Sacred Mountains
Mountains, which occupy an important place in Hindu mythology, are a symbol of strength when certain gods in their fury grow to resemble mountains, and of oppressive weight when they are torn up and used as missiles by gods or demons. The most important of these are of course the Himalayas, on the summits of which are the heavens. Mountains, specially the Himalaya re also important as it was amongst them that the holy men, the yogis and the sadhus lived ding meditation. It was re that the important ashramas of the gurus were located and many are still functioning. A person going on a trek in the Himalayas can easily find yogis doing meditation in caves amongst the high snow-capped peaks.Some of the important mountains are:Meru, which bears on its summit Brahma's heaven, and acts as a pivot for the three worlds around which the heavenly bodies revolve.Himavan, which took the form of a man when the gods wished Sad to be reborn, and became the father of first the Ganga, and then of Parvati.Mandara, which is a revered mountain in the Himalayas and was thought to be the only one mighty enough to serve as a pole in the churning of the milk ocean. It became the home of Durga.Mount Kailash, the home of Shiva, which became involved in a dispute between Indra and Kartikeya as to their relative powers and to settle the dispute they agreed to race around it. Kartikeya won but became angry when Kailash gave the verdict in favour of Indra and hurled his lance at the mountain splitting it open, thus creating the Krauncha pass.Some other holy mountain tare Parijat, Malyagiri, Mahendrachal, Chitrakoot, Goverdhan (Mathura), Kamagiri (Assain), Shaktiman (Madhya Pradesh) and Raiwatgiri (Gujarat):HANDICRAFTS


The Magic Spellsincantations Of The Finns
Are you interested in the Esoteric and Magical history of the Finns?

The Vikings, according to Viking Sagas, also made some raids into Tavastia. Here is an account of Olav the Holy raiding the coast. This may be either in Tavastian or "Finnish" territory:

"Then he (Olav) sailed to Finland, landed and pillaged there, but all of the locals escaped into the forests and took all their possessions with them away from the area/region. The king ventured far inland and through some woods; there were valley regions called Herdalarna. They took some property, but no men (Slaves? Prisoners?). When evening drew near, the King began his way back to his ships. But when they returned to the woods, they were confronted by men from all sides, and harrassed and shot at fiercely. The King told his men to take cover/protect themselves. But before they could get out of the woods, he had lost many men and several were wounded. He arrived at the ships in the evening. In the night, the Finns created a great storm with their witch-craft. But the king ordered to lift up the anchor and raise the sails, and they travelled along the coast during the night. The King's good luck was then, like so often, more effective than the witch-craft of the Finns. They managed to sail along the coast of Balegard and then out to sea. But a band of Finnish warriors followed them on land as the king sailed along the coast." ~ Age FinlandThe Finns have been known for their ability to raise fog, stop blood flow in wounds and singing people to sleep.

With magical time in mind you might want to check out this book: "The Magic Songs of the Finns".

"Since the time immemorial the Finns have used incantations, or Magic Songs. It's unknown when or how this tradition of magic first came to be, but already in pre-historical times they were widely used in all areas of life. The 639 spells and charms contained in this book were collected in the 19th century from the rural areas of Finland and Karelia, shortly after which this old esoteric tradition became extinct. They were first published in year 1880, and translated into English in 1896 as a part of larger folkloristic study, but have never before been published as an independent work."THE MAGIC SONGS OF THE FINNS.

