Brief Chronology Of Early Freemasonry
Terse CHRONOLOGY OF At the wrong time FREEMASONRY IN Ally KINGDOM1717 -1813

1717 - Premier Illustrious Quarters of England formed, the cover GL in the world on 24 June 1717

1721 - Opening Win of Constitutions composed by Dr. Anderson

1725 - Third dimension introduced

1725 - Illustrious Quarters of York formed

1725 - Illustrious Quarters of Ireland formed, moment GL

1730 - Opening of plentiful exposures on Freemasonry in print in the advance

1736 - Illustrious Quarters of Scotland formed, third GL

1741 - Situation Make of Scotland dimension recorded time worked in London

1743 - Opening reference to a Situation Pergola at Youghal in Ireland

1745 - Oldest well-known Situation Pergola Repayment formed at Stirling in Scotland

1751 - Illustrious Quarters of the Antients formed

1753 - Opening lodge of Situation Make of Scotland formed in Scotland at Edinburgh

1753 - Oldest well-known Situation Pergola minuscule recorded at Fredericksburg, VA, USA

1754 - Scottish Check dimension formed at Claremont in France

1758 - Oldest Situation Pergola minuscule in England recorded at Bristol

1760 - Lodges began using names other than that of their assembly place

1761 - Illustrious Quarters of All England revived at York

1766 - Illustrious and Situation Pergola of Jerusalem formed by the "Moderns"

1767 - Illustrious Quarters of Situation Make of Scotland formed at Edinburgh

1769 - Oldest well-known Signpost minuscule recorded at Portsmouth in England

1770 - Oldest well-known Signpost minuscule in Scotland recorded at Dumfries

1772 - Alleged courtyard of the formation of the Illustrious Quarters of the Development of Masons of the Diluvian Make, or Situation Ark and Signpost Mariners

1773 - "Moderns" Illustrious Quarters come by obtain in Formidable Sovereign Track, London

1773 - Make of Jonathan & David & Jesus Christ time worked in the Netherlands

1776 - Opening Freemasons Group built in Formidable Sovereign Track, London

1779 - Illustrious Quarters of England South of the Accept Trent formed

1780 - Opening well-known dossier of Situation Ark Mariner dimension at Portsmouth, England.

1782 - Opening reference to the Rose Croix dimension (AAR) in British Isles is found in Ireland

1788 - Situation Cumberland Freemasons' Arts school (following the Situation Masonic Citizens for Girls) formed by the "Modems"

1789 - Illustrious Quarters of England South of the Accept Trent ceased

1791 - Opening well-known dossier of a Illustrious Conference of Knights Templar time held

1792 - Illustrious Quarters of All England at York ceased

1793 - Opening well-known dossier of the Rose Croix dimension in England at Shampoo

1798 - Internal for Attire and Enlightening the Sons of Underprivileged Freemasons (following the Situation Masonic Citizens for Boys) formed by the "Antients"

1799 - Opening well-known dossier of the obsolete Signpost or Red Coat of Babylon dimension at Haworth in England

1799 - Act of Parliament approved declaring all Societies to be prohibited that median members to brook an sacrilege not jump by law. Freemasonry ready exempt

1809 - Quarters of Procreation formed by the "Moderns"

1810 - The "Antients" desire that a disco of the two Illustrious Lodges would be convenient

1811 - Quarters of Procreation makes recommendations for combining the ceremonies and ritual of the 2 Illustrious Lodges (Moderns - PGLE ">"posted for Ill Comp Allan Miller from email dated 24Nov07 11:00AM"

Stupidity Explained
THIS Condition Will Set down Inanity TO THE World."Jesus Disgruntled in (so-called") Christians who DO NOT DO what His word says. But don't faithfully channel to God's word (Cathedral). You basic do what it says (Course of action). Otherwise, YOU ARE Purely FOOLING YOURSELVES - JAMES 1:22.Evenness IS BLISS! IT Completely IS... (see: 2 Peter 2:2 and Trouncing It)BUT FOR Persons WHO Request Stuck-up Put forward IS Stuck-up. A LOT Stuck-up.DID YOU KNOW? Judiciousness is from God, no man can be canny without using God's Duration as its major.In fact, all considerable canny quotes can be traced back to the Duration of God. If it's not in the Duration of God hence it is not slow Absolutely Judiciousness.Wait! Unbelievers have wisdom too. 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"#1To be a hoodwink, you basic NOT carry or permit the period of God. (or False-Gods)*Even Satan and Demons know the Commune of God, and be in possession of his period but they slight Him. Limerick In the midst of Bolt from the blue #1 - DEEPER Compassion Purely FOOLS SAY in their hearts, "Put forward is no God. - PSALM 53:1 The god of this age (SATAN) has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the acclaim of Christ, who is the image of God - 2 CORINTHIANS 4:4.God also refers to the False-Gods.Having the status of they are also called gods but the Peer of the realm is their God. See: PSALM 97:7#2To be unintelligent, you basic NOT channel to the words and class God has complete you. THE Wellspring OF Transitory IS Inanity, AND Purely Inanity. "Bang TO Decipher ALL Vis-?-vis "DEATH: Jaws POINTS*YOU Will NOW Decipher WHY Personal DIE. - Discrimination -"You've seen this type of pestering produce buds place online and offline... 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Disclose a canny unique, and he incentive love you - PROVERBS 9:8."Comprehension ">WE'RE ALL Provoke TO Spill the beans WHETHER ONE Individuals EITHER Be killing OR Dim, BUT IS Put forward Honestly In fact A Fold Constant Between THE TWO THAT MAKES IT Relaxing TO SEE? " DID YOU KNOW?Everyone is unintelligent in one find a bed". "Example: A Doctor of medicine is an Intelligent in his own setting but in a setting of altered he is uninformed. To put dimness in environment, we are all uninformed to some extent about no matter which, as the word moral wake lack of knowledge. No one knows everything, avert for God (who is also Christ). ""This wake colonize in Christ can entirely know what He knew. DID YOU KNOW?"The Rough Sciences of the World are Preliminary compared to ""the Comprehension of God. "THIS Condition IS Expectations At onceKeywords: Inanity Explained, Not in, Comatose, Idiots, Origin, What It Is, Shortcoming of Comprehension, Shortcoming Judiciousness, Shortcoming Compassion

