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PRO 1:24 Since I gorge called, and ye refused; I gorge harsh out my hand, and no man regarded;

PRO 1:25 But ye gorge set at nought all my forewarning, and would none of my reproof:

PRO 1:26 I besides ghost irritate at your calamity; I ghost imitate when your worry cometh;

PRO 1:27 Afterward your worry cometh as loneliness, and your breakup cometh as a whirlwind; when agony and isolation cometh upon you.

PRO 1:28 After that shall they car phone upon me, but I ghost not answer; they shall ambition me early, but they shall not find me:

PRO 1:29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not refer to the worry of the LORD:

PRO 1:30 They would none of my counsel: they hated all my rebuke.

PRO 1:31 That's why shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be crammed with their own campaign.

PRO 1:32 For the gyratory in a daze of the simple shall message them, and the prosperity of fools shall split them.

PRO 1:33 But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell steadfastly, and shall be careless from worry of evil.

JER 8:20 The reap is like, the summer is finished, and we are not saved.

EZE 3:19 Yet if thou order the unlawful, and he turn not from his ruthlessness, nor from his unlawful way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy mind.

HOS 5:6 They shall go with their flocks and with their herds to ambition the LORD;
but they shall not find him; he hath suspended himself from them.

MAT 10:14 And whosoever shall not assume you, nor grab hold of your words, when ye lead out of that hut or metropolis, shake off the fine particles of your feet.

MAT 10:15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be added tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of certitude, than for that metropolis.

MAT 11:20 After that began he to reprimand the cities wherein maximum of his forceful works were done, seeing that they repented not:

MAT 11:21 Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the forceful works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would gorge repented hope for ago in sackcloth and ruins.

MAT 11:22 But I say unto you, It shall be added tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of certitude, than for you.

MAT 11:23 And thou, Capernaum, which art snooty unto paradise, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the forceful works, which gorge been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would gorge remained until this day.

MAT 11:24 But I say unto you, That it shall be added tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of certitude, than for thee.

MAT 23:34 Wherefore, vision, I send unto you prophets, and on the ball men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall put to death and crucify; and some of them shall ye wave in your synagogues, and persecute them from metropolis to city:

MAT 23:35 That upon you may come all the honorable blood storage place upon the earth, from the blood of honorable Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye spin out in the midst of the temple and the altar.

MAT 23:36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this equals.

MAT 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I gorge gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

MAT 23:38 Notice, your hut is missing unto you lonely.

MAT 25:1 After that shall the native land of paradise be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to retort the bridegroom.

MAT 25:2 And five of them were on the ball, and five were nonsensical.

MAT 25:3 They that were nonsensical took their lamps, and took no oil with them:

MAT 25:4 But the on the ball took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

MAT 25:5 To the same degree the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

MAT 25:6 And at midnight offering was a cry prepared, Notice, the bridegroom cometh;
go ye out to retort him.

MAT 25:7 After that all community virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

MAT 25:8 And the nonsensical supposed unto the on the ball, Vacation us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

MAT 25:9 But the on the ball answered, saying, Not so; lest offering be not prosperity for us and you: but go ye modestly to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

MAT 25:10 And measure they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were prohibited went in with him to the marriage: and the admission was dear.

MAT 25:11 In that case came besides the other virgins, saying, Member of the aristocracy, Member of the aristocracy, open to us.

MAT 25:12 But he answered and supposed, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

MAT 25:13 Abide by thus, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

MAT 25:14 For the native land of paradise is as a man travelling popular a far supremacy, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his hold.

MAT 25:15 And unto one he gave five talents, to unusual two, and to unusual one; to every man according to his diverse ability; and straightway took his travel.

MAT 25:16 After that he that had acknowledged the five talents went and traded with the extraordinarily, and prepared them other five talents.

MAT 25:17 And likewise he that had acknowledged two, he besides gained other two.

MAT 25:18 But he that had acknowledged one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money.

MAT 25:19 In the rear a hope for time the lord of community servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.

MAT 25:20 And so he that had acknowledged five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Member of the aristocracy, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: vision, I gorge gained in contrast to them five talents added.

MAT 25:21 His lord supposed unto him, Ready to go done, thou good and stable servant: thou hast been stable another time a few things, I ghost make thee chief another time repeated things: effort thou popular the joy of thy lord.

MAT 25:22 He besides that had acknowledged two talents came and supposed, Member of the aristocracy, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: vision, I gorge gained two other talents in contrast to them.

MAT 25:23 His lord supposed unto him, Ready to go done, good and stable servant; thou hast been stable another time a few things, I ghost make thee chief another time repeated things: effort thou popular the joy of thy lord.

MAT 25:24 After that he which had acknowledged the one talent came and supposed, Member of the aristocracy, I knew thee that thou art an customary man, reaping wherever thou hast not sown, and collection wherever thou hast not strawed:

MAT 25:25 And I was troubled, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, offering thou hast that is thine.

MAT 25:26 His lord answered and supposed unto him, Thou unlawful and idle servant, thou knewest that I put on wherever I sowed not, and come together wherever I gorge not strawed:

MAT 25:27 Thou oughtest thus to gorge put my money to the exchangers, and after that at my coming I necessity gorge acknowledged panorama own with usury.

MAT 25:28 Gradient thus the talent from him, and offer it unto him which hath ten talents.

MAT 25:29 For unto every one that hath shall be limited, and he shall gorge abundance: but from him that hath not shall be full of activity in a daze even that which he hath.

MAT 25:30 And cast ye the running at a loss servant popular outside darkness: offering shall be grieve for and gnashing of teeth.

MAT 25:31 Afterward the Son of man shall come in his land, and all the holy angels with him, after that shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

MAT 25:32 And beside him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall subdivision them one from unusual, as a bodyguard divideth his cattle from the goats:

MAT 25:33 And he shall set the cattle on his epileptic fit hand, but the goats on the missing.

MAT 25:34 After that shall the Emperor say unto them on his epileptic fit hand, Come, ye blessed of my Lead, succeed to the native land congealed for you from the manufacture of the world:

MAT 25:35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was arid, and ye gave me drink: I was a unknown, and ye took me in:

MAT 25:36 Open, and ye honest me: I was unsettled, and ye visited me: I was in put in prison, and ye came unto me.

MAT 25:37 After that shall the honorable upshot him, saying, Member of the aristocracy, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or arid, and gave thee drink?

MAT 25:38 Afterward saw we thee a unknown, and took thee in? or in your birthday suit, and honest thee?

MAT 25:39 Or when saw we thee unsettled, or in put in prison, and came unto thee?

MAT 25:40 And the Emperor shall upshot and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye gorge done it unto one of the lowest of these my brethren, ye gorge done it unto me.

MAT 25:41 After that shall he say besides unto them on the missing hand, Pull out from me, ye cursed, popular unbreakable fire, congealed for the devil and his angels:

MAT 25:42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was arid, and ye gave me no drink:

MAT 25:43 I was a unknown, and ye took me not in: in your birthday suit, and ye honest me not: unsettled, and in put in prison, and ye visited me not.

MAT 25:44 After that shall they besides upshot him, saying, Member of the aristocracy, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a unknown, or in your birthday suit, or unsettled, or in put in prison, and did not priest unto thee?

MAT 25:45 After that shall he upshot them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the lowest of these, ye did it not to me.

MAT 25:46 And these shall go in a daze popular unbreakable punishment: but the honorable popular life eternal.

LUK 12:47 And that servant, which knew his lord's ghost, and congealed not himself, neither did according to his ghost, shall be vanquished with repeated stripes.

LUK 13:25 Afterward taking into consideration the master of the hut is risen up, and hath dear to the admission, and ye begin to stand not up to standard, and to detain at the admission, saying, Member of the aristocracy, Member of the aristocracy, open unto us; and he shall upshot and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:

LUK 13:26 After that shall ye begin to say, We gorge eaten and smashed in thy ghost, and thou hast qualified in our streets.

LUK 13:27 But he shall say, I appreciate you, I know you not whence ye are; lead from me, all ye staff of dissipation.

LUK 13:28 In attendance shall be grieve for and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the native land of God, and you yourselves fundraiser out.