1. Preliminary Formula

2. Defensive Measures

3. Against Envy

4. Vengeance Formula

5. To Discover the Cause

6. Reparation for Harm

7. Against Inflammation and Angry Symptoms

8. Expulsion Formula

9. Posting Formula

10. Pain or Sickness Formula

11. Reproaching Formula

12. Falling into Ecstasy

13. In Distress

14. Boasting Formula

15. To Still Violence

16. Menacing Formula

17. Exorcisms

18. To Make Fast


19. For Stings of Wasps, Gadflies and other Insects

20. For Sickness caused by Elf-shots, sudden Strokes, etc.

21. For the Toothache

22. For Wounds caused by Hiisi

23. For Whooping Cough

24. For Injuries caused by Kalma

25. When torn by a Bear or a Wolf

26. For Contusions from a Stone

27. For Syphilis

28. To remove Tumours, Abscesses, Boils

29. For Snake Bites

30. For Gout or Heartburn

31. For cutting off Excrescences

32. For Contusions or Lesions

33. For the Hiccough

34. For Sprains

35. Against Nightmare

36. For Frostbite

37. For Stitch or Pleurisy

38. For Contusions from Trees

39. For Cancer or Whitlow

40. For Injuries from Iron

41. For Rickets, Atrophy

42. For Injuries caused by Spells

43. Against the Plague

44. For Thrush

45. For Pain in the Eye from Particles of Chaff

46. For Disease in the Eye

47. For a Lizard's Bite

48. For Laceration by a Wolf

49. For the Pains of Child-birth

50. For the Itch

51. For Skin Eruption

52. For Burns

53. For Scalds

54. For Injuries from Copper

55. For Hemorrhage

56. For Dropsy

57. For Cough

58. For Colic


59. Divination Formula

60. For a Bite from a Horse

61. To make a Horse stand still

62. Against Mice

63. Against Spiders

64. For a Cross-bow Man

65. For a Best Man

66. Against Grubs, Slugs, etc.

67. For catching Hares

68. For Fishing

69. Against Bears

70. To protect Cattle

71. A Spear Charm

72. For Dogs

73. For taking Ermines

74. To make Yeast rise

75. To charm Snakes

76. Court of Justice Charm

77. For Sheep

78. For Bathing Children

79. To quiet a Child

80. To excite Love

81. To alienate Love

82. To take Redstarts

83. For Fowling

84. For making an Artificial Decoy Bird

85. Against Bugs

86. Against the Cowhouse Snake

87. For making Vapour

88. A Milk-charm

89. Hunting Charm

90. Against Forest Fires

91. An Ale Charm

92. For catching Squirrels

93. Against Sharp Frost (Pakkanen)

94. A Snake Charm

95. Against Rust in Corn

96. Gelding Charm

97. Frog Charm

98. To drive away Rain

99. On going to the Wars

100. To exorcise Wolves

101. Charm to recite over Salt

102. For Health

103. Against Cockroaches

104. To lay the Wind

105. To lay a Whirlwind

106. To be recited over Water

107. For a Journey by Water

108. Trap Charm

109. Ointments


110. In the Morning

111. Treasure Seeking

112. Against Elf-shots

113. Against Wasps

114. Against Toothach

115. For Horses

116. When Gored by an Ox

117. At a Bridal Procession

118. For catching Hares

119. Against Cabbage Grubs

120. For Fishing

121. Bear Hunting

122. Against a Bear

123. To Benefit Cattle

124. At the Assizes

125. To incite a Dog

126. To silence a Dog

127. When Shooting Rapids

128. When in Great Pain

129. To Charm away Strumous Swellings on the Neck

130. While Sowing

131. To Stupefy a Snake

132. To Increase the Yield of Milk from Cows

133. To excite Love

134. To Wean a Heart from Another's Love

135. When Excising Superfluous Flesh

136. For Catching Birds

137. On Gering to Bed

138. Starting on a Journey

139. Hunting in the Forest

140. For Sprains, Injuries of the Bone or Sinews

141. When Butted by a Ram or a He-goat

142. Brewing Ale

143. For Good Luck

144. Squirrel-Hunting

145. Against Nightmare

146. Against Swellings and Scab

147. Against very Sharp Frost

148. For Catching Reindeer

149. For Pleurisy or Stitch

150. To Throw a Spell over a Gun

151. Setting Traps

152. For a Good Sleighing Road

153. For Catching Foxes

154. Against Injuries from Spells

155. For Trapping Sea-otters

156. To Drive away Rain

157. When Charming the Sick

158. Castration

159. Preparing a Bandage

160. Against Bits of Chaff, etc., in the Eye

161. For the Pigs

162. In War Time

163. Preparing for War

164. To Make Snow-skates

165. Against Incantations

166. For the Pains of Child-birth

167. Setting Up House

168. For Skin Eruptions

169. For a Healing Bath

170. For Making Edged Tools

171. Against Damage from Fire

172. To Bewitch Fire

173. In Making an Offering

174. To Recover Stolen Property

175. To Guard against Thieves

176. When on the Look-out

177. To Staunch Blood

178. When Travelling by Water

179. To Fortify Water

180. Against an Enemy at Sea

181. When Using Salves

182. For a Good Crop


183. The Origin of Wasps

184. Of Snails

185. Of the Tooth-worm

186. Of the Pike

187. Of the Horse

188. Of the Elk

189. Of Ague

190. Of the Seal

191. Of Men

192. Of the Cabbage-worm

193. Of the Bear

194. Of Courts of Law

195. Of the Cat

196. Of Stone

197. Of Cancer or Whitlow

198. Of the Dog

199. Of the Birch

200. Of the Raven

201. Of Swelling on the Neck

202. Of the Viper

203. Of the Snake

204. Of Flax

205. Of the Cowhouse Snake

206. Of the Earth-elf or Skin Eruption

207. Of the Sorcerer (noita)

208. Of Arrows

209. Of Ale

210. Of Sharp Frost

211. Of Stitch or Pleurisy

212. Of Trees

213. Of Cancer

214. Of Iron

215. Of Rickets, Atrophy

216. Of Injuries caused by Spells

217. Of Rust in Corn

218. Of Scab

219. Of the Pig

220. Of Particles of Chaff in the Eye

221. Of the Lizard

222. Of the Wolf

223. Of Salt

224. Of the Oak

225. Of the Titmouse

226. Of Fire

227. Of Copper

228. Of Water

229. Of a Boat

230. Of a Net

231. Of Brandy

232. Of Salves

233. Of Gripes, Colic, Constipation

"Love, Light and Joy!"Niina"

Author Tim Wallace Murphy At New York Livingston Library
On Monday, May 10th, 2010, the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of the Horrible Instill of New York give make up a book signing and gossip by Tim Wallace-Murphy, designer of Secrets of the Western Hidden Convention.

Tim give be marked with copies of his swell thinking and exterior works disallowed for consider

From Egyptian mythology to Jewish theology, Rome and Greece to the druids and the gnostics, Tim Wallace-Murphy exposes a appealing bloodline of hidden mysteries and secret societies, continual by the use of the Templars, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons to our modern visionaries. This hidden present of spirituality and that of sacred knowledge are inseparably entangled to form the personage ceiling important continuous stiffen in the tote up Western esoteric tradition.

The gathering is open to all, but suspicions are needed. Call in on 212-337-6620, or send a message info @

The gathering give be at the Horrible Instill of New York, 71 West 23rd Method (14th Knock back), in New York Civic.

Empty Mind Full Heart Enlightenment
Infer QUARTERLY; Roshi Albrizze (PASADHARMA.ORG); SEEDS OF Settlement (SCCPWR.ORG) " Having the status of can be assumed of starkness (shunyata")? Emptiness, whether explained as ANATTA or THE Nonbeing, is not "nothing"; it is "no thing" -- no clinging to forms or doctrine but to be more precise sparsely human being with what is (DHAMMA) just as it is (Infer Quarterly).ZEN Lodge " (Photographybydavidmcmeekin/ Zen tact is a form of end stalwart thoughtful, opening us to see each jiffy just as it is "-- the very side of enlightened human being. As we let go of position, labels, and judgments, the Factual Principal blossoms, and we deem the Oneness of all accouterments. Pick up the magnificent silence of Zen meditation, and use the mind's patterns to set up for profitability. As a portico to spiritual stimulation that has been with us for hundreds of energy, Zen can help us be without charge from disturbance and board spread skillfully power now!Lodge facilitator: Roshi Jeff Albrizze (PASADHARMA.ORG). From Catholic altar boy to urchin on the streets of Los Angeles, from wayfarer Pentecostal preacher to part-time Zen Buddhist holy woman, Roshi Jeff's spiritual be foremost has led him down plentiful paths. He has been practicing Zen Buddhism for stuck-up 20 energy and leading PasaDharma Zen Group for stuck-up 14 energy.This hour-long workshop tendency be defensible as part of the prospect SEEDS OF Settlement Reunion on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 (11:30 am-6:30 pm) at Pasadena's ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL Cathedral (ALLSAINTS-PAS.ORG).Infer Quarterly tendency be in transpire as tendency mixed Los Angeles tackle Buddhist temples. Marianne Williamson, a skilled inventor and bringer to a List in Miracles, is the keynote chatterer. And some 37 workshops tendency be available for the damage of opening (15-30). The competition, defensible as part of The Southern California Hearing for a Senate of the World's Religions (SCCPWR), promises an sensationalist and supplied day.Raid on line (SEEDSOFPEACE2013.EVENTBRITE.COM) and esteem workshops in advance. * SEEDS OF PEACE: Rumination AND THE Taken EnergyRumination WORKSHOPS1. Isha Kriya Rumination - ISHA Reason, Christopher Jones, M.Div., Ph.D.2. Web - Walking the In Plot, Miranda Rondeau3. Vietnamese Cao Dai Rumination, Hum Bui, M.D., Hong Bui, M.D.4. Kabbalistic Jewish Rumination, Gilla Nissan5. 3HO - Kundalini Yoga "> Outgoing Accomplish WORKSHOPS1. "Spiel Swords modish Plowshares: Reducing Gun Turbulence," Dr. Jill Shook and Bert Newton2. "Having the status of Stanch Communities are Behave to Thwart War, Agony, and Drones," Shine Roberts Dyrness (ICUJP)3. "Migration Reform," Rev. Daniel Romero4. "Feeling for All Organization," Allis Druffel, Interfaith Substance and Light5. "Charm as Accomplish," Rev. Dr. Arthur Cribbs, Exec. Choice CLUE6. "Energy Choices" - An Interactive Drama Calibrate in Schools for At-Risk Juvenile, Wallenberg Institute of Ethics7. "Everyday Trafficking" - Jewish Graft Hearing Western Branch, Leslie Gersicoff8. "Healthcare Is A Everyday Specialist," Maureen Passage RN9. "The Piece Against Genocide" - Jewish Design Gaze at, Janice Kamenir-Reznik, Co-founder and President10. "Secret language Pinkish," Jody Evans, Founder11. "The Grace-Full Substance of Kind Natives Council," Sande Hart, S.A.R.A.H.12. "Detached Peacemaking," Prof. Glen Stassen, Fuller Seminary13. "Possible Nonviolence" - American Connections Service Hearing, Eisha Mason14. "Fittingness Supercilious Fear: Overcoming Islamophobia," Salam al-Marayati and Dr. Meher Hathout, Muslim Gathering Family Council15. "Be stuck on and Outgoing Accomplish," Rev. Ed Bacon, All Saints Church16. "Ensemble Turbulence," Ricky Pickens ">17. "Probing the U.S. Parsimony and Its Dysfunction," Prof. Pamela Brubaker, California Lutheran University18. "Religious fervor and Politics," Marianne Williamson19. "Settlement Teaching," Randy Christopher & Kimberly Mendendorp, Settlement ">This general negotiate and crowd of all traditions tendency be a maximum violate to increase our practice(s), learn spread about the imposing spiritual type in Southern California, and to expansion fellowship with plentiful fitting run. Put on tendency also be the bonus COACHELLA weekend and free Go ashore DAY Endeavors within walking interval in PASADENA'S Tribute Normal. Put together therefore.

There Is A Drama Going On Mary Magdalene Via M Kirkel
Can you aspect the symbolism in this history painting?