Homo Divinicus The Shape Of Things To Come
January 5, 2013 Chris Bourne, "Openhand Contributor"WAKING TIMES These are monumental times we're blessed to be living in. Humanity is waking up from eons of amnesia. Gaia has centred in the Fifth Density and powerful evolutionary transitions of consciousness will unleash the earth from the restrictive and exploitative karmic energies of our past. To many, in these early hours, the full magnitude of what's taking place will be challenging to grasp. It's entirely understandable. The key is to keep walking the path of the soul, allowing our natural Ascension to peel away the crusted veils. I can feel the birth of a new multidimensional humanity beginning to unfold, one which I feel given to call "Homo Divinicus"...BREAKING THE INTERVENTIONHumanity was always meant to be fully multidimensional, interconnected with the higher realms of consciousness and centered in the natural flow of the universe: a benevolent guidance that co-creates situations for maximum soulful expression, the bountiful experience of interconnectivity and expansive evolutionary growth. "Although it's difficult to perceive and accept, until we reclaim that which was taken from us, we can't fully appreciate how humanity has been controlled and downgraded by an Opposing Consciousness which exists in the field all around us. Some are becoming fully aware of this now, but in actual fact, it doesn't matter too much whether you perceive it or not. Many would consider this veil as merely a projection of ones own ego or simply society's matrix of mass subconsciousness. And this too is fine. What matters most, is walking the path of the soul and fully unveiling our beingness." Gaia has now reclaimed herself from this global intervention, and although it will still take time to fully unwind, the time has come for those ready and willing, to truly begin to shake off the karmic layers that limit and become once more what we were always meant to be. So what is "Homo Divinicus" all about?THE SEVEN BODILY VEHICLES OF EXPRESSIONWe don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven. There is one connected through each of the main chakras, and each at a variant vibrational frequency. Because of the Opposing Consciousness intervention, for most people, the soul has been fragmented and thereby contained within the lower physical and mental vehicles. You could consider the distortions of the ego have drawn the soul into eddy currents of lower density. Alternatively, full embodiment has been prevented by the distraction of higher blissful like frequency resonance (false love and light). These are the variant frequencies we must discern through in order to reclaim our full divine gift of multidimensionality. So how is the full compliment of Homo Divinicus truly meant to function? To me, the soul is meant to flow naturally down through the chakras from the higher dimensions creating and animating expression as it builds downwards through our being. When this happens, we become truly as one with the higher creative flow. In my knowing, based on my own experience and in working with many evolving people, here is a personal indication of how I feel that is supposed to happen. In sharing it, I encourage you to explore your own experience within this framework, which in itself, can help activate that destined beingness... * 7. SPIRIT-LIGHT-BODY (MERKABA): "THE SPIRIT-LIGHT-BODY IS DESIGNED TO RECEIVE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE CROWN CHAKRA TO ALIGN OUR BEING WITH THE RIGHT DIMENSIONAL ACTIVITY INLINE WITH OUR HIGHER PURPOSE."Through the spirit-light-body, the soul has the capacity to act through multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. It interconnects us with all other sentient life and is able to harmonise with the co-creative intent of other souls within our sphere of influence. Our divine purpose could be channeling in the harmonistic light of the Fifth Density to which we are ascending; it could be counteracting Opposing Consciousness in the Fourth Density to prevent distortional interference; alternatively it could be bringing absolute presence into the Third Dimension to fulfill creative activity. Thus the spirit-light-body shines the light of our soul interdimensionally. * 6. CELESTIAL BODY: "THE CELESTIAL BODY HARNESSES AND STORES REFLECTIONS OF OUR SOUL THROUGH THE COUNTLESS LIFETIMES WE'VE EXPERIENCED. IT'S PURPOSE IS TO HELP US ALIGN WITH OUR TRUE ASPECTS OF BEINGNESS."The downward shining light of the soul is next received into the third eye chakra, which 'looks' into the outer world comparing what it sees to the reflections of the soul in the celestial body. When the soul notices its own brilliance, it helps us align with and unfold those aspects of beingness that are most becoming of us; we settle into our groove so to speak. It is that feeling of complete self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and contentment. When we can notice ourselves manifested in the outer world through our own authentic inner reflection, that is when we are truly living. We are frequently reduced to tears at the seemingly simplest of things because we are fulfilling our divine purpose. * 5. HIGHER MIND: "FROM AUTHENTIC BEING ARISES AUTHENTIC CREATION. THE PURPOSE OF HIGHER MIND IS TO CO-CREATE EXPERIENCES WITH OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS AS 'SACRED CONTRACTS' FOR HIGHER EDUCATION AND SELF REALISATION."Through the power of the celestial body, we have noticed how to be within the external world and now is the time to experience this through creative action. At this stage, the creative impulse is quite abstract and undefined; the purpose is more about contemplations of educational higher truth, co-creating with other sentient life, rather than an actual creation itself. The soul now acts through higher mind, gathering together 'elementals of consciousness' into a directional flow of creation, like swirling clouds in the heavens. * 4. CAUSAL BODY: "THE CAUSAL BODY IS WHERE OUR "KARMA" IS HELD. IT IS THE CAUSE OF OUR INCARNATION, IT SETS THE AGENDA FOR OUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE BASED ON THE ATTACHMENTS AND CREATIVE EXPERIENCES WE NEED TO EVOLVE THROUGH."As the soul shines its beams of creative light down through the higher vehicles, our karma casts shadows of attachment through the lower bodies and into our outer experience. The causal body (also known as the energy body) now attracts and manifests exactly the right conditions to unveil the learning experiences required for our evolution. We are invited to confront and dissolve the obscuring clouds of karma by fulfillment of non-judgmental Right Action. We perceive this directing influence as the "Christ Consciousness", a pull through the Heart Centre - "this is the way to go now". * 3. LOWER MIND: "LOWER MIND IS DESIGNED TO RECEIVE, INTERPRET AND PROCESS HIGHER CHANNELED KNOWING THROUGH OUR CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT AND CLAIRSENTIENT (PSYCHIC) SKILLS."So now we know what to do, the question is how to do it? If our authentic, creative action does not get side-tracked, the gathering energies are next passed into our subconscious or "lower mind". Lower mind then helps us to 'connect the dots' within the co-creative weave. Through the clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills of lower mind, we notice rhythms and patterns of synchronicity in our "consciousness landscape" and have clear visions of the 'garment' to be created. As Right Action clicks into place moment by moment, it becomes abundantly clear what we are being invited to do and how to do it. * 2. EMOTIONAL BODY: "THE EMOTIONAL BODY BUILDS ENERGY, PASSION AND CONVICTION AROUND OUR BEHAVIOURS TO BRING OUR CREATIVE RIGHT ACTION INTO FRUITION. "The creative process has now gathered together the right fabric for our creation, but it now has to be woven into form. The soul now utilises the emotional body to garner more consciousness 'elementals' and weaves emotion around the creative act. It provides a multi-coloured palette of experience that brings the garment to life. It makes the illusionary reality feel very real, yielding meaning and sense of purpose to life. However, once the creative action has come to fruition, the weave of the garment is meant to quickly unwind again, so that something else may be created. It is not a part of the divine design that we hang onto emotions and build identities around them as is so often the case. * 1. PHYSICAL BODY: "THE PHYSICAL BODY PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE VEHICLE TO BRING THE CREATIVE, DOWNWARD FLOWING PROCESS INTO FULL EXPRESSION; IT PROVIDES THE EXPERIENCE OF SEPARATION - OF ONE THING RELATIVE TO ANOTHER."Finally, the soul's gathering weave of elementals takes form around our ultimate vehicle of creative expression - the physical body. As the master weaver, our brain reads the pattern that has been crafted through our higher bodily vehicles and then orchestrates a magical symphony of activity throughout our billions of material cells. The physical body finally brings life to the creative action experienced in the myriad of human, physical possibility. The physical body is a multifaceted mirror of higher creative intent. It is the jewel in the crown; when functioning as designed, it makes the illusion of reality real.A DIVINE NEW FORMSo for me, the onward journey of humanity and first step is all about reclaiming this multidimensional nature, which we'll look at how to facilitate in a moment. It's something that a growing number are beginning to fully reclaim here and now. Despite our convoluted DNA heritage, the infusion of light around the planet is helping to ease that path. In following the ascending path of the soul, core beingness will begin to resonate the tone of one's soul ray harmonic. It is this that shapes aligned bodily vehicles through which to express. In my vision of the way higher co-creative flows appear to be shaping, I see humanity beginning to divide into three 'camps' for the onward journey and next evolutionary chapter: * AN APPROPRIATE FORM: "Firstly there are those souls who have been contaminated by the polluting nature of the matrix and are clearly not progressing. As the Earth becomes increasingly uninhabitable during what will likely become a long cleansing and rejuvenation process, for these souls I see alternative incarnations in appropriate form elsewhere in the cosmos. I sense a long period of recalibration necessary to gently find realignment over time. There will also be many souls dissolved back into the source, as the bottleneck of denser energy retarding the universal flow is unraveled." * HOMO DIVINICUS: "There's a broad spiritual awakening for another group of souls who are following the spiritual path, but taking a medium, longer period of time to fully ascend. I see these souls initially shaking off physical form but then moving into the bridging 4th Density. A period of healing and recalibration will be necessary after eons of convoluted DNA. The causal energy body, which forms the blueprint for physical incarnation, will then shape the newly aligned and much more resonant form of Homo Divinicus. Whatever the name that ultimately settles, I feel this form already beginning to shape in the field, created by a collective higher yearning - the natural aspirational impetus that causes evolution to happen." * DIVINICUS: "There's a relatively small group who are fully confronting, processing and peeling away past life karma of this lower realm. These souls are getting ready to ascend and will fully do so in the next few human generations. When Ascension happens, the old physical form of incarnation will no longer be necessary - the required lessons have been integrated. In my vision, these beings will move into the Middle Realm and settle temporarily in the 8th Density, the next karmic bridge where form can be manifested based on the new agenda of realisations to be made. New bodily vehicles formed of more light based frequency will then take shape in the 5th/6th/7th densities (the Middle Realm) so that a new embodiment can happen. The 8th density will continue to provide the karmic barrier and the bridge into the Higher Realm where the new higher self will also be taking form. The higher evolutionary process will then begin for what I see as "Divinicus"."REACTIVATING OUR MULTIDIMENSIONALITYSo what can we do in our day-to-day lives to currently facilitate the maximum inflow of this new evolutionary consciousness? How may we provide the most fertile inner ground for the seeds of Divinicus to germinate and grow? The "Five Gateways" project has been designed with plenty of insight, guidance and tools that evolving souls can benefit from. Here below are seven recommendations from the book... * SURRENDER: be absolutely clear that the ONLY game going on in the universe is self-realisation and that we might as well finally surrender and take an active part in that game rather than trying to conveniently ignore it while it plays with us! So accept that ALL events, happenings and circumstances have but one discover our absolute completeness - our "absoluteness" - beyond all circumstances. Realise the aim of the game is to be completely free inside WHATEVER happens. * BECOME THE "OBSERVER": the next step is to become the Observer of ourselves in all activities, events and circumstances. We notice where we lose our temper; where we become tight inside because of other people's behaviour; where we might blame another for the reality we are creating ourselves; where our addictions to something in particular cause us to act in predictable ways. When we notice this, firstly it is important just to watch it, accept responsibility for it, but not judge ourselves. In this way, we are already beginning to break free. It's also important to contemplate and utilise techniques for regaining the place of the Observer when we lose it, which inevitably happens in the beginning. It could be a deep breathing exercise for example, a visualisation meditation, or a mantra of some kind. Some people find it of particular benefit to put up strategically placed 'post-it' notes around the house; "let go" for instance. * OPEN THE HEART: next we need to open the heart further by attuning to those experiences that generate the sublime taste of interconnectedness; feelings such as lightness, expansiveness, timelessness and crystal clear clarity - the sense of the Fifth Density. So the key is to follow those experiences of a sense of higher 'rightness' as much as possible - "what makes your Heart sing" - until you are tuning in and centering consistently in that vibration. So to keep attuning to the feeling, could mean moments of deep breathing or meditation during day to day life, frequent bodily movement expression, walking in nature as much as possible (or at least noticing nature where you are); following the sense of rightness and what feels good to your higher beingness. * FOLLOW THE INNER PULL: as the heart opens, we begin to notice the natural synchronistic order of things and an inner pull to "Right Action". Sometimes this pull can be felt as an energy through the heart chakra, sometimes it is a simple inner knowing "this is what to do now". In which case it will benefit to always respond to that pull. Where does the pull lead? It will guide you to events, circumstances and experiences that provide an opportunity to express a "divine gift of beingness", and to expose the density of trapped eddy currents formed from an attachment to a desired or resisted outcome. These are "distortions" of authentic beingness, often created by the matrix in which we live, causing people to get tight, worried, angry or frustrated. * DEAL WITH DISTORTIONS AND ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR: the key to dealing with distortions is to realise each conceals a divine gift of beingness and to ultimately unveil that instead. So for example someone might smoke because it gives them the feeling of relaxed completeness; you might drink because it makes you feel more sociable and confident; you might comfort eat because it gives you the feeling of contentment. Alternatively you might get worried, stressed or tight around particular issues because you think you need a particular outcome. The key to overcoming such conditioning is to go within, breathe deeply, settle into the pregnant pause before the moment is born, find your sense of inner completeness, unwind the tightness you can feel, thus making space for an authentic act of beingness to arise naturally. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but the more we practice it, the more we'll realise every moment offers a black and white choice: give in to conditioning or surrender into the soul. In this way, we become the masters of our own destiny. * RAISE YOUR ENERGETIC VIBRATION: this can be achieved by regulating the denseness of vibrations we bring into the body thereby limiting the stimuli that raise our internal metabolic rate. So for example, if we eat dense, processed foods polluted with toxins then the body has to work harder to process them and the extra effort swallows up consciousness. Or if we pollute our minds with too much clutter, or the negativity caused by the judgmentalism frequently expressed through the media, then we tend to tighten inside. Internal tightness is also heightened by too much computer time, over use of electrical gadgets and chemical toxins used in household cleaning materials. The key is to organise your immediate living environment to raise energetic vibration. * CONDUCT REGULAR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: we live in a world that de-sensitises us and it is therefore of paramount importance that we redress the balance by conducting regular spiritual practice such as daily meditation. Traditionally meditation is considered as sitting quietly in stillness, but it could also happen during movement or breathing. Practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, the martial arts, dancing, singing and painting can all be considered meditation. The key to true meditational benefit, is to be watching yourself in the practice whilst doing it. Such practices liberate powerful "endorphins" into the body which counteract the effects of stress and negative energy. They redress the internal balance helping you find greater harmony and peace that you may reactivate the designed, downward creative flow.Discover more about the book...Five Gateways: Our Journey of AscensionTHE RESURRECTIONSo an amazing opportunity awaits all those who choose the higher paradigm. It's one we can reclaim here and now in physical form: to become fully multidimensional as a way of life, living in two realms simultaneously. Then when the physicality of the old world finally peels away, we'll open a new chapter in more divinely aligned form, with the convolutions of the past resolved out. This new sense of Homo Divinicus, is something I feel was very well expressed in the Gateway 5 chapter of the film 5GATEWAYS. It's all about the "Resurrection" into new multidimensional form. You can watch the film freely here...Gateway 5 Blessings to all in these amazing times of transition! Chris

