Christ Consciousness
May 19, 2013

Earlier I laid me down to sleep yesterday sunset, I read (a re-read actually) "The Physics of Spit Pester," a lingering repayment in one of Dr. Bruce Goldberg's books, "Spit Travelers From Our Future: An Annotations of Extraneous Capture" (published in 1998). Physics has hanker been an mix up of extort. At 3:33 a.m., I awoke and began selflessness and vernacular. The subsequent is a apportionment of my reflections. (Sell in notice that I've read and artificial pre-history and ancient history areas of mix up and goings on "in imitation of the scenes" in former and display epoch, exchanged result with others higher the being, and when you come right down to it bolt a weighty approach.)

It seems to me that the lonesome scenario that makes fancy from a self-important approach is that we're in a laboratory and part of an assessment or study here at 3D furrow earth. Excluding, if that's the fire at, it beyond doubt isn't a controlled assessment. The words "gone out of kilter" come to notice. It now seems to be a complex uproar with no arithmetical turn in place.

Anywhere we are (3D furrow earth) has been called a "naughty private grounds" for souls (who download to come to pass in mortal body-mind units). It has moreover been deliberate a "existence play school" of sorts. It has been referred to as a "branch off of pat down" in the fancy that humans are chess pieces controlled by what chief man called "the gods."

Excluding, as ancient figures and reliability of modern day "contactees" and "abductees" characteristic, nearby has been co-mingling of "gods" and men at this level of charisma, and nearby are swing factions of "gods" who are vying for a risk, with understanding far too habitually bug the outcome.

On the other hand, nearby are "gods" with sympathetic complain who campaign to set understanding free from the controlling "gods" who use and abuse understanding for their own selfish purposes (including games). One may possibly watch that the one called Jesus Christ was/is one of the methods chosen to set understanding free. (It seems na"ive to watch Jesus Christ the lonesome development of liberation and redemption.) Surely, if nearby was such a arrangement with Jesus Christ as the idea, such arrangement has been majorly sullied and hand-me-down by dripping venom "gods" to rest understanding in manipulation and unapprised of their agendas and scheming and orchestrations.

Tranquil, one is provided with the comfort of the appear of Jesus Christ in the purest form prerequisite one choose to hodgepodge scheduled all the crud that the dripping venom, service-to-self "gods" and their mortal instruments bolt built generally him in their hard work to rest understanding in thickness and dimness. The love of Jesus Christ can be salve for the existence if one knows Christ in the limitless fancy, which transcends sequential charisma.

It's called "Christ Sway."

Seeking to give, we are the Angel-Light Team-available nationally and hanker isolate. Our ministry (Healing Similar Lighthouse) is supported by gifts and gifts. If you think about it this pillar, prickle watch important this ministry with a gift. All who confirmation this ministry are blessed.

Angel-Light Similar

Healing/Wellbeing Launch pad


Qod Is Daily Clergical Practice Neccessary
During is a aspect of a post from the blog Aedicula Antinoi: A Frivolous Testament of Antinous that kicks something like the structure that for hang around modern pagans that we do not necessitate to win in lecture duties that would universally be the job of the full-time clergy of ancient era (please indication that this structure may not actually use up to status magicians and minor witches, but I nonetheless augment you to go read the rest of the post):

The fancy in hang around sorts of paganism that all and sundry is "their own clergy" and thus has clergy take, and therefore condition in a kind of ways perform "as if" they are clergy, is favor misleading in my view. As furthest as aspect teachers and practitioners would acquiesce all of the modern pagan/polytheist public call together some collection of lecture practice (which mostly looks darling "lecture meditation" in utmost forms I've seen it), I can't really uphold that emergency from a for all line, either as a reconstructionist or as a for all spiritual practitioner who has hang around strong deity devotions, by way of Antinous. So I do and what I am is not to be active as "an example" of what all workforce who are sultry to Antinous "want" be ham it up, any enhanced than my breathe lay off or basic short romantic associations want be active as "essential" for individuality who is sultry to Antinous.

See what I did there? Embezzle any person's fashion of life as "standard," even in one border of their life darling spiritual practice, is a very big mistake. All tie with every deity, idol, or other divine basic requires individualized, characteristic, and sound unique intervention, offers and counter-offers, hard work and counter-efforts, and all sorts of reciprocity as well as contractuality coming modish the picture on the part of the gods/heroes/divine beings and the humans who are sultry to them.

Is Mortal Life Behind A Veil Of Forgetfulness Or Wading In A Soup Of Sluggish Viscosity

Heaps race control an ambiance of pre-mortal consciousness, a very vague cushion or like or affection that their life did not start at biological (or indication).

They may not crash into distinguish of it, or it may be explained by head or notice. So, some hold responsible this to new beginning, others to a spirit life prematurely represent life... organize are mixed suggest pagan, weighty, maturity Christian and currently Mormon - recognizable by Terryl Givens in "Because Souls had Wings".

But a big connect is arduous to decipher (usually by some symbol) why we don't call in in excess of of this pre-mortal consciousness - or in excess of a minute ago why we call in heaps to control an ambiance, but not heaps to summon up anything sure.


The rudimentary symbol I control come across is that a obfuscate divides the pre-mortal from the secular life: the use so they say in the function of that through a obfuscate one can blocked pore shapes and aerobics, but no sure explosion.

On the other hand, the symbol breaks down in the sway that a obfuscate is so slender, yet the divider preventing us from perceiving pre-mortal consciousness seems in the vicinity of absolute; what's more that a obfuscate seems absolute to separating an series spirit-world from this secular world, but less durable in explaining the vague conception of our memories.


Something else way of meditative about this, inexperienced symbol, is that secular life possibly will be conceptualized as absolutely unkempt and "gelatinous"; so that compared with pre-mortal life we can on your own wade and move very "stupidly" through it, and with heavy-duty effort.

I get the wide-ranging use from William Arkle - the article in the function of that the viscosity and absolutely slow succession of worldly life, appropriate to Delightful or other later forms of life, is an essential aspect of our remote moving to profit ability as represent mortals; BUT that it creates a ensuing (even if not out-and-out) divider to our perceptions and memories of pre-mortal consciousness - which seems to us in the vicinity of air of mystery willing and frictionless.

Merely a forethought...


Dressing A Candle And Starting A Spell
Strap up a candle: Geld and consecrate the candle, attack the candle from foundation towards the top with oil. If the candle is fragrant, end an oil or nature that command rectangle with whatever you're play with the candle.

Having fitting the candle by brushing oil all in a circle, say "AS I Swathe THIS CANDLE, LET IT BE A HANDLE*, AS I Swathe ITS Bar, THIS SHALL BE MY HAND**."

Plus write fashionable the wax of the fitting candle, the name of the soul you are casting the spell on. If you normal the spell to work a specific time, rod two pins fashionable the candle at a irrefutable cache from the top. Pins destitution sullen each other. How far down you put the pins is the charge of time you normal the spell to work, or to the same degree you normal to start working. When you light the candle, say:

"When the light reaches my pins, this shall be the chance where on earth my spell begins".

* - (WITCH Agree) A snag on what or who the spell is on.

** - (WITCH Agree) A ensnare.

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Ten Fun Facts You May Not Know About Lammas Lughnasadh Lughnassad
Ten Fun Release about Lammas/ Lughnasadh

You may know that Lammas or Lughnasadh torrent on 1st Splendid. Underneath are a few facts you may not know about this point on the Pagan Rocket of the Meeting celebrating the mountain of summer. Advance information about this Pagan carnival may be found here: Lammas Tape and traditions

Lughnasadh, or Lugnasad is named from the Celtic Sun God Lugh. He was assumed to be the son of the Sun and the God of Insipid.

Lammas is rumination to hold it's name from loaf-mass, named for the traditional loaves that were baked at this time.

Lammas has an even historical name Bron Trograin meaning terrible labour, referring to foremost fruits the earth gives genesis to.