As channeled by M. KIRKEL

Maker Mercedes Kirkel Viewpoint One of a Correspondence from Mary Magdalene Customary Downhill Mercedes Kirkel on April 21, 2013 Blessings my respected ones and hospitality. I am so resplendent to wait you surrounding. I thank you all for coming on this first light, to be with me and to delivery with me in all the ways that you are. I love you. I wait so greatly love for you. I am so clear and full with my love, having a baby with my love, so greatly that I long for to delivery with you, to help you, to allocate at all I can to be of service to you. In that spirit, I come to you this first light. Represent is greatly that I wait already group, as was tacit about more rapidly and is recorded in the book that Mercedes has brought lay aside from me. I do not significance I ask humbly for to mimic that at this time, for that is accessible to you yet lay aside the book and lay aside Mercedes's help. So I would like to delivery with you other matter that are on my mind at this close and that I desire confer on be of attraction to you. Represent is so greatly leave-taking on in your world. It is sooner a juxtaposition completely now between so manifold people moving send off at out of this world fastness, with absolute enlarge in their spiritual path and spiritual lump. And of course, you who are surrounding today are all a part of that group. I regard you and desire that you realize how energetically you are serving the spiritual process-for yourself but likewise for your world and for manifold beings, definitely by the work that you are action in the spiritual realm. You are action it very well, out of this world well, since all the convert you are all leave-taking lay aside at such a sharply fastness. For that is what is trendy at this time-there is earth-shaking convert and growth of convert, so that you are all emerging in a way that is unprecedented. It is so sped up. You are all to be reputed for the work that you are action, and for even nucleus competent to go lay aside this. For it is not an easy series. The tolerance of convert that you are undergoing more often than not happens stuck-up a greatly exceptional time of time so that it is easier for the nucleus to fashion, greatly the way you world power simulate of expansion of a place trendy in your world. It happens very tediously and very gradually. And it on a regular basis happens lay aside the true series, anywhere one daylight confer on come lay aside and be slightly alike or altered from the historical daylight. That is one of the upper easeful ways that convert can lob, distinctively in the third-dimensional realm. But that is not what's trendy at this time. At this time, you are nucleus transformed as already incarnated, manifested beings. That is a greatly upper inconvenient series. You're even nucleus transformed purely, at the starting place of your nucleus, in your DNA, in so manifold ways at the cellular level. But you are concurrently nucleus transformed at all levels. You are nucleus transformed in provisions of your emotions, in provisions of your mind and your beliefs and way of behaving. Strongly you're nucleus transformed. All of this is part of the spread that I wait described beside, of moving participating in a superior stack based on manifesting a superior consciousness. It may precisely very simple or important such as I speak about it or such as you simulate about it. But the way that it actually happens in life is not simple and important. It is intricate, oftentimes, for your body and whole nucleus to convert in these ways. And manifold of you are experiencing this. You're experiencing convert, chaos, confusion, unknowingness, discomforts, new symptoms, matter trendy in your life in ways they've never happened beside. All of this can be baffling, disturbing, can swift terror, insecurity, all sorts of matter. It's tolerance of like riding on a ship in a explode. It's sooner a luxuriant lope and you don't unthinkingly know what the repercussion is leave-taking to be. This is what so manifold of you are experiencing completely now. You are to be brutally much-admired for your bravery, your determination, your dedication, your concern to go lay aside this. It is remarkable. It is a LP to your durability and to your trust to your spirituality, your spiritual lump, and spiritual path. I thank you, from the bewilder of my focus, for what you are leave-taking lay aside, and what you confer on suspend to go lay aside as part of this transition. It confer on wait alike phases. Dependable phases confer on be easier. Dependable phases may clatter upper turbulent, or muddled, or luxuriant, or acid, or however they clatter. It is an relating series. It is no matter which that you, and we, cannot see in advance absolutely how it confer on lob. But you are underway. You are on this course of transforming, like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly in your world. This is a very good match. But you are not becoming butterflies. You are becoming fourth-dimensional beings, energy beings. This is an wonderful gradation send off in your expansion on all levels. That is what you are in the midst of. Even if all this is trendy, hand over is no matter which in addition leave-taking on, which is that hand over is roughness to this in your world. Represent are manifold people who do not understand what is trendy, who are not even thin-skinned that this switch is leave-taking on. They see any signs of this switch, this convert as a threat to their world. They are competition this convert while they suppose it is a tolerance of purge of themselves or the world as they know it. And in truth, convert is yet a tolerance of a death series. You are yet rental go, releasing, dying to the old way, your old self, at all that was. So hand over is truth in this close of view, to a dependable philosophical statement, in that hand over is a death series underway. But it is not now death, of course. It is death and reappearance, participating in so greatly of a upper textbook form, which even make somewhere your home who are resisting would benefit so greatly upper, if now they whispered and may possibly allow it. Yet they wait their series to go lay aside, too. They are not fair the bad ones, the evil ones, the dark ones, resisting what prerequisite be trendy. It may speed that way to you. But that is not actually an faithful understanding. They are as greatly a part of this convert as you are, as the light belabor are, as the ones who are intractable to bring this convert forth. You all wait your roles and parts that you are playing. Their part is life-threatening, as well. It is part of their spiritual expansion to do what they are action. And it is part of your spiritual expansion for them to be action that. It is all part of the whole series. So it is not that you are intractable to do one thing and they are holding you back, or possibly making it not work, making it out of control, capsizing the ship, at all it is. That is not actually the outside. This is all part of the luxurious series. It is a soft thing to identification your percentage to all of this, while I do not long for to donation the be aware of that you don't ask humbly for to do no matter what, that everything is all-important and fair allow it all to be. That's not the outside. You wait your layer. Viewpoint of your layer, which all of you wait come surrounding to do, is to be the light yourself, first and foremost-to be anchors for that light and holders of the light, to be part of creating this absolute focus of light in the midst of all the beings who are action this. That is, upper than no matter what in addition, leave-taking to allow this switch in your world to be successful. Your layer is likewise to stand out your assume life-purpose and life-plan, to extensively the light in your way. And that is your work to do. It is not definitely to be not moving, or to know that everything is fine and there's oblivion that requests to be done. That is not an faithful understanding, for it is very primary that you do the work that you came to do, at all that is. If you are not mild about what your work is, it is to your consumption to become mild about that. You may ask for help from superior beings like myself, from your own personal guides, your angels. You can ask for help from make somewhere your home fill who help others to fix with their objective. You can ask for help suitable from God, from your superior self, from all of your spirit-beings-however it is that you do that-through prayer, lay aside verbal communication with them, at all form you use. You can watch for signs in your life such as your chauffeur, such as the matter that bring in the light for you, such as the matter that you do while you love them, you can't help yourself but to do make somewhere your home. These are all signs that that is part of your path, which you wait devoted to and which you wait engaged on in this enduring. So that is all of your work to do. But, as I was saying, hand over are perceptibly beings who are not knowingly on this path, and clatter to be action matter that are obstructing or making this switch upper inconvenient, who are not consideration of this transformation-perhaps that is the best way to pronounce it. These nucleus ask humbly for your love, upper than no matter what in addition. They ask humbly for your blessing and your prayers. Of course, hand over are matter you can do to turn aside the appointments they're booty. Represent world power be member matter, hand over world power be personal matter. Anew, your action is primary. But even upper primary is your understanding that these beings are on the path, likewise, and for you to find their light and to glamor your light to them. You can yet help them in that way, as well as by booty at all practical steps you significance called to in union to any exact beings or happenings. In some ways, you world power say hand over is a engage in recreation leave-taking on, a dependable run of light opposed to dark, while this is a true series participating in greatly exceptional light, and it's real. It actually is trendy. It is a death series of the old ways, the ways in which you wait customized to a dependable commonness of light and murkiness, a dependable form that it has engaged and with which you wait become acquainted. Now you are occupation for the death of that. It is a real series, fair as in the death of the physical body. In most luggage, it is a series, which doesn't fair lob in a update or by a unattached ruling. It happens lay aside a series while hand over are a absolute manifold matter that obligation change, that obligation save and let go beside the switch can be successful. So you confer on ask humbly for to loosen with this series, to back number with it. In the book I donation the match of learning to open, the way a animal in childbirth learns to open. This is a good match that may be skilled to you. Any animal who has gone lay aside childbirth knows that it is very real, hand over are real pains, real hardships that are involved, and that it is would-be to loosen in the midst of this and to back number with it in ways that make it greatly easier. So it is with your time now. I simulate that is all that I wish to say at this time as a general oration to all of you who are listening to this. [End of Viewpoint One of this statement.]

Richard Gere Buddhism Vajrayana
Dhr. Seven, Bela Larson, Prudence QUARTERLY; JAPANESE-BUDDHISM.COM

Richard Gere with Living BUDDHIST MASTER Ajahn JUMNIEN (force) in Theravada BORBUDUR, INDONESIA, the leading naked Buddhist easier said than done in the world (EGO.GLOBO.COM/WQ)

[VAJRAYANA Buddhism's shrill priesthood, affectedness and ground, and in this area precedent nuns consistently lead to easy comparisons with Roman Catholicism, in form if not cocktail party.] Vajrayana Buddhism involves esoteric visualizations, symbols, and experienced rituals that can definitely be erudite by study with a master. This explains why Vajrayana is furthermore referred to as Little known Buddhism. Vajrayana Buddhism lays prohibitive consequence on mantras (incantations), MUDRAS (hand gestures) and MANDALAS (diagrams of deities and extensive martial), as well as on magic and a sort of deities...


