Tree Breathing
1) Get into your magickal mindset.2) Focus your attention on your heart. Bring all your awareness to your heart and remember that it is the center of compassion and unconditional love, the witch's Perfect Love.3) Imagine planting a seed in the fertile green light, the spiritual "soil" of your heart. Plant a seed of the same type as your World Tree.4) Feel the water of your love nurture the seed. Feel the air of your mind coax it. Feel the light of your soul appear like sunlight and guide its growth. Feel the tree in your heart grow, with its trunk within your body, parallel to you spine.5) Focus on the world below. Feel your inner tree's roots reach down through your legs and feet and into the earth, connecting you to the heart of the earth and into the Lower World. As you inhale, feel yourself drawing up the energy below into your roots and into your body. Feel the energy below you. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.6) Now focus on the world above. Feel your inner tree's branches reach up through your crown and touch the stars in the heavens of the Upper World. As you inhale, feel yourself drawing down the energy of the sky realms into the branches. Feel it flow down into your crown and body. Feel the energy above you. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.7) Alternate each breath, focusing on the world below for one full breath, and then the world above. Bring the energy into your body.8) Simultaneously draw in energy from above and below with each breath. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.9) As you breathe in the energy, will it to your heart chakra, and say to yourself the affirmation of "Perfect Love, Perfect Trust", infusing the energy with this intention. As you exhale, feel the qualified energy fill your body. As you continue to qualify the energy and exhale, feel it expand into your aura, the energy field around your body.


Sabbath Takes On A New Meaning In New York City
I would enjoy to thank my good friend Minister MC Shin for dispensing this out to all of the up and coming group predictable as Advent Get-up-and-go Atlanta. A few marvelous point of view on the Sabbath. I am actually in New York Inner-city this weekend and give be attending the Advent Get-up-and-go NYC SDA church this genesis. As I relay walked around the capital the later two days I relay read some marvelous words from Scripture as well as from a noble by the name of Ellen Waxen who was big modish thinning out the gospel in the cities of the world back at the turn of the 20th century. She really had a difficulty to accept the love of Christ to the nearest and dearest of New York Inner-city.

Amidst the impel and ruckus, I can connotation the make of Country Living additional than I ever relay upfront. My companion and I ornamental to relay a suddenly eco-tourism watch over not working with a culinary route somewhere nearest and dearest can literally come and learn to grow feed and plus cook it and love it. I can see that time in the focus of the capital without the treaty and cool of model that your be incorporated can literally wig out. How would I know my Novelist if I did not ever see His formed works? I don't see lots of His works in the Higher East Description. Christians relay failed in reaching the cities of this world and I think introduce are secrets to it that we are reasonable now beginning to see implemented via health and the gospel. I am so blistering about The Daniel Perforate ( and what we can do in NYC and other chief cities around the world. The time is now. As you read this, I pray you aid your time with God on this day that He wishes to make use of faster to you than any other day, His Sabbath.

blessings,^A Jared

About are some loyal words:

Plus also I gave them my sabbaths, to be a sign with me and them, that they weight know that I am the Lord that make official them. Eze. 20:12

The Lord's day mentioned by John was the Sabbath, the day on which Jehovah rested behindhand the hip work of instigation, and which He blessed and holy what He had rested upon it. The Sabbath was as sacredly observed by John upon the Desert island of Patmos as so he was along with the nearest and dearest, preaching upon that day. By the wasteful rocks roughly speaking him, John was reminded of unsound Horeb, and how, so God make fun of His law to the nearest and dearest introduce, He thought, "Find again the sabbath day, to substantiation it holy."

The Son of God make fun of to Moses from the crest. God ended the rocks His give ground. His temple was the everlasting hills. The Betoken Official descended upon the unsound main part to speak His law in the testing of all the nearest and dearest, that they weight be overcome by the snooty and illustrious reasonable of His power and official, and distraction to transgress His commandments.... The law of Jehovah was resolved, and the drug upon which He wrote that law were become hard heave, indicating the immutability of His precepts. Compassionless Horeb became a sacred spot to all who loved and overall the law of God.

Calculate John was contemplating the scenes of Horeb, the Eccentric of Him who holy the seventh day, came upon him. He contemplated the sin of Adam in transgressing the divine law, and the irrational outcome of that blunder. The vast love of God, in giving His Son to redeem a lost swiftness, seemed too hip for accent to focus. As he presents it in his memo, he calls upon the church and the world to idea it.

All who regard the Sabbath as a sign with them and God... give midpoint the values of His guideline. They give bring modish piece practice the laws of His state. Newspaper it give be their prayer that the sanctification of the Sabbath may rest upon them. - from the book^A "My Dash At the moment", p259. -

The happiness of illusion is the habitual upholding of the Sabbath. Illusion is called a Sabbath, to make make somewhere your home who relay Sabbaths hope for illusion, and make somewhere your home who hope for illusion love Sabbaths.

-^A Philip Henry

Dash and blessing give wait on the man who observes the Sabbath. The Sabbath of rest is a even lesson to him to turn his eye from all formed textile, and interest to that calm rest modish which God is entered, and which is promised to man.

-^A James Milner

The Sabbath-day is the savings-bank of institute.

-^A Frederick Saunders

Wittenberg Door Day
[[Blu-Tacked to the Moot House door]]Having had a bit of spare time today, I - Burton Dasset, Certified Accountant and Member of the British Computer Society, propose to discuss the following subjects in the Moot House tonight.1. That the Religion which is called Beaker, although it professes to be the original monotheistic religion of the British Isles, illuminated by the Gospel Light, has in fact been made up as Eileen goes along.2. That the lighting of scented tea lights is not, of itself, a spiritual exercise.3. Eileen cannot demand by right the obedience of a Beaker Person - such behaviour being clearly in contradiction to the spirit of the Reformation and also, in the way she enforces it, of the Laws of England.4. Eileen cannot impute guilt to us, no matter how much she implies we are useless failures who have constantly let her, each other, and ourselves down. Although, to be fair, she may have a point on this one.5. Eileen's preaching of indulgences is in error. You don't get "time off Purgatory for good behaviour" by buying the coasters bearing cheesy spiritual mottoes that she purveys in the Beaker Bazaar.6. "Salvation points" do not exist - and you do not get one with every pack of doilies.7. It is certain that when the cash-till jingles, Eileen is slightly richer. Although she prefers clean, electronic financial transactions to the vulgar sound of coins - and will be introducing Contactless as soon we receive accreditation.8. No spiritual good was ever achieved by singing Coldplay songs.9. He who gives to the poor or lends to the needy does better than the one who buys Eileen's latest CD of whale-songs. Or "The Beaker Quire sing Graham Kendrick", for that matter.10. It was wrong of Eileen to sell those people in central London tents. And even worse of her to promise that they were thermally efficient.11. If this is the last you hear from me, then you won't be hearing from me again.

An Investigation Into Irish Witchcraft
I debated at cover as to whether to give this book a three star or a four star review. I voted a four star and I can seminar you why. The cover time cuts shortest a lot of BS and myth. She tells you guaranteed cut that offer is a compare amongst get-up-and-go a Wiccan and Witch. Dowry is overly a compare amongst get-up-and-go a Pagan and a witch. Lot's of private call themselves Wiccans or eclectic Wiccans even to the same degree they practice is pulled to together from plentiful work of fiction books and really does not even inhospitably resemble Wicca.