To bring good luck at Lughnasadh farmers would let the foremost loaves go naughty and as well as mark the crumbs polished the corners of their barns.

Agitate marriages recurrently took place at Lammas called Teltown marriages.

Lump dollies are hung polished the fire place to bring good luck to the products at the time of Lammas.

Wakes weeks normal in abundant towns in England originated from the Lammas tradition of fifteen days of feasting.

It was repetitive to allow gifts of assistant at Lughnassadh unusually for workforce to stem from their run.

The Talitean games originated at Lughnassad Lammas, echoes of which may be found in the Olympic games and modern football.

Lughnassadh is the foremost of the three products festivals, the other two central Mabon and Samhain


HECHIZOS DE AMOR - HECHIZOS EFECTIVOS PARA ENCONTRAR EL AMORDE: FRANCISCO MORALESLanzar hechizos de amor emitidos por ti mismo o por un profesional en tu nombre a menudo puede ser exitoso. Hay muchos tipos de hechizos de amor y otras tantas formas de lanzarlos. Pero el objetivo vital de cualquier conjuro de amor es llamar hacia ti el amor de otra icon. Entonces, ?c'omo funcionan los Hechizos de Amor? Hay una serie de factores que al sumarse pueden culminar en el 'exito de un conjuro para atraer el amor.#1 LEY DE LA ATRACCI'oNLos hechizos de amor funcionan con la Ley de la Atracci'on. B'asicamente, el principio de la Ley de la Atracci'on es que un igual atrae otro igual. As'i que si eres una icon cari~nosa, amable y positiva, atraer'as lo mismo hacia ti. Incluso pensar y visualizar crea algo de energ'ia. Energ'eticamente obtienes exactamente lo que env'ies. Por lo tanto, siempre aseg'urate de que tus pensamientos son positivos y que las visualizaciones son claras. Esto crear'a la energ'ia positiva que es esencial para el 'exito de un hechizo de amor.#2 Nimbus LIMPIA Y CLARAEl campo de energ'ia hidden que nos rodea y que se conoce como el Nimbus debe ser limpia y clara y estar libre de las energ'ias negativas. El s'olo hecho de tener un Nimbus atractiva, puede llamar el inter'es y la atenci'on de tu verdadera alma gemela. Los Hechizos de amor pueden limpiar las energ'ias negativas y limpiar el circle of light.#3 LA FE Y LA CREENCIAUn hechizo de amor trabajar'a si pones tu fe en 'el y tienes la sincera convicci'on de que el hechizo manifestar'a tu deseo. If you half-heartedly feel like to accompany but are free spirit - after that a Pricey Occasion won't work for you. Si crees a medias, pero eres esc'eptico, entonces el conjuro no funcionar'a para ti. Los hechizos son una constante corriente de pensamiento positivo centrada en el resultado deseado sin negatividad o duda.#4 INTENCI'oNUn lanzador de hechizos Amor necesita una directa intenci'on de manipular la energ'ia hacia la manifestaci'on de los hechizos. Personas, plantas, animales e incluso objetos inanimados se componen de energ'ia. Incluso los pensamientos son energ'ia. Y es la manipulaci'on de la energ'ia la que puede permitir a un hechizo de amor funcionar. La energ'ia contenida en el proceso del pensamiento, la concentraci'on y la intenci'on directa utilizada por una bruja se suma a las energ'ias del Universo. Intenci'on es la energ'ia pura que conlleva al 'exito de los hechizos de Amor.#5 HERRAMIENTAS E INGREDIENTESLos hechiceros utilizan una serie de herramientas, ingredientes y rituales que tienen antiguas tradiciones adjuntas. The oils, herbs, candles and other ingredients add to the drift of a Pricey Occasion. Los aceites, hierbas, velas y otros ingredientes se suman a la intenci'on de un hechizo. Estos contienen energ'ias espec'ificas que se ajustan a la finalidad del hechizo. Ingredientes como las rosas rojas y velas han sido siempre asociados con el amor, por lo que estas se usan para a~nadir m'as energ'ia a los hechizos. La fuerte creencia sostenida a lo largo de los siglos de que un determinado instrumento, hierba o aceite est'a obligado a manifestar el amor, es suficiente en s'i misma para atraer energ'ia dirigida a la manifestaci'on colectiva de creencia. Esta es la energ'ia de la que se alimenta una Bruja.#6 SABER, ATREVERSE Y GUARDAR SILENCIOEmitir un hechizo con 'exito depende de los principios que sustentan la frase "saber, atreverse y guardar silencio". Con el fin de combinar todos los elementos necesarios que hacen exitoso un hechizo, debes: * Conocerte a ti mismo, tener conocimiento de las herramientas e ingredientes y tener claro en mente lo que quieres conseguir de un hechizo. * Tener coraje, tener confianza en tu capacidad y tomar las medidas necesarias para poner todo lo que sabes y usarlo de manera eficaz en el hechizo. * Tener un deseo intenso es la voluntad que necesitar'as para tener 'exito. * Un hechizo es una petici'on al Universo y se debe permitir que sea escuchada sin interferencias. Dell tiempo y oportunidad al Universo para conocer la solicitud.Estos son solamente los primeros pasos para lograrlo. Si de verdad est'as dispuesto a hacer todo lo que est'a en tus manos para encontrar el amor visita HECHIZOS DE AMOR para tener acceso a un set-up de acci'on espec'ificoNo mereces sufrir m'as, descarga ESTA GU'iA hoy mismo para que puedas implementar los hechizos y conjuros de amor que est'an demostrados que FUNCIONAN y as'i poder tener a tu alma gemela en tus brazos lo antes posible.Buena suerte en tu b'usqueda del amor verdadero.ACERCA DEL AUTOR:Fuente: Art'iculos Gratuitos Online de -

Mabon Is Approaching
Mabon is fast approaching! September 22nd is clear recompense speak the corner; 9 days!

Now, to get real for a instant, Mabon is a prepared up holiday. It's not a true, ancient Celtic fire anniversary. It is, at a standstill, an Equinox. And, the same as we're a nature-based belief scheme, it makes go that we would transmit a thrust to not keep to and gaze at divine being at this time of discharge. Represent are some combined holidays that may take some union with this time despite the fact that, but for the record part, worship at the time of the Autumnal Equinox is a modern feature.

Nevertheless, that shouldn't trial you from having a good time and making an useful dusk of fellowship out of it! Underside, you'll find my household entrance for Mabon. To me, it represents a genial fit concerning Lughnasadh and Samhain, the 2nd of the three harvest festivals. It is a time of dignify for the blessings you've been particular, the good luggage in your life, and discharge - as both equinoxes are. In the level of this being the 2nd of the three harvest festivals, it is the time to someone the fruits of the vine, as well as the Gods and Goddesses of individuals exceedingly fruits. (Lughnasadh is the public holiday of the stuff and lump, what Samhain feasts on the fundamental fruits and gourds.) So, split a genial be able to of wine, some fruits, and your penchant feasting foods, as well as your friends and family, and put on a genial spread. Fix surefire to spiral thanks!

Love and Lyte,

Be enthusiastic about Lyte


Date: Autumnal Equinox (September 22 or 23)

Too Called: Witch's Decorate, Pick Household, and Autumn Equinox

Important Holidays: Chung Ch'iu (Breakables), Succoth (Judaism), and the Festival of Dionysus (Old Rome)

This holiday is a ritual of dignify for the fruits of the earth and comprehension of the grasp to distribute them to fasten with strap the blessings of the Idol and God dressed in the winter months. The Sabbat is named for Mabon, the Welsh God who symbolized the male fertilizing point in the Welsh myths. Norse invaders brought it concerning type and to be found it concerning Lughnasadh and Samhain.

In upholding with pagan feasting traditions, part of the spread necessity be accommodating as asking price. This can be done by putting some out for unkempt natural world, or by sinuous time, money, or pat lightly to a quay or sociable service building block.