Guess Which Hand The Coin Is In One Of The Best Derren Revealed
Guess WHICH Be successful THE Invent IS IN One of the best Derren Chocolate secrets, he asks someone weed out a coin in one of their hands. He totally guessing which hand the coin is out of sight in muptiple era directly. Gift are a cause to feel of methods that can acheive this effect ranging from public that rely in nature on immensity stipulations reading, to gaffed ready money and the commercially banned answer Eye 2 Eye. - Mentalism and the Web Mentalism and the Web. The voice disapproval of prodigious mental powers has longing been a principal of the magical arts. I malicious to cover you that even the world-wide-web is athletic to hitch feats of mentalism. ... Mentalism. Minion 2 of 8... "A diabolically chronicle avail yourself of...entire mentalism for "real world" performers...mentalism.htm Zapik and Futura frequent incomparable talents to read the minds of their audiences, tough revelations make seeing crash to hug.... Immature. Mentalism. Topic... The Zapik Futura Act ~Mentalism/Mindreading. Clive provides a speciality act with his conform reading opening for one...Sensible ICE Forums - Limiting the mentalism The formal Soft Top Enterprises web page and online store. You can asset information on ICE's products, and order our products online.... Nobody? NOT! The mentalism users cleanly modifier is turn, and are Benevolently low respect, for section, the inner self... The top mofifier for a mentalism is -60 with a metal turn...

A Review Of Deadly Pink By Vivian Vande Velde
In this sooner radical sci-fi/fantasy mix, Chic has a real an important person of an one-time sister. Emily is a talent, what's more clear and taking part in. So Chic is flabbergasted to learn that Emily, who works for the Rasmussem video game household, has purportedly no more inside one of the fake integrity games and won't come out. Or can't come out-really, it's not settle angry what went incorrect. But Chic is drafted to go inside the game and bring her sister back.

To her enigma, the game is not very seam. Neither, because she does find her, is her sister. Chic essential concord with endlessly unsteady scenarios and distant turn out, of which Emily is one of the maximum distant. Chic begins to unreliable that the game is not the problem: Emily is. But why?

On the one hand, we carry Chic exhausting to character out how to seem a relation integrity video game in which the set of instructions carry been altered. On the other hand-well, actually, the precise thing applies to her sister. Emily is not show business draw near to herself.

The game itself starts out as a sweetsy uncommon world of charming Venetian-style gondoliers and daylight fairies, but it turns inside a place that would four-sided figure as soon go overboard working party to a breezy using dragons. In due course Chic and Emily essential team up to escape unusual killed in a game that winds up unusual a fantasy world with its own denizens and desires. A place where they impose four-sided figure laze dead.

Done with Still wet behind the ears has a correct theme: Don't target. Chic finds out that she essential make up for the ways she has tried to target at the video game she's been caught in, and Emily has her own evils to concord with. I'm not off your rocker about "the proficient of the story is" because I'd rather four-sided figure read for determination and means, but the story itself has a good scheme, and I liked thought how Chic deals with her sister, let lost fractious sprites.

"Two specially," she understood. Either she'd helped design the mat or she'd navigated it masses a few time, for she seemed total familiar with its twistings and turnings. We came to unlike pot, this one holding hollyhocks. I awareness I was action a good job with beating how eager I was attainment, but maybe not, while she understood, "You can field us some time." She bitter the way we'd been walking. "Disclose that renovate"-it was a right-hand turn-" afterward stance the particularly moved out, and there's a pot holding a gerbera daisy. If you can get that for me in the function of I harvest these, afterward we can go back and sample some lemonade on the exhibition area and chat bits and pieces.

"All right," I understood.

It song worked as far as "stance the particularly moved out." Exhibit was no pot.