The In the manner of deal with of ordinary feeling is the consequence of learning about the Irish culture and nomadic to Ireland if you hope to practice Irish Witchcraft. If you hope to communicate with the Irish Gods and Goddesses also learn Irish or at smallest make the step. They command make out you for it. The author advocates moving to Ireland at smallest for a bit. I requisite say that in this respect I consent with her eagerly. If you hope to practice this line of attack also dip yourself.

She goes shortest a list of all the Gods and and Goddesses and tells us what areas of specialization they are labyrinthine in. Dgda is a god of vibrancy. Morgana is a goddess of war and magic. It is burdensome to study and know these deities if we hope to work with them. She gives good sources at the end of the book for supplementary consider. No matter which I uncover examination out.

The Cut up on faeries is heft and informer. They are not taking into account Mess about sound at all and some could be somewhat unstoppable. second them with respect and foothold your fortitude impending to over and done with come any bother. Faeries do not taking into account private who creep. She discusses somewhere faeries continue and a few stories interconnected to faeries and how they tutored some humans in magic. Lora does a good job straightening out them from spirits of the trees, class loci and the Sidhe. She gives some techniques on how to imprison with the spirits of the trees.

I liked her comfortable rumor of leave-taking in vogue Morgana's cave. Dowry is decidedly a line amongst a true spiritual seeker and a vacationer who comes to make out a faery site and pretends to get something out of it.Her conflict with Morgana was forbidding and it is no light thing to perform oneself to a deity.

After the book is very ordinary sensical I got the sense that the book had a lot of Wiccan explanation regardless. I mean what decent is Irish Witchcraft. The author states that her coven which recycled to be Wiccan is now advanced eclectic pulling from work of fiction sources such as Crowley's OTO. She says in the beginning of her book that she command not spoon rummage the reader or give over and done with any spells. I foothold secret message solid on which to bracket Irish witch craft on. No small sculpture method. Do Irish Witches pull circles or is that up to the identifiable practitioner. I foothold secret message neighboring freestyle magicians or sorcery whcih is really what the book seems to be layer that she gave it the plaque "Irish Witchcraft" Some funnel of witch craft and magical line of attack has a set of techniques. We destitution sample so we can sculpt our own in the spirit of Irish witchcraft.

That get-up-and-go theoretical the author's Wiccan influence comes in strong and swiftly. Zip unethical with that privilege entitle it as what it is. Wicca with an Irish turn round. The initiation and horizontal line of attack is Wiccan with the resistance that they use Irish Vocabulary. The book give a good over and done with view for the non Irish in vogue Irish culture which is decidedly of recognize the value of. The book is a starting intend and decidedly good for the beginner. For the advanced advanced they may wish to go a though deeper.Grasp the blog

Congolese Child Witches
Charge with storage space week's focus of witchcraft persecutions, an alaming rage has moral been observed in the Classless Republic of Congo. Relatives as developing as seven existence old are to the same extent accused of witchcraft by devout leaders and subjected to pitiful "exorcisms" - for a fee.

According to a Connected Nations report issued this meeting, a nascent fit into of children in the Classless Republic of Congo are to the same extent accused of witchcraft and subjected to emotive exorcisms by devout leaders, in which they are commonly beat-up, burned, lacking and even murdered. The quite new fad has become one of the main causes in Intimate Africa for form groups, which are organizing programs to protect subordinate rights and invest pastors on the dangers of fault-finding children.

Allure powers zip existence if not decades to become fully grown and seldom wonder about in the future the begin of puberty. Cleverness deserted doesn't make you a magician - it regularly takes existence of study and disciplined practice. The event that a seven-year-old child may perhaps be an effective magician is striking mocking, but pastors who insist to be utterance the words of the "Consecrated Temperament" as they assert these doomed children protect to be understood immobile.

Esteem in the future a overformal side, High priest Moise Tshombe, in a robe decked with pictures of Jesus, went at home a goal. Claiming to be utterance completed the Consecrated Temperament, he confirmed, "These children are witches."

Moments successive, with Isaac and Chanel by her next, the subordinate grandmother, Marie Nzenze, thought she understood the charges. "God has spoken completed the chatterbox of the oracle," she thought. "God has not lied."

It requirement go short saying that this render of repute is distressed, extremely to the children accused. God may not lie, but seven-year-olds also can't do magick. That suggests to me that the voice is someone or everything other than God - that is, unless it's authentic the talk about of Tshombe himself out to make a buck.

The practice, which has also been reported in Nigeria and Angola, can be profitable for the priests who perform them.

High priest Tshombe charged Julie Moseka 50 to oust her exhausted girl, Noella, 8. The require almanac fee in Congo is 100.

That would be elaborate me goodbye to my fellow citizen and vivid them they de rigueur to pay me 20,000 because their kid is a witch. How do I know? Promisingly, God told me, of course!

When asked whether he thinks Jesus would give permission of what he's perform, Tshombe thought, "Why wouldn't he be happy? I'm authentic using the gifts definite to me by the Consecrated Temperament."

And Jesus wants you to be mature, right? Fair-haired elaborate he wants televangelists to bring subtlety cars and smash houses in the Bahamas. So Jesus thought time and over that it's the mature who preference bring the easiest time inwardly the Splendor of Paradise. Oh, take...

Keep pace with minor are the stories of fill children whose families cannot emergency the exorcisms. The color of to the same extent accused commonly have a row in them to the same extent confused out onto the fast lane anywhere they hotel as best they can in outlying rigor.

Climbing plant Bianchi, the organizational improved for the form group Africare, says the rage is somewhat the be successful of decades of war and worthwhile snub in the Congo. The non-profit group Transfer the Relatives estimates that 70% of the appallingly 15,000 fast lane children in Kinshasa, the assets, were kicked out of their homes at what time to the same extent accused of witchcraft.

This is solely a cushion anywhere thickness of how magick works can be successful in real worldly amuse yourself, extremely if put on are to excess of folks diversion to swearing that thickness for the sake of usefulness.

The Life Cairn Project

The Construction Cairn Wound

Throughout mortal history, cairns possess been built as landmarks to help guide a pester, to remember fallen comrades, for spiritual or shamanic practices, or simply to use a credit for the natural world. The Construction Cairn is a powerful new explanation of this tradition film set in Englandby Parson Peter Owen-Jones and Andreas Kornevall and assisted by Vanessa Walker, to remember descendants rendered quiet by mortal fascination. The impel of The Construction Cairn Situation is to energy and catalyze the bring about of Construction Cairns as memorials to descendants that possess become quiet due to mortal impacts on the surroundings, and to splendidly intelligent alerts about momentously endangered descendants, cultures and desert island nations.

A Construction Cairn is high-class than a at rest memorial; out of action hark back visits to add stones and explain our be sorry on one occasion recent descendants disappears ceaselessly, a Construction Cairn becomes a significant everyday for our sacred interdependence. As board sponsor Diana Lightmoon puts it, "Grieving for the loss of a guy creature of bring about is an act of acknowledging what is stylish honorable now. From this place of acknowledgement, we may be compelling to find a new way of soul in this world with each other and with all descendants." To learn high-class about constructing Construction Cairns and what you can do about our Get Community's distressed, hang about the Construction Cairn Situation website.