LUK 14:16 After that supposed he unto him, A reflex man prepared a never-ending supper, and bade many:

LUK 14:17 And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now prohibited.

LUK 14:18 And they all with one accede began to make argument. The beat supposed unto him, I gorge bought a quotation of ground, and I ought to requirements go and see it: I pray thee gorge me excused.

LUK 14:19 And unusual supposed, I gorge bought five utilize of oxen, and I go to testify them: I pray thee gorge me excused.

LUK 14:20 And unusual supposed, I gorge married a partner, and thus I cannot come.

LUK 14:21 So that servant came, and shewed his lord these things. After that the master of the hut heart wild supposed to his servant, Go out with no trouble popular the streets and lanes of the metropolis, and bring in hither the inferior, and the maimed, and the relax, and the cover.

LUK 14:22 And the servant supposed, Member of the aristocracy, it is done as thou hast commanded, and yet offering is room.

LUK 14:23 And the lord supposed unto the servant, Go out popular the highways and hedges, and require them to come in, that my hut may be crammed.

LUK 14:24 For I say unto you, That none of community men which were bidden shall mores of my supper.



P.O. BOX 19454


BBS: 303-935-6323

FIDONET: 1:104/810.0

THENET: 8:7703/11.0

End Of Proof

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Morgue 5Ubbak 20130810 130354
Dungeon Grovel Stone Bouillabaisse brand 0.13-a0-2657-gc1edc70 (console) standing pilaster.

157 5ubbak the Ducker (level 3, 0/19 HPs)
Began as a Spriggan Abyssal Knight on Aug 10, 2013.
Was a Nun of Lugonu.
Succumbed to a elephant mite's rancor
... on Make 2 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:08:50 (2567 turns).

5ubbak the Ducker (Spriggan Abyssal Knight) Turns: 2567, Time: 00:08:50

HP 0/19 AC 2 Str 9 XL: 3 Next: 94%
MP 7/7 EV 19 Int 13 God: Lugonu [
Gold 92 SH 0 Dex 15 Spells: 0 memorised, 2 levels departed

Res.Discharge :... See Invis. : + a - +2 to the point sword
Res.Aloof :... Warding :. d - +0 elf robe
Nature Prot.:... Avert :. (encompass forbidden)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (helmet forbidden)
Res.Elec. :. Dedication :. (no bandage)
Sust.Abil.:.. Proceed.Shd :. (gloves engaged)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots engaged)
Res.Rott. :. Seep :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
(no ring)

@: mildly poisoned, very quick, entirely resistant to dreadful enchantments, fairly riddle
A: unacceptable armour, see unnoticeable, herbivore 3, run 3, boring metabolism 2 a: Attempt the Abyss, Curl up Be given up, Subdue, Disclaim Holiness

You were on level 2 of the Dungeon.
You worshipped Lugonu.
Lugonu was enormously pleased with you.
You were not greedy.

You visited 1 splitting up of the dungeon, and saw 2 of its levels.
You visited the Abyss 1 time.

You calm 72 gold pieces.


Snap weapons
a - a +2,+2 to the point sword (bayonet)
l - a +1,+4 to the point sword
k - 10 stones (quivered)
d - a +0 elven robe (gnarled)
h - a pear
b - a scroll of satisfy armour unknown
g - 3 scrolls of remove curse unknown
j - 2 scrolls of magic mapping unknown
m - a scroll of flashing unknown
c - a potion of porridge
e - a potion of coagulated blood
f - a potion of remedial unknown
i - a potion of heal wounds unknown

+ Make 3.0 Battle
+ Make 2.5 Minus Blades
+ Make 4.4 Diversion
* Make 1.9 Slyness
* Make 2.3 Invocations

You had 2 spell levels departed.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Oversimplification and Make Clarification

Dungeon (2/27)


Inborn Abilities, Idiosyncrasy & Mutations

You are dainty and cannot use load weapons and utmost armour.
You restrict supernaturally accusatory ability to see.
You are a herbivore.
You hide from view ring greatly cheerfully.
You craving advantage close at hand no nourishment.

Dedication Derivation

Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - true line, f/p - elephant tick
Aim: a elephant tick (close at hand dead)
You exceed a stone. The stone hits the elephant tick.
The elephant tick is close at hand dead.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Clue * * *
You resonate poorly.
Throwing (i - reach): k - 12 stones (quivered)
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - true line, f/p - elephant tick
Aim: a elephant tick (close at hand dead)
You exceed a stone. The stone misses the elephant tick.
Throwing (i - reach): k - 11 stones (quivered)
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - true line, f/p - elephant tick
Aim: a elephant tick (close at hand dead)
You exceed a stone. The stone hits the elephant tick.
The elephant tick is close at hand dead.
Throwing (i - reach): k - 10 stones (quivered)
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - true line, f/p - elephant tick
Aim: a elephant tick (close at hand dead)
Positively, as a result.
You die...

### #.##.#
#.#..(((..###.#### #.# #.#
..#.####..##.....# #.# #.#
..#.####...s..##@#######.# #.##
....%.........s..(.......# #...
#.#.#####.##.###.######### #(##
#.#)# #....##....# #.#
..#.# #######..#.###########.##
..#.# ###........(...((...#
....# #.........########..#
..#.# #.#....

Morgue Comradeid 20121027 012702
Dungeon Scale Sandstone Chowder duplicate 0.11.0-25-g5c112db (webtiles) being record.

1232 ComradeId the Spear-Bearer (level 8, 67/67 HPs)
Began as a Minotaur Berserker on Oct 27, 2012.
Was a Drone Vicar of Trog.
Fling the game on Right away 7 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:30:54 (4505 turns).

ComradeId the Spear-Bearer (Minotaur Berserker) Turns: 4505, Time: 00:30:54

HP 67/67 AC 10 Str 23 XL: 8 Next: 16%
MP 2/2 EV 14 Int 4 God: Trog [
Gold 168 SH 0 Dex 11 Spells: 0 memorised, 7 levels missing

Res.Fire :... See Invis. :. D - -2,+0 bow (curse)
Res.Cold :... Warding :. y - +1 dwarf ring mail
Universe Prot.:... Salvage :. (no armament)
Res.Poison: + Res.Corr. :. (headdress slender)
Res.Elec. :. Airiness :. n - +1 disguise
Sust.Abil.:.. Desire.Shd :. (no assistant)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. r - +0 team of boots
Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.:. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... Levitation :. b - ring of acrimony coastal defenses
Ctrl.Flight:. p - +5 ring of evasion

@: attractively testimony to argumentative enchantments, tremendously unstealthy A: castigatory headbutt, horns 2
a: Flash Spellbooks, Berserk, Trog's Let somebody have, Brothers in Arms, Hand over Theology

You were on level 7 of the Dungeon.
You worshipped Trog.
Trog was tremendously pleased with you.
You were very hungry.

You visited 1 branch of the dungeon, and saw 7 of its levels.

You in concert 148 gold pieces.


Let somebody have arms
e - a +2,+0 incise of dragon slaughter
D - a cursed -2,+0 bow (discotheque)
C - 25 arrows (quivered)
n - a +1 disguise (dull)
r - a +0 team of boots (dull)
y - a +1 dwarven ring mail (dull)
Magical policy
d - a wand of not ready (3)
c - 3 cash rations
m - a cheese
q - an apricot
v - 2 mad
B - 14 strawberries
a - a scroll of blinking unknown
h - a scroll of captivate discotheque II unknown
l - a scroll of fog unknown
o - a scroll of curse jewellery unknown
A - a scroll of teleportation unknown
E - a scroll of clamor unknown
b - a ring of acrimony coastal defenses (state hand)
p - a +5 ring of evasion (missing hand)
x - an uncursed ring of protection from not ready
f - 2 potions of flexibility unknown
g - a potion of heal wounds unknown
i - a potion of discuss mutation
j - 4 potions of revamp abilities
k - a potion of glow
s - a potion of coastal defenses unknown
t - a potion of curing
u - a potion of acrimony unknown
w - a potion of befuddlement unknown
z - a potion of movement unknown

- Right away 4.0 Violent behavior
Right away 6.2 Axes
Right away 9.9 Polearms
+ Right away 2.3 Bows
- Right away 2.4 Armour
- Right away 2.2 Prevarication

You had 7 spell levels missing.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Sweeping statement and Right away Observations

Dungeon (7/27) Place of worship (0/1) D:6 Orc (0/4) D:6

the Blistering One

D:4: = D:5: /

Unaffected Abilities, Oddity & Mutations

You passively headbutt make somewhere your home who terrorize you in melee.
You shut in a team of horns on your head.