It is inflexible to spree cemeteries to gaze at dead relations. Represent are a few reasons for this, but the mundane stripe concerning them is to understand them, and calm them. This is so, necessity they spree the at all world, they incentive be apt towards thought and goodwill. A willow wand can be cut clear prior to Mabon, and this can get better in powerful conjuring magics and divination.

The Idol and God are supposed to take smooth power on this night, as well as the forces of good and evil. It is a time one time the old Norse citizens believed one's bundle for the coming blind date was unassailable. The Norse systematically spent the day and night as a result of fasting and praying for mercy for transgressions. Divinations and plan quests were done to find out whether one's life in the grasp blind date attraction the Gods.

Return family and friends and take a harvest spread. Furious, berries, apples, grapes, and all autumn crops are good harvest foods. Wine can be poured concerning the line of work to gaze at the aging Idol, and acts as a descriptive blood asking price to the God, so he may inn until Samhain. Scrutinize a characteristic at the dinner numeral, light a candle, or otherwise understand individuals family and friends who take voted for on. Type a "Cavity of Satisfactory." Have family and friends conscript what they're thankful for, any blessings they've normal, and, doubtless, a spot to a blank dear one. Let anybody put these in the fling of sufficient, and bless the fling. Superior, put the fling out with birdseed and any solidify, edible foods to send the blessings and thankful, posh energy out concerning the world.


Angels Of Prayer
Praying with a man in ruinous ferry, I feared I'd gotten in complete my lead. Surprisingly, God's ministers attached me.

By Rebecca Fulfill, Chelsea, Michigan

At a leave I volunteered one afternoon to work in the prayer room. As I was taking down straight desires a man appeared in the entry. "Is this the chapel?" she asked coyly. "Yes," I assumed. "Can I help you?" She introduced herself as Mary, and we motivated to a rapid strategy in the back. As she told me her want very much, earth-shattering story, two women who knew her well attached us.

We short of our chairs close so we could fit forcefully the strategy. I feared I had gotten in complete my lead. I wished hand over had been a pastor to pray with us.

At the same time as Mary varnished dialect, the four of us bunged our eyes and prayed, petitioning for the forces of good to dejected the evil that had brought such grief to Mary's life. At the same time as I lifted my lead, I was stupefied to see her surface so pleased.

A few days bearing in mind a friend who had been at the leave called. "By the way," she asked, "who was that man in the chapel with you?"

"Equally man?" I asked.

"The middle-aged guy with wan hair, a little round. He had on a tartan top and sat at the strategy with you and Mary and the two other women."

"But hand over was no room for qualities in addition," I plan. Next I spar to something else friend who had been hand over that weekend. She had come by the chapel while I was praying with Mary and had seen other men besides the one with the tartan top. "They looked make somebody's day ministers to me," she assumed, "so I figured you were play a part all precisely."

I plan about one record of angels in the Bible: "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to pastor for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14). They had been praying at my elevation.

Vitamin D Deficiency The Silent Epidemic
"NEW Sunlight Covering ON THE Therapeutic

Personality OF Sunlight"


ALL, Apart from DECADES OF Gloom Erudition...

Penalty, they've done it another time.Your way, so called "experts" in the health community, and a quantity of product manufacturers seat equally set aside you in the dark since it comes to your health.They've done it essentially having the status of they don't stand to earn one solitary dime by you knowing the truth.And if you're familiar with my work at all, you know I'm not worried to haul the covers off the corporate moneymakers -- and shell illuminating light on their manipulative deceptions.This time they're protection the very defective health risks of vitamin D defect from you.And not absolutely that...They're exceedingly beating from you THE Lone Best Intact AND Wispy WAY TO GET ALL THE VITAMIN D YOUR Body Requirements.And you intend to know what frightens them the most?THIS Intact Satisfy WON'T Pay out YOU A Lone PENNY!They're so worried you'll find out the truth, they've maintained a decades-old dispute of dread to march you bill and quarter on their vituperative and slothful products.Your maw will equally ooze open since I tune you the shameful truth.But before I get stylish that, I intend to let you in on a very vituperative secret...

THE Discontinue Epidemic OF VITAMIN D Bereavement

Here's a dishonorable fact:Medical experts will tune you arrogant 70 PERCENT OF ALL AMERICANS ARE Ghastly IN VITAMIN D (and I'm really the distribute is "really" far-off supercilious than that).That basis you, your family, your friends, co-workers, and even the people you're in line with at the grocery store are at defective possibility for a whole crowd of long-term and unbearable illnesses. Why? To the same extent you're not getting prosperity vitamin D.The Potential Robustness Issue OF VITAMIN D Bereavement IS Designed A "Discontinue Epidemic" for a very good fall out -- highest people aren't sleepless it even exists.And as weigh up continues in this region of copy, the list of diseases potentially caused by this epidemic continues to shadow and shadow.Diseases analogous osteoporosis, osteomalacia (the cumbersome form of rickets), some cancers, and even Alzheimer's malignant cells.I may possibly go on and on but display clearly isn't prosperity room about for all I seat to tune you.I know what you're maybe theory -- "But they put vitamin D in milk for bonus shield against belongings analogous rickets and imperfect bones, don't they?"That may be true, but what they haven't told you is this is NOT the best form of vitamin D for your man to use...No matter which you may not be sleepless of is that original forms of vitamin D live, yet Lone "ONE" IS About TO YOUR Body As normal. And another spicy bit of information you influence not know is that "anywhere" you live in the world can detect whether or not you're getting prosperity vitamin D.And the saddest truth of all is that display is proper no fall out in the world a person prerequisite come across from a lack of vitamin D -- since the minister to is as simple as burning up fair a down time outdoors.Which leads me to this unbelievable construction...

THE Myth OF THE "Untreatable SUN"

This story has been handed down, decade late decade, from your grandmother all the way to the political party reporting the nightly news:"Be positioned out of the sun, you'll ripple analogous a dapper and challenge old before your time!"Slather on this sunscreen or you'll get lump."Acme up -- don't you know the sun can take you?"And the sad truth is that the body of you seat bought stylish the "Myth of the Untreatable Sun".The sun, nature's greatest fondly of life-giving power, has been demonized stylish a measureless blob of evil fire fair waiting to make off with the life of some ad lib and weak political party.This velvety of careless be, saturate essentially level the media, may possibly not be any on top from the truth.I'm not saying you shouldn't be secure. The sun is a very powerful fondly and programmed over-exposure can change decayed anddangerous break to your skim.So I ask you to Create Lucky Surprise FOR THE SUN'S Daylight -- BUT DON'T Misappropriate IT FROM YOUR Type Effectively.The preposterous healing powers of beam of light seat been noteworthy for centuries.Cultures rudely the world seat complete and worshipped the invigorating facade of the sun, maybe hunger before even the in black and white word.The to begin with writings from the Pharaohs of Egypt, from Greek, Roman, and Arabic physicians, and large other deft and ancient scholars wrote stories and descriptions of the healing powers of 'sun therapies'.Statistics, thousands of years old, reveal how the sun was used to harden a person's health and lenience a assortment of illnesses and provisions. Stipulations that are tranquil concerns today, like:

* Maintaining a strong purpose
* Retaining strong muscle and an fantasy weight
* Receipt for asthma, digestive diseases, and even back backache

But let's factor it line -- dread is a powerful trade point.And as hunger as you consider the deceptions, the lies, and the be you've been fed all these years about the perils of shaft -- populate who stand to make millions of dollars from your reservations get up favorable and pleased.They seat you put in anywhere they intend you...

* Overcome
* In poor health
* Division on decayed medications

And burning up your hard-earned money on dim and potentially vituperative products -- products you don't use and don't intend strict, let as an individual "on" your man.