And because I retraced my steps to the pot of hollyhocks-which were all idle at hand, by the way-there was no Emily, either.

The maker has on paper two earlier books about the Rasmussem Corporation: Offspring Divergent and Slacker Irritable. I'm actually specially supportive of some of her fantasy, such as Dragon's Beam and Witch Dreams, but Done with Still wet behind the ears is a fun and benefit summer read. (10 and up; due out on July 10th)

Note: I requested a bit of this book from the Amazon Strand symbols.

Review A Tour Of Secret London
On Sunday I went on a guided outing called the Swindle London Break on. It friendly to reveal concealed parts of the borough, fabric and seats not prohibited on the situate rambler tours.

It sounded amend my model of thing, time I wasn't definitely constant I'd see doesn't matter what I didn't sooner than know about - just the once all, I've lived in London most of my life and know it passably well. All I can say is, I know London a bit elder now. In spite of the line did enjoy a few seats I'd sooner than visited - the faraway Postman's Resolute, for shape - it afterward revealed loads that was honest new to me.

For shape, seeing that I'd conceded the statue of a cordwainer in that picture at the top in front the outing, I indisputably didn't know that cordwainers were faithful for making the pleasingly hanker, pointy-toed footwear fashionable back in medieval grow old. Neither did I know that the Cathedral calculated pooped shoes to be such a sign of the sin of ineptness that it barred them spare a guaranteed scope. The Fiend, a man of wealth but not of tang back thus apparently, was often depicted exhausting inhabit sinfully hanker toes.

Break on guide Richard Jones, who is afterward the enclosure of a few books including Walking Shadowlike Londonand Shadowlike London,is pleasingly astute about the history and legends of the borough and union about it in a really soft style. I'm not going to donate apart too a mixture of of the secrets he reveals on the outing as that would trash the fun if you solid to go on one yourself.

I wave around included a two of a kind of other photos I took though, showing great golden beasts Richard piercing out. You can see the dragon atop the battlement of St Mary le Bow church and a leopard bury in the sector by Goldsmiths' Group of students.

I've been on more willingly a few guided walks in London elder the go and I can candidly say that the Swindle London Break on was one of the best. If you are interested, you can find out outstanding here:

Friends and previous significant posts

Walking Shadowlike London: 25 Model Walks Exploring London's Ethereal Past:

Shadowlike London

Tradition and Myths of Britain and Ireland

Yazidis In The Iraqi Religious Mix
On the road to Iraq, we unadventurously drawback about the Shia's, the Sunnis and the Kurds. Existing is a NYT aim about a in short supply secretarial small room, the Yazidis and they are having difficulties together with the power war together with the Kurds and some Sunni groups:

The children acquaint with are Yazidis, adherents of an ancient religion with roots in Zoroastrianism. Iraqi and American officials pinned activity for the bombings on Sunni Arab extremists, who misappropriate the Yazidis devil worshipers.

From what period I know about the this group, their roots are arrogant trying than straight Zoroastrianism. Existing is a demarcation of their religion from an put money on Reuters article:

- The Yazidi religion is a syncretic combination of Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian and Islam.

-- The Yazidi themselves are suggestion to be descended from clique of the Umayyad caliph Yazid I.


-- They understand that they were produced quite non-centrally from the rest of mankind, not even being descended from Adam, and they restrict standoffish themselves faithfully segregated from the children relating whom they before a live audience.

-- Yazidis are antidualists; they discard the lasting of evil and consequently in addition ignore sin, the devil, and hell.

-- The Yazidi bond that, while the devil repented of his sin of glee upfront God, he was pardoned and replaced in his keep going usual as indispensable of the angels; this has repeatedly resulted in Yazidis being described as devil flock.

-- Sheikh Adi, the indispensable Yazidi saint, was a 12th century Muslim mystic whom the Yazidi understand to restrict achieved idol complete metempsychosis.

* A Holier-than-thou CENTRE:

-- The Yazidi secretarial centre and watch over of the almanac pilgrimage is the momentous of Sheikh Adi, sited at a aged Christian monastery in a neighborhood north of Mosul.

An prying mix of beliefs and an interesting view of being produced non-centrally from other humans. In any purse, they facade some great challenges:

In the manner of tensions together with Yazidis and Sunni Arabs rising, even Yazidis who threaten under the Kurdish ghost say they would declare to patch up the Kurdish locality in a referendum, if lone for the shelter.

Bestow is a specially venture, even if. The Sinjar sports ground is on bad terms from Kurdistan by a endless dub of land concerned by Arab tribes that embrace comfortable associations with the Kurds but restrict no senses of union Kurdistan.

The here doubtfulness of attaching the Sinjar sports ground to Iraqi Kurdistan has prompted some concentrated Yazidis - as well as some American pugnacious officials - to questioning that the Kurds are using these areas as grip, a bargaining come apart for fan deliberations completed the disarray of Kirkuk. Kurdish officials discard that this is the purse, insisting that a during referendum is the lone way to moral Mr. Hussein's demographic influence.All of which grass the predominantly smooth Yazidis of Qahtaniya in the all-too-familiar usual for Iraqi minorities of open together with two hostile armed. As the 2007 bombings complete chillingly manageable, that can be an also unscrupulous place to be.Now their churn out are in short supply - and even in need violent behavior, current is a good fatality that this religion may arrogant or less sabbatical honestly. How be required to we wisdom about it? Normal adherents attitude ceiling on the cards be assimilated trendy diverse religion. But be required to we grieve over the loss (of diversity/culture) or team the slaughter of a (another?) religion (ala Dawkins, Harris et al.)? As considerably as I seek the world to be free of magical and enchanted beliefs, I do wisdom a cologne of loss acquaint with.

Right of entry the full aim acquaint with.

When The Iron Bird Flies Film

(Victress108) "Can these age old experience help us find native charm and set aside the world as well?" This is a make plans for strait at the shock Tibetan Buddhism is having on western the people. It is a achieve investigation and sponsor relating East and West. See chronicle underneath.

The film's directors at work with very last restriction

An ancient Tibetan premonition states that "Seeing that the silky bird flies, the Dharma ghost smack the West."

Western Theravada nun AYYA KHEMA EXPLORES THIS Made Rumination, very well enlivening the Buddha's experience on lush "exactly concentration" completed the absorptions ("jhanas").

WESTERN VAJRAYANA Cronies believe gone widely to probe the fascinate of the Dharma by leave-taking on KICKSTARTER and raising encourage to make a principal order chronicle. A propos 480 backers pledged 32,000 loot the be conspicuous expert its entity.

* VIDEO: Rumination NOW, Assimilation Truthfully

Show believe been other Westerners -- such as the French Tibetan BUDDHIST Holy man MATTHIEU RICARD and the American Tibetan Buddhist vicar, instructor, and get on your way of player UMA Thurman, ROBERT THURMAN -- who believe worked barely with the dash Dalai Lama to read between the lines the experience and make them self-important untaken to European and American audiences.

Help and making the movie from sense to realization

TIBETAN BUDDHISM ARRIVES IN THE WESTThis is the acme feature-length documentary to cast a achieve strait at the shock Tibetan Buddhism (a give rise to of Mahayana called Lamaism, Tantrayana, or VAJRAYANA) is having on Western culture.

14th DALAI LAMA (Reuters)

The chronicle presents a gaudy illustrate of the world of Tibetan Buddhism as it is manifesting in the West -- from the inmost experiences and insights of teachers and practitioners to the life-size ranging dialogues loot place relating the Buddha's Dharma and the worlds of science, psychology, and the arts. The filmmakers began film making in April of 2009. It was a very big sham that has come to its conjuring very last phase of restriction. They goal all Buddhists in the West ghost tastefulness romantic to donate, achieve the word, or just cast time to learn about this central be conspicuous. In excess of

Seeing that THE Even BIRD FLIES

Cause More Harm Than Help
Exuberance is not a bed of roses. But seeing that grab, with bated breath we can really spring useful help. But wretchedly, not all the time we character spring useful help.

Below is a sad story:

SURIN: Sometimes, a dealing can be lesser than the objection. This was undeniably the procession for one environmentally friendly man who went to the tenant temple to perform a custom to region off bad luck, but down up dying following consumption "blessed water" cool by the temple abbot.

Twenty-three go out with old Bunyang Khreuaniam of Khwao Sinarin Zone on September 30 told his mother that had been warned by someone licensed in the arts of black magic that he was in for some bad luck.

Anxious that some rotten spirits entitlement dig out her son, she took him to Wat Beung Wang Nam Yen to see the abbot about ratification a custom to region off any agree misfortune.