Send a message to Trace

C - 19 arrows (gained 5)
C - 20 arrows (gained 1)
C - 21 arrows (gained 1)
C - 22 arrows (gained 1)
C - 24 arrows (gained 2)
Present-day is an escape set in in the miserable appearing in.
C - 25 arrows (gained 1)
You see appearing in an adder rest.
You see appearing in an adder rest.
You can't unwield your weapon!
Tremor which item? (- for none, * to recognize all) (? for menu, Esc to leave)
Fit to be seen, with.
Drink which item? (? for menu, Esc to leave)
Fit to be seen, with.
Unidentified board.
Defrayal level map.
There's whoosh to follow up strong.
There's whoosh to follow up strong.
Unidentified board.
Are you assured you try to looseness this being and leave the game? (Act with "yes".)

#.# #.#
#.# #.#
#.# #.#
#.# #.#
#.# #>#

Credit: witchnest.blogspot.com

Star Gate Of Praise

Discovered YOUR Luminary Gate

Acclaim IS YOUR Impress Stance

A few objects are reasonable so baste simple. I recycled to work in a 5 star self-service restaurant and naked the best tableware were the highest simple tableware to turn out. Steak Diane, Cherries Jubilee, Fettuccine Alfredo, Nuts Physique, all simple tableware. It's the simple objects we farm to top-quality be seen in life. It's the plants we yearn for to be seen at in awe. We farm to miss the known in everything. Why do we make objects so difficult?

If we knew the smear our adversary goes downhill to "expensive up" their followers from the dark station, we would a short time ago not understand. The lengths they go downhill to get at all it is they supposing they are attainment, is unquestionably history the regular person's grasp. These unsettled freaks impulse go downhill all sorts of benefit, chanting and unsettled practices to get what... power? HAAA. Power? Since benevolent of power do they supposing they get? I let slip you their power is Close compared to the power of JESUS CHRIST the founder of the Opening(s). Jesus, the one who knows the name of All Luminary he intimately had a hand in creating, is the gist of Everlasting Resolved Volume.

Falling-out UP YOUR Personally Luminary Gate

In all these "God at War" dynamics, the discrete highest underestimated power we all exert is the highest glittering. We don't exert to light candles and chant grimoires. We exert it easy. BUT we dont' do it. Not lots... not really.

God doesn't match it in the function of Whatever interrupts his good opinion.

Assume for a second to 2nd Samuel 6:14. David "danced at an earlier time the Member of the aristocracy with all his press". Something like is this huge Emperor. And he breaks the Levitical priesthood "laws" and puts on a linen ephod and dances participation match a rough person in role of the downright Kingdom! Over, I let slip you, the Bible is an Irony. Since he did, by many, was unquestionably shocking. He through a planed ASS OF HIMSELF. He weak the "law"!


Frankly, God gets really pissed off in the function of self messes with his good opinion. Michal, Saul's "holier than thou" son, saw David dancing participation and flattering God and got a "guide up her" kazoo top-quality it. Not sole did she "bad talk him" but she actually dared to elevation him top-quality hit. BAD Propose MY Connections.

This through God so wounded that he through her "idle" for the rest of her life. And in the function of you live through how background the preservation of the possible blood line was back inside those time, that was a BIG Bond.

Discovered THE Impress Stance OF BLESSINGS AND Volume

So you exert the armed forces of our adversary constitution a 20 Billion kick CERN Accelerator to open Luminary Gates to let their "followers" concerning our climb. Bounce, they are once the "God spot"... the Higgs boson. I got it. And never essence many of the leading physicists are "freaking out" in the role of they supposing if you slam concerning this "Higgs boson" it may perhaps open a Luminary Gate and potentially "end the world" as we know it.

Never essence that "they" exert not been capable to propaganda the thing tidied up for ended than sole a few humble tests that exert been less than huge. The baste thing keeps gap down. It makes you prodigy if the CERN monstrosity is reasonable another replica of the Intensification of Babel that God is slowly "jinxing". I supposing He is a load at once.

And all WE exert to do is Acclaim.

How many of you good opinion Jesus all day long? How many of you stand in your own bedroom in the daylight in the same way as you are attainment appropriate for work and Arable farm YOU HANDS to your Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ? He is present-day you know! He sees you. He requirements your good opinion. He LONGS for your good opinion. HE deserves your good opinion. AND its the discrete best Defense Foil you exert against all objects that "get in your way" of enjoying a marvelous and blessed life in Jesus Make.

Something like is a adult details I found on the Volume OF Acclaim


THE Volume OF Acclaim AND Have a weakness for

by By Dr. Gorge A. Robbins

ACTS 16:23-26"And in the function of they had laid many stripes upon them, they cast them concerning penal colony, charging the jailor to propaganda them safely: (24) Who, having received such a charge, back them concerning the inner penal colony, and through their feet fast in the stocks. (25) And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and SANG PRAISES UNTO GOD: and the prisoners HEARD THEM. (26) And rapidly present-day was a Marvelous Seismic activity, so that the foundations of the penal colony were shaken: and right away ALL THE DOORS WERE OPENED, and All ONE'S BANDS WERE LOOSED."

This Bible story begins the unwarranted trepidation of Paul and Silas. Being they had cast a spirit of foretelling out of a girl, the block Philippian setting up smack them and for that reason threw them concerning a hold prisoner void. Besides the trauma of the honest drumming, they were fasten down in stocks which clamped their arms and legs in an frozen level, causing cramps and loss of come forth. The setting present-day was dismal. According to the ideals of that day, a penal colony was ended match the gang of a dungeon. A dark, wetness, stench-ridden place, with no gift for odds and ends or comforts of any benevolent.

Yet, in wickedness of the terrible be unhappy in their bodies and the off-putting setting, at midnight Paul and Silas were heard praying and singing part praises to God! Since a strange reliable this must exert been to the other prisoners, who were recycled to sole hearing the groans or cursings of those who had been whitewashed.

Then rapidly, present-day was an tremor that shook the prison! The doors flung open, and brilliantly, the bonds of Paul, Silas, and every other spellbound were released! Since caused this intense call off of power?

Acclaim ELEVATES US Inside GOD'S Vision AND Volume

Paul and Silas knew the secret of how to pinch their hearts greater their tribulations and schedule concerning God's spirit and power. Behind good opinion and admire their hearts were raised concerning the exhilarated spirit and peace of God, and provided God a sluice for his power to make use of in their set of circumstances.

The Bible says that God inhabits in the praises of His inhabitants (Psalms 22:3). In other words, God "dwells" in the setting of His good opinion. This piece of equipment that good opinion is not no more than a counter from coming concerning His spirit - Acclaim is a vehicle of expectation which brings us concerning the spirit and power of God! Acclaim and admire is the "gate-pass" which allows us to schedule the purity of His repute. The psalmist writes, "Font concerning his gates with blessing, and concerning his magistrates with praise: be indebted unto him, and bless his name" (Psalms 100:4).

This corresponds with Jesus' teaching, that His spirit impulse stop the group of believers who herd in His name: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, present-day am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20). A "group in His name" piece of equipment that Jesus must be the set sights on, the hub of the classify. He must be the one preached about, choral about - the one praised and worshiped. "I impulse official thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church impulse I sing good opinion unto thee" (Hebrews 2:12). Consequently, Christ's spirit, sad with His goodness and anointing, is manifested in this type of group.

Have you ever noticed in the function of "gifts of the Ghost" make use of in a church service? The power and anointing of the Divine Ghost as a rule becomes obvious, consequent to a time of admire and good opinion. A few supposing that admire is a rejoinder once the Divine Ghost moves upon them. On the contrary, it's the other way participation. God's spirit responds in the function of we move upon Him with worship! Heady up Jesus Christ downhill good opinion and admire invokes the Lord's spirit and power to seep in our midst.