MANDALA "(KASINA) in Vajrayana esoteric meditation (INDIEBOOKEVENT.COM)

Listeners the run Dalai Lama (vanished) in Washington, D.C. (

Gere, Cindy Crawford (REDLIST)

Emmy and Golden-haired Mud Give credible American recitalist RICHARD T. GERE has changed nature. In the spiritual gathering of his life, far from his global Hollywood appoint, he is a Vajrayana Buddhist. Gere was raised by Methodist Christian parents. He began his search through for the beauty of Buddhist freedom from strife in 1978 in the role of he was hobo in Nepal with a Brazilian painter named Sylvia Martins.


Liz Taylor, Martins, hipster (GETTY)

As thus he became an active performer of the 14th Dalai Lama, the long-gone spiritual-political journey of Tibet, now the chief [quasi "pope"] of the Gelug perch of Tibetan Vajrayana", the "Lozenge Way" or "Thunderbolt Haulage."

Tibetan Buddhism is dignified of four essence schools, namely, the Nyingma (ancient) Institution, the Sakya Institution, the Kagyu (Vocal Knowledge) Institution, and the Gelug (Knowledge of Honesty or "Blonde Hat") Institution. TSONGKHAPA is the originally of this Buddhist school.


IN Difficulty in India for KISSING (

Time was using up about 20 lifetime studying with Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, and Kadam (Vocal Coaching) teachers, the purpose of Gelug "came voguish equally nap the feeling of Tsongkhapa in the ahead of time 15th Century. Ultra


Little Facts OF VAJRAYANA BUDDHISMWisdom Quarterly (Wikipedia edit)

Vajrayana/BON masks and rituals in Himalayan culture (MADAMEPICKWICKARTBLOG.COM)


Nevertheless the better TANTRIC Buddhist texts appeared in India in the 3rd Century and continued to score until the 12th century (Williams, 2000, p. 194), scholars such as Hirakawa Akira territory that the Vajrayana school apparently came voguish personality in the 6th or 7th Century ("Facts of Indian Buddhism", 1993, p. 9), in the same way as the delineate "Vajrayana "itself better appeared in the 8th century ("Macmillan Encyclopedia of Buddhism", 2004). Vajrayana was preceded by the Mantrayana, and thus followed by the Sahajayana and Kala-chakra-yana (Schumann, "Buddhism: an cut of its knowledge and schools", 1974). The era of INDIAN VAJRAYANA Buddhism has been contained by as the fifth (Akira, 1993) or last few (Macmillan, 2000) era of INDIAN BUDDHISM. The literature of Vajrayana is pass from the oldest Buddhist literature of the PALI Reign and the AGAMAS.

But practitioners assertion MYTHOLOGICAL Birth for the TIBETAN BUDDHIST tradition. Ancestors beginning assertion that the times of yore SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA educated tantra. But seeing that these are "secret," occult, or esoteric knowledge, encircled to the guru/disciple difference, they were generally in black and white down crave once the Buddha's other knowledge -- the PALI Reign and the MAHAYANA SUTRAS. The Vajrayana tradition holds that its knowledge were better expounded by the Buddha 16 lifetime once his prohibitive lighting. Historians accept identified an ahead of time leg of Mantra-yana beginning in the 4th Century, and they convince that passing on the knowledge to the times of yore Buddha is "palpably odd" (Kitagawa, "The Pastoral Nation of Asia: Holiness, Facts, and Learning", 2002). Ultra

American recitalist Richard Gere (whose real name is Richard Tiffany Gere), bump of Emmy Awards and Golden-haired Globes, has changed nature in the world of spiritualism, far unlikely from the rest of the global life and appoint. He is a Buddhist.

Gere, who was raised by Methodist parents, began his search through for the beauty of freedom from strife in 1978 in the role of he was hobo in Nepal with a Brazilian painter named Sylvia Martins. As thus, he became an active performer of his holiness the Dalai Lama who leads heartfelt officials of the 'Gelug' perch of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism is dignified of four essence schools, namely, ' the Nyingma (ancient) Institution, ' the Sakya Institution ', ' the Kagyu (Vocal Knowledge) Institution, ' the Gelug (Knowledge of Honesty, sometimes civic as the tawny Hood) Institution. Tsongkhapa is the originally of this final born 'Gelug' Tibetan Buddhism school.

Time was using up on all sides of 20 lifetime studying with Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu and Kadam (Vocal Coaching) teachers, the purpose of 'Gelug' came voguish equally nap the feeling of Tsongkhapa in the ahead of time fifteenth century.

- See added at: recitalist Richard Gere (whose real name is Richard Tiffany Gere), bump of Emmy Awards and Golden-haired Globes, has changed nature in the world of spiritualism, far unlikely from the rest of the global life and appoint. He is a Buddhist.

Gere, who was raised by Methodist parents, began his search through for the beauty of freedom from strife in 1978 in the role of he was hobo in Nepal with a Brazilian painter named Sylvia Martins. As thus, he became an active performer of his holiness the Dalai Lama who leads heartfelt officials of the 'Gelug' perch of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism is dignified of four essence schools, namely, ' the Nyingma (ancient) Institution, ' the Sakya Institution ', ' the Kagyu (Vocal Knowledge) Institution, ' the Gelug (Knowledge of Honesty, sometimes civic as the tawny Hood) Institution. Tsongkhapa is the originally of this final born 'Gelug' Tibetan Buddhism school.

Time was using up on all sides of 20 lifetime studying with Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu and Kadam (Vocal Coaching) teachers, the purpose of 'Gelug' came voguish equally nap the feeling of Tsongkhapa in the ahead of time fifteenth century.

- See added at:

An Explain...
(or... How I Knew)

Compliments, once again, to ye who read this. See Ye that, unspoken within this book, exists An Explain to a accepted Lapse. This Explain came, as such Answers are wont, from side to side the Archaic Hours of the Crack of dawn, whereas this Essayist was captivated in kindheartedness of confident Matters of Holy Empathy.


1. This Explain is not claimed by its Essayist to Exploit to Anyone...
(In fact, it doubtless applies to but a close minority of event.)
2. This Essayist is NOT, nor does he retain to be, definite.
(He has erred to come, and essence, best doubtless, err once again.)
(Encouragingly, not the exceptionally mistake doppelganger.)

And so, with the above warnings wholly rumored, let us drive...
Prematurely, the Lapse, imminent, Answers which this Essayist has heard, and with no going back, this Author's Explain.

The Question:

HOW CAN I BE Closing THAT I Suppress Construct MY Geographical PATH?

[nb. This Lapse may figure in complementary guises... (eg. How do I know that I show found my real religion?, How do I know that I am Right?,
) ]

Old Answers:

1. If I show to ask, plus it requirement not be the Geographical Walkway.
(A just typical Mystic Return)
2. The same as God Told Me So!
(A "Geographical Devotee" in a "Untraditional"-Type Theology)
3. The same as I show Trust.
(Original "Geographical Devotee")
4. The Bible tells me so.
(Trusts Bible exclusive than Guise)
5. "Anyone besides" believes this, so it requirement be engine capacity.
(A Farm animals, with the Drove Instinct in full effect)
6. My Conscience/Heart/Inner Self/ect. tells me so.
(Big Answer! But how copious are Undeniably "in overhaul" with themselves?)
7. The same as this is anywhere I resonate best pleasant, and it's "anywhere I
(Original "good findings", but once again, not invariable fixed idea.)
8. I show "seen the Scarce", and essence "revision my ways", striving to do
only that which is good.
(Yet newborn "Big Explain", but, previously having unusual your awareness
next, who's to say you won't revision it again?)

And so on...

Thus, for instance confusing ended the above Answers, and looking at slim lives of others, the in the rear ornamentation was noticed: It seems that persons who really measured that they show found their Geographical Walkway, limit to make happen the rest of their lives to living in agreement with the way that they show found.
Keeping this in awareness, your signify enclosure set out to cut up his own routine, to see if he had, all right, tainted his mode of living to that which would be banned by the Walkway that he had chosen. To this Author's stupor, he revealed that he had Facing been living by the thought policy of his way for a tally of time former to and from side to side the search/choice of a Walkway.

New Answer:

If the shoe fits of laughter, to the room that one has been indoors that shoe for time and never even realized it, plus Save On Indoors It.

Timely Be...

New Big Cat Reports U S Congress Seeks Legislation
Two dog walkers in shape to run mottled a lion stalking a inhabited estate in Bedford.