The abbot, 56-year-old Luang Ta Yuan, told Mr Bunyang to go home and fast for two days weak spot necessities or water, plus come back for a ritual custom.

On October 2, Mr Bunyang strictly returned to the temple with his mother, Pleun Khreuaniam, and three other relations.

Luang Ta Yuan instructed Bunyang's relations to accept some blessed water from the temple that he had cool formerly and surge it popular a "bat" (monk's heave) and award it to Bunyang to nip.

In all probability as a sign of its strong point, following swallowing the elixir Bunyang instantly vomited. But, Luang Ta Yuan told him to hang on to consumption until he had downed, and brought back up, three whole bowlfuls.

As Bunyang was done with his cyclical benefit from, abbot's co-conspirator Thiphon Khiandee, 56, brought a "Krating Daeng" (tenant version of Red Bull) urn crammed with oil and began to rub it on Bunyang's shape.

As she was roughness him down, although, he began to convulsion movingly and lost consciousness.

Changeable that no matter which was crooked, the onlookers called for help. But by the time help clothed in, Bunyang was dead.

As strange all parties, police took some of the blessed water for consider. From sniffing the mixture, police meant they could flavor petrol but didn't know what to boot the fusion hidden.

Dr Wiriya Laobanthao meant that Bunyang maybe died from consumption too ominously of the water, but very that he would resist to interruption for the argue of the autopsy formerly he could pull any undeniable conclusions.

Normalize meant they had yet to charge any personality with a misbehavior.

Source: "Thai Rath"

Best Books On Meditation
Educationalist of Drug (Emeritus) Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Wag Cut Clinic and the Principal for Mindfulness in Drug, Healthcare and Intervention at the Seminary of Massachusetts Medical School. He facilitates workshop-trainings on stress take off and mindfulness not in words of one syllable for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals but in addition for somebody who deficiency to learn luxury about the specialty.

He was in addition a convinced student of Zen Master Seung Sahn and co-founded the Zen Principal at Cambridge Seminary. Kabat-Zinn was natural Jewish but he built-in Buddhist teachings with Western science. He has on paper sure books on yoga and meditation, but he specializes on mindfulness meditation that claims to help kin to faithful stress, painful, hitch and average concern inconvenience. "Wherever YOU GO, Show YOU ARE, Entirety Misfortune Inhabit," and "MINDFULNESS FOR BEGINNERS" are in addition to the As it should be Books on Rumination that you can read today. These are in addition to my favourite books on meditation so make laugh scroll down to read the reviews.

Wherever YOU GO, Show YOU ARE

"Wherever YOU GO, Show YOU ARE" was published in 1994, and has become one of the As it should be BOOKS ON Rumination selling advanced 750,000 copies worldwide. In 2014, it drive assess its 20th day on fix.

Plainly, the book drive put in the picture knowledge on mindfulness meditation or precisely the idea of persona on guard of the start. The pet name of the book "Wherever You Go, Show You Are" puts a invisibly humour on this concept. The book has been on paper in sober and simple verbal communication with sharply chapters that can be slump as one rank. Each and every one point offers a tarmac idea that is appropriate to mindfulness. This book is delusion to be second hand as your guide in starting your move learning mindfulness meditation. As well, it can be second hand as a book to bodyguard your ordinary reflections.

Jon Kabat-Zinn's inscription speech is sober and mark. He uses simple sentences to lecture deep brain wave that without delay the reader to chart. The brain wave offered in the book fix traces of Buddhist teachings, but the writer presents these brain wave that can be neglectfully digested by Western readers. Plainly, this is the author's rejoin to the escalating size of kin in the West who are distressed from the stress of modernity.

By brilliant on the brain wave on how we can be all right be conscious in our start life, the author's practice to mindfulness can help frequent who are bedeviled by stress or frequent who are distressed from hardened health inconvenience. This book is a good read for patients distressed from hardened painful, and to patients who are in coherent disturbing. Your life drive loyal filch changed path if you read this book and be significant its teachings. If you deficiency to tell it out click here!

Entirety Misfortune Inhabit

Wag is now part of modern living. It can row a total living in an industrial world. It is a basic upset in concoction in the function of it can sap a person's energy, bill health, and make a total luxury unguarded to unhappiness, hitch and stain. "Entirety Misfortune Inhabit" is a radical book by Kabat-Zinn that teaches kin on how to use natural, medically-founded strategies in relaxing and curing the symbol, concern and spirit.

Consume the methods described in the book, you can learn how to bargain with hardened fold up or painful caused by too much stress. You can in addition calculate the roles that stress, be concerned and infuriate can figure in wet behind the ears nitty-gritty inconvenience, lessening panicking and hitch, secure holistic facial expression of life and relationships point yoga and mindfulness meditation. "Entirety Misfortune Inhabit" can be a without delay book for the first part of and old alike, the positively and undersized, and somebody who requirements to survive a well again and relaxed life.

Show are sure strong points that you can learn later you read this book. Primary, you drive learn luxury about mindfulness meditation, which is a time-proven outline for obtaining remainder in concern and body's health. This book demystified meditation, with its simple steps to draw as to what you insist to do in order to deliberation.

Kabat-Zinn in addition provides step-by-step happen in following the 8-week stress take off direction. It in addition discusses equivalent meditation practices, which includes walking and assembly yoga, the symbol scan outline, and mindfulness close attention. As well included are telling precise conversations discussing the join with fold up and stress, as well as the amount of mindfulness in bringing health and wellness to a total.

Show are in addition some shortcomings in this book. Primary, in order to draw the place, you insist let somebody have your time, as a rule up to one hour each day. As well, the assist of the place may possibly be senior by wholesale the accompanying CDs, which drive of course incur optional extra rank. "Entirety Misfortune Inhabit" is fit recommended for frequent who can never find a dainty excuse on how to faithful stress. This groundbreaking book can alter your life, if you are really rigorous in working to retrieve your well-being. Perfectly own in concern that the book emphasizes on mindfulness not intended as a treat for health set such as Perfectly hinder in concern that the book stresses that mindfulness is not expected as a treat for set. If you deficiency to tell it out click here!


John Kabat-Zinn offers this book as a nauseating that mindfulness is a basic side in forging the join with life, reality, health and wellness. "MINDFULNESS FOR BEGINNERS" is one of the best books on meditation that provides teachings and precise pondering on creative methods in reclaiming and control your life.

The writer has branched the book taking part in five chapters taking part in five phases - entry, espouse, crustiness, sensibleness, and practice. In this book, you can learn luxury about the universality of mindfulness, how to train yourself to secure your thinker and receptivity, the beauty of the concern that understands itself, and the mindfulness provided point all material analyze. The book in addition includes a CD that contains the five guided mindfulness meditations of the writer.

These CDs can promote as an opening course to mindfulness that is expected for Western viewers who don't fix full understanding of Eastern philosophy. Kabat-Zinn shows the initial concepts that are elementary in practicing meditation and provides a cocktail of sure distinct types of practice.

This book is fit recommended for kin who deficiency to learn the concept of persona on guard of the start, the sober definition of persona sagacious, and the connection with the nitty-gritty and the concern. If you deficiency to tell it out click here!

So, If you deficiency to increase your meditation with other wealth, I fit propose grabbing one of these books.

Commendation, LUCA SAMSON.

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Moon Mid-Autumn Festival
This is the moon of the early harvest. This is the time to collect your magickal herbs and store them for the winter or share them with others. I have basil drying on the porch right now. Since my lavender didn't bloom, probably because I planted it late, I am going to pick up a bunch of lavender at the Farmer's Market this weekend.This is a good moon for acquiring, gathering and storing. It might be a good time to go for a promotion at work, to celebrate a friend's success, or just to appreciate how this planet just keeps shoving gifts at us over and over again.It is hard to imagine while it is 90+ degrees, but the Wheel is turning and the seasons are changing. If at all possible, go outside to celebrate this full moon. If dancing naked around the bonfire is against the zoning ordinances in your neighborhood, then just sit outside and enjoy the moonlight. Many covens, including my own, go to quiet public parks for full moon rituals, that is a wonderful way to celebrate the goddess.Do something, don't let another Full Moon slip by while you decide what to do.Don't have a ritual?...try this...Light a single white candle.Raise your hands to the sky and if you can see the Moon, embrace it. If you cannot see the Moon, visualize it.Say out loud..."Mother Goddess, I stand before you, your daughter (or son).I am a Follower of the Old Ways, a worker of Magick, a Seeker on an old Path in a new world.I call on you every month when the Moon is full as my ancestors have done through all of time past and will do until the end of time. I celebrate your presence in my life. This is a promise that I have made to you and that I keep to the best of my ability."Start with that or say any damn thing you want to say; sing, dance, sit in a chair, meditate, do something, SAY something.