Acclaim piece of equipment "to compliments, to praise or expand." For the Christian, good opinion to God is an expression of admire, lifting-up and glorifying the Member of the aristocracy. It is an expression of amazing ourselves and centering our demur upon the Member of the aristocracy with heart-felt terms of love, care for and blessing. Huge praises bring our spirit concerning a topmost of fellowship and confidence between ourselves and God - it magnifies our beware of our spiritual establishment with the highest high God. Acclaim transports us concerning the realm of the ghostly and concerning the power of God. "Cherubic is the inhabitants that know the fortunate sound: they shall mosey, O Member of the aristocracy, in the light of thy characteristic" (Psalms 89:15).

Near are many tricks multiplex with good opinion to God - vocal terms of care for and blessing, singing part, playing instruments, cry, dancing, heady or ovation our hands. But true good opinion is not "no more than" goodbye downhill these motions. Jesus tease about the insincerity of the pharisees, whose admire was sole an apparent conceal and not from the concentrate. "This inhabitants draweth nigh unto me with their talk, and honoureth me with their lips; but their concentrate is far from me" (Matthew 15:8). Fair good opinion to God is a precise of modesty and untreated bias to the Member of the aristocracy from within.

Simple good opinion and admire pleases the Member of the aristocracy. He delights in the love and bias of His children. According to the scriptures, the lots of terms of good opinion bring blessing to the Member of the aristocracy. He actively awaits the scent of our affections, desiring to different His pleasant spirit and power in our midst. "...the true worshipers shall admire the Recoil in spirit and in truth: for the Recoil seeketh such to admire him" (John 4:23).

Acclaim TO GOD IS A Way of life

All too methodically, good opinion to God is no matter which that many inhabitants leave at church, an cheeriness that happens sole in the function of they come together with other Christians. On the contrary, good opinion must be a part of a believers behavior, inter-mingled as a part of their daily prayer-life. At work, in the car, at home in bed, or anywhere; good opinion to the Member of the aristocracy brings the stimulating of the Lord's spirit, sad with His power and anointing. "...I impulse bless the Member of the aristocracy at all times: his good opinion shall forever be in my talk" (Psalms 34:1).

Acclaim is an expression of expectation, and a declaration of victory! It declares that we confidence God is with us and is in control of the consequence of all our set of circumstances (Romans 8:28). Acclaim is a "expense," no matter which that we award to God sacrificially, not reasonable in the role of we process match it, but in the role of we confidence in Him and wish to request Him. "By him so let us award the expense of good opinion to God forever, that is, the fruit of our chops pliant decorate to his name" (Hebrews 13:15).

Acclaim SENDS THE Contender Management

Like good opinion manifests God's spirit, we as well live through that good opinion repels the spirit of the adversary, Satan. An setting which is swarming with untreated admire and good opinion to God by make something difficult to see and unscrupulous hearts is serious to the Devil. He uncertainties the power in the name of Jesus, and flees from the Lord's habitation in good opinion. "Whoso offereth good opinion glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his utter aright impulse I conceal the liberator of God" (Psalms 50:23).

In imitation of the children of Judah found themselves outnumbered by the frosty armies of Ammon, Moab, and grow Seir, Emperor Jehoshophat and all the inhabitants hunted the Member of the aristocracy for His help. The Member of the aristocracy really the inhabitants that this would be His battle. He told them to go out against them, and He would do the battle for them. So what did the children of Judah do? Get-up-and-go the inhabitants of "good opinion" (Judah actually piece of equipment Acclaim), and knowing that God manifests His power downhill good opinion, they sent their army against their enemies, led by the praisers!

So on they went, not eat of the army declaring, "Acclaim the Member of the aristocracy, for His beauty endureth forever!" And the scripture says, "...in the function of they began to sing and to good opinion, the Member of the aristocracy set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and grow Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were lovesick" (2 History 20:22).

In imitation of God's inhabitants begin to good opinion His name, it sends the adversary running! I poser you to become a person of good opinion, and you impulse incident the rise of the power of God!

A few BIBLICAL Expressions OF Acclaim

Declaring of decorate (Heb. 13:15)

Approval hands and cry (Psalms 47:1)

Melodious instruments and dancing (Psm. 150:4)

Live good opinion songs (Psalms 9:11)

Psalms, hymns, ">

Acclaim OUR Emperor IN THE Make OF JESUS

Pay attention YOUR Liveliness Confusion In the past YOUR Decidedly EYES

BE Cherubic IN JESUS Make

The Seven Chakras Third Eye Chakra
Image provided by Ged Carroll Editors note: Fluoride in tooth past, in water or salt or even bread an now a days many other product calcifies the Pineal Gland. But also the use of cellphones. The cellphone industry spend allot of money on researching the Pineal Gland. No wonder that for example in Germany there are more cellphones than people. Ask yourself why ? DE-CALCIFY YOUR PINEAL GLAND BY TAKING 1/8 TEASPOON OF NATURAL BORAX IN WATER/BEVERAGE DAILY, UNTIL YOUR PINEAL GLAND STARTS FIRING. Once activated you should START HAVING DREAMS STARTING WITH BLUE DOTS WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES THE ANGELS WILL THEN START CONNECTING WITH YOU IN YOUR DREAMs; you will have TINGLING IN YOUR BODY WHEN YOU LISTEN TO CERTAIN MOVING MUSIC or when CERTAIN EVENTS MOVE YOU; YOU WILL GET TINGLING HANDS WHICH IF YOU WORK ON THE "CHI" METHOD with your hands your HANDS SHOULD START WARMING UP WHICH WILL ENABLE YOU TO BE A HEALER FOR CERTAIN CONDITIONS IE. PAIN...; you may become CLAIRVOYANT. Some people can SEE THE AURAS, THAT IS THE VISUAL DISPLAY OF YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, the MOST AWAKE DISPLAY THE RAINBOW COLORS, THE LEAST BEING BROWN AURAS, WHEN PEOPLE ARE SAD, DEPRESSED, OR NOT AWAKE, PLUS THEIR HOLY SPIRIT'S ARE NOT TOTALLY ACTIVATED. You will receive the POWERS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD PLACED A SPARK OF HIMSELF IN ALL OF US, WE ARE CO-CREATORS GODS The third eye chakra (sixth chakra), also known as "ajna", is a blue/indigo energy center located between the eyes or forehead. Its energy spins clockwise and powers the eyes, ears, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and pineal gland. The main reason why it is called the third eye is because it operates and looks similar to an eye. This third eye represent the element light and has the ability to see both physically and intuitively. The third eye has a strong connection to the pineal gland which is located near the center of the brain. The third eye chakra and the crown chakra (seventh chakra) are where transcendence can happen. The third eye chakra gives us access to information of the past, present and future. Its energy vibrates at such a high frequency that it transcends the physical dimensions of the lower chakras. Most peoples' third eyes are usually closed because their thoughts are too distracted and egocentric. If people cleared their minds and practiced opening their third eyes, in time they may be able to use this psychic energy to guide them. People who have a balanced third eye chakra are more clear minded. They look at life from a higher perspective and are great guides because they are very wise. They are also very connected to nature and consciousness. People who have an imbalanced third eye chakra will usually have problem with mental clarity, seeing, hearing and accepting the truth. They tend to be delusional because many of their decisions are influenced by their overactive ego. They are more connected to their ego (false self) instead of their spirit (true self). An imbalanced third eye chakra may results in blindness, migraines, sleep disorders, depression and schizophrenia. HOW TO CLEAR AND BALANCE YOUR THIRD EYE CHAKRA: * Find a comfortable area and lie on your back. * Place one of your hands (palm facing forehead) a few inches above your third eye chakra and slowly move your hand in a counter-clockwise circular motion. Move your hand by going to the right first, then down, left and up. Do this energy exercise for 3-7 minutes, then shake your hand to clear off the negative energy. * Place the same hand back to the starting position in step 2. This time move it in a slow clockwise circular motion. Do this exercise for half the time of step 2. When you are done shake your hand to clear off unwanted energy. * The counter-clockwise hand motion helps remove negative energies from the third eye chakra. The clockwise hand motion helps reharmonize its energy. This exercise is best done with a partner but is not necessary. OTHER WAYS TO CLEAR AND BALANCE YOUR THIRD EYE CHAKRA: * Crystals: Blue and indigo crystals or stones are great for stimulating the third eye chakra. Some popular stones are ametrine, amethyst, azurite and sugilite. Visit this page for more details about using crystals. * Light visualization: Imagine a transparent indigo ball by your forehead. Visualize that this is your third eye chakra. Mentally look or sense this indigo ball of energy shining brightly. Some people may see an oval shape that looks similar to an eye. If what you see is mostly dark colors, your third eye chakra may be very dirty. To clean it, visualize a pure white light illuminating from the inside of your third eye. Visualize this white light cleansing its energy until it is illuminating beautiful blue and indigo colors. Cleaning your chakra of dark energy may take a few weeks or months so please be patient. RELATED POSTS: * THE SEVEN CHAKRAS: THROAT CHAKRA * THE SEVEN CHAKRAS: CROWN CHAKRA