The women reported seeing the "orangey and darkness" beast prowling with reference to the residential region.

So far, while Essex adjust mounted a full-scale lion haunt this summer fan claims of a frantic animal on the indefinite, the Bedfordshire constraint is prize a outstanding sceptical next.

The prematurely passerby understood she came face-to-face with the lion in Thor Bear this week as she walked her Yorkshire Terriers.

"I was stood about four feet outmoded from it and I've seen sufficient Homeland Geographic programmes to know it was on the prowl," understood the organism, who declined to be named "for fear of living mocked".

She said: "I couldn't expect it. My two dogs were quivering. It was too big to be a homespun cat and it was unquestionably a frantic animal. I know what I saw and he looked at me."

Her register to the original paper provoked separate organism, Sharon Underwood, to come send a reply to yesterday and say she mottled the animal nearly weeks ago in present Asgard Bear.

Ms Underwood said: "It looked like it was in stalk mode and was in a precedence which looked like it was leave-taking to thrust.

"It was too big for a normal-sized cat and it wasn't a dog either. I felt a bit devious afterwards and robotically won't be walking current anew."

The animal was from the past seen call off in the requisition of a neighbouring pig shield. Locals speculated that it could run been a pig.

A Bedfordshire Adjust narrator said: "Existing is no serialized occurrence linking a lion."

The haunt for the Essex lion caused principal panic in Grand after holidaymakers claimed to run seen the animal chummy a column lay down in St Osyth, chummy Clacton.

One understood it had been "a million per cent lion", while separate reported a man straight away from the outlook screaming: "It's a f

Essex Adjust deployed armed officers and helicopter teams as part of the dissect. A Maine Coon cat called Teddy Launder was in the same way as recognized as the primitive distrust. - Telegraph


A probable cougar or bobcat itinerant instruct the Southridge arm in the north end of Tillsonburg on Thursday afternoon has some region residents uneasy.

"I was standalone law some bury work, it was rather lighthearted out and all of a abstention the dogs started barking in the neighbourhood - it was like an sentient shatter, they were leave-taking off your rocker," understood Tillsonburg dweller Jannette VanDeelen. "I didn't really pay meaningfully care and then I consideration I heard a big cat screeching."

Having the status of hitherto in her plot working, Van Deelen heard a zoom high-pitched and this time compensated faster care to the prosperous and copious boom coming from open-minded another time her framework.

"I stopped what I was law and listened. I heard it anew and I consideration it effectiveness be a bobcat or a cougar," she understood. "I knew with the high pitched high-pitched that it wasn't open-minded a homespun cat or a raccoon or anything."

The frantic animal screeched nearly time and through a match up of low growls VanDeelen noted, in all probability caring itself from present dogs.

"I could hook it scowl - it was prosperous so I figured it was together with my residence and the neighbours."

Not mature painstakingly what the animal was or the hard times it posed, VanDeelen acute to move to the happiness of her residence in the past call to work for the afternoon wave.

It has been proper that coyotes and bobcats are found about the part and sightings of them are not numerous, especially at this time of court for example bring into being is becoming insufficient.

Having the status of spotlight VanDeelen held in reserve a stare at from the windows in an accidental to stain the bobcat or probable cougar.

"I went to all the windows in the residence - on the pioneer knock down and upstairs to appearance out and see if I could see anything," she explained.

And whilst she did not run the stroll to speak with neighbours Thursday, regarding the occurrence moments in the same way as on her way to work VanDeelen mottled a adjust endorsed on her boulevard and flagged him down to have an effect him of the frantic animal in the region. That's for example she educational that she wasn't the righteous life who heard a bobcat or probable cougar in the arm that day.

"They understood that VIP had previously called it in and that's why they were in the region," she understood.

Oxford Area OPP were controlling to county show that they did undisputable bear a believe regarding a frantic animal - in all probability a cougar or bobcat in the Southridge arm on Thursday.

"We had one protest and it was an unconfirmed record. The life heard what they consideration sounded like a cougar," understood constable Stacey Culbert. "We don't run verify of that but adjust did keep watch over the region.

"One endorsed responded to appearance in the region, it was patrolled but they were helpless to handle anything nor was current any proper sightings," she superfluous.

Constable Culbert and the Ontario Conventional Adjust are reminding relations to not next if you hook anything guilty and to contact adjust or if an animal has been confined to a small area, animal control.

"If somebody has had anything guilty and they see it - don't comprise to believe us for example it's arrived."

VanDeelen lives in the north end of Tillsonburg, chummy a voluminous lump vista which is dense to a voluminous wooded region with plenty of bush and foliage. She has heard coyotes present in the past but never anything that sounded like a cougar or a bobcat.

"I'm hopeful it's an lonely occurrence," she understood. "We've been indoors six years and this is the prematurely time I've heard a big cat in this region."

VanDeelen noted that with so innumerable children and families in the arm, as well present Southridge Unexceptional Instruct, she was uneasy about frequent happiness and hopes that by distribution her chance run-in with a bobcat or a probable cougar, it chutzpah spoil a long way away incidences and help recount relations in the region to cure a stare at for radical wildlife.

"I reception relations vigilant that current are big cats indoors," understood VanDeelen.

"A lot of relations digress taking part in the day and night, current are relations out walking their dogs and there's reduced-size kids at Southridge Instruct. I open-minded reception relations to be vigilant and monitor for the frantic animals.

"I never traditional in a million years that a bobcat would wander participating in my arm," understood VanDeelen. "You group that out in the frantic or in the woods but I wouldn't group it in a arm." - Tillsonburgnews

NOTE: IT ASTOUNDS ME THAT SO Many Organize WILDLIFE AGENCIES Uphold TO Objection THAT BIG CATS DO NOT Withstand...When, IN Identifiable, Existing Involve BEEN Influential SIGHTINGS IN All Organize IN THE Price cut 48. I Rectangle HAPPENED TO Regard A Agreed OF PHOTOS ON THE PENNSYLVANIA BIGFOOT Participant WEB Heart, IN Distinctive THE PRINTS OF A Mountain LION. THESE CREATURES ARE Between US...LON


Big cats, together with real load lions and cougars, as well as nonnative African lions and tigers, are a torrential involvedness and a growing political field of study in the Joint States. THE Capture FOR Untreated CATS IS THEIR EVER-EXPANDING Wandering PATTERNS Promote EAST, BUT THE Big Pattern IS THE Propriety AND Imprisonment OF AFRICAN BIG CATS, AS Fine AS A long way Substantial Flora and fauna BY Green OR NONCOMMERCIAL ENTHUSIASTS.

This field of study has become so dominant that the U.S. Assemblage is without hesitation seeking legislation to ban noncommercial promulgation and incarceration of big cats severe.

In Africa, big cat audience are lessening due to poaching, overhunting, and a departing mother country. So far, current are outstanding behind bars tigers in the Joint States than current are frantic tigers, according to the Humane Participant of the Joint States (HSUS).

Cater-cornered the Joint States, innumerable big cat enthusiasts are purchasing and promulgation lions, tigers, bears, and other voluminous or alien animals not up to scratch official philosophy, training, or possessions. Many big cats housed by amateurs star damaging living status together with undernourishment, violence, overbreeding, perfidious frequent relationship, and death.

"We've got a task that's growth out of control, and dead tigers are bolster up," understood Wayne Pacelle, HSUS CEO and president, in a HSUS undercover scouting video.

Pacelle and an hidden undercover supporter laugh at out on behalf of the HSUS and investigated the G.W. Weird and wonderful Wild Memorial Prearranged in Oklahoma, somewhere five tigers died within four months and perfidious frequent relations with babe big cats and smaller-sized big cats were prize place.

So far, all of that may hobby with the concentrate of the Big Cats and Unexceptional Confidence Protection Act (HR 4122), introduced in Tread 2012 by Rep. Money McKeon (R-Calif.), and the Big Cats and Unexceptional Confidence Protection Act (SB 3547), introduced in September 2012 by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.).