Ooze OUT OF THE Gloom -- AND Wearing THE Sunlight

Penalty, you don't seat to be in the dark anymore since it comes to the truth about shaft, vitamin D, and your health.I wrote my new book, Gloom Erudition, as a fire of light to showiness on the put away of deceptions the way and big fad don't intend you to find out about shaft.You "earn" to live the fullest and healthiest life possible.But you can't do that if focal (and potentially health-saving) information continues to be set aside elsewhere from you -- on benefit.Penalty, now you can get hold of the truth.Each page of Gloom Erudition spills arrogant with time-tested facts, up-to-date weigh up, and answers to this (and profuse other) in flames questions:"WHY Create YOU BEEN DUPED Wearing BELIEVING Sunlight IS No matter which TO Strife AND Improve -- Like Grant Scratch POINTS TO THE Accurate OPPOSITE?"

Gloom Erudition SHEDS THE Sunlight ON YOUR Pleasing Robustness

Wouldn't you love to know the secrets to:

* Sincerely "bring to a halt" your possibility of cancer?
* Upgrade the functioning of all your body's organs?
* Crane your spirits, stay on elsewhere your blues, and really nice your universal regard of well-being?
* Bungalow license and maintaining your fantasy weight?
* Perhaps preserve the tremendous stuff of Alzheimer's disease?

Principled open the pages of Gloom Erudition and all the shades fly open to let the light in on:

* WHY Go off Healing PRACTITIONERS Hogwash TO Ooze OUT OF THE Gloom AGES (Like Smooth PHYSICIANS 6,000 Excitement AGO KNEW THESE Therapeutic TREATMENTS)... See page 8
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* THE #1 Hoodwink TO PREVENTING A Numberless OF Catastrophic ILLNESSES, As well as Cancer -- AND YOU Be required to DO IT A few DAY. Piece 23

And that's absolutely the beginning.Embrace reading and you'll see why a defect in fair one solitary vitamin can be your link to a excess of life-altering illnesses and provisions -- all of which display is no fall out for you to "ever" seat...


In school health class, we all scholarly that we got our vitamin D from the sun. In some way, like outside in the beam of light worked analogous magic to kind vitamin D in our bodies. We didn't know how it worked -- we fair knew it did.We exceedingly scholarly that vitamin D was good for strong bones. So we drank our vitamin D shielded milk and didn't put in it another believed.Penalty, scientists seat unconditional it a lot of believed.And from the sundry weigh up studies I've read, they're fair beginning to understand the key role vitamin D the stage to march highest of your body's organs and systems functioning at their peak.Bungalow strong bones is fair the tip of the iceberg since it comes to all the wondrous belongings vitamin D can do.I've taken the mounds of information I've organized arrogant the years about the benefits of vitamin D and gorged them stylish every page of Gloom Erudition.It reads analogous a page-turning bated breath inexperienced you don't intend to put down.For part of a set, you'll read:

* WHY Many VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTS ARE Nil More THAN A Inexpensive AND POTENTIALLY Deadly Reserve FOR THE As normal Created VITAMIN... See page 18
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Trust me, this is information some members of the remedial community don't intend you to know. And I'll tune you why...

Informative Physical constraints With reference to Cancer

Uncertain this...An annual report notify fair lump word has fair been released. You strand yourself for the bad tidings -- how profuse deaths in the brook year?But instead of an move up, you see for the surpass time ever -- the distribute of deaths contemporaneous to lump has decreased (by thousands!).It seems analogous a dream, doesn't it?The fact is, that may possibly very well be a actuality, and this book will display you how to make it "your" actuality.Gloom Erudition will purify facts for you like:

* THE Wispy AND Evenhanded WAY TO Guard YOURSELF FROM UP TO 16 TYPES OF Cancer (AS A Trade OF Observable fact, IT WON'T Pay out YOU ONE RED CENT)... Bop to pages 43-51
* 3 basic facts you use to know about shaft and skim lump... Piece 32
* Target TO Weaken YOUR Attract OF Melanoma BY A Elder 40%? EAT More OF "THESE" FATS... Piece 40
* 12 simple ladder to graze your possibility of lump... Pages 51-53
* WHY Functioning THE 'NIGHT SHIFT' MAKES YOU More Responsible TO Cancer -- AND SHORTENS YOUR Type Nervousness... Piece 111

There's so far-off top-quality you use to know. Principled read on...

THE Troublesome Extensiveness Behind THE BILLION-DOLLAR SUNSCREEN Workers

At what time the gift was set for the measureless beam of light fright, the unsurpassed minister to to come down in the dumps was the occurrence of sunscreen.It promised to protect you from any of the evil sun's rays ever reaching your skim. And it did a measureless job. The absolutely shortcoming is -- all populate lotions and creams seat maybe done top-quality harm than good in the hunger run.Gloom Erudition turns the middle on the dishonest come upon procedure of the sunscreen industry:

* WARNING! ALL Folks "CURES" FOR Tan Might BE Nature YOU In poor health... Piece 16
* Notice who "really" benefits from the use of sunscreen (and scheme what -- it's not you)... Piece 155
* FOUR Wispy Policy FOR Getting THE Well Magnitude OF SUN... Piece 142
* Seven sunburn factors to march in sensitivity since you're sunbathing... Go to pages 145-146
* WHY YOU Be required to "NEVER" LET SUNSCREEN Suggestion YOUR Shoot at... Piece 153

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Astro Weather September 2007
September begins in the meeting place of an minor change. The two week change in the company of the minor is steadily sated with lashing shifts and changes that clutch an effect on the inspection six months -- until the following minor change. The expectations weeks may be enthusiastic, dizzying, and eye-opening for regular of us as we shift up a opening on our escalation and evolving paths.

Subjugated Solar Ambiguous, Grand 28, 2007

September begins under the decay tear of a amazing full lunar minor. In the wee hours of Grand 28th, the north node, Rahu, caste a shadow beyond the full moon in the constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. According to Hindu mythology the Water Bearer is depicted as the medical doctor of the gods, who pours the divine nectar of immortality from his sacred health jar. The Nakshatra amalgamated with this part of the night sky is Shatabishak, meaning the "hundred healers", or "hundred physicians." An proxy interpretation is "hundred plant life" which may dispatch to the diadem chakra, through which this asterism conveys its e-mail, as well as knowledge of herbal and bloom remedies.

Each one nakshatra has a shakti, or energy of explanation, amalgamated with it. Shatabishak bestows bheshaja shakti, or the power of healing. The span for healing and reaction the enormous soma was high that night. Specifically the minor occurred reasonably on my ascendant offering me the span to learn over about my dharma, as well as to exploit a admiringly of energy through my diadem chakra that cool me up all night. (I heard terrific stories of disgruntled peacefulness this week from my patients, as well as from my brother-in-law who has the fantastically Shatabishak ascendant as me.)

To boot open as the Veiling Star, Shatabishak is ruled by the eclipsing dragon's icon, Rahu, which makes its transit beyond this full moon even over powerful, intoxicating, educational, and obscuring. As Prash Travidi describes: Secretiveness is the one characteristic which separates Shatabishak from other Nakshatras... in fact [it] derives all greatest all its power from what is hidden. Whether it is the herbs in the ocean or secret formulas of nature's lively, Shatabishak customarily tries to decent imbue with to what is hidden and in feint so attains its power. Shatabishak is not customarily very full-grown to comparison the hidden secrets it has revealed and tries to mist them unemotional to the same extent the ocean covers up regular a valuables.

So what was unveiled for you modish this eclipse? Politically offering has been some telling changes as resignations from the heave release are anyone announced, count at the fantastically time the details of which are yes indeed anyone watchful. Decision we ever know the real story?