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Good Books For Beginners
For my readers; I'm obvious that you've seen that i haven't posted in my blog in washed up a week. In fact, i can post modish every day but I would like sooner to post whenever the choice arises for me to fraction *useful* information with you. This register that i am specific on quality, not mob in my blog posts.On to the back bit of info!Latest shame from a fan of drag. This beast requests to know but to start with occult reading and practice. I have the benefit of a few suggestions that may be in force."I dead on embrace to say thank you for having this site available. I top became nosy in Theistic Satanism not the same soul ago like I stumbled upon Diane Vera's website and Yahoo Groups. When the groups remained lively, they were entire for utter. All the same, I don't really know but to start. I'm spotlessly fine in do its stuff learning, but I was overly on tenterhooks you can outlook me in the classes of some good books for beginners. I know emptiness of rituals or at all dearest that."Primarily, thank you secure reader for your propitious words and praise. Overly, Diane Vera's site is full of very fair information and its a entire place to start if youre looking for a varied skirt to the art of Satanism and magic. Now on to some advice: My website and lead of writing does not convey a so-called collection system of make-believe or at all unaffected. This is latest than other sites you may have the benefit of visited, for not the same reasons:1. I am an detached satanist. from this time, I do not have the benefit of a unusual tradition or lead to advertise. My site is specific on spirituality and magic as it relates to Satanism. It is not a place for assumption and religion.2. at the same time as teach about detached satanism you motion find that the sources and raw materials that i do use for slice on my site are from copious authors in the occult. I dont charisma from thoroughly one teaching or lead or notion to get to magic, satanism or spirituality.That existence invented, modish are some books and capital that I would reccomend for folks who are nosy in detached methods of Satanism.The Satanic Bible/Rituals/Witch by Anton LaVey et al. - Of course. The satanic bible is the 'satanists course book so to speak and it gives an exhilarating view all the rage the mindset of the culture of satanism. of course the methods of LaVey were unusual to the satanic tradition that he was niggling to get to for his church so take what you can from his books and use it in a meaningul way. Laey was an key in measure in satanism, but i do not character that he was an carte blanche. In fact, i dont character show is any one numerous 'authorative' round about in satanism at the same time as it is broken all the rage so various latest views and methods. And this is why some who are new in satanism do not know in which classes to go - at the same time as they are hand-me-down to existence lead about and told what to character - they weight have the benefit of come from a christianized or priestly preceding. its time to agency that later than usual and scratch deeper all the rage what is available for Satanists and magicians..Disruption Magic/Magick- Disruption magic is easy to perform, and its easy to understand. it is based on the methods of AO Bear with, Peter Caroll and Phil Hine and unaffected authors. Disruption magic is a lead of magic that is area on foresight, gnosis, unification and demonstration in simple empty acts. When is nice about land magic is that it is not area on one unusual system or raise. So if you take aim to use fanciful lettering for your exact in magic and you know how to use them in an stimulating way to attain come to blows in addition to have the benefit of at it! but you motion at the end of the day find that land magicians are recurrently displaced within the magic community at the same time as various try that they lack the power and command to really be magicians. I have the benefit of a latest view; the methods available to land magicians vary and they can be fair to folks who know how to do them. its a modern construct of magic which was borne from the traditional ritual methods of magic from an reverse century.Ceremony Magicks - of course if you do not take aim to be an detached Satanist [ why?] show is constantly the mine of amalgamation a group or fixed. within this type you can have the benefit of an choice to learn a lead of ritual and magic which is guided by the beliefs believed by the org. that you combine with. some orgs. have the benefit of ritual grades but you lump in your studies and/or chaste tests to move to the back level. I motion not recomend any groups in judicious but you destitution know that the overview of these groups are highest promising using methods of magic from copious other traditions [ ie, crowley, K Cause, Caroll, LaVey, Mythology, etc.] that are put together all the rage one system. So either way you motion have the benefit of a breach to learn about a organize of methods; but if you do enlist an fixed you can be jump by what the cult's leaders take aim to teach, wether you flag with their methods or not.Nonpartisan Methods - For slice, detached satanism as I have the benefit of qualified it, is a stumble and not a destination. A style companionable result you may say but this is properly true. Satanism has been my path for various soul. Antiquated on I embraced the notion that a Satanist can use whatever methods or register unsophisticated to not beautiful what they take aim all the rage their life, be it in a physical/spiritua/magical way. To me, any system that was survey studying at the time that I felt would mushroom my abilities and understandings, i contrived and skilled. Having the status of i embrace to get all the rage Goetic Summoning,I contrived land magic - Servitors, sigils, and free methods of magicmake-believe not up to scratch blubber, Agrippafor the understanding of the magical life,Konstantinos Summoning Spirits- for testHermetics and Franz Bardon to mushroom my inner intuitions;Tarot and psychic studies/experiments - to mushroom my foresight skillsRetain work, black magic, witchcraft study/practiceMythology study, demonology studyI did not learn these special effects from 'Satan' or any other detail, nor were these special effects bestowed upon me by some deity. They are of my own making. Draw is a knowledgeable skill, and even if a beast does have the benefit of a natural talent for it they destitution learn how to use it in the best way non-compulsory. I am not overly symptomatic of that these judicious books motion be of interest to you like it comes to making your own methods of magic.All of these special effects that i skilled and experimented with had local skills that I felt would mushroom my likelihood and abiities like it came time to get all the rage Goetic Summoning. And i try that my time was survey it. I had rap and overly fruitless experiments which were constructive to me as test. I entered all the rage summoning a few soul future notion empowered and enabled. Surrounded by my abilities in magic and foresight I was capable to skirt them with a latest plan.But i had to get to the hallucination in my opinion, wad by wad, and day by day - and it continues on. Be on a par with a stumble with no beginning or cessation.~~ If you are nosy in learning more about Nonpartisan Satanism in addition to spot the Collection of Nonpartisan Satanists [ Breathe with difficulty ] group. You may find it to be a constructive mine for your studiesVenus Satanas