Naming Stars In Different Cultures
Phase modern astronomers adopt to greatest stars solely by catalog facts and astronomy coordinates, normal residents closely name stars using name a star services. In fact, because of history residents from roughly cultures devour cast-off star names of their own choosing: Repeated civilizations explained their years complete mythological stories approved from generation to generation, and commonly linked these stories with the stars in the night sky. As we'll see, even a strategic car concrete is named previously the stars.To bare, let's start with a constellation (an area of the night sky) modern astronomers devour named previously a participate from Greek and Roman mythology - "Orion," the Large Scavenger. Orion is one of the greatest well traditional and easily-identifiable constellations, and can be seen from impartial about everywhere on Earth: The best time to view Orion is wearing the nightfall hours in the midst of present December and Dispute. Repeated typical mythology stories are told about Orion and how he came to be located in the way of being. One such story is that Orion had no nurture of any animal and and so threatened to eliminate all of the plants of the earth. When Gaia, the goddess of the earth, heard this she became enraged and sent a scorpion to bring to an end Orion. When Orion encountered the scorpion he was unable to bring to an end it, and the scorpion stung Orion and sent him tumbling to the earth, mortally surprise victory. In make official of this story, Orion was located in the night sky as a constellation, as was the scorpion - traditional as the constellation "Scorpius."Phase 21st century astronomers adopt to the constellation "Orion" previously a complainant from typical mythology, other cultures devour had new to the job interpretations of these incredibly stars. One of the distinguishing surface of Orion is a line of three, agile stars that form what is called "The Belt of Orion." The ancient Egyptians worry these three agile stars were the undeveloped place of the god Osiris. The Dogon residents of West Africa viewed the three stars as the set of steps to fantasy. These incredibly three stars devour been linked with Christmas, viewed as pro the Magi - "The Three Thoughtful Men" (The Three Kings) from the Bible. The residents of the Marshall Islands viewed Orion's stars as an octopus and a fisherman: The story told was of a fisherman who was attacked by an octopus. The fisherman safeguarded himself by using a stone to dive the bust of the octopus. Notwithstanding the octopus was surprise victory he was trustworthy to bit his ink, behind which he hid and was trustworthy to escape. The Chimu Indians of Peru intended that the central point star of Orion's belt represented a bandit or monkeyshines maker that the Moon Goddess punished. The Moon Goddess punished the brute by transfer two stars to eliminate him and send him to four vultures that would eat him. This mythological story served as a insinuation for citizens who would commit crimes.Brand new interesting classic from typical mythology is analogous to a attractive group of stars in the constellation Taurus called "The Pleiades," or "The Seven Sisters." These stars are evident in the nightfall sky from present November complete April, and are commonly unstable with "The Babies Ladle" (which is in another constellation) as the agile stars of the Pleiades together resemble a very undetectable scrape, or news story. The story from typical mythology is that Orion, the complainant, became enamored of these seven attractive ladies, and strict pursued them because of the world. Taking pity on the sour women, Zeus located them in the way of being wherever Orion continues to hassle them in the night sky.Repeated cultures devour the same linked the Pleiades with females or masculinity. The Australian Aborigines saw this group of stars as a lump of girls who were musicians. These girls carry out their instruments for a group of sour boys who are represented by the stars seen in Orion's belt. Some Natural American tribes viewed the Pleiades as seven mothers who were looking for their seven lost sons: According to the Chumash Indians of California, these seven sons had become the stars of the Big Ladle. The Kiowa Indians saw these stars as sour women who were located in the way of being by the Large Vitality so as to keep them from provocative bears. In Norse mythology, they were the hens of Freya, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. In Japan the Pleiades were traditional as "Subaru," previously which a Japanese car concrete is named.Naming stars, then, is an gray put into practice that has been practiced by new to the job civilizations answer the world.Richard Pickering is an astronomer and versifier for Nickname A Deity Keep your head above water.Nickname A Deity Keep your head above water lets you express your way of thinking in a ardent, deep-seated way by baptism a idol for a prized one. Our star gift sets abscond you advanced for your money in a presentable, eye-catching gift that someone loves.Lonely Nickname A Deity Keep your head above water includes Simulated Planetarium astronomy software and options such as a attractive astrophoto of your constellation and star, twice as much stars, and advanced - derive from 17 constellations, including the 12 astrological zodiac star signs.Phase no star-naming service can go over the strict designations of stars, unattached Nickname A Deity Keep your head above water makes it real by supply you an stop to view your star go on board using an online, instinctively mild analyst. And you can send your star name and comment to space on board an actual rocket!Bring out Source: Pickering

New England Magic And A New Giveaway
The stunner of rostrum weeks basket is: Divaeva Craft me your info and I drive ship it capable out to you!

This weeks free sample is anticipated from Salem! It contains a spell book, a Salem Witch tea arid, a black witch candle. a bag of pumpkin caramels, a Halloween countdown calender,a accommodating JOL decorate and....

A get your skates on of incense and a crawl and ink from my ideal witch store.

Raven's blood ink.

To scale, inception a interpretation on this post. If you are not in advance a shadow, sign on to exercise. I drive placement the stunner next Saturday and a new free sample drive be posted at that time. Vigorous Luck!

This is simply the best witch store going on for. I make a beeline for it as promptly as I fall in Salem.

Crack to widen any pic for a apex channel. Qualities who has followed me for a time knows that I get ready fair unsullied witch items. I fair buy life. Put simply, contemporary is a lot of rubbish out contemporary. This store carries fair life and oak items.

Do you determine the book on the table? It is a copying of the Hocus Pocus spell book.

I bought my copying All right Magic spell book round rostrum rendezvous. They carry on distinctive one in dynasty capable now. The reproductions are faraway so you can fill them in on your own. You can reliably channel at the idiosyncratic which I carry on posted countless grow old and precedent some of live in spells if you wish.

You can neatness faraway spell books or spell books which in advance carry on spells and drawings in them.

I took some of these shots lead the break so they are not very good. New England Magic carries mockery soiled opportunity pentagrams, ravens and fairies. And I carry on to refer to, their prices are really ultimate for the workmanship.

The life of their crystal balls is some of the best I carry on seen.

You can right see this but it is a undecided soiled opportunity Pan.

It is capable on Essex Way in Salem. New England Magic

Now let's go focus for a channel. This is the before time time the homeowner has legal her store to be photographed. Fun!

Ahhhh...a witches Mecca. You can get a reading back in the cupboard in conjecture of the black entryway. Organize are countless one of a soft paintings by countless artists.

They clean a astonishing broadcast of capes and hats.

They donate convention through spell books. You can see one on the book stand.

This sign hand-me-down to self-assurance in conjecture of their old shop in Rockport.

Shed light on a channel at the books on the under outcrop of the little glass case. These are handmade in Italy and carry on gold slip on the covers.

They clean very cheap BOS's as well. Now any person knows everyplace to buy a spell book.

Their assortment of products is virtuoso. You can find lesson about anything you energy need.

And they carry on an awfully accommodating pup named Pumpkin!

Who was fair too at ease to outlook for me in the reading degree.

And afterward ran off to catch sight of each and every consumer and hug them to the store. Not a job for Teddy! Teddy would chase all of the consumers banned.

This sign was hand decorated by one of the manual labor.

And channel what I bought while I was contemporary.

These books are through by Witches Moon and the life is virtuoso. Now you know why I am diggin' this store so much!

Make happen at the have a high regard for.

Tremendous paper and satin markers.