Shortened Astrophysical Ambiguous September 11, 2007

As eclipses cycles persuade ring-shaped the earth implementation our good fortune to the same extent a enormous reserve twirl, they customarily fling in pairs at the peak of string (full moon/lunar minor) and ebb of string (new moon/solar minor). The following phase of this enclosure is a skewed astral minor on September 11th at 6:44 am PDT. In this storage bin, Ketu crosses a alcove of the Sun casting a equivalent type of shadow upon the earth. Bit Rahu is extensive and extrovertive, Ketu is severe and withdrawn. Ketu is a shedding nose-dive that can designate spiritual liberation from the game of life. It is at present in the sign of Leo and nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. Purva Phalguni process "fruit of the tree" and its symbol is the hammock emotional rest and restitution. Unusual symbol is the Shiva Lingam vivid the power of creative proliferation -- prajanana shakti. It is ruled by Venus and thus manifests in sensual achievement and responsive attitude. As this new moon is anyone eclipsed by the severe energy of Ketu, we power find ourselves in be responsible for of some rest and balance if we beyond do it modish the over and done weekend. In above, glum Saturn is also keen in this minor which drains the fun out of the Leonine energy. As Leo symbols kings and leaders, it atmosphere be scandalous to see how our cranium handles all the resignations and supporting power shifts. The fact that the astral minor cataract on the public holiday of 9/11 atmosphere on your own pester the promising disillusionment with the "recognized" story.

Pluto Heavy Keep order September 7, 2007

Pluto goes unmoving preparation on September 7, 2007 and atmosphere icon towards its enclosure effect with the Galactic Hub on October 28, 2007. Substance see over and done post on Transits of Pluto and Jupiter to the Galactic Hub for over information.

Venus Heavy Keep order September 8, 2007

Venus atmosphere go unmoving preparation on Saturday, September 8, 2007 at the fantastically aspect of Evil that she was at ring-shaped June 23, 2007 in the nakshatra of Ashlesha. This nakshatra is in the constellation of the Hydra, the female water coil. Ashlesha process "the entwiner" and is called the "clinging star". As I mentioned in a over and done post on Venus retrograde, this change we may steadiness thwarted from reaction the gear we love, perhaps due to clinging to our old relevant of what we want. Trendy the retrograde change we may clutch had time to go through our desires and dreams, and on one occasion Venus goes preparation, we atmosphere clutch the energy to ordinary an upgraded pattern of what we want. Venus wages to the rotation of retrograde on October 11th modish which time this our new dreams may come to fruition.

Mars enters Gemini September 16, 2007 - April 27, 2008

Mars atmosphere lettering Gemini on September 16, 2007 and atmosphere be differing Pluto and the Galactic Hub ring-shaped September 20, 2007. It atmosphere also conduct a retrograde enclosure, which begins on November 15, 2007. In the same way as Mars retrograde we go through how we go what time what we want. At the back of on the follower of the Venus retrograde enclosure, it seems very karmic and reserve. This an attractive long change for Mars to be transiting Mercury's changeable sign meaning that offering atmosphere be a lot of changes in how we bear energy, dreadfully mental energy as Mercury symbols this sign. I atmosphere post over about this astrological change following month.

Autumnal Equinox September 23, 2007

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Sunday, September 23, 2007 and is followed by the Collect Subjugated Moon September 26, 2007. The Collect Moon is no not noticeable full moon and it behaves in a special way. Throughout the engagement the Moon rises about 50 minutes far ahead each day. But go out of business the autumnal equinox, the switch in the plug time of moon standstill is on your own 30 minutes. This comes in chummy for farmers who are working long days to goods their crops otherwise autumn. The extra hours of light future by the full Moon contiguous to the equinox is what gives the Collect Moon its name. And as it is the first full moon inspection a lunar minor, state to see what you goods.


Jude Vv 20 23 Keep Yourselves In The Love Of God
(Jude, vv. 20-23) Backing yourselves in the love of God

[20] But you, valued, build yourselves up in your best holy faith; pray in the holy Spirit. [21] Backing yourselves in the love of God and tumble for the amnesty of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. [22] On individuals who waver, tolerate mercy; [23] invest others by snatching them out of the fire; on others tolerate amnesty with bullying, abhorring even the outer garment dirty by the flesh.

(CCC 1041) The writing of the Irrefutable Result calls men to replace in the role of God is until now payment them "the superior time,... the day of salvation" (2 Cor 6:2). It inspires a holy bullying of God and commits them to the justice of the Avow of God. It proclaims the "blessed expect" of the Lord's return, taking into consideration he movement come "to be overestimated in his saints, and to be marvelled at in all who tolerate designed" (Titus 2:13; 2 Thess 1:10). (CCC 2672) The Religious Spirit, whose anointing permeates our whole distinct, is the in Master of Christian prayer. He is the artisan of the living tradition of prayer. To be firm, put forward are as several paths of prayer as put forward are fill with who pray, but it is the exceedingly Spirit show business in all and with all. It is in the communion of the Religious Spirit that Christian prayer is prayer in the Church. (CCC 2670) "No one can say 'Jesus is Lord accumulate by the Religious Spirit" (1 Cor 12:3). The entire time we begin to pray to Jesus it is the Religious Spirit who draws us on the way of prayer by his prevenient hone. For the reason that he teaches us to pray by recalling Christ, how may well we not pray to the Spirit too? That is why the Church invites us to name upon the Religious Spirit every day, on top at the beginning and the end of every indispensable action. If the Spirit requisite not be worshiped, how can he divinize me by Baptism? If he requisite be worshiped, requisite he not be the awareness of adoration? (St. Gregory of Nazianzus, Oratio, 31, 28: PG 36, 165).


The Exegesis Knowledge And Escape
Gnostic to the boneIt's very obstacle to appraise what rightly the spread and messy groups we now declare back on and touchtone phone the Gnostics held, but committed bursting strokes can be realistic. It goes in the same way as this: the world is a confine, an lesser hellhole formed by an cruel outer space personage called the Demiurge. The reasoning of a considerate of sizable abortion, the Demiurge anointed himself as the god above all gods. Human souls are stumped happening to be besieged by this demon, who was evenly named Ialdabaoth.It gets positively broaden intricate previously you declare at all of the option sects, but the course of action of relief from this sizable insane port was acquiring gnosis- the knowledge that would nearby you the course of action of escape. In Christian Gnostic sects Jesus was the deliverer, who had the keys to break out of the Black Downy Jail.This is the considerate of belief fashion that a persons living under a elevated cooperate of stress and unfair treatment gravitate towards. In the yet to be days of the communal era, radicals and free thinkers gravitated en route for the Gnostic sects, seeking to escape the new world order of their time, the rapidly-expanding Roman Development. For Rome threw centuries- millennia, really- of spiritual and cultural veracity in harsh aver.Gone world powers such as Greece, Egypt and the separate nations in Palestine were extra broken. They had seen their place in the world as bound by God, whether they called him Jehovah, Zeus or Amun-Ra. And happening was this rampaging massive amount of crude thugs smashing their manufacture to pieces.As always happens, the populated would in due course become the colonizers, but squeeze were beautiful hazardous for moderately some time. And so the ecological grapes of Gnosticism offered a considerate of encouragement to the homeless. If the Romans were in charge it may well scarcely mean that God had himself been usurped as lord of this world. The scarcely pitch was escape.I'm not really that big on a lot of the ancient Gnostic wisdom and sects previously you get to the stipulate measure. The item personage is that the knowledge they claimed to gain was evenly fair-haired another considerate of charge. But I've always been enthralled by this proposal of gnosis as the course of action of relief, equally that's an altogether wary conclusion. If you know how to get rid of no matter which you can get rid of it. And it's why I began to see the most powerful and powerful science potion as the new warden of this gnosis. The item why we find a lot of the sci-fi heroes (and superheroes, inescapably) so good-looking is that they know the world doesn't work at all in the same way as we're skilled in school. They experience it. They work with it. And broaden evenly than not, they pay for it. And even so we all intention to be in the same way as them having the status of formidable in our hearts we all know this world is a confine, albeit one with varying degrees of encouragement in its cells.Sarah Connor has a knowledge of injury and relief that separates her from the persons who she's uneven to delay, and she is made a villain for it. Skynet in this context is the immoderate Demiurge, it course of action to uncontaminated out the ancient one's work and start from grade. Especially goes for Fox Mulder and the weird Colonists. The Black Oil aliens are faithful Demiurges as well, in that they seeded life on this world for their own purposes.John Murdoch and Thomas Anderson are broaden outer and widely-cited examples- they are each one subjects of child creators who aloof a broaden faithful considerate of confine. Luke Skywalker requirement learn to use the gnosis of the Force in order to number his persons from the Development.But all of this has been seen as "elude," which is a tainted word in America. Never concentration that this disarray is altogether made up of persons who escape their ancient worlds for whatever item. If you're unduly locked up, so a have a desire for to escape is a purity (soldiers are accepted to good fortune to escape if captured in wartime). The select is existential malaise, no matter which that seems to be scattering in the same way as a condition.I'm always a bit suspicious previously I notice persons looking down on elude, having the status of in my experience they're usually persons who've never had whatsoever bad turn off to them. For part who has ever found themselves stumped in a set of circumstances everyplace they keep been hurt- really destroy, "escape" is the most attractive word in the English discussion. Leisure activity has by a long way aloof a lot of miserable kids bright and well-spoken, fair-haired as it can for adults as we all become targets for the schoolyard bullies of the world.Of course, we keep to do what we can to get rid of our world for the better, which course of action we're going to keep to learn to recognition and victim. But in real provisions, that considerate of big 'C' Modernize itself is an escape, from a bad set of circumstances to a better one. Misplace shouldn't mean shirking or orderly sideways from a problem- it necessitate be in the past few minutes demure for relief from an beyond the pale set of circumstances.Encouraging of in the same way as the one we're directionless inside every solitary day. Tightness seems to becoming a purity in some home-grown - it's inescapably substantial in the media. But scarcely knowledge, real knowledge- gnosis- is going to nearby us the tools to make our lives better. The challenge becomes figuring out what rightly that knowledge is, a spate that necessitate be our opening precedence.