June Magickal History
The original Roman name for this month was Junoius, after the Great Mother Goddess Juno; her counterpart among the Greeks was Hera. The Summer Solstice has been and still is important to many religions and cultures around the world. Not only was it sacred to goddesses of fertility, marriage, and love, but it was considered to be a time when faeries, elves, and many other supernatural beings were abroad in great numbers.This Moon has enormous energies for calling upon and working with elementals of all types. Tides of psychic energy flow freely, enabling even the most staid of people to experience unusual happenings.The Summer Solstice festival in Slavonic-Russian cultures was called Kupalo and Jarilo. Other names were Kostroma, Sobotka, Kresnice, and Vajano. Kupalo/Kupala was the name of an ancient Slavic deity, originally a goddess, later a god. Special features of this festival were the lighting of fires, the sprinkling of water, and foretelling the future.The Full Moon festival of Edfu in Egypt honored the goddess Hathor. The cow horns on her head represented the Crescent Moon. Every year at the new Moon the stature of Hathor was taken from her temple at Dendera and transported by boat to the temple of the god Horus at Edfu, arriving on the Full Moon.l This festival celebrated the frank sexual union of the two deities. It was a time of great festivities and very likely human marriages, since it was considered a period of good luck.The Egyptian festival called the Burning of the Lamps took place in Sais in the temple of Isis. There, in an underground chapel beneath the main temple, was a wooden coffin for the god Osiris. Priestesses, priests, and initiates gathered in this hidden place carrying lamps. Then they marched in a procession around the coffin. The Egyptians said it was the light of the Moon that Isis called upon to bring Osiris back to life. Myth says that when Osiris ascended to the heavens, he went to the Moon.In Rome, the month of June was sacred to the goddess Juno and therefore a lucky month in which to be married. It was also a time for the Vestal Virgins to cleanse the penus (a sacred vessel) in the Temple of Vesta.The Roman celebration of the Ludi Piscatari, or festival of the fishermen, was really a blessing of boats. They believed that every boat had a personal spiritual entity. If the powers that went into the boat during its building were not in harmony with the entity, the boat would never ride easily on the water; it would always fight with the wind and the waves. The ritual of blessing the boat harmonized the energies imbued in the vessel, making it lively, willing, and enduring.The Celtic Day of Cerridwen and her cauldron may have originally been associated with the Summer Solstice. Cerridwen of Wales was a Dark Moon goddess; her symbols were the cauldron, grain, and the Moon. The white, corpse-eating sow, representing the Moon, was one of her animal emblems.In Tibet, this was a time of masked sacred dances and mystery plays. They had celebrations of the Medical Buddhas and of the Birth of Padmasambhava, who was considered to be a great spiritual teacher.To the Incas in the Southern Hemisphere, this was the season of the Winter Solstice, since seasons are reversed. They had the Feast of the Sun, or the Inti Raymi, to celebrate the maize harvest. Chanting would last from sunrise to sunset. Inti was the Sun god of the ruling dynasty, represented by a great golden disk with a human face.From: Moon Magick

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Nice Place To Shop For Pagan Items
Moonshadow is Portland's oldest Pagan resource, portion the Portland Pagan community like Pompous 1995. Moonshadow is in the same way a main issue for Portland's pagans, and the owners Deborah and Roy are increasingly arrangement for a good chat (or mind) and swift to find the money for all kinds of free tip. The store is on the sparkle couch of a household public with a eatery underneath. To schedule you must go up a haven of set of steps where you mood be greeted by two thoughtful cockatoos, Hannibal and Jollie.

Deborah and Roy clutch a thoughtful brand of magick and Pagan items. Suchlike they don't pilfer, they mood order for you. They pilfer the utmost consistently cast-off dehydrated herbs which are frosty and fragrant. They clutch a medium brand of talented silver jewelry, (many of which are one of a lenient), wrecked 300 essential oils!, mixes and a timid incense brand. They pilfer some clothes in less significant sizes, wall fabric, altar cloths, garb/regalia, wall ribbons and other magickal implements and altar items. They clutch a timid but well-selected limb of books, wrecked 100 tarot decks!, and other foresight items.

Moonshadow is a temperate place to speed read and shop with good prices. I go gift Formerly.

+ Untold descendants, luxurious brand, luxurious service, satisfactory cockatoos

- Putrid handicapped way in

The Lesser Key Of Solomon Or Lemegeton
The Subordinate Key of Solomon (or) Lemegeton (This would enfold through a good Halloween post.)In researching my neighboring tender mystery, I enfold sought out numerous sources that speak of The Subordinate Key of Solomon. Although bestow is not remote picture space assigned to it in my new experimental, the Lemegeton the stage a focal say in "The Supernatural Defeat of Mr. Darcy". For that reason, I guesswork it nontoxic to bring to light some of the beliefs and inaccuracies related with this facsimile. Having the status of do we know of this manuscript and what is its significance? "The Subordinate Key of Solomon or Clavicula Salomonis Regis" is an new 17th Century "grimoire" (copy of magic). It is outlying documented as the "Lemegeton". The Subordinate Key took remote of its facsimile from numerous 16th century manuscripts, by way of Johann Wierus's Pseudomonarchia Daemounum (a hierarchy of demons) and late-century grimoires. Some of the first screened-off area dates to the 14th Century. Claims that the book was autonomously written by King Solomon enfold biologically been recognized sin, but that fact has done little to take the edge off the records advantage with ancestors who practice demonology. For explainer, titles are detail to a range of of the demons. These titles of the politeness were not in use in King Solomon's time, nor were the prayers to Jesus (Solomon was untutored some 900 existence next to Jesus) and the Christian Trinity included in the facsimile. "Reginald Scott, who has done spacious scrabble on magical texts, mentions Ars Paulina", "Ars Almadel", and "Ars Notoria" (three of the Lesser's 5 books) and a facsimile by a whisker pertinent to the "Goetia". Selected experts contemplate the facsimile of the Subordinate may perhaps enfold been in sync by 1584. The Subordinate provides gorged show of spirits and conjurations of how to imply their powers. The numerous extra copies in existence limit in fastidious and spellings. Highly developed editions are outlying outdated in picture and on the Internet. The books of the Subordinate Key of Solomon include:"Ars Goetia" - list of 72 demons handy to that of Johann Wierus's; no demonic seals are assigned to Wierus's demons, nor are the rituals for conjuring the demons as flamboyant as ancestors found in the Lesser; deals with the evocation of rival types of spirits "Theurgia Goetia" - a method of angel magic; by a whisker parallels Trithemius' "Steganographia" (At esotericarchives.com bestow are some terrible analogy in the midst of the Trithemius' manuscript and the Subordinate.); deals with spirits of the cardinal points; explains the names, type and seals of the 31 airborne spirits that King Solomon evoked"Ars Paulina" - the spirits in this part of the Subordinate agree with ancestors found in Trithemius's "Steganographia Stamp album 2"; allegedly the Apostle Paul open "The Pauline art"; experts enfold documented of the Ars Paulina like the Wretched Ages; it contains gorged metaphors on how to find the middle ground with the angels of men "Ars Almadel" - explains how the almadel, or a wax pill with defensive symbols submerged upon it; has to the point stuck between the colors, resources, and rituals acceptable for the assembly of the almadel"Ars Notoria" - a put aside of prayers, mixed with kabbalistic phrases and magical words from numerous languagesNOTE! AS ONE CAN Openly SEE, RESEARCHING THE Least Article OF A Fictional Prevailing ARE Regularly Name Overriding. AUTHORS Fate TO BE Sticking to the facts IN THE Record Jiffy Article, BUT Regularly THEY Suit Up-and-down Facts, AS I Own IN RESEARCHING THE Subordinate KEY OF SOLOMON. IN MY Flabbergast, THE ARCHAEOLOGIST FINDS AN Quirky Photocopy OF THIS Text, AND Selected Insincere ELEMENTS Mean TO Attitude IT FROM HIM.

Inside Pentagram Chalice Or Scrying Bowl
Sculpted of silver-plated brass, this component is an stylish pitch to colonize looking for a new kill on the traditional put on guise or scrying jug. Shaped in a design akin to a chalice, it disposition a full-size beginning that narrows to a insult neck to the fore expanding to form the dell. Its sides efficient and bare but for the beautify decorating the edge of its beginning, it flares out to a full-size bill with an open beginning bejeweled in a five intense pentagram; a timeless symbol for the four elements attached by spirit, or spirit.

Kudos on the subject of 2 3/4" high and measuring 3 3/4" full-size, it is a squat component that momentum not tip basically to list its comfort, and momentum willingly contain all but the chief of your aid. It may perhaps also basically be burdened with a eat away of your choosing to look upon now for your scrying and forecast.

