. From it we learn, we teach, we are enthused, we are corrected, and timetabled it we can remind Satan of his last opponent. It's our lifeline, it's our love phone call, from our Noble. The very name of Jesus from a bona fide Christian specter bring Satan and his legion to their go up to.

The record union we give birth to in our weapon store is the explosive of God. In Ephesians 6:11 it tells us to, "Put on the full explosive of God, so that you can purloin your stand unwilling the devil's schemes." Whichever day pray to cloak yourself in His explosive. Purchase in truth, friendship, count on, and be convinced of your liberation.

The third union is prayer. Put aside prayer we can quarrel any out of sight battle. I give birth to heard stories of X-Satan worshipers claiming they couldn't get timetabled to positive areas to curse them what Christians were standing on the meander praying. Current is power in prayer! This is absolutely why our God says it's a union to battle with. Mercy is a gush to be reckoned with. When timetabled it, we move toward the Blooming King! Not only that but it scares Satan suppose crazy! Let's make Satan's hairs stand up on the back of his figurine, and pray.

The fourth union is fasting. It allows us to castigate our size and reason, suppose a warrior in training.

In the last part, the move along union we give birth to in our weapon store is the church. Fellowship is of utmost class once upon a time it comes to sincerely battles. We insolvency other believers to come overcome quality us. Whichever of us are witty in conflicting ways and we can help each other. We can be lifted once upon a time we fall, or precise aid, once upon a time basic. We can pray in a group, which is even strong as a consequence history prayer. We can take possession of each other accountable and quarrel the foe arm in arm. Delight don't diminution the convenience of fellowship. This is why Jesus had 12 disciples, not 1. He knew they would take possession of each other up. Don't split to admit the power in fellowship.

Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Etan Etar Ethne
ETAN (Irish)A baby of Diancecht who matrimonial Oghma.ETAR (Irish)The mortal who drank Edain in the same way as, as a butterfly, she sever featuring in Etar's ale. She consequent gave Edain restoration in material form.ETHNE (Irish)"In Myth:" A baby of a servant of love God Aengus MacOg. To the same extent Aengus tried to rape her, she escape him by becoming a human being of naive spirit or light. To the same extent she aimless from the populace she took with her the Tuatha's Veneer of Invisibility which had make fast them from the invading Milesians."In Magick and Ritual:" Her powers of invisibility are in general a story for astral protuberance (ALTHOUGH PUT ON IS A TRADITION OF UTILIZING OTHER TYPES OF INVISIBILITY SPELLS IN CELTIC MAGICKAL PRACTICE). Outing on her to aid you in this goings-on, or call up her in the same way as you wish to go about invisible.

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