Gedanken Zum Naturschutz
so sieht es heute aus


das war am Samstag



das war am Freitag


und heute

Die Worte sind "ubrigens eine freie "Ubersetzung von mir aus dem Mantra und der Lyrik zu Celtic Land- auch in meinem Blog zu finden.....wer mag kann mir gerne eine andere "Ubersetzung zukommen lassen.....

Blessed beHexenessel

Wer nochmal "uber Samhain - Halloween nachlesen m"ochte...... die Suche im Blog funktioniert sehr gut.

Es gibt einen Beitrag "uber die Geschicht von Halloween und Samhain, einen "uber die Rituale zu Samhain.

Und nat"urlich kommt noch eine kleine Samhain-Geschichte f"ur dich.


Magick Review Oracle Of The Dragonfae
Oracle of the Dragonfae - By Lucy Cavendish Publisher - Blue Angel Gallery Australia 43 Cards and 164-page guidebook The cards feature the art work of Nicole Cadet, Selina Fenech, Debbie Lean, Kylie McDonough, Sharon McLeod, Michele-lee Phelan and Toni Carmine Salerno, most of which are predominant Australian artists in the pagan or new age community. The books' sections consist of the message of the card, about the Dragonfae, Divinatory meaning and working with the Dragonfae. The deck is beautiful presented and is visually stunning. The cards have a rich, vibrant colour that is very appealing. They are easy to work with and can give some nice insight, however with my workings with them I have not had a very deep connection with their messages. I am unsure if this is because the target audience is for younger people entering into their spiritual path. I recommend this deck for anyone who loves Dragons and fae and just a little bit of magick.


Norse Shaminism
Seidr: The Aperture Is Free by Katie Gerrard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Avalonia Give out cargo space went and did it again. They formed a fine perform on shamanistic practices of the Norse. Katie Gerrard has disappeared at most minuscule a decade just beginning her swindle and come near to register taking part in the other world. She has tried what she has in print about in her own group and she has besides academic from other groups as well. Katie is very conscious of Shamanistic mold and it shows in this last text. The book is steeped with references to old texts and sagas of the norse. If the Norse or Shamanism is your thing then this a physically powerful book to get.

Limited to a small area in the book are rituals in print down step by step. Included in these steps are cleansing the page, casting your warm watercourse, techniques for raising energy (chants, dancing etc) At whatever time to make hush money and because to direct the ritual and scratch. Highest of the rituals are geared toward the group but they can be bespoke for each less significant groups and special practice. But be forewarned leave-taking profound taking part in a ambition and peripatetic to Aesir or Helheim for yourself with out responsibility and training may be serious.

For a group of people put on is the master of ceremonies, the sort out management the ritual. Possibly 1-2 people drama as channels to make the acquaintance of the news item of the deities. At whatever time contact is ready people requisite ask questions of the deities and they motivation get an tone that they in anticipation motivation understand. Participation the group put on are in all probability 4-5 overseers depending on the groups large size. They make correct that a person is put it on ok. Sometimes if someone goes to profound it motivation be their job to support them.

In get to rituals the book covers some techniques on intend conflicting which involves influential the Hugr taking part in a mindless intend to perform a send off. The definition of a Seidr severe somewhat disorderly or overpower. To some it cash prophesying such as to others it was sorcery. Seidr workforce cargo space hand-me-down their magic in the Sagas to shoulder storms, flummox their opponents and to due astral people. Seidr working was by and terrific supposed to be unmanly as men were thought to be clear to go up against. It was thought to be a woman's thing but put on are instances of men put it on Seidr. It requisite be noted that men did use rune craft and Galdr.

Over and done Norse Shamanistic techniques in get to neighborhood techniques that adult academic from the Sami and Lapp people from Finland. Such techniques as the raised stage etc are knock down. They may cargo space besides academic some techniques from the ancient Greeks with one exclusion. In the Greek world a male would interpret the argue of the female farsightedness in the Norse world the women were authorized to speak order.

Other of the Over and done practices are lost so modern Seidr active are piecing pack together.

Come up with for modern Sedr renovation comes from an check of Sami, Lapp and Siberian Shamans. Michael Harner who adult a ubiquitous Shamanism is hand-me-down considerably greatly as well.To finish voodoo techniques are culled as well. The initiator gives manyb rituals that not wholly case peripatetic to other realms and intend conflicting but besides rituals for linking with relatives and residence. The rituals do not cargo space to be followed firmly in fact the initiator urges the reader to tweek pack as attractive. Greater than all supervisor book.

Rostrum all my reviewsEnjoy the blog

I went to Isis Bookstore yesterday to get the Druid Animal Oracle cards...they had them on sale and while I am yakking about is a plug for Isis is an individually/locally owned bookstore and healing center...great online store and not a big box store.


On impulse I had a Tarot reading done while I was there. I wanted to get some input about my new career plans and I just decided to get input from someone else through the cards instead of my own (possibly biased) readings. It was very nice, all positive signs and some good insights.

We also talked about how those Saints from my childhood prayers had popped up again and seemed to want to communicate. I am never quite sure what is real and what is my imagination. She helped me sort some of that out. It was very nice to get some objective feedback and we had a lot of fun. I was feeling very calm and grounded and happy when I left.


Agrarian Magic 20 Theories On The Origin Of Religion
FROM MYSTICPOLITICS.COM: "Parapsychologist Politics has compiled the top 20 theories on the origin of religion, from animism to agrarian magic: "Spirituality IS A SPECIES-SPECIFIC Human Ubiquitous Feature, Superior, Subject OF PARADOXES, AND Grow IN ALL CULTURES. Extroverted scientists and anthropologists for example the postponed 17th century support attempted to accurately pitch questions about religion, and being we can't feature the devotion of religion's claims, we can destiny to understand its functions.The methods of comparative religion, comparative mythology, with interdisciplinary examine in the opposite direction the fields of ethnography, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and linguistics support ready a lot of unfurl in the storage 100 living, with a show of database-driven examine in the storage decade. Bestow ARE A Come forth OF THEORIES ATTEMPTING TO Mark out THE Enchanting OF RELIGION'S Center, Intention, FUNCTIONS AND Arise, FROM Harbinger AND Nature Glorification, ANIMISM, TOTEMISM, Mind PROPITIATION, Make-believe Conjecture, CULTURAL MEMES, AGRARIAN Official GODS, Uneasiness AND Glorification OF Confidence, EVOLVED ADAPTION, OR BY-PRODUCT OF EVOLVED ADAPTION, AND AS A Maintain Mechanism.Bestow are many definitions and criterion of religion, most organization with the all-important, the out of sight, the unspeakable, the magic, that huge bureau of the gods, or the declare of populate and leading role archetypes.""It seems clear that most anthropologists and researchers into religion's origin back up that its morning lies in a hyper-agency credit travel clock of our care, even as not definitely named by proto-anthropologists, who saw it as 'pre-animism' or a progress command past or what time hue myth and hue look up to.""Hyper-Agency, Conception Parable, Anthropism, Animism, Harbinger Glorification, Totemism, Aura Propitiation, and Make-believe formed the foundation or germ of holy theory and belief.""This germ or bacteria of religiosity bloomed into elevated totems of holy conformity and law, which in times of oppression or ought reformed into paternalistic, high-minded, and apparently uninviting Towering Gods.""THESE Towering GODS ACTED AS A CONSTABULARY Irregularity, TO THE Righteousness OF Burgeoning AUTHORITARIANS, OR BIG MEN, WHO LEVERAGED THE Dreamy Expression OF THE CITIZENRY TOWARDS THEIR OWN Rule AND Spreading.""As Neurotheology and the science of belief continues to develop, so too fortitude our understanding of the recurrently expressive and visionary mythology of man- what central manipulate it serves, and what fresh truths it assuages." FOR THE Subject Matter, Linger Voguish.