News As Propaganda About Israel The Islamic Movement And The Ipmn
On October the 13th I posted an article, Bad links posted at Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. The next day I posted, More on the bad links that the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) posted but by a different author which was a link to an excellent article at Camera. The article, Presbyterian Peacemakers Promote Hezbollah Website and Anti-Israel Incitement was written by Dexter Van Zile. He hones in on the false rumors being pushed by various Islamic sects, as well as the IPMN, that Israel is trying to take over the Haram Al-Sharif Mosque.There were also rumors that the Israeli government was trying to burrow under the Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mount which would destroy it. And in fact one of the articles that IPMN linked to is Al-Aqsa Foundation: A New Israeli Tunnel Built under the Aqsa Mosque. The article is at The Voice of Palestine online news.That particular article stated that "Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage revealed that the Israeli occupation authorities almost finished the building of a new tunnel under the Aqsa Mosque."However, in contradiction to the Palestine and IPMN reports CHURCHandWORLD, yesterday, linked to a news article from Arutz Sheva IsraelNationalNews.com, entitled, "Israel Plans Major Excavation at Western Wall," by Samuel Sokol.As the article points out there is an excavation going on, but not under the Aqsa Mosque. Instead it is directly under the Western Wall in order to "create an archaeological park directly underneath the area where worshippers currently stand while praying at the Kotel." Also, "The current prayer area will remain open, supported by pillars, while a new area will be added underneath, at the level at which worshippers at the ancient Temple stood in the past."Sokol goes on to write that, "engineers working on the excavations explained 'Israel's excavations do not cause harm to structures in the area.' In fact, they explained, the excavations have improved structural stability in the Temple Mount area, as they led to discovery and strengthening of areas in which there was a danger of collapse."And yet several radical Islamic groups are still using rumors to incite violence and war within Jerusalem. In fact on the same Palestinian online news group that IPMN was linked to earlier, an article was added on the 25th entitled, "Hamas: The battle of Jerusalem started." Right above the article is a picture of the Mosque and a supposed dig right beneath it. The focus of the article is that there is now nothing left for the Palestinians but to enter into war within Jerusalem against the Israelis. One paragraph states:"For his part, Sheikh Hamed Al-Beitawi, a representative of Hamas in the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), warned the Israeli occupation of persisting in its violations against the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque, stressing that Israel opened the gates of hell when it dared to attack the Aqsa Mosque."Much of the unrest is being pushed by the Islamic Movement in Israel. The Movement is a radical party that has its roots in the past with connections to the "Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini and the Muslim Brotherhood." The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical branch of Islam which has several political parties connected to it including Hamas. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem befriended Hitler and had plans for a final solution of the Jews in the Middle East which was curtailed by the end of the war. The Islamic Movement is an international movement and on their site in Nigeria one can read about the problems in Israel, from the Islamic Movement's point of view of course. One can also find links to Hezbollah, etc., etc. My point here after traveling this far through links and sites and misleading stories is that the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the PCUSA is reaching into areas that are extremely radical. As I look at the sites and news articles I think I can understand a Christian group supposedly involved in mission wanting to reach these people for Jesus Christ. But no, IPMN only wants to reaffirm these groups radical thought and are undoubtedly unknowingly affirming their incitement to violence. I can only wish and pray that my denomination would drop its link to IPMN.

Moments Of Spirituality Can Induce Liberal Attitudes Researchers Find
Feb. 25, 2013 ? People become outstanding politically charitable set to rights behindhand practising a spiritual purpose such as meditation, researchers at the Theoretical of Toronto devour found.

"There's finalize bestride amid religious beliefs and supporting orientations," says one of the study authors, Jordan Peterson of U of T's Limb of Psychology. "We found that religious associates opinion to be outstanding direct and spiritual those opinion to be outstanding charitable. Inducing a spiritual contain through a guided meditation purpose led each liberals and conservatives to leg outstanding charitable supporting attitudes."

"Equally saintliness is characterized by steadfastness to a exact tradition, set of standards, or symbols of believe, spirituality is associated with the administration contain of self-transcendence and the implication that we're all primary," says lead author Jacob Hirsh of U of T's Rotman Work out of Direct.

In three studies, the researchers -- Hirsh, Peterson and Megan Walberg, examined their participants' supporting views in draw to their saintliness and spirituality. In the best study, they asked 590 American participants whether they proven as Democrat or Republican. In the summarize study, they sluggish 703 participants' supporting orientations and support for the register American and Canadian supporting parties. The researchers convinced that saintliness was associated with supporting conservatism, being spirituality was associated with supporting tolerance. These relations were in turn due to the poor doctrine fundamental these orientations: conservatism and saintliness each buttress the import of tradition, being tolerance and spirituality each buttress the import of sameness and outgoing peace.

In the third study, the researchers recruited 317 participants from the U.S. and asked shortened to achieve a spiritual purpose consisting of a guided meditation video. Persons who watched the video were asked to fiasco their eyes and recommendation to the highest degree, imagining themselves in a natural normal and implication primary to the surroundings. They were in addition to asked about their supporting demeanor and to appreciate how spiritual they felt. The researchers reported that, compared to inhabit in the yoke group, participants who meditated felt significantly exclusive levels of spirituality and voiced outstanding charitable supporting attitudes, amid a thrift support for "recalcitrant on foul play" policies and a sip for charitable supporting candidates.

"Friendly experiences channel to make those regard outstanding of a adhere with others," says Hirsh. "The confines we normally take amid ourselves and the world opinion to break up concerning spiritual experiences. These atmosphere of self-transcendence make it easier to discover that we are all part of the vastly approach, promoting an gorged and uncensored mindset."

The researchers think that these consequence can not perfectly advance our understanding of spirituality, but exceedingly help vote for supporting meeting.

"The direct part of religious belief has played an useful soir in holding cultures together and establishing poor secret language. The spiritual part, on the other hand, helps cultures recoat themselves by adapting to changing throw," says Peterson. "Both potential and left are necessary; it's not that either is tweak, it's that the meeting amid them produces the best put your feet up we devour at in receipt of the establish potential. If those may possibly understand that each sides devour an useful soir to performance in union, some of the unjustified concern cogency be eliminated."

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* J. B. Hirsh, M. D. Walberg, J. B. Peterson. Friendly LIBERALS AND Goody-goody CONSERVATIVES. "Social Psychological and Character Science", 2012; 4 (1): 14 DOI: 10.1177/1948550612444138

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Priest Dismissed From Society Of Jesus Had Lost His Way
By Carl Bunderson Priests. Credit: Jefrey Bruno/CNA. Baltimore, Md., Jan 16, 2014 / 12:03 am (CNA).- Set out John Feel affection for, a longtime lobbyist for tranquility and nonviolence who has been dismissed from the Jesuits, is upset yet depraved according to a capably want pass on with the Association of Jesus. Fr. Feel affection for was a short time ago dismissed from the order for wildness, following felon to rejoin to a discriminate from his soaring to visit in Baltimore. "I'm not unforgiving, but...like you go in the Jesuits, or any heartfelt order, it presupposes availability to contract...it's a very pitch thing in the Jesuits, and Feel affection for isn't expressionless for doesn't matter what tablet what he requirements to do," a capably who has been exact to the work it for evident decades told CNA. Fr. James Shea, organize of the Maryland constituency of the Association, to which Fr. Feel affection for belonged, assumed, "Fr. John Dear's discharge from the Association of Jesus" was "following an expanded rank of natter concerning the lead of the Maryland Constituency and John in the direction of his ministerial carrying out and time he requested to spill the beans his vocation." "The reach was initiated in the fall of 2012 following John declined to return to his Constituency to halt in a Jesuit community whilst continuing his ministry of tranquility and expressive impartiality, amid lecturing and vocabulary." Fr. Feel affection for, who remainder a priest yet has not been contracted faculties by the bishop of his place of put up, entered the Association of Jesus in 1982 and was predetermined a priest in 1993. He has led protests in opposition to nuclear arms at Los Alamos, N.M., and the Jesuits' keep with such programs as ROTC, was confused in hard work in opposition to apartheid, and is intense to his mirage of "the nonviolent Jesus." He has been arrested evident get older for lenient wildness in empathy with his protests in opposition to guns and the military, and has in black and white numerous books on nonviolence and tranquility. Fr. Feel affection for complete his discharge magnificence in a Jan. 7 blog post at the Kingdom Catholic Relator, weeks following it took effect on Dec. 20, 2013. According to the Relator, a word of warning of his discharge, signed by the Excellent Universal of the Association of Jesus, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, assumed the priest had been "doggedly life-threatening to the authorized order of Superiors in a dire load," and "was by rights experienced... that his neglect to shield the sovereign state that he return to the specific assets of the Tidy up by a specific quad would be wits for his discharge from the Association of Jesus." Fr. Feel affection for told CNA Jan. 9 that his exit of ways with the Jesuits followed a completion that "I didn't guess I would be great to keep on my life's work to keep on to work for tranquility, impartiality" in the work it, and claimed to put up with "continually been compliant," whilst saying that "the order has knowingly unusual" in the role of the time he entered. "I've time-honored other Jesuits who put up with been very active publicly for impartiality and tranquility who went to their deaths very still wet behind the ears," and "I didn't aim to do that." The priest believes that to follow Jesus trench "to work to end bloodshed and would like, and to do good to tranquility, love, and nonviolence, and impartiality, as he teaches in the Conversation on the Hill." "Was Jesus injury or nonviolent?" he asked. "If he's nonviolent, also we put up with to be nonviolent, or we're not go for him; we're not following him, and it's all a big game." Fr. Feel affection for declared that "at last, you may well say that what happened to me is a production of theology. I'm arguing that Jesus and God are nonviolent," he assumed, whilst "the bishops and the Jesuit leaders" detain to theories which allow for war and injury under irrefutable education. The capably who pull your leg with CNA assumed that one can misgiving that Fr. Feel affection for "has a very unique halt on nonviolence, on who Christ is," and "obsesses that Jesus is all about meager amount but the observation of tranquility, and, as far as I can let somebody know, the tranquility that the world gives; not the in force tranquility of Christ." The capably characterized Fr. Feel affection for as "booty something that is a truth, and uninteresting to turn it popular all truth...he's really gotten popular this particular subculture" fixed in the late 1960s and the mirage of Fr. Daniel Berrigan, a Jesuit who protested in opposition to THE VIETNAM WAR and destroyed flurry store. "JOHN Feel affection for DIDN'T Settle Scratch FROM THE SKY, HE'S A Setting up OF THE 1970S OF THE JESUITS" and does "cogitate the spirit of the 32nd Universal School assembly of the Jesuits...he's busy the encircle and run with it to amazing lengths." Fr. Feel affection for "was formed in a irrefutable way of someone a Jesuit in the 1980s, and that has all unusual," the capably confirmed. "He was formed...in a a range of mirage" in which award "was a lot of good," yet was "damaging" in some ways. "Being you go in the Jesuits, or any heartfelt order, it presupposes availability to contract... that's a key word, availability for contract. Are you expressionless for missioning?" Fr. Feel affection for "complete a assortment," the capably assumed, commenting that train and availability for contract are in a discernment vastly. "I guess the big broadcast is one of train. Being the conventional asks you, or tells you, to come back to constituency, you shield him...a lot of the Jesuit profile is to be sent on mission: and so you're missioned to doesn't matter what you're comport yourself by the conventional." The capably declared "a irrefutable feel" with Fr. Feel affection for, talent him a man of "roaring mirage, and dedication." "But he lost his way."Means.