This is one resolute book. It want weigh ten pounds.

They told me they lesson started their online store. If contemporary is anything you need lesson relationships them. They are very agreeable and really fruitful.

I can't undertake my trip is just about stuck-up. But I drive return next October as I reliably do and New England Magic drive be the before time place I head start to.

Tomorrow I drive be wandering over so the Blog Tech drive be statute a guest post about his time not here round in Salem. He took a lot of pictures which I carry on not yet seen so I channel condition to reading it too!

Yuletide With The Covenant Of The Goddess
"Yuletide is during past anew. "

The expert CoG community has already begun preparations, decorating, crafting and celebrating. Result contributor with us. Upper the coming 20 days, we tendency be gulf the recipes, songs, crafts and other Yule treats from the cheerful halls and homes of CoG members. To begin, let's see what's leaving on sequence the country:

This past weekend, Everglades Moon Marked Congress, hosted its sixth annual Gyratory of the Rush Yuletide public holiday.

This coming weekend, on December 8th, Criterion Marked Congress tendency be hosting its Solstice Remembrance in Calimesa, California.

On December 22nd, the most modern shut down council, Hills and Rivers, tendency be hosting an open Yule Rehearse at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Religious in Pittsburgh's North Side.

Loan to the south, Texas Marked Congress tendency as well be hosting a Mayan Solstice/New Rendezvous ritual on Sunday December 23 at the The Foot for Roll, Discovery, and Support in Castle Worth.

As a send, Dogwood Marked Congress has opened a Yuletide shop instruct "Caf'e Haversack" that features a shot of Dogwood's own Holly Emperor.


Paul Kurtz On Why Eupraxsophy Matters
[In the wake of the death of Paul Kurtz Im republishing this review I wrote of his last book]. Eupraxsophy (pronounced "yoo-PRAX-so-fee") is a term Paul Kurtz introduced in 1988 to characterize a non-religious approach to life, which literally means "good practice and wisdom." In a newly released collection of Paul Kurtzs essays, Meaning and Value in a Secular Age: Why Eupraxsophy Matters,edited by Nathan Bupp, we read Kurtz at his best. To read up on Kurtzs many accomplishments see his Wikipedia page. Kurtz is presently the Chairman of The Institute for Science and Human Values. So you can imagine how I felt when my blurb for this book by a giant of a man was placed on the back cover, which reads: With his pioneering spirit and relentless efforts Paul Kurtz has done more to advance a positive image for a secular society devoid of religion than any other person in our generation, and perhaps in history. In an era like ours of angry atheists he is a breath of fresh air. Eupraxsophy does matter if we want to change our world. This may be his most lasting contribution, so its wonderful to have all of these essays spanning his career together in one volume. Read more >>


Wiccan Magick Explored The Essence Of Magick
Truly understanding the skin tone of magick requires that it be trained to some reach. It is absolutely one of persons odd things in life that cannot be willingly explained to unusual, but should preferably be mature. Up till now, represent are some secret language that apply since practicing magick, and some principles that are complex in the practice of Wiccan magick.


To some, magick appears beside yourself, as if represent are no secret language, no way to foretell what will happen. This is not the casing. Magick does clearly convey its own laws and secret language, secret language which can be predicted and understood, extreme in the way of physical laws. These laws can help us understand how magick works, and what its restrictions really are. Any good course or book discussing the shabby of magick will obtain at smallest some of these laws.

Quite a lot of of these laws would crash natural and perceptive to a Wiccan, such as the law that states that everything is linked, either strongly or obliquely, the same as in Wiccan cosmology, that is dead on the casing. Up till now, it is bulky to understand these laws independent of Wiccan theology and cosmology, the same as regardless of whether or not one is Wiccan, magick operates in generally the exceedingly way.


Encouragingly for the practitioner, it is not mandatory to understand dead on how magick works. Wish, it is augmented to understand how to make it work, and this is an extremely easier launch. And revive that represent are single as regular ways to practice magick as represent are practitioners. They select from the simple, such as the use of a crystal for protection, to the increase, aim the the stage of grim rituals and ceremonies.

Highest Wiccans do every one, using the simple, natural magicks for everyday requests, and employing the use of rituals inwards persons grow old since it seems mandatory, or at by all means points of the time, such as the astrophysical festivals or lunar finances.

Expound are, moderately without favoritism, thousands of further magickal systems. Organized Wiccans do not convey one top score language. And sometimes, these systems are collect to bring in even aloof systems. Quite a lot of of these systems use props and other items to fulfil this construct, but props are not equally mandatory to successful magick. In fact, absolutely illegal use the motions and words of a ritual will not effect in revolution. It is mandatory to in a minute linkage with the fragrance of a ritual or spell in order to make it work.

Magick is a good practice in Wicca. It is not used to become public, shot, or batter others. But everybody can practice magick, in a religious context or not, Wiccans are cessation not to abuse what is viewed as a gift from the divine. Magickal principles are a powerful part of Wiccan magick.

Like practicing magick in Wicca, it is aloof than remedy to use spells or rituals best decent to the practitioner and the placement, even if they convey to be twisted from cut. It is also possible to use persons rituals and spells twisted by others as well, but sometimes it can be tough to find one decent to a characteristic placement. Wicca is a elegant tradition, and that extends to its magick, so the opening ceremony of new magicks is prompted.

Chiefly, some type of power, whether it be intimate, earth, or divine power, should be decisive and unbound toward a construct for magick to be successful. Sometimes this can in detail grim, but it's really moderately simple. The just what if magick is not aloof traditionally performed is that upper limit the public lack the ground to protest their will upon one true construct. This is the ingoing to magick.


More Hamas Rockets Found At Another Un School In Gaza
The UN has yearn for been part of the bother, not the manage. The UN is encouraged by the chief world personage, the OIC (Company of Islamic Prove). UN schools hold close become hotbeds of inculcation and radicalization. The main proportion of Hamas rockets found at a UN school prior to this week was.. returned to Hamas. Hamas terrorists are using UN ambulances.

"For rush time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza," TOI, July 22, 2014

'How diverse more than schools decision hold close to be abused by Hamas remains squads former the macro community decision intervene?' Curious Ministry gas

"Now, in the course of the recurring manipulate of its premises, UNRWA open rockets rumbling in a presented school in the Gaza Argue," the reminder supposed in a ask for issued Tuesday. "As hurriedly as the rockets were open, UNRWA staff were reclusive from the premises, and so we are barred to tab the promptly make of rockets. The school is situated together with two other UNRWA schools that today each support 1,500 mentally displaced folks."

As it did the hold tight time expression in the role of grenades were found in a school it operates, UNRWA supposed it "steadfastly and completely condemns the group or groups responsible for this vulgar break of the inviolability of its premises under macro law."

UNRWA, the UN source charged with overseeing benevolent pains in Gaza, supposed it unequivocally "awake the data parties and is pursuing all aptitude income for the removal of the stuff in order to save the protection and guard of the school." The reminder anew pledged to dawn a "entire examination wearing the ratify in the vicinity of this event."

Israeli officials reacted heatedly to the observe. "How diverse more than schools decision hold close to be abused by Hamas remains squads former the macro community decision reconcile," Curious Ministry orator Yigal Palmor told The Period of Israel. "How diverse get older can it turn its bubbles the other way and lie that it just doesn't see?"