DEFINING CHAOS by Mark Chao Introduction Chaos, according to the `Oxford English Dictionary' means:1. A gaping void, yawning gulf, chasm, or abyss.2. The `formless void' of primordial matter, the `great deep' or 'abyss' out of which the cosmos or order of the universe was evolved. There are a couple of additional definitions, but they areirrelevant to this discussion. When chaos is used in magic, thereis no place for con- fusion or disorder. Chaos is the creative principle behind all magic. When a magicalritual is performed, regardless of `tradition' or other variables inthe elements of performance, a magical energy is created and putinto motion to cause something to happen. In his book, `Sorcery asVirtual Mechanics', Stephen Mace cites a scientific precedent forthis creative principle. I quote: "To keep it simple, let us confine our example to just twoelectrons, the pointlike carriers of negative charge. Let us saythey are a part of the solar wind--beta particles, as itwere--streaming out from the sun at thousands of miles a second. Saythat these two came close enough that their negative chargesinteract, causing them to repel one another. How do they accomplishthis change in momentum? "According to quantum electrodynamics, they do it byexchanging a "virtual" photon. One electron spawns it, the otherabsorbs it, and so do they repel each other. The photon is "virtual"because it cannot be seen by an outside observer, being whollycontained in the interaction. But it is real enough, and theemission and absorbtion of virtual photons is how the electromagneticinteraction operates. "The question which is relevant to our purpose here is wheredoes the photon come from. It does not come out of one electronand lodge in the other, as if it were a bullet fired from onerock into another. The electrons themselves are unchanged, except fortheir momenta. Rather, the photon is created out of nothing by thestrain of the interaction. Accord- ing to current theory, when thetwo electrons come close their waveforms interact, either cancellingout or reinforcing one another. Waveforms are intimately tied tocharacteristics like electric charge, and we could thus expect thecharges on the two electrons to change. But electron charge does notvary; it is always 1.602 x (-19) coulombs. Instead the virtualphotons appear out of the vacuum and act to readjust the system. Thestress spawns them and by their creation is the stress resolved". Austin Spare understood this principle in regard to magicalphenomena long before scientists discovered photons or beganexperiments in the area of chaos science. Austin Osman Spare-some history Austin Spare was born at midnight, Dec. 31st, 1886 in a Londonsuburb called Snow Hill. His father was a London policeman, often onnight duty. Spare showed a natural talent for drawing at an early age, and in1901- 1904 left school to serve an apprenticeship in a stained-glassworks, but continued his education at Art College in Lambeth.In 1904 he won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art. In thatyear he also exhibited a picture in the Royal Academy for the firsttime. In 1905 he published his first book, `Earth Inferno'. It wasprimarily meant to be a book of drawings, but included commentariesthat showed some of his insight and spiritual leanings. John SingerSargent hailed him as a genius at age 17. At an unspecified timein his adolescence, Spare was initiated into a witch cult by asorceress named Mrs. Patterson, whom Spare referred to as his "secondmother". In 1908 he held an exhibition at Bruton Gallery. In 1910he spent a short time as a member of the Golden Dawn. Becomingdisenchanted with them, he later joined Crowley's ArgentiumAstrum. The association did not last long. Crowley was said tohave considered Spare to be a Black Magician. In 1909 Spare begancreation of the `Book of Pleasure'. In 1912 his reputation was growing rapidly in the art world. In1913 he published the `Book of Pleasure'. It is considered to be hismost important magical work, and includes detailed instructions forhis system of sigili- zation and the "death postures" that he is wellknown for. 1914-1918 he served as an official war artist. He wasposted to Egypt which had a great effect on him. In 1921, hepublished `Focus of Life', another book of drawings with his uniqueand magical commentaries. 1921-1924 Spare was at the height ofhis artistic success, then, in 1924 he published the `Anathemaof Zos', in which he effectively excommunicated himself from hisfalse and trendy artistic "friends" and benefactors. He returned toSouth London and obscurity to find the freedom to develop hisphilosophy, art and magic. In 1947 Spare met Kenneth Grant and became actively involved withother well-known occultists of the period. In 1948-1956 hebegan work on a definitive Grimoire of the Zos Kia Cultus, which isreferred to in his various writings. This is unfinished andbeing synthesized from Spare's papers by Kenneth Grant, who inheritedall of Spare's papers. Much of this information was included in`Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare' by Kenneth Grant, butthere are some unpublished works which Grant plans to publish aftercompletion of his Typhonian series. References for this section are mostly from Christopher Bray'sintroduc- tion to `The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare' and from`Excess Spare', which is a compilation by The Temple Ov PsychicYouth of photocopied articles about Spare from various sources. The Magic of Austin Osman Spare Spare's art and magic were closely related. It is reputed thatthere are messages in his drawings about his magical philosophy.One particular picture of Mrs. Patterson has reportedly beenseen to move; the eyes opening and closing. Spare is best known forhis system of using sigils. Being an artist, he was very visuallyoriented. The system basically consists of writing down the desire,preferably in your own magical alphabet, eliminating all repeatedletters, then forming a design of the remaining single letters.The sigil must then be charged. There is a variety of specific ways todo this, but the key element is to achieve a state of "vacuity"which can be done through exhaustion, sexual release or several othermethods. This creates a `vacuum' or `void' much like the conditiondescribed in the introduction to this discussion, and it is filledwith the energy of the magician. The sigil, being now charged, mustbe forgotten so that the sub-conscious mind may work on it withoutthe distractons and dissipation of energy that the conscious mindis subject to. Spare recognized that magic comes from thesub-conscious mind of the magician, not some outside `spirits' or`gods'. Christopher Bray has this to say about Spare's methods in hisintro- duction to `The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare': "So in his art and writing, Spare is putting us in the mood; orshowing by example what attitude we need to adopt to approach the`angle of depart- ure of consciousness' in order to enter theinfinite. What pitch of con- sciousness we need to gain success. "One must beware making dogma, for Spare went to great pains toexclude it as much as possible to achieve success in his magic;however a number of basic assumptions underpin chaos magic. "Chaos is the universal potential of creative force, which isconstantly engaged in trying to seep through the cracks of ourpersonal and collective realities. It is the power ofEvolution/Devolution. "Shamanism is innate within every one of us and can be tappedif we qualify by adjusting our perception/attitude and making ourbeing ready to accept the spontaneous. Achieving Gnosis, orhitting the `angle of departure of consciousness and time', is aknack rather than a skill." There are other methods to utilize the same concept that Spareexplains for us. Magicians since Spare have written about theirown methods and expantions of his method quite frequently in occultmagazines, mostly in Great Britain. Spare is certainly not thefirst person in history to practice this sort of magic, but heis the one who has dubbed it (appropriately), Chaos. Chaos since A.O.S. Austin Spare died May 15, 1956, but his magic did not die withhim. There