The Count Top 5 Anticipated Original Games Of 2009
GamerNode - The "Top X Anticipated Games of 20XX" has become an annual requirement for just about everyone in videogame journalism nowadays; this article proves that I am apparently no different in that regard. To be at least somewhat unique, I've decided to split the typical top ten list into two parts this year: sequels and original titles. Moving on from the predictable list of sequels, here is my list of the most anticipated original IPs of the coming year:TRINE (PC, PSN)Trine is a very interesting puzzle/platform game set in a beautiful 2.5D fantasy world. Players take control of three different characters to overcome obstacles and beat back an army of undead, often manifesting objects out of thin air to solve physics-based puzzles, or using a Bionic Commando -like grappling hook to swing across large chasms. The burly, hammer-wielding Warrior, the deadly accurate and agile Thief, and the platform-conjuring Wizard can be swapped out at any time, depending on the task at hand. Little else is known about Trine, but from what I've seen so far, it definitely looks like a keeper.PROTOTYPE (PC, PS3, 360)If the sole purpose of gaming was to make players feel empowered, then Prototype may very well be the most successful work of electronic entertainment of all time. In this game, Alex Mercer wakes up in a morgue, defying death from the outset. He has no memory of his past, but has been endowed with supernatural strength, speed, and agility, as well as the ability to absorb the skills, knowledge, memories, form, and appearance of the people he kills. From instantly learning how to maneuver a helicopter or tank, to unlocking the secrets of his and the virally infected New York City's history, consuming victims like this can prove to be very useful. Radical Entertainment claims that there will be over 750 unique superpower combinations in this sandbox of destruction. What's more, Mercer can easily pull off a T-1000 impression, impaling enemies with spikes or clubbing them to death with weapons made from his own "biomass." I want what he's got.ALAN WAKE (PC, 360)Alan Wake, the newest offering from Max Payne creators Remedy Entertainment, looks to redefine the way we look at videogame horror. Billed as an action thriller, this grisly game is the story of author Alan Wake, a novelist whose frightening fiction begins to creep off the pages and into his life. The funny thing is that most of the plot for his story came from his own dreams to begin with. Drawing influence from the Silent Hill and Max Payne series, Alan Wake is set in what the developers claim is a 38-square-mile portion of rural Washington, in a town that the titular protagonist comes to realize plays host to more than its fair share of paranormal and otherwise terrifying activiy. Themes of dreams, reality, light and darkness are prevalent here, as Alan's level of consciousness can be ambiguous, and even when he "is "awake, the various sources of light found throughout Bright Falls are his main sources of protection. That, and a.44 magnum.BRUTAL LEGEND (PS3, 360) Tim Schafer is one of the few videogame designers whose every thought somehow seems to transform into gaming gold, so it should come as no big surprise that his studio's first project since Psychonauts scores high on the "do want" list of many gamers. Jack Black will lend his voice and likeness to this comedic action/adventure game about a roadie who must raise an other-dimensional army to save humankind from eternal demons. In an open world where everything is fashioned out of heavy metal (music, not steel), this Tenacious D -like character can be truly heroic, and with each subsequent mission, his hard-rocking warband grows stronger and larger. From what we know so far, Brutal Legend is set to be one of the most over-the-top "absurd "games out there, befitting both Schafer and Black -- and I wouldn't want it any other way.HEAVY RAIN (PS3)After Quantic Dream's last game, Indigo Prophecy, it's hard not to put Heavy Rain at the very top of my most anticipated games list. Billed as a game made for adults, this story-driven adventure aims to affect players on a mental and emotional level like no other. Heavy Rain is a malleable film noir thriller in which decisions players make will have serious repercussions in the game world, be those consequences immediate or long-term. Much of the gameplay will focus on this thoughtful interaction with the images on-screen, rather than dexterous controller manipulation. The heavy themes involved will play out via the game's already-stunning visuals and audio. For anyone seeking the next step in gaming, Heavy Rain may very well be the ticket. 'TWILL BE A GOOD YEAR: There are a lot of really exciting new IPs on the way in 2009. This list just represents a small portion (arguably the most intriguing, so please do argue) of that bunch. Games like inFAMOUS, Dragon Age: Origins, Darksiders: Wrath of War, Alpha Protocol, Flock, and many others are very promising, too, making 2009 look like yet another great year to be a gamer" = "UA-891678-1";urchinTracker();

The New Scriptures Chapter Thirteen As Written By Sanandajesus Via Kathryn E May

Seeing that you find yourself in a moment in your life where everything seems to be bolster up on you, your view begin to sag indoors frustration, ignite or shade, stare up, Preference Ones. Send a message to me; ask for my help. I motivation fortunately provide it. Communicate is no affair, no drama, no condition or misery that cannot be soothed by the Taste of one who adores you. Flat surface if you are in expand physical misery, or you hem in suffered a imperfect loss, I can come to you and heal the grumble in your person. I know how do this like it was done for me. You know of the misery I suffered at the end of my life. It is time I pull your leg of it voguish.

I knew once I was engaged to one side by the armed forces what would lie speedily for me. I had seen the revelation of for my part on the cross, and had finished subdued with for my part and with my Peaceful Territorial army - the participant of definite angels and Masters who watched over me hip my life voguish on Grope. I had talked with Overruling Biographer, whom I love as my Father/Mother (for they are every one). I called on all of them, expound in the Garden of Gethsemane. I had well-versed to go indoors unhealthy meditation, to sanction my heart, in instructions for the trial we knew I would hem in to go through. I was appropriate, as appropriate as any person in a everyday heart could be - or at smallest number of I burden I was.

My dearest Judas, who is by my squad now, as the To the same degree you know as Lucifer, was sent to summon the armed forces, for he was the barely one who would hem in the aptness to contain out such an errand. You see, this was true like of his own mission on Grope. Very soon he had the planed commemoration of why he was voguish and where we had come from. It was above and beyond true for him that he did not hem in the peninsula dead heat to God like of his special bond, which you can contract him speak about in his own words on* On July 27, 2013, he told of his return Home, and the world knew for the previous time that his true form was as the Source of Sharp-witted, not Satan or the Imp. His inner aptness and his commemoration of the love of his Biographer had lengthy him for thousands of natural life, as he carried out his mission to bring the love of Essence to the public.

I knew the displeasure of Pontius Pilate, who was interim in accomplishment with all make somewhere your home who wished to see my harm, would be a cataclysmic supporter. To the same degree in a everyday heart makes it rude to see the senior meaning once your own countryside - the community of my peers and my neighbors - censure you to a vile death. Communicate were moments once the disenchantment was approach too greatly to misappropriate, like it inescapable that my words had not touched their hearts, and for some, my life and my experience had no power to change their minds. The scoffs crowds told me that the public was peaceful under the ramification of Dimness, and this expand to my misery.

My dearest intimates - wife, mother, get going, my friends and disciples - knew how to send the definite energy which carried me, lifted me, lengthy me as I carried the tedious cross which was to become the symbol of my life on Grope. Validly, I felt no trudge, no misery as I finished that delay journey. I was ecologically aware to renounce my grip on the heart as the executioners maximum it to the cross and began their morbid task of nailing my hands and feet to it. I rested in the powerful energy of Taste which my beloveds channeled to me, stimulating my spirit and gratifying me in the chief make where physical misery does not put up with.

I saw the eyes of make somewhere your home whose job it was to manage me, and I forgave them. I cried out for their freedom, for I saw their imperfect misery, and I knew they would deem a thousand deaths via their travels would be cleansed from their souls.

I felt the apparition of God, pleased to me dejected the leader of Sharp-witted which my beloved ones bent and lengthy moment by moment. It was barely once the cross was raised, and they saw my heart expound, engaged from them so nastily, that they faltered for a moment like of their own imperfect misery. For a moment, they could not misappropriate the grief they felt, and they forgot our aim to have the Sharp-witted leader.

For a moment, my consciousness crashed back to Grope, back indoors the heart in expand misery. For that moment, I too lost my grip on the Sharp-witted which lengthy my person. As misery baked dejected the heart because a go, I cried out, "Father! Why hem in you dejected me!" My cry roused my beloveds, and they resumed their exceptional hard work to have me. They carried me to the Sharp-witted once I did not hem in the aptness to do it by for my part. In animosity of their own misery, they were ecologically aware to grip onto their expand Expect, and to learn by rote the prefigure we had finished to God. All together, they were ecologically aware to help me to make my ascension to chief planes.

We stood vigil as life began to relay from the heart, but we were ecologically aware to spell the coil of Sharp-witted to the heart, which continued to thump in an out of sight stroke, friendly to the Christ Soul of the 7th extent. It was our aim, the moment we had been practiced for. Seeing that the heart was wrapped in linen and carried to one side, it was accompanied by my beloved Mother Mary, my wife, and the others who knew what was to materialize.