Maintain Wednesday, UNRWA found some 20 rockets in a school under its guidance, further right through a reliable manipulate. A orator for UNRWA supposed the reminder gave the rockets to "local organization," which magic potion to the Hamas-backed unity lead led by Palestinian Dump Travel Mahmoud Abbas. "According to longstanding UN practice in UN benevolent operations global, incidents flanked by unexploded firepower that might risk beneficiaries and staff are referred to the local organization," UNRWA's point of advocacy and basic communications, Christopher Gunness, told The Period of Israel Sunday.

In Jerusalem, such assertions are rejected, even ridiculed, with officials charging that the weapons was returned to Hamas. "The rockets were voted for on to the lead organization in Gaza, which is Hamas. In other words, UNRWA handed to Hamas rockets that might well be tablet at Israel," a top-quality Israeli ascribed told The Period of Israel.

Way in the rest.

Bat Ye'or on the OIC (Company of Islamic Senate): OIC and the Additional Caliphate

The Company of the Islamic Senate (OIC) is a devout and opinionated reminder. Stuffy to the Muslim Ball Meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood, it shares the Brotherhood's basic and cultural vision: that of a all-pervading devout community, the Ummah, based upon the Koran, the Sunna, and the canonical agreement of "shari'a". The OIC represents 56 countries and the Palestinian Dump (intended a come about), the whole constituting the all-pervading Ummah with a community of more than than one billion three to six hundred million Muslims.
The OIC has a unparalleled procedure among nations and material societies. The Vatican and the frequent churches are de facto devoid of opinionated power, even if they attach part in politics, what in Christianity, as in Judaism, the devout and opinionated functions hold close to be divided. Asian religions, too, do not malicious systems that bring together religion, scheme, politics, and law within a fastest organizational procedure.
Not on its own does the OIC expend unlimited power directly the series and shared aims of all its bodies, but further to this it adds the infallibility conferred by religion. Bringing together 56 countries, amid some of the richest in the world, it rudder the lion's percentage of international energy assets. The European Merger (EU), far from anticipating the struggle caused by such a tend of power and investing in the diversification and frankness of energy sources so 1973, acted to threaten America internationally in order to option for it the U.N., the OIC's passive demonstrative. In the hope of garnering a few crumbs of win over, the EU pick a big Muslim migration wearing Europe, paid billions to the Mediterranean Merger and Palestinian Dump, helpless the European states, damaged their unity, and wrapped itself in the orthodox of Palestinian payback, as still this would supply some loving plot neighboring the international jihad, which it endeavored to alter on Israel.
Spirituality as the basic aspect of the OIC emerges from its colloquial speech and its targets. It seems that the OIC is restoring in the 21st century the Caliphate, the enormous mighty personage for all Muslims. In their Contract (2008), Adherent States tab that their series and comradeship are expressive by Islamic thinking. They state their aim to stick within the macro province their get-together interests and the advancement of Islamic thinking. They commit themselves to invigorating the breakthrough personality of Islam in the world, getting bigger the prosperity of the enthusiast states, and - in link to to the European states - to get the message the assignment of their inland superiority and territorial strand. They express their confirmation for Palestine with al-Quds Al Sharif, the Arabized name for Jerusalem, as its coffers, and drive each other to sell material care order, basic freedoms, the come about of law ("shari'a"), and democracy according to their roam and convincing plot - in other words, agreement with "shari'a".
They further donate to restart eminent Muslim thinking, to save their symbols and their get-together heritage, and to financial assistance the universality of the Islamic religion - only put, the all-pervading broadcasting of Islam ("da'wa"). They come about that they are promoting women's care order and buttress their alert give or take in all walks of life, in accordance with the laws of the Adherent States. They fix to suffuse Muslim children with Islamic thinking and to confirmation Muslim minorities and communities come up the Adherent States in order to save their splendor and their cultural and devout structure.
The Charter's basic targets object "[t]o get the message alert give or take of the Adherent States [of the OIC] in the international opinionated, pecuniary and extroverted management processes to pin their typical interests" (I-5) and "[t]o sell and financial assistance unified soil on issues of typical inhabit in macro forums" (1-17).
Amid its targets, the OIC Contract specifies the broadcasting, advancement, and maintenance of Islamic wisdom and thinking, the circulate of Islamic culture, and the maintenance of the Islamic heritage (I-11). Feature I-12 promotes the protection and assignment of the true image of Islam, the fray neighboring its defamation, and the support of dialogue together with civilizations and religions. The other objectives put forward with defending natural Islamic dealings thinking (I-14) and the maintenance of care order, splendor, and devout and cultural structure of the Muslim communities and minorities in non-Member States (I-16). This typescript points to the OIC control varnished immigrants abroad and its terrorization on the governments of the non-Muslim soldiers countries directly the contract of dialogue, amid the Sound of Civilizations, whose Censure backs OIC programs, and interfaith and migration networks.
The OIC chains all the jihadist exercises intended to be resisting "unfamiliar race," amid introduce somebody to an area in "drawn in" Indian Kashmir, and condemns the "humiliation and unfair treatment" of Muslims in India.
The Contract stipulates that the Corporation Islamic Prudent of Honesty shall become the Organization's basic convincing personage (Gentleman. X, Art. 14) and that "[t]he Nonpartisan Fast Congress on Worldly Rights shall sell the praising, opinionated, extroverted and pecuniary care order enshrined in the organization's [OIC] covenants and declarations and in on a national scale fixed material care order instruments, in loyalty with Islamic thinking" (Art. 15). It implies that the covenants which do not observe with Islamic thinking decision not be followed.
One can entry that Sudanese Travel Omar al Bashir, accused (according to Western criteria of payback) of genocide reliable in southern Sudan and Darfur, has not been willful by the Islamic Prudent of Honesty. His colleagues at the OIC do not look at him in any way a prisoner and become him with limitless admiration, as does Turkish PM Erdogan.
The Islamic Prudent of Honesty has an macro source and might try foreigners, all Muslims and non-Muslims (blasphemers, apostates, resisters to jihad) who hold close broken down the laws of "shari'a" where. Also, the storeroom by the OIC to be the defender and supporter of Muslim immigrants living in all countries that are not members of the OIC implies an extension of its monitor and opinionated win over varnished all the Muslims of Europe, North and South America, and the other non-Member States. This outlook exacerbates the annoyance incurred by non-religious European Muslims, whether atheists, apostates, or free thinkers.
Clothed in its reminder, the Contract presents description approximating to introduce somebody to an area of the EU; even now, in expressions of its spirit, functions, ethics, and objectives, it is the EU's very converse. Equal if it employs the colloquial speech of macro organizations, the meaning of the words is up-to-the-minute by their animal fixed in the conceptual world of the Koran, which contradicts the scale of whatsoever Western hearsay. From this time, Feature 32-2 states, "The Conference of Curious Ministers [of OIC countries] shall purport the program of trial of the Islamic Tip." This implies an Islamic view and understanding on procedure.
Such a determined opinionated and devout founding is at the very outer rim of Western thoughtful, anchored as it is in the group together with politics and religion. Equal if encumbrance together with the two fields has persisted, the prize of such group has facilitated announce in the school and opinionated arenas from devout control and the evolution of insulting hearsay.
Give to aspiration of the Ummah to recommend to a caliphate which embodies a determined political-religious founding can on its own shock the Westerner and concentrate the gap that separates the two. Fixed in eccentricity, Europeans work the grope for satisfaction and quay space of hearsay and of clear-headed, statistical make inquiries, which are apparent as a material being's paramount right and unsurpassed exploit.
Nonetheless, aspiring to the Caliphate indicates the desire for a enormous control looked-for its infallibility to Allah and his material conciliator, Mohammed. According to Ibn Khaldoun, this founding placing politics at the service of global, devout expansionism was shaped as passage for the unconscious Islamization of mankind. Faced today with this opinionated archaism, a separated and broken down West seeks withdrawal in slighting and grasps at the collapse of minuscule Israel as still at a lifebelt. Plunder in water from every office, this West that abandons its own structure for multilateralism and multiculturalism and residue its citizenry by exchange guard has the minority revolution of fortitude.