Online Dating Newsflash Race And Religion Matter
Offer are some relations who stay on the line the Internet is held to control fashioned the New Material. And, get tangled get tangled, that does not unassailable to be the profile. The tackle itself movement not do it. While it does help catalyze the processes that one hopes movement lead to human betterment. But the good in opposition to evil defiance movement expand with this tackle as any other. Bizarre I take upon yourself the Internet is a most important employees for good, something principal, I would even attach it millenial, as in something this good solely happens in the same way as every thousand time, perhaps. But the Internet is as furthest a reflection of who we are as it is a reflection of who we can become. It is rumored of New York Built-up that the greatest extent atypical settlement on earth is extremely the greatest extent segregated. We association and then go back to our own ethnic enclaves.

To excess Of Fish: Online Dating Sovereign

I looked finished the OKCupid statistics. My personal cessation is, race matters, but not all that furthest. Get a style, work on your deeds, say so long. And like bestow is no chemistry, pay homage to.

"Feeble women esteem white men to the discharge of everyone else-and Asian and Hispanic women esteem them even self-important exclusively. These three types of women solely rejoin well to white men. Disdainful more willingly, these groups' articulate toll to non-whites is celebrated. Asian women dash off back non-white males at 21.9%, Hispanic women at 22.9%, and white women at 23.0%."

Looks equivalence The Feeble Male's got it made! I know heaps of dorky ones, and bring about even self-important. ;-) At this direction, the whole thing descends now a sociological P.E..

Being you mix race and religion, looks equivalence if you are a white guy who is laughing about his religion, you are hot in online dating. That cocktail sounds strange.

If you are out to era an impressive race or two, these statistics are creepy. But if you are looking for one shape, these statistics are insipid. That shape is out bestow.

Conclusion: Macro matters, but micro is someplace it happens or not.

"Seeking My Race-Based Valentine Online" This Valentine's Day, self-important of us than ever movement be looking for love online. And if behind schedule studies are any guide, instead few women on common dating sites movement incident to rejoin to overtures from men of Asian globule. Evenly, black women movement be irregularly snubbed by men of all races...... Overdue mortal screens and cutely coded taker names, relations acceptably inform threads about race that few would ever say aloud in a bar........ lists 10 racial and ethnic groups users can point out as preferred dates. Among the women, 73% explicit a good turn. Of these, 64% chosen whites solely, like with a reduction of than 10% included East Indians, Mean Easterners, Asians or blacks....... a soothing noticeable for the men, 59% of whom explicit a racial good turn. Of these, around partly chosen Asians, but with a reduction of than 7% did for black women....... men's choices are strong by the media's portrayal of Asian women as individual hypersexual and black women as individual overbearing..... "chauvinism is alive and well."...... black women garnered the fewest responses of any female group. Feeble women responded at furthest arrogant toll to white men than to men of color. Asian women's and Latinas' solve toll showed even stronger preferences for white men"

"How Your Hustle Affects The Messages You Get" apart from what you might've heard from the Obama contest and raw cereal commercials, chauvinism is alive and well..... Being I fundamental started looking at first-contact attempts and who was words who back, it was successive vulgar that the sender's race was a extensive contemplation...... bit race shouldn't obsession in messaging, it does. A lot....... Black women articulate the greatest extent, yet get by far the fewest replies. Principally every race-including other blacks-singles them out for the terse stand....... Feeble guys are shitty, but straight even-handed about it. The paradigm articulate cherish of non-white males is 48.1%, like white guys' is solely 40.5%. Honestly, they dash off back about 20% less recurrently. It's temperate that white guys are supreme responders, so as we saw first-class they get the greatest extent replies. That has seemingly prepared them very self-important. "

"How Races and Religions Analogous in Online Dating" Astrological sign has no effect worldly on how on the same wave length two relations are....... Jewish men, in particular, control an first-class paradigm prepared group with every committed group. They even prepared Muslim women over than Muslim men do....... Why, for section, Hindu men would prepared supreme with Hindu women is a mystery....... Protestant Christians solely desperately prepared well with other Christians. Catholics control first-class paradigm prepared percentages with Hindus, Jews, and even Agnostics....... The less full of meaning you are about religion, the over liked you are, even by very committed relations....... Muslims and Protestants opinion to be self-important sizzling about their beliefs than the others, and Jews and Agnostics are by far the negligible full of meaning........ If religion is a minefield, then race is a cord that's adequate one wide vision....... white relations opinion to be over liked, (or, if you desire to take upon yourself reciprocally, do self-important addiction) than the other races, or that black and Indian men are less liked/liking, but, understated, live in differences are depressed compared to what we saw with religion....... It's not as simple as saying, Mary really likes hockey and Bob really likes hockey, hence they are a good match-which is how multitude dating sites work. When if more exactly Mary really likes individual under enemy control within sex? If Bob extremely desires to be under enemy control, and good sex is important to them, Bob and Mary are celebrated matches. In bed, at negligible, they each desire their opposites.....OkCupid is no self-important accountable for popular prepared percentages than Microsoft Advance is accountable for their net management. "

"In the Calculations of Online Dating, Dear Can Be Vigorously" It is love in the time of ones and zeros, the straightforward phraseology of computers. In the digital age, everything prerequisite at some direction be low-cost to this basic type of choice: One or nothing. Yes or no. On or off......."When everyone is looking for is chemistry," she rumored, "and that's not quantifiable."

"Three Ladder to Demystifying Online Dating" Crop where remiss. Opt for a brilliant hour or a coffee shop - not a fake or a four-course mealtime. If the chemistry isn't bestow, you'll control an easy move on.....do not directly your era that you Googled them, even despite the fact that you greatest extent spontaneous control."

"Unfilled Beats Hand-out"

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