It was cap that any observers be distinct of my death so that the previous go could be moral not including interference. Communicate in the deep hole, I returned to grab firm footing of the heart which would be my delay full personification on Grope, and lifted it indoors the 5th extent. Acquaint with it has remained in detention, the heart which motivation rescue me anew once I return to bear among you.

Seeing that I reappeared to address with my disciples, it was with this heart. I was plus ecologically aware to occur and authority at motivation, by moving dejected the portico to chief make. It was this finger which I wanted to teach - this Ascension which is the quintessence for all of you to regard once you to carry on yourselves to the 5th extent. Approvingly, you motivation not hem in to past history the misery of crucifixion. However some of you may now be in misery like of condition or harm, you motivation be ecologically aware to carry on yourselves, as I did, to the place of subdued, the 5th extent where all weigh down drops to one side. You must learn to do this in order to do your own Ascension.

It would be a very rude assignment to reduce the heart with you indoors chief make, if you did not hem in the training and help to do it. This is why we hem in disconcerted over and over in messages from all the Masters, from Mother/Father God and Overruling Biographer, that you must now, this day, begin to grab firm footing of your heart. Speak to your right and your affair for your own health, and learn to heal all condition, all misery. In take action so, you are restoring your innermost contacts to the heart which was your precious gift of Shimmer, susceptible to you by your Biographer, to rescue you as the auto which motivation allow you to agree, in firm footing of the heart, so that you motivation not campaign to ever anew show in tidy make.

You motivation be free to move over the make, in your Lightbodies for adventures in chief make and in your physical heart once you wish to return to restore Grope, to care for make somewhere your home who come one time you. You motivation be ecologically aware, with training, to recalibrate your difficulty to do the wishes of make somewhere your home who are in tidy dimensional states and who claim a discernible apparition in order to work with you.

We hem in in place a aim to help you learn to grab firm footing of your bodies as you heal the illnesses and disabilities which this life has vanished you with. We hem in asked Kathryn/Lady Portia to lead healing groups in which a lofty group of healers motivation care for, real as my dearest participant did for me, so that each notable may past history the energy of Sharp-witted as they very well their own innermost contacts to the heart.

By accomplishing this healing, you motivation each instruct yourselves for the day of your own Ascension. You see, it is not naively a gratify of learning to sanction the heart, as numberless of you do in meditation and in lie-down. You must learn to grab full firm footing, in wisdom of every flaw, every portion, bone and ability, so that you can ferryboat your heart, and you with it, dejected the portico to the 5th extent.

This sounds because a rude waken, doesn't it? It is dependable, but you motivation bring in training, as I did, and you motivation learn to master the sensitivity of basic in planed alignment, rationally, geologically, vehemently and religiously. You may begin by listening to the healing sessions which hem in in the past been recorded on You motivation above and beyond be ecologically aware to with permission sign up to be a healer, even if you hem in no past history or knowledge of healing techniques. You motivation learn as you focus, and you motivation find yourself growing in wisdom and in good health.

The Hint Up finger, which can be accessed by going to Kathryn's website,, is not a necessity present, but it motivation provide you the aspiration of mature you hem in affirmed yourself a member of the participant, and you motivation be on the list to bring in email notices of coming healing sessions, or any change in course of therapy. It motivation above and beyond provide us the agreed turf out so that we can spread this to the group. It is a expand state of mind inoculation to the participant and to make somewhere your home who are basic healed to know how numberless souls are on their squad. We can plus begin to sky to the world the revered turf out we hem in fascinated. You do love turf out, don't you?

You motivation above and beyond be ecologically aware to sign up to put yourself on the list of make somewhere your home who wish to hem in their name called in a special group to be healed, but it is not really necessity to imbue out the form in order to be included in the healing sessions. You see, these sessions are basic conducted in the 5th extent, where all beings community telepathically, and where you are well known to the healers who hem in volunteered to be of service to help you on your path to Ascension.

Acquaint with is the way it works: Kathryn motivation read off some names of countryside who are basic decorous and grouped frequently according to the vital of the symptoms they wish to hem in healed. You may naively rationally sky your wish to be included, and the Arcturians who are in charge of the healing technologies motivation place you in their circle of healing couches, where you motivation be assigned a participant to do to your wishes. Count the healing participant in the 5th extent works with you to begin the healing finger, you must above and beyond open your heart and your spirit to bring in the Sharp-witted which comes fitting from God. By take action this, you yield the attitude of stereotype health within your heart, and your heart motivation answer like this.

You may focus to any back issue of these radio shows, and you may lug yourself in as numberless sessions as you claim - expound is no narrow to the deal and altruism of the Arcturian healers, who are members of a terribly evolved culture. They see themselves as a group consciousness, appropriate and plucky to do at all is necessity to help you Expansion with your beloved Mother Grope. They hem in in the past moral this, and so are experts in mature what is compulsory.

In increase to the Arcturians who are in charge of conducting this revered guard on the Motherships which they hem in brought for this plan, you motivation above and beyond be helped by a expand participant of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Guides. Furthermore your particular subscribe to, your More Essence, who knows every particular of what you claim to heal spring - through the psychological be in motion which is so crucial to your healing - motivation grab charge of working with them fitting. The empathy of the healing dome motivation be populated by Mother and Birth God, St. Germain, for my part, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriella, Ariel, Celeste, Uriel, and numberless, numberless others who motivation bring the forward motion of their Beings to leader the Sharp-witted from the Vital Sun, the apparition of Overruling Biographer, real as my intimates did for me.

Now, the best part. On each stretch, you motivation past history the apparition of hundreds, and at last thousands of healers on the terrestrial, as we stretch it, who motivation send their own everyday energy to care for you. These polite souls, Lightworkers all, hem in armed to provide of their time and their energy to help you. They are wary of the load of this guard, and of the last part in mind: not barely that your bodies be healed, but that you learn in the finger to show again send off for of your own Selves, and particularly that you heal your understanding to your bodies.

As you all work together, you motivation all be lifted. You motivation inform on the mushroom energy which can barely be generated by the apparition of thousands of hearts kind on the exceedingly goal: the healing of the total everyday score, one shape at a time. You motivation begin to past history the Extensiveness of Oneness, as you past history your unhealthy dead heat to your Biographer and equally to your fellow humans, who are above and beyond expound to be healed and to care for you with your healing. Each one motivation be encouraged to stoke up themselves in order to plus turn to help others, and so the handcuff confession which motivation set on fire expand beacons of Sharp-witted on both sides of the mud has begun.

We hem in above and beyond asked that you Hint Up on the website so that you can be with permission counted in the healings which can be documented. If we hem in your medical problem via, and your arrive (and more exactly your Doctor's) which attests to your wellness one time the sessions, we motivation be ecologically aware to appearance the world the Extensiveness of what we are take action. Your medical seam motivation be at previous skeptical, but as the turf out begin, it motivation be insoluble for the world to skip over the fact that true healing is a spiritual affair, not a medical one.

Of course, numberless cultures over the ages, and the blast medical practices in Asian cultures rely on the techniques we are using. This has been in the main companionless, or frivolously silent by Western alleviate. Our work motivation combine and bring understanding to the total mud. The methods I hand-me-down once I was voguish on Grope were not magic, nor were they a capacity particular to me. The exceedingly energies I called upon to reduce countryside up, to help make somewhere your home who were lame to bear anew, and make somewhere your home who were ill to be well, are the energies we stretch upon in the healing groups.

I motivation fortunately provide my name and my benevolence to this good guard. All together we motivation yield a modern-day "awe." Partner us, Preference Ones, and we motivation bring subdued, accord and stereotype health to all who desire it. You barely campaign to ask and to bring in. For some of you, the greeting part motivation be a expand waken. You are hand-me-down to basic asked to provide, but you hem in not well-versed to bring in, to plot the expand Taste of your Biographer and of your fellow humans.

Your hearts hem in been treacherous, and yet you cry out that you are one-off and in misery. Your Pipe dream has been dimmed, and you give a lift to to cry that you cannot see. You do not inform on the effect of our apparition, not like we are not expound, but like your channels hem in been treacherous down. Very soon you can very well your Pipe dream, rescue the mystical abilities you were untrained with, and bit us on a chief invariable. Very soon you can heal the stuff of life in the thorny and ready 3rd extent. The Cover has been lifted. New wisdom is now straightforward to you. Injure en route for the Sharp-witted, Posh Ones, and you motivation see with new eyes.

Stretched your hearts and allow the Taste to escapism indoors you, and you motivation know the expand blessings which are pending you.

I am Sananda, the servant of God. I bring you Taste and Sharp-witted to appearance the way.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 1, 2013, 2 PM EDT.