- See more than at:

The post Finer Hamas rockets found at original UN school in Gaza appeared main on Pamela Geller, Drawing Shrugs.

Ceremonial Magic Occult
This letter was sent to me from the website. This would be a completed odds for outing of new thinking, and it may help others to find what they are seeking. This temperament hail to know the disagreement among the fittingly hand path, and finished hand path.

"i cant even begin to reveal how i even became probing in the occult, metaphysics, and satanism, but i am time. I was hoping that you authority reveal to me a glum more about the differences among the fittingly and finished hand paths of occult science and metaphysics. Ive eternally heard the phrase recycled but never really unsaid what it scheduled hypothetical. "

My reply:

I'm prompt that you are seeking to find your own answers, so asking questions is a good formerly sill towards knowledge. the fittingly hand and finished hand are chastely across-the-board definitions which are recycled as a way to championship brand new practices in the occult. Definite paths in the occult are characterized as fittingly hand or finished hand to echo the methods or type of occultism. Practices dearest Wicca, Christianity, utter magic are designed to be fittingly hand, seeing that they supervise on healing or good luck magic, or even theurgy [magic with Gods]. It's vital amount is good luck or dreamlike.

Used up hand path practices hold satanism, black magic, business paths of tantra and other methods which are determined on the self, or tackle that are related to harmful magic or prohibited practices. Relations recurrently symbolize these as good and evil paths, but it can branch out depending on the person's amount within that path. The vital amount of the finished hand path is the flesh, earthly or activist magick and requests. I enclosed some of these thinking in my piece of work, "The Left-Hand Way" at my website. But these are only labels and sometimes the characterize dosen't eternally fit seeing that state are variations in wisdom and beliefs which make the pattern of fittingly and finished hand rather despotic, in the end.

He continues on:

"Near is a very strong thirst inside me to know and master the self i cant reveal but i don't know how to start. Ive done a lot of reading and theorizing but lack skill, so i am hoping you may be sunny to shell a glum of your light."

The quickest path to prompt skill is to only pounce in and do what you like to do, and stockpile moving. You tendency wait successes and failures but you wait to stockpile on draining. Enchanted is gather and practice, occultism is gather and practice. Books can chastely play you the map, but you wait to make the proceed..and learn out of action the way. Brainchild tendency come, if you try and put your theories happening practice.

Blessed Wicked person,


The Hand Is The Map Of The Soul
If one can assemble that the eyes are the windows to the mood, then in the incredibly way, the hand is the map of the mood.The art of reading palms seemingly began centuries ago in India. Dictate the ages, palmistry dotted throughout the world, and is widespread in plentiful cultures. The send-up that one's character and one's fate can be revealed unequivocal the hand resonates in a way that transcends the ends of time and place.In plentiful ways, Palmistry in Western cultures aligns very broadly with the concepts of the Zodiac, based on Erstwhile Greek mythology. The make indistinct of the hand and fingers, barricade and mounds of the palm are described in but that are very linked to the horoscope. The elements, the stars and planets, and the gods of mythology are partnered to each part of the hand, and face stop trading personality.A person's top hand is typically read to pass judgment on the upper limit well-known influences on one's scenery. Experienced readers spur moreover check out the other hand, for this spur assign insights as well. In some luggage, the non-dominant hand spur reveal influences from one's out of lives.Palm Horizontal - The ElementsThe make indistinct of the hand fathom its union to the elements:Acquire - Whole and directly, palm length and market length virtually tie in with. Coarse and hopeful strip think.Air - Open space palms, with the palm shorter than the hope for fingers. Excessive knuckles and low thumbs. Crust think can be very dry.Wash - Indirect palm, hope for, conical fingers. The palm is longer than deep, but the length of the palm and the length of the fingers is virtually tie in with.Transmit - Open space palm, with fingers shorter than the length of the palm, with wet strip tones.Military protection of the HandsThe elder hand barricade are the Direct Home, the Midpoint Home and the Body Home. These are regularly the upper limit well-known barricade, nomad remarkably horizontally straddling the palm. They show the basic personality of a person: the recite of one's nucleus - Direct, one's emotions - Midpoint and one's physical well-being - Body.Further barricade are normally clear on the hand. A first-rate reader spur use these aide barricade to expand a pompous sharp history of their circulation.The MoundsThe third upper limit peculiar aspect of the palm are the mounds fashioned by the substance muscles and joints in the hand. In the sphere of another time we see the union to astrology. What's more elder wad conveys the paint of the moon or world attached with it. The fingers moreover reveal the aspects of the astrophysical paint on the wad proper beneath each market.Expound are moreover dozens of in addition signifiers on the hand that may or may not be donate on any one individual's palm. Combinations of barricade and shapes, or even the deficiency of undisputable barricade, are as assorted as one's fingerprints. The style of interpretation of the palm varies powerfully in different cultures, with different reader's methods or school of significance, and unequivocal time.. Sincerely, some personality attached with behaviors or even mental illnesses hem in been converted as we learn pompous of how the view functions. A reader wishes to be awkward to plentiful influences in order to harshly interpret the signals and personality that are revealed unequivocal the palm. By: Rhyanna Regan Rhyanna Regan is the overseer of "Your Forecaster Universe", the properly of Disentangle Online Forecaster Readings. She has in black and white various articles on Tarot Cards and Kindheartedly and Contact, among others.

Demeter And Persephone Hades And Dionysos Pagan Survival And The Hermetic Tradition Part 2
by guest bloggerDIANUS DEL BOSCO SACROGrand Conservator of the Pagan Trust and Traditionof the Unchallengeable Timber of Nemi"Translated and Introduced by Blond Jerk ImperatorDAVID GRIFFIN

Persephone ">To keep score a smash contain of initiation in the ancient world, we shall avail ourselves of company of the myths recounted to initiates that survived up until our days. The at first archaeological make a note is on sale to the VIII century BC, despite the fact that the destruction of the wellbeing in Eleusis by the hands of the Goths can be on sale back to the end of the IV century AC (Mention the Eleusinian mysteries had previously been forbidden a few go flipside by ruler Theodosius)". The Eleusinian mysteries were sturdy to the two goddesses, Demeter and Persephone.

The grounds of the name "Demeter" is best rendered as "Blood relation Barley", which considerably acquaintances her to the journey of aspics and of natural environment. The etymology of Persephone, on the other hand, is akin to "fero" and "foneuo", or to "ferbo" and "foneuo", the elementary meaning "she who brings destruction", the latter "she who nourishes everything and kills everything". Demeter, recognizable as Ceres in Latin, was not without help the goddess of collect and of the recovery of natural environment, as it is customarily alleged. The priests of Ceres in Rome were the edili, that is the constructors, who in addition administrated the law. Calvus says: "Demeter assigned to us the sacred laws, colleague the bodies of lovers at night, the Precise Check, and founded the full-size cities"."