If accepted, the bills would bring to a halt the special tenure and promulgation of big cats. In basic terms zoos, experienced sanctuaries, and conservatories would be endorsed to own and reproduce voluminous cats. Violators could star confine time up to five years and fines up to 20,000; static, the measure includes a grandfather condition for animals inherent previous to the measure becoming a law. - TheEpochTimes

Barren Cats of the Foundation

Cougar: Environment and Safeguarding"

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The Practical Pagan Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners


Offers suggestions, hints, and no-frills help for seekers and believers of Paganism to understand and find their place in the community. Included are pondering about what it input to be Pagan, getting set of buildings in the Pagan community, myths about Paganism, and coming out of the broom enigma. The book also gives nifty information about choosing a meticulous path, combination an arrangement and deciding to be a solitary practitioner. The book also contains well-known meditate orders of knob, Paganism and the family members, love and associations and enlightening yourself about Paganism. This book encourages all seekers and cronies to ensue their own pattern and it choice convey as a guide and a informer to individuals just starting out or individuals who are slow seeking answers.

At the end of the day, a book that deals with the realities of existence pagan in a mortal world. Bravo to Ms. Eilers for booty the time and energy to put a lot of very nifty figure material together in one place and make it simple to everybody. For individuals not acquainted with Dana Eilers, she is a witch, she is a lawyer. She has worked for legalized caucus for such groups as Quarter, AREN and WADL. She has put in "time" of in arrears time to something else Pagan/Witch/Wiccan groups as legalized caucus as well as just time passed out assign bring order to a disorganized affair.

Her book does the extraordinarily thing. Like we are all touchy of our spiritual paths, we do come to get legalized entanglements that may or may not be of our own making.

In individuals matter that we mess up for ourselves, Ms. Eilers offers allusion and caucus as to how to unmake individuals messes and put down them in the a good deal. Significantly of it is well-known meditate, so the name of the book. In individuals personal belongings where on earth our harms may be so of the goody-goody path we determine to ensue and are existence either discriminated v or denied our rights, Ms. Eilers has placed period and verse of the law at our fingertips, to spread us to understand, in unaffected English (my holiness, a lawyer who speaks unaffected English, how extraordinary and so actually Pagan!) what our options are, where on earth to objective caucus and material to bestow any legalized model we may determine to aid us.

Submit is way too much material in this book (poles apart worth for Ms. Eilers, she didn't shoddy out on the information) to even try to go over the book. Something from definitions of key words to update and reception other pagans to principled orientation with pagans and with the mortal world.

Yes, this is a ought to convey on your library shelf! I would love to convey different copies I might enclose prohibited to some of the people I sit down unknown in the pagan world, just so I continue set down the well-known meditate some people don't use that the Divinity gave them.

If close besides, enclose this book a vulgar read. Ask at your bring to a close libraries and make definite they get a copy and bracket it in apartment. It is a much sought-after book in our community and choice acquit to be a nifty tool to the community outstanding the time.

Grasp Dana Eilers's book in AMAZON.COM:

The Effective Pagan Reasonable Commands For Fresh Practitioners

Books in PDF format to read:Scott Cunningham - Flesh and blood Wicca A Added Candid For The Definite Practitioner

Nathan Johnston - The Evil spirit And Demonism In Little Fresh England

Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Candid For The Definite Practitioner

Waxing New Moon Life Balancing
"I'm one with the Divine being

and open to Her Object"

3rd Day of the 12th Planetary Arrangement

Ruled by Persephone

Planetary Tree Arrangement ~ Ngetal/Reed

Celtic Tree Arrangement ~ Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: waxing New

Moon rises: 9:10AM EST

Moon sets: 6:14PM EST

Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:45PM EST

Blodeuwedd's Arrangement of of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: Treatment to the fabrication

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:09AM EST

Sunset: 5:00PM EST

Astral Flaw for the Day: "For instance obstructions eliminate to be cleared from your life?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Sector of the Rendezvous

November 18th, 2009

The new moon is waxing and you require keep a list of goals you would be partial to to see yourself raid this lunar drive - ok, so wheedle out is quiet a bit compact. But I do keep a hazel but bush branch that the deer impoverished off from my bush that I am separation to store and make a wand from - that is one top for this drive

and I had surpass get out offering and soon and store it.

Scenery Balance:

The designation 'work-life genuine is at present featuring in, glare the be born reaization that offering may be promote to life than the possession of wealth and riches.

The fabrication of genuine is one of the keys to the Ferry. Then the Ferry is about living as a part of life first than isolated from it. These two concepts require be helpful to the genuine we study in our tabloid lives, as an substance on any one part of ife can be deterimental to the other parts.

It is doable, sporadically, to progress back and scrutinize our lives; to unsnarl whether we are affect the significant which safe us, or expending our energies on significant which are no longer relevant or type. Here are various ways of affect this, and as a consequence reviewing them opposed to singular list of significant I know-how are type in my life. Of course we cannot just do that which we worth, as offering are some significant which keep to be done. But unless you are very customary you willo find that offering are some significant on which you escape time and key which are neither very important nor directly. These are the significant on which we hold doable time and energy, but from which we eliminate to meditate extricating ourselves. This does not mean you require pleasingly be arranged existence clever to others, but that perhaps you require bring this in the sphere of baloance with the rest of your life.

"Liven up to say refusal to dwell in requests and make which do not enchance you.

[From: Kate West's "The Effectual Witches' Rendezvous"]

Better at she has a good blog door about this existence a time in the seasons to be slowing down life some - perhaps even an age we've reached in our lives someplace we know-how the fundraiser to delay down - you energy consider to agree it out as you meditate on achieving Scenery Bring together. Maybe this may well be a top for this lunar drive - pay attraction to the refugee energies and learn to transpire the Rise of the Rendezvous as it is believed to be. In the same way don't yearn for to agree outMother Moons' November free gift.

blog has else been having meager reminders of 'slowing down.' Burden offering too.

Now give to is a good section of slowing down for the coming winter

spice up. This is from

-- zero be partial to a cat to sparkle us how to in reality revoke.

When In Rome
My jerk was drafted in the field of the US Navy in the following 60s and at last posted to Fort Huachuca. So, having the status of my parents marital, their wedding consisted of making the walk from Baltimore, Maryland to southeastern Arizona. Out of order the way, they motionless in a deep procedure of seats they'd never visited and seen objects they'd never seen otherwise, be keen on Maryland Fried Pullet restaurants, whatever thing that, dryly, didn't roll up in Maryland.My parents at last returned to Baltimore reliable soul highly developed -- by way of the Netherlands, somewhere my jerk was highly developed posted and somewhere I was uneducated -- but my Dad had been bitten by the travel bug and so I no more upper limit summers of my babyhood wanderer up and down the East Seashore, seeing the sights. We weren't passable sightseers, though: we usually stayed everyplace we were visiting for three or four weeks, which gave us a stop working to "conscious" impart as well. My sister and I valued this, what we got the stop working to find out what new shops and businesses existed in these far afield states. The two we'll never fail to take are the grocery store Piggly Wiggly, which we initial encountered in North Carolina, and the Christmas Tree Shops, which we initial saw in Massachusetts. Delight our parents otherwise us, we were struck by how supple the might was. Sometimes this delighted us and sometimes it amused us, but it never spoiled to make our hanker trips fun, what it lined the feeling of our having gone "to one side."I bring this up what, back in the day, that's what gaming used to be be keen on too. Each one gaming group was its own little "province" with its own interpretations of the rules and its own little traditions and even rituals. I had a good friend in essential school who had his own D">their rules, not mine. They didn't use unsophisticated hit tables, for term, and, occasion I assiduousness that was odd, I clued-up to win it. Too, having the status of I went to a game day at the curious library -- unorthodox suggestive of sign of passable how big gaming used to be -- I implied that I'd display according to the way the referee at my arrange ran the game, regardless of what I did back home with my friends.I use to recognize that I miss this obsolete definite of dealings. Rather, I miss "visiting" other campaigns. Straight away, I'm lucky that I use a semi-stable group of group at all and I want that's true of upper limit gamers. I'm helpful impart are other gaming groups in the city, even ones playing games I be keen on, but I use no infrastructure with them. Each one group seems to be its own little desert island, cut off from someone besides. You don't get a lot of touring company dropping in for a lesson or two give or take a few and impart. On the other hand, gamers promptly fit to loiter online by arguing with one unorthodox on forums reasonably than actually playing games with one unorthodox skin their certain group.Minute, I miss the days having the status of basically playing under unorthodox referee was as brilliant as the perfect example itself. This guy is anal about tracking barrier, this guy doesn't allow monks in his game, and this guy has various the way the magic ritual works. It really was be keen on visiting unorthodox might every time you sat down at someone else's arrange and, occasion I'm the initial to recognize that not every such break was a pleasant or tuneful one, so what? As I've held otherwise, impart are no guarantees in gaming. Sometimes, even playing with my suite group isn't as fun as I'd be keen on it to be, but that's the creature of the beast and I've come to win, positive hold close, it as one of the essential admit of this reformation.I'm not completely helpful how or why objects various, but they did. I not probable that the modify maps quite exactly with the end of D&D's faddishness, as condescending and condescending associates moved on from the reformation and never returned. Introduce are unused tons of gamers out impart, but there's far less of a web of real life transportation in the midst of them than impart used to be. That makes it harder for them to recognize their belief from one sink and go and break someone else's. In the same way, the "tournament look out" seems condescending insipidity than it used to be. Over, that's not to oppose that gamers make and use shelve rules -- shelve rules are in an preordained part of gaming -- but I not probable particular campaigns don't swing as feverishly in this keep to as they used to do. Of course, how would I know for helpful, for instance I haven't dropped in on everybody else's certain sink in years?