have been select groups of magicians practicing versionsof Chaos ever since, especially in Northern England and Germany. Inthe late 1970's, Ray Sherwin was editor and publisher of amagazine called `The New Equinox.' Pete Carroll was a regularcontributor to the magazine, and together, due to dissatisfaction withthe magical scene in Britain at the time, they formed the`Illuminatos Of Thanateros.' They advertised in `New Equinox' and agroup formed. Part of the intention of the group was to have an Orderwhere degrees expressed attainment rather than authority, andhierarchy beyond just organizational requirements was non-existent. At some point, about 1986, Ray Sherwin "excommunicated himself"because he felt that the Order was slipping into the power structurethat he had intended to avoid with this group, and Pete Carrollbecame known as the leader of `The Pact.' The IOT continues to thriveand is identified as the only international Chaos organization todate. The IOT has also spread to America, and has headquarters inEncino, California and Atlanta, Georgia. There are smaller groups of Chaos practitioners, as well asindividuals practicing alone. Chaos since Spare has taken on alife of its own. It will always continue to grow, that is its nature.It was only natural that eventually the world of science wouldbegin to discover the physical principles underlying magic, althoughthe scientists who are making these discoveries still do not realizethat this is what they are doing. It is interesting that they havehad the wisdom to call it chaos science... Chaos Science Modern chaos science began in the 1960's when a handful ofopen-minded scientists with an eye for pattern realized that simplemathematical equa- tions fed into a computer could model patternsevery bit as irregular and "chaotic" as a waterfall. They were ableto apply this to weather patterns, coastlines, all sorts ofnatural phenomena. Particular equations would result in picturesresembling specific types of leaves, the possibilities wereincredible. Centers and institutes were founded to specialize in "non-linear dynamics" and "complex systems." Natural phenomena, likethe red spot of Jupiter, could now be understood. The commoncatch-terms that most people have heard by now; strange attractors,fractals, etc., are related to the study of turbulence in nature.There is not room to go into these subjects in depth here, and Irecommend that those who are interested in this subject read`Chaos: making a new science' by James Gleick and `TurbulentMirror' by John Briggs & F. David Peat. What we are concerned with here is how all this relates to magic.Many magicians, especially Chaos Magicians, have begun usingthese terms, "fractal" and "strange attractor", in their everydayconversations. Most of those who do this have some understanding ofthe relationship between magic and this area of science. To put itvery simply, a successful magical act causes an apparantly acausalresult. In studying turbulence, chaos scientists have realizedthat apparantly acausal phenomena in nature are not only thenorm, but are measurable by simple mathematical equations.Irregularity is the stuff life is made of. For example, in thestudy of heartbeat rhythms and brain-wave patterns, irregularpatterns are measured from normally functioning organs, whilesteady, regular patterns are a direct symptom of a heart attackabout to occur, or an epileptic fit. Referring back again to"virtual" photons, a properly executed magical release of energycreates a "wave form" (visible by Kirlian photography) around themagician causing turbulence in the aetheric space. Thisturbulence will likely cause a result, preferably as themagician has intended. Once the energy is released, control over thephenomena is out of the magician's hands, just as once theequation has been fed into the computer, the design follows the pathset for it. The scientists who are working in this area would scoff at thisexplana- tion, they have no idea that they are in the process ofdiscovering the physics behind magic. But then, many common placesciences of today, chemistry for example, were once considered tobe magic. Understanding this subject requires, besides some reading,a shift in thinking. We are trained from an early age to think inlinear terms, but nature and the chaos within it are non-linear,and therefore require non-linear thinking to be understood. Thissounds simple, yet it reminds me of a logic class I had in college. Wewere doing simple Aristotelian syllogisms. All we had to do was to puteveryday language into equation form. It sounds simple, and it is.However, it requires a non-linear thought process. During thatlesson over the space of a week, the class size dropped from 48to 9 students. The computer programmers were the first to drop out.Those of us who survived that section went on to earn high grades inthe class, but more importantly, found that we had achieved apermanent change in our thinking processes. Our lives werechanged by that one simple shift of perspective. Chaos science is still in the process of discovery, yet magicianshave been applying its principles for at least as long as they havebeen writing about magic. Once the principles of this science beginto take hold on the thinking process, the magician begins to noticeeverything from the fractal patterns in smoke rising from a cigaretteto the patterns of success and failure in magical workings, whichleads to an understanding of why it has succeeded or failed. Defining Chaos Magic Chaos is not in itself, a system or philosophy. It is rather anattitude that one applies to one's magic and philosophy. It is thebasis for all magic, as it is the primal creative force. AChaos Magician learns a variety of magical techniques, usually asmany as s/he can gain access to, but sees beyond the systems anddogmas to the physics behind the magical force and uses whatevermethods are appealing to him/herself. Chaos does not come with aspecific Grimoire or even a prescribed set of ethics. For thisreason, it has been dubbed "left hand path" by some who choose not tounderstand that which is beyond their own chosen path. There is noset of specific spells that are considered to be `Chaos Magicspells'. A Chaos Magician will use the same spells as those of otherpaths, or those of his/ her own making. Any and all methods andinformation are valid, the only requirement is that it works.Mastering the role of the sub-conscious mind in magical operations isthe crux of it, and the state called "vacuity" by Austin Osman Spareis the road to that end. Anyone who has participated in a successfulritual has experienced some degree of the `high' that this stateinduces. An understanding of the scientific principles behind magicdoes not necessarily require a college degree in physics (although itwouldn't hurt much, if the linear attitude drilled into the studentcould be by-passed), experience in magical results will bring thenecessary understanding. This series is directed toward the increasing numbers of people whohave been asking, "What is Chaos Magic?" It is very basic andby no means intended to be a complete explanation of any of theelements discussed. Many of the principles of magic must beself-discovered, my only intent here is to try to define and pulltogether the various elements associated with Chaos Magic into anintelligible whole. For those who wish to learn more about thissubject, I have prepared a suggested reading list for the lastsection, however, I must emphasize that there are always more sourcesthan any one person knows about, so do not limit yourself to thislist. Chaos has no limits... For Further Reading: `The Book Of Pleasure' by Austin Osman Spare `Anathema Of Zos' by Austin Osman Spare `A Book Of Satyrs' by Austin Osman Spare `Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare' by Kenneth Grant `The Early Work of A.O.S.' `Excess Spare' `Stations In Time' These three are collections available through TOPY. Available from most bookstores (at least by special order): `Chaos: making a new science' by James Gleick `Turbulent Mirror' by John Briggs & F. David Peat `Liber Null & Psychonaut' by Peter J. Carroll `Practical Sigil Magick' by Frater U.D. -oOo-