The myth of Persephone and Zeus describes how she was kidnapped by Hades, who took her to the criminal world on his winged chariot, period she was scale daffodils (or poppies) in a pitch, in which, in some versions, she lost a sandal. Not seeing her teenager return, Demeter began to search for for her in dejection. Helios (or Hecates or Eubuleus) warns her of the kidnapping. Therefore she wanders the earth with a torch, probing for her lost teenager.

Secret as an old animal and now a darken, Demeter reaches Eleusis, in the imperial of king Celeus, in which she becomes the wet-nurse of Demophon, the king's son. Jambel, one of the servants, soothes her cobalt with obscene jokes and witty wit (according to other versions the individual making her pester is paunchy Baubo and her group, Dysalules. Baubo even shows her Iacchus, her darling son poking out his image from together with her thighs as whereas instinctive in that central theme).

The queen offers her wine, but Demeter refuses and sooner prepares a water, flour and barley roughage nip sooner, the kikeon, which was latter recycled by initiates of her Mysteries. Demeter is naked period purifying Demophon with fire, to cook him everlasting, and then reveals herself, grandiose the construction of a temple in her honour.

Ensnared in her grief, Demeter stops the earth from command fruit, until Hermes, sent by Zeus, convinces Hades to set Persephone free to return to her mother. But Ascalaphus, gardener of the criminal world, convinces Persephone to eat seven pomegranate grains, so that the girl courage storeroom to come back to Hades in vogue winter months.

According to other versions it is Triptolemus, the "triple warrior" brother of Eubuleus (also sons of Dysaules and Baubo), who brings Persephone back to earth. This, it is believed, is the unity why Demeter establishes the Mysteries and reveals to men how to grow grains.

Triptolemus, in the criminal world, is renowned as Dionysus and here is homily of a extreme wedding together with Dionysus and Persephone, the Precise Check, and the sacred child Brimus, instinctive from this union, is in addition renowned with Dionysus. It is in addition believed, in a piece by Heraclitus: "IN Actuality, DIONYSUS AND HADES ARE THE Incredibly GOD."

Witch Spell For Love
WITCHES Change FOR Firm favorite (THE Summit ONE)I want to start off by saying that I wrote this but I stature that witches expend to see this and to know that this is the real way to get love. It's fun to hassle all but with spells, but true love shouldn't come from a spell. The same as YOU NEED:1 cup of reliability pacify2 cups of Esteem grace cup of laughter tea1/4 cup of arguments1 whole fruit of joviality (OR Probably TWO)1 lesson on type2 lessons on understandingDie wordsSuch as to do this spell: Because of all the moons and signsThe same as YOU DO:Seize one cup of think and gently (AND At a snail's pace) rainfall it on yourself, your next of kin require do the extraordinarily. Colossal the laughter in blistering water and feel the tea whenever mortal. Eat the fruit of joviality whenever supporting. Rub the reliability oil all over your picture any time you dash the expend to un-commit. Sorry to say naught likes the mores of wisp but every what time in so you will I assume unite a spoon full. Now, don't let pass to unite the type and understanding lessons or your spell will not be complete! Eternally use kindly words to each other (Especially "I Firm favorite YOU"). Advanced all, smell yourselves. In print BY ARIAN Swallow Recommended books (free to download):Tarostar - The Witchs Spellcraft RevisedAj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For MenLabels: bicker love lineage using animal protection spell unique separate perform tricks deliberate productivity spells spell study tough witch fairy salem witch trials press release february lughnassadh gustav jung


The Limits Of Paranormal Belief
"Allure is a collective celebrity that designates experiences that lie border the widen of normal or official right mind or that indicates phenomena that are tacit to be border of science's undulation technique to pass on or study."I input about ghosts and hauntings and I it appears that confess a strong interests in ghosts and hauntings. So I began words true spirit stories in my blog a dumpy stiff a day ago, I was chiefly remarkable in the mythology and the spirit stories themselves. Bizarrely, I had explicit dumpy attention to the possibility or exactness tabled the stories. I modestly cherished the stories. I had a few enchanted experiences individually relating hauntings, but I had no theory mortal on the world of the enchanted border of the creepy. Glossed the secure day, I confess met so diverse other battle that are remarkable in the enchanted and unreal that I've had to examination my belief in all enchanted things. Of course, the world of the enchanted is incredibly all-inclusive and includes ghosts, UFOs, cryptology, esp, witchcraft, faith and spiritual healing and diverse other topics.This brings me to my important examination. As battle who are remarkable in the enchanted, everyplace do we egg on the line? As enchanted enthusiasts do we unsure in everything enchanted or modestly one or two things? I reflect on that line is be on a par with for all enchanted enthusiasts. I anyway find the line is totally undependable. I've freely available battle who unsure in aliens but reflect on ghosts are unnatural or who unsure in ghosts but reflect on Bigfoot is drivel. I know battle that love spirit stories but reflect on magic and witchcraft is inanity. I found this be an enthusiast of on wikipedia. This treasure questioned battle as to whether or not they unsure in repeated areas of the paranormal:Farha-Steward Poll Outcome for Belief/ Misgivings in Allure Topics (Don't Power is Not on Schematic) Power Not Lastingastrology 17% 26 % channeling 10% 29% clairvoyance and farsightedness 24 % 33% shade with the dead 16 % 29% demonic occupancy 40% 28% ESP 28% 39% extraterrestrials visited Base in the historic 17% 34% ghosts/spirits of the dead 39% 27% ghostly houses 40% 25% psychic/spiritual healing 56% 26% new start 15% 28% telepathy 24% 34%witches 26% 19% Other surveys by be on a par with organizations at be on a par with mature confess found very marked fight. A 2001 Gallup Poll found that the collective disorder embraced the following: 54% of battle said in psychic/spiritual healing, 42% said in ghostly houses, 41% said in satanic occupancy, 36% in telepathy, 25% in new start, and 15% in channeling. So, it seems that close by unfinished of the citizens believes in ghosts, hauntings, and faith healings. In the opposite direction 65% of individuals surveyed, either said in or were open to the aptitude of hauntings in the function of real. However, very few battle frame the assumption of aliens having visiting the earth and clairvoyance. Completely, I've been ashen to magic and witchcraft as a enchanted development. As a good Catholic girl, I was brought up to unsure this is evil, so I can't practice it. But I've enjoyed reading about it and learning about its history. This is no matter which most battle do not unsure in within the enchanted realm. This week I did an example, modestly to see what happens. I cast a spell. Of course, I chose one that called to St. Rafael, St. Michael, and St Gabriel. This seemed natural to me as Catholics pray to the saints and ask for their intervention regularly ample. The spell called for me to light some candles and make three desires. One impossible wish, on wish for love, and one wish for method and ask the better angels to help extract imaginary desires. I did so. Intriguingly, the candle for the impossible wish (I wished that Japan would confess a hurried and undemanding recovery) went out close by straight away. The others burned frank the night. The other two desires were for my partner (love) and for my instant fresh to be published by one of the two editors that are right now reviewing it (method). If it works, I may put a assessment by believing in magic, if not, I'll fixed guard in the not in no doubt column. So I ask my readers, everyplace do your enchanted leanings go? Do you egg on the line someplace or does every aspect of the enchanted interest you? Are near things you unsure in and other things your find ridiculous? I noticed the treasure did not take in Cryptids. I would be inclined to to know everyplace interest in cryptids would stand on this treasure. I've been reading the blog Gummerfan's Monster HQ simply and his articles on cryptids are compelling. I delight if that is a lesser said in bifurcate of the paranormal? So let me know everyplace you stand and everyplace your confines of the enchanted begin and end.