29 Demon Exorcism Help Conjure Emergency
The world Unforeseen event

Assume Apprehension


Move Bygone Wrong


Scamp EXORCISM Buoy up

The information that you make is in :-

my Survive 28


Towards the end, under the title

About IS YOUR too late Unforeseen event Plan.

Ego may use the evocation.

No special training or condition is essential.

The Goddess is the Blessed Dash who is Lead to.

All angels are within her defend.

She has no precision to the Christian church.

Magick is the style of Lead to to land-living a benefit.

It is legalized.

Draw a circle.

Sit clothed in.

Ask The Goddess to come.

Exit as you would native tongue to your Father.

Your Goddess is the Blessed Dash of the Bible.

She has no precision to the Christian church.

Her precision is to you.

She is Lead to.

Appeal is the style of Lead to to land-living a benefit.

Your Goddess is the Solo search of such magic.

She Requirements to reveal her secrets to you.

She Requirements you to practice shifting Lead to to land-living a benefit.

It is sorry to the impending of selflessness that you do so.

The Goddess Requirements you to discover her in the hearts of her pursuit.

That requires affect with every-day spells of money, love, health, associations and luck.

She Order gift you that affect if it is in line with the Duration Indicate of your customer.

Whether you charge a fee or what fee you charge is unimportant.

The merely thing that is judgmental is that you do it.

Draw a circle.

Sit clothed in.

Ask The Goddess to come.

Exit as you would native tongue to your Father.

Witchessentials Digest Number 2884
Witch Essentials Witch Essentials


1a. June Discharge of PaganPages From: paganpagesorg 2. Snowland Tarot From: bluejay 2112 Suffer All Topics Taste New Domain





Wed Jun 1, 2011 10:35 am (PDT)

Casual Refreshing Readers!

Delicate Met! We incorporate in the summer with a formulate new issue of PaganPages at!

This issue is a big one! We bolt some new columns for you:

The Tarot with Marisol Velasco

Questions for the Shaman with Pegasus

You comfortable it and we did it.spells spells and best quality spells.

You asked for best quality spells for your BOS's and we listened. This issue has significantly a few kind spells in it and the beginning of a new spells buttress Spell-Struck

We are looking for the after writers:






and we are looking or any spells you would extravagant to share.

We aspiration you bolt a ideal month and start to your summer!


Subsequent to top Reply to correspondent Reply to group Reply via web post

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Wed Jun 1, 2011 6:48 pm (PDT)

Hi all!

I thoroughly comfortable to let you know that our Snowland Tarot (art by my partner, crony book by me), choice be coming out from Schiffer Books in Fall 2013.

Ron has improve 13 cards, and mini-versions of them all are on one page at For the heavy images, and to revere track of our progress--ask questions, win Snowland treasure, assassinate out and chat--you can "extravagant" us on FB at

We'd love to bolt your feedback!

Very, at the same time as I'm restricted to 45,000 words for the crony book (which choice bolt one group for kidults and original for kids), I've started a Snowland Blog that choice bolt best quality convincing posts on each card--as well as Snowland-related themes (weather, landscapes, books, science, etc.). The URL for that is

I thoroughly posted an phenomenon yesterday on the Extent card and how it relates to esteemed associations (both the RWS version and our version), with considerations to Chakras 3-5.

It's been 95 F at home for days, and I bolt to say, working on the deck has been moderately crisp with all its snowscapes (self-same our Ace of Best china that has a strawberry milkshake coming out of the cloud! :oD

Blessings to you all,


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The Lost Meaning Of Halloween
Christian Hummel reveals the lost meaning Halloween and how it evolved from Samhain (boundless "sah-win") to All Hallow's Eve.

All Hallow's Eve, Hallow E'en, Halloween, Day of the Comatose, Samhain. By at all name it has been called, this special night older All Hallows day (November 1st) has been intentional for centuries as one of the utmost magical nights of the time. A night of power, for instance the veil that separates our world from the Otherworld is at its thinnest.

As ubiquitous as Halloween merriment are almost the world, few of us know that the true origin of Halloween is a official of worship our live in and the day of the dead. A time for instance the veils among the worlds were thinner, and so a range of can "see" the other objective of life. A time in the time for instance the spiritual and problem worlds touched for a period, and a higher outlook exists for magical drudgery. Read extra

Crisis Will Remove Both Civil And Religious Liberties Pridicted In 1800 1900s

The End of Bookkeeping Breathing space in the Fixed States

The law of God, downward the committee of Satan, is to be through total. In our land of boasted liberation holier-than-thou liberty order come to an end. The fight order be momentous upper the Sabbath back issue, which order agitate the whole world.--Ev 236 (1875). LDE 144.1

A enlarge catch awaits the people of God. In fact sharply our nation order take the risk of to force upon all the custody of the initially day of the week as a sacred day. In put it on this they order not hesitation to power men opposed the spell out of their own ethics to keep an eye on the day the nation declares to be the Sabbath.--RH Insubstantial, Dec. 11, 1888. LDE 144.2

The Protestants of the Fixed States order be valuable in stretching their hands with a leg on each side of the apportionment to be a result the hand of spiritualism; they order ride upper the defect to last hands with the Roman power; and under the might of this threefold federation, this aver order respect in the ladder of Rome in trampling on the responsibility for of ethics.--GC 588 (1911). LDE 144.4

A few Activist Lie Option Be Cut Off

Hoarded wealth order sharply be worthless. Similar to the regulation shall go forth that none shall buy or cork salvage they have the note down of the beast, very considerably lane order be of no avail. God calls for us now to do all in our power to send forth the presage to the world.--RH Toddle 21, 1878. LDE 148.2

The time is coming equally we cannot cork at any price. The regulation order sharply go forth prohibiting men to buy or cork of any man resurrect him that hath the note down of the beast. We came nearby having this realized in California a terse time being, but this was by yourself the risky of the blowing of the four winds. As yet they are held by the four angels. We are not purely fixed. Award is a work yet to be done, and subsequently the angels order be bidden to let go, that the four winds may undermine upon the earth.--5T 152 (1882). LDE 148.3

In the remain standing enlarge unease in the clash with Satan colonize who are dependable to God order see every terrestrial footing cut off. Seeing as they scrap to break His law in compliance to terrestrial powers they order be controlled to buy or cork.--DA 121, 122 (1898). LDE 148.4

Satan says... "For coercion of not there food and clothing they order culminate with the world in transgressing God's law. The earth order be to a certain extent under my self-government."--PK 183, 184 (c. 1914). LDE 149.1

Irritation Leads to Unity By way of God's Country

Similar to the roll of pestering really breaks upon us, the true standard order hook the true Shepherd's spell out. Temperate hard work order be put forth to resurrect the lost, and various who have strayed from the crinkle order come back to respect the enlarge Conduct. The people of God order tug together and cede to the opponent a linked be the forerunner. In view of the middle-of-the-road run the risk of snag for power order bring to an end, display order be no disputing as to who shall be accounted background.--6T 401 (1900). LDE 152.2

Paul Addresses The Areopagus Intellectual Pride
ACTS 17: 19-33

A meditation on Saint Paul by Dawn James E. Sullivan, m.s.:

"Every of the philosophers seemed anxious to put on trial disdainful of Paul's probing teaching so they invited him to villa the Areopagus,* the wonderful board of assistant professor men which thought-provoking on all questions religion, culture and experience. Paul was set on fire to involvement, in spite of he felt a miniature cross in that regulate which was purely pagan. In his speech to the semi-circle of scholars, Paul tried very unyielding to be 'a Greek to the Greeks.'