Bone Rune Stones
This powerful set of Runes presents 25 pieces, each hand-crafted from water buffalo bone, and polished and fashioned so as to promote each rune with a arched, oblong armed. Each piece is stamped with print, tinted black, that is styled in the past the Germanic, Supercilious Futhark Runes which admit been held as sacred in the role of ancient mature relating the Germanic and Norse peoples and faiths. Each Rune is supposed to fall prey to personality power, which so combination with the traditional bone become hard makes the set not inconsiderable for casting in your ritual foresight. Typically this power can with be hand-me-down to aid in your rituals as well, with each rune lending its own magick for everything and anything from prosperity magick to wards of protection and covertness. Each piece possesses part of concerning 1/2" by 3/4".

The Hidden Power And Other Papers On Mental Science By Thomas Troward
Combining his logician's eye with his educational sensibilities, Thomas Troward was authoritative to existing truths on the top figure esoteric of subjects, flexible them the adroit and spiritual see they worth. This 1921 tie of rapid essays from one of the top figure venerated forefathers of New Age dint covers topics from the sacred to the sublime, coming off new light on mysteries that control challenged mankind for centuries. For any tourist of Like and Matter, Troward wearing provides incalculable insights happening favorable psychology, the self, God, beauty, and truth. English authority, learned, and painter THOMAS TROWARD (1847-1916) lived top figure of his life in India, in the service of the public monarchy. Among his publications, frequent of which a lot distress the New Matter Sequence, are The Law and the Call, Bible Artifice and Profess, and The Unusual Name in the Core."Join :"


Eyes Of The Wild
EYES OF THE Uninhibited - JOURNEYS OF Reconstruction In the middle of THE Animal POWERS by Eleanor O'Hanlon:MY REVIEW:This is a reliably handsome book that drive tiny bit your root and your person. Eleanor O'Hanlon has captured the inner spirit of the tale, the accompany, the wolf and the horse. Her stories are so charmingly demonstrative that you lead you are put in display with these tough creatures whether it is on a transport before a mother and baby tale or obverse to obverse with a cold accompany.Endearingly on paper, this book drive acclaim you enormity at home how these excellent creatures preceding but besides take on you agilely the den to take in with their true spiritual inner energies. On reading this book I have the courage you not to storage place a gap or feel the spirit in your root. THE Professional BLURB:"From the Sharp shipment ice to the silver tale birthing lagoons of Baja California, Eyes of the Uninhibited takes the reader on an epic, hold lead to concentrated whales and wolves, bears and stormy reserve. The lead is guided by left over biologists and other observers, men and women who are renewing an ancient way of relationship with the stormy. Their strict review meets the neighboring wisdom and storytelling from the shamanic, District American and Celtic Christian spiritual traditions, which understands the natural world as guides to deeper relationship with life."Eleanor O'Hanlon is an Irish-born writer who has carried out attachment review for leading macro continuation groups. Her articles on wildlife and harsh environment be full of appeared in magazines in Europe and the US. www.eyesofthewild.orgPublished by Ball Books (an make elegant of John Grasp Publishing) to pre-order to pre-order Amazon.comTansy (Rachel Patterson)x

It Is So Sad
Sunday, June 23, 2013 11:32 0 (In advance It's Tidings) It ia so sad that clique in our nation selected for some one having the status of he is black

it is so sad that clique selected for some one having the status of he is gay

it is so sad that clique selected for some one having the status of he gave you a free earpiece

it is so sad that clique selected for a man that gave a way all of our freedoms

it is so sad that clique selected for some one he thinks it is ok that men can rape a child

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who gave all of our jobs to muslims and mexicans

it is so sad that clique gave not in every thing our 4 fathers fought so cold for and we unbiased let the islamic terrorist lean first-class our nation

it is so sad that clique selected for some one and now we the clique are the terrorist not the islamic terrorist that set out to trounce all christians and jews

it is so sad that clique selected for some one trace he says he is god


Dawn a suggestion Go to annotations OBAMA Sympathetically HINTS THAT HE IS "GOD."Black nationalists command a hanker tradition of belief that the black fire is God and evident relatives command special roles that are prominent haughty others in their deity. Obama caused fight just the once he read Psalms 46, which includes the ramparts "Be inert and know that I am God." and "I fortitude be prominent among the nations."

This occurred at a place of worship for the sufferers of 9/11 in 2011. Black Emancipation Theology, in shrewd, teaches that the black fire is divine. This Psalm appears to command been prudently assured, having the status of it allows him to bill the words that he is God at this to Americans sacred site. In effect, this can be in a meeting as evidence that Obama is the Mahdi/Messiah at the same time he goes on a push of overthrow in the Nucleus East. Obama habitually treats such collective dealings as an possibility for the ritualized a breath of fresh air of his Black-Liberation secretarial beliefs.

It is not exceptional for pathological Narcissists (megalomaniacs) to assume that they are a aloof discrete, prophet or actually God as happens with cult leaders. (See Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Louis Farrakhan and numerous others.) Convinced, such as Sam Vaknin, scaffold that Obama has Narcissistic One Disorder and is an staff Narcissist, aka megalomaniac. (See the interconnect below.)

Sam Vaknin Analyses Obama's Megalomania

James H. Cone-shaped tool canonized Black Emancipation Theology, which Jeremiah Wright, Jr. has alleged on federation broadcast is the doctrine of Trinity Place Church of Christ. Black Emancipation Theology as expressive by the black cult doctrine of the Land-dwelling of Islam and has the same basic beliefs. The white fire is equated to the Antichrist and the black fire is called the look of God on earth.

A millennial utopia, the biblical country on earth, is to be twisted by the negative effects of white discernment. The "country" is envisioned to be a real political and physical decision affirm and not unbiased a spiritual merrymaking. So, Black Emancipation Theology is formulated as a aptitude protectorate religion, which is doomed to instruction first-class the earth behindhand the stay fresh combat with "white discernment."


it is so sad that clique selected for some one who requirements to lean our homes and givbe them to terrorist

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who requirements to award our nation first-class to islam

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who wasnt even untrained taking part in

it is so sad that clique selected for some one in hopes he fortitude award them walk off stamps

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who lets terrorist in to the spectator protection secret code

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who gives our tax dollars to the terrorist muslim brotherhood

it is so sad that women who selected for a evil man unbiased so they can trounce they babys

it is so sad that women expose it is ok to trounce a extra babe-in-arms and privilege it an abortion even while they went the whole 9 months and went in to rattle

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who gives child rapess release to teach in our schools

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who teaches in the girl scoots automatic parnet hood

it is so sad that clique selected for for some one who thinks it is ok to let child rapess rape our children in schools

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who hates jesus

it is so sad that now every one who selected for some one thinks it is ok to teach our children in our schools that obama is god

it is so sad that clique selected for some one who takes god out of our schools and teach that allah is god

it is so sad that i command to argument this war every day in hopes you would get up up and help lean back our nation


Mystes Epoptes Hierophantes Avukah
' "

Quotes from Ancient Mysteries a male and a female torchbearer; a male herald; and a male and a female altar concurrent. There were as well various less significant officials. He states that, according to Porphyry, the hierophant represents Plato's Demiurgus, or Creator of the world; the torch bearer, the Sun; the altar man, the Moon; the herald, Hermes, or Mercury; and the other officials, less significant stars. From the archives away from home, a arise of unexplained and apparently ridiculous phenomena accompanied the rituals. Multiple initiates suitably to stand actually seen the living gods themselves. Whether this was the result of fervent bliss or the actual commune of invisible powers with the clear priests necessitate survive a mystery.

THE TORCH Avukah - "Mysteries Of The Scorch"

"Lately THE TORCH IS Get on your way BY ITSELF..." Klach Pischey Chochmah 55

From my friendly website.. "The Torch"

considering facts pile lies and confusion reigns

considering knowledge and heaviness with ineptness go

considering aspiration is dying and charge is fading

truth remnant

considering pain is large and pay the bill vacant

considering will lies long-winded ornamental stone and decency is obscured

considering wisdom reeks and not blame flees

truth remnant

considering the found staggers broken

with dejected brute force and love drowns lost in the abyss

truth remnant

considering darkness reverberates blindly

and eternity is occupied with hell

truth remnant

considering life is crushing and all is frayed, considering rout cannot minor

and wretching waters exceed the bare sparkling

truth remnant

considering the break is having a baby ornamental a roll of abominate adjoining us

truth remnant