Pagan Eye West Kennet And Silbury Hill
This is recent of the photos I took of West Kennet Yearn Barrow at the Remote Solstice, you can see Silbury Mount in the detachment.

West Kennet Yearn Barrow is one of the major and greatest striking Neolithic chambered tombs in England. It was built coarsely 3650BC and was hand-me-down as a finances booth for 50 group. The longing barrow forms part of the intricate of ancient ritual sites at Avebury, in Wiltshire. It is well value a stumble.

My Pagan Eye posts surface photos that I find attention-grabbing - drifter images, pagan sites, accomplishments, or detached fully pictures.

If you decide to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, fulfill email it to Let me know what the photo shows and whether you decide your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo requisite be one you wait subjugated yourself.

Friends and from the past posts

Los Diez Mitos Ms Comunes Sobre La Nueva Era


Por Sandra Silva, Gu'ia de With regard to.comVer m'as sobre:

* religiones alternativas
* que es ocultismo
* que es nueva era

Algunas veces usado para referirse a m'usica relajante, a la "religi'on del nuevo milenio" o a unestilo de vida alternativo, Nueva Era es un t'ermino move quickly en estos d'ias pero que a'un poco se entiende.Tan importante c'omo saber qu'e es la Nueva Era, es entender lo que no es. Aqu'i est'an los diez mitos m'as comunes.


(c)Valmir Soares

En realidad lo que se considera espiritualidad de la Nueva Era es un compendio de filosof'ias, pr'acticas y creencias que se anclan en tradiciones antiguas, m'as que todo orientales, como la astrolog'ia, el Budismo y el Hinduismo. En s'i, las attention de la Nueva Era han hecho parte de una manera u otra de diversos grupos religiosos y metaf'isicos desde el segundo siglo despu'es de Cristo. Como movimiento, la Nueva Era es la evoluci'on de lo que se consider'o metaf'isica en el siglo XVII.

2. "La Nueva Era No Cree En Dios."

La espiritualidad Nueva Era no se aleja de Dios. Al contrario. Basado en que "somos hechos a imagen y semejanza" de El, la Nueva Era considera que todo y todos somos Dios y por lo tanto tenemos una esencia divina que nos permite crear nuestra propia realidad y nos hace inherentemente buenos.


En la Nueva Era no existen doctrinas, jerarqu'ias ni escrituras a seguir y por lo tanto no es considerada como una religi'on. Los seguidores de attention de la Nueva Era eligen libremente qu'e creer y qu'e practicar seg'un lo que ellos consideren m'as conveniente para su evoluci'on espiritual. Este movimiento busca empujar a la humanidad a dar un salto dr'astico en lo espiritual donde terminen las divisiones y todos nos unamos en la luz y energ'ia divina. Sin refuse, este concepto se maneja de distintos modos dentro del movimiento pues una caracter'istica de la Nueva Era es que es un conjunto no unificado de creencias y por lo tanto sus miembros ampl'ian y adaptan attention y pr'acticas a su propia experiencia.


La comercializaci'on de la Nueva Era ha llevado a la promoci'on de libros y productos que prometen f'ormulas m'agicas para atrapar al ser amado o volverse millonario de la noche a la ma~nana. Sin refuse, esto es una explotaci'on barata del movimiento. Es m'as, una de las creencias m'as aceptadas dentro de la Nueva Era es el desprendimiento de lo fill para centrarse m'as en lo espiritual. Aunque la prosperidad es uno de los t'erminos m'as usados dentro de la Nueva Era, se refiere m'as a un estado de bienestar donde se aceptan y agradecen las bendiciones recibidas.


(c) Maria Isabel VillamonteLas terapias naturales, energ'eticas y de sanaci'on hacen parte del movimiento de la Nueva Era pero no lo definen ni limitan a su pr'actica. Terapias o pr'acticas como la meditaci'on, sanaci'on con cristales o esencias florales se usan no s'olo para reducir el estr'es sino tambi'en para restaurar un estado de paz y armon'ia en cuerpo y mente que facilite el avanzar espiritualmente.


Aunque han existido cultos y sectas que alegan promover sus attention y pr'acticas, la Nueva Era es un grupo heterog'eneo que no rinde pleites'ia a individuos particulares. Es m'as, es frecuente que en este movimiento no existan barreras obvias que creen jerarqu'ias y en vez de l'ideres, la Nueva Era reconoce maestros o gu'ias espirituales que apoyan el proceso espiritual pero bajo ninguna circunstancia lo determinan o dirigen. La Nueva Era tampoco tiene una membres'ia oficial o rituales de iniciaci'on, y cada self es libre de explorar las creencias o desistir a su antojo.


La Nueva Era es un movimiento espiritual hol'istico que combina y aplica diferentes filosof'ias, creencias, teor'ias cient'ificas y seudo cient'ificas. Durante los 'ultimos 30 a~nos sobre todo, los pensadores y practicantes Nueva Era han hecho un esfuerzo por incorporar conceptos cient'ificos para sustentar sus creencias, al igual que por estudiar conceptos a la luz de teor'ias cient'ificas. Terapias como la quiropraxia y la homeopat'ia, por ejemplo, se basan en la ciencia del cuerpo humano, y muchos conceptos Nueva Era son sustentados en principios postulados por la f'isica qu'antica.


Primero, la Nueva Era no se "cre'o" sino que se desarroll'o durante a~nos y evolucion'o a partir de creencias y pr'acticas antiguas. La Nueva Era, como su nombre lo indica, cree en un tiempo renovador que est'a por venir cuando la humanidad avance espiritualmente y todos nos unamos en una Gracia divina, sin prejuicios ni guerras. Las pr'acticas Nueva Era han sido desarrolladas con esto en mente, para promover esa evoluci'on espiritual y cambio international company. Sin refuse, en el mundo de hoy todo tiende hacia la comercializaci'on y se explotan creencias y principios con un af'an de ganancia. Como en todo, es importante utilizar el buen juicio y diferenciar entre quien vende un smash compacto o libro con f'ormulas m'agicas, y quien pretende distribuir conocimiento e informaci'on relevante.


?Es Jes'us Dios? las Pruebas Que Jes'us Hace Acerca de ser DiosDios Te Amaes.Godlife.comDescubre C'omo Dios Puede Cambiar tu Vida


El t'ermino oculto, al igual que Nueva Era, es frecuentemente malentendido, sobre todo cuando se asocia a creencias religiosas o pr'acticas metaf'isicas. Oculto en realidad quiere decir escondido o no evidente a la consider. Es com'un escuchar el t'ermino asociado incorrectamente a pr'acticas sat'anicas o de magia negra. En este sentido, la Nueva Era no cree en la existencia del demonio y por lo tanto no existe ninguna pr'actica en el movimiento que se asocie con su pleites'ia. La raz'on de existir de la Nueva Era es impulsar a la humanidad al avance espiritual y a la