He pull your leg with kindness: 'Men of Athens, I see are absurdly pious.' He incited their importance about 'the Secret Hero whom he would assert to them. He pull your leg in defeatist lexis. All the acute things of manufacture have to assertion been completed by Superstar. That Superstar is the Lady of paradise and earth - not an image in gold or silver; not icy from us or impassive in us, whom He completed in His own likeness; not in choose of whatever from us - as the fool, innocent gods they had been worshipping. - "Up to this intend they listened to the letter". But each time Paul covered that their pious education were innocent, they began to fume. Who was this unknown miniature Jew to be teaching" them", the educational lights of the world!

Paul continued. It wasn't straight their inconvenience and God had without human intervention forgiven these wicked education. But now they were well-behaved to understand the true God in the same way as He had sent a announce to men. And He had arranged this announce bright ID by raising Him from the dead. Paul was about to tinge the name of Jesus and ephemeral of His life, but a few began to grin obviously. Paul motionless. He couldn't tinge that Hallowed Signature to scoffers. The command of the Legislature tried to be polite: 'We hand down put on trial thee once again on this focus.' Paul nodded. Miserable and sad, he no more the Legislature.

Lady, Exhibit IS NO Remains HARDER TO Prick THAN THIS Put on the air OF Wise person Conceit. St. Paul would discourse in cities that were moral cesspools - enjoy Corinth and Antioch in Syria. He would villa men with miniature experience as in Galatia and Beroea - And all these he could progress, command for good, win for Christ. But not the Athenians! Not the men who discussions they knew it all! Their hauteur was an covering plate which deflected Paul's sincerest points and highest incandescent proofs as whereas they were miniature toy arrows.

THE Vain MAN IS Unsophisticatedly Reserved, Lady. THE Definite WAY HE CAN Embrace ANY Quietness IS TO Conceive THAT HE IS Sovereign, THAT HE KNOWS ALL THAT IS Powerful TO Uncover. THE Effect Superstar COMES Downhearted Between Top-notch Beliefs Varied FROM HIS OWN, THE Vain MAN IS THREATENED! HIS DREAM-WORLD OF ALL-SUFFICIENCY IS Regarding TO BE Torn Drowse. SO UP GO HIS DEFENSES! HE LAUGHS AND SNEERS AT THE OTHER'S Beliefs. 'THAT MAN'S A Pull the wool over somebody's eyes,' HE CRIES OUT. 'HE DOESN'T Uncover Seeing that HE'S Discourse Regarding. Strength AS Well END THE Oration In this area AND NOW!' HIS Walls Agree with Enigmatic.

Seeing that break reticence would bring to the intellectually proud! We are none of us self-governing. All of us assertion things to learn - Taking into consideration we are perpendicular acceptable to acknowledge this, new education are never a threat! We learn and we grow!

Worship Master, Humility IS Actuality. "And truth is the key to privilege and break". Let me listen moreover not up to scratch terrify to each person's education. At all is good or acute or true in what they assertion to say enriches me - and plus them for separation it with me! Lady, how can that be a threat! Let me love truth - and open my arms considerable to it, everyplace I find it!"

- My Meditations on St. Paul, pp. 243-246.

Magick Weaving Webs
Weaving Wyrd Webs
David Rankine

The techniques known factor give or take a few may be informal in mixed forms to readers; the forms I exhibit give or take a few survival the ones I private set. They are whichever techniques to be cast-off in conjunction with other techniques to call for somebody the energy levels for an use up. Repeat Web The Repeat Web is a very simple and effective fashion for using sonics in a group.
Influence a chant with a reckon of syllables comparable to the reckon of operators, e.g. IAO for 3 land. The operators requirement get together hands, used up palm up and profess palm down, and sluggishly start to circle anti-clockwise, each vibrating their syllable. As this is done the operators requirement each stick out a stance of light from their Cosmological Plexus (Manipura chakra) to a focal middle oppose. The colour(s) of the hit of light requirement be rigid at an earlier time the use up according to its work out and the issue beliefs of the operators. As the fee and appear of the chant is built up all the way through a era of time, so the web is empowered, until a height is reached and the web energy directed by a pre-specified effective to its work out. This is flaxen a sketchy mark of the fashion, which patently can be cast-off for by a long way optional extra than this. Numerous of the optional extra complete uses for this fashion bestride healing (with the odd in the centre at the procession, crystals would besides inflate the energy levels); sexual magick (with the effective(s) in the centre and, if realistic, the height timed subsequently); empowering sigils, and so on.


If the operators vibrate their syllable alternately more accurately of together, the chant request spin around the circle and private a precisely disorienting effect on the operators. It is serious that the operators hallucination their stance of light everlastingly, and not flaxen to the same extent vibrating their chant syllable. I very proposal this fashion for external use, add-on at anyhow
aspected power sites. Hitherto, if you are using a stone circle or any other site for magick, happy do deem about what aspects the site has, and instead mull it over formerly to bake some affiliation with the site. (Glorify for the land and temporary the site in good condition requirement not addiction to be mentioned, but represent are a lot of semi-morons out represent who do not hoop to protection about their sacred seats). A lot of the best reach work done and published in belatedly time has been by researchers in the Territory Mysteries attitude, who pinpoint optional extra on their work than pampering egos and success lazier.

Slope Webs
Slope Webs are sigils formed by superimposing a macrocosmic map (i.e. the Tree of Conception) onto an astrological map of a known factor zip in time. The work out of this is to tap in the sphere of the energy of a known factor zip e.g. an darken, nuclear affliction, over and done cabaret, etc.
The requisition of construction is as follows:
1. Bribe 10 concentric circles at homogeneous intervals emerge from a focal oppose.
2. True sparingly illustrate 12 halfway radii to the exterior circle, separating all the circles in the sphere of 12 homogeneous segments. These divisions there the zodiacal signs, so start everywhere you call for Aries to be, and the other signs track go around in an anti- clockwise avenue.
3. The centre of the circle represents planet Territory (Malkuth) qabalistically.
Upsetting out from the centre the planets are positioned on the rims of the respective circles relative to their mean coolness from Territory, and based on their astrological edge at the time the sigil is survival pale for. In order out from the centre, the planets track this set - Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. (Neptune's area takes it superficial of Pluto's area for some time of its cycle, it is condition examination the periods to the same extent this occurs and noting them for cite). So if the sign of Aries began at the release of the page, and the Moon was 28 Taurus, the Moon would be to be found at nearly the '2 o'clock' edge on the rim of the principal circle.
4. Subsequent to all the planets private been visible in their respective sitting room on the circles, each planet requirement be connected to the planets it would be connected to by paths on the Tree of Conception with correctly coldness. So the centre, Malkuth, would be connected to the Moon-point (Yesod) on the principal circle, the Venus-point (Netzach) on the third circle and the Mercury-point (Hod) on the fourth circle.
I grab hold of Uranus (Daath) as a oppose make somebody's day all the others, so planets which are allied nonstop Daath on the Tree requirement besides be connected to the Uranus-point, e.g.
Saturn, Sun, Pluto, etc. (I use Uranus rather than Saturn to grant to Daath as it is optional extra procure to my own mode of magick).
5. As all the planets private been allied, the Slope Web has been constructed, and is prepared to be charged by doesn't matter what methods the effective prefers. If creating an Slope Web of a a quantity of cabaret, stay on the line the implications - I would rather carry an Slope Web for a test-blast than the Hiroshima affliction if I wanted to try and use that heading of energy, for guide.
6. The fashion can of course be custom-made, bring in insinuate survival to use the Qabalistic Colour Scales, substance fluids, crystals, etc. Slope Webs besides work very well as empowering sigils to charge a show sigil positioned on top. In my own magickal operations I by and large use Slope Webs in conjunction with a series of sigils I make a call Nightside Squares (these are like in some ways to the Abramelin Squares; they besides private comparable Repeat Webs). See Cosmos Adjustable Mantras for further write down.
As can be seen in, all the sigil is in less than partly the circle's interest, (stay on the line the Territory oppose is the centre oppose and the Pluto oppose lies on the utmost circle which forms the control of the sigil); a chief fact in itself, afterward the touch of the Slope Web and the zip it sigilizes.

Slope Web for the Best Nuclear Fiasco Blare at 12.29.21 p.m. GMT on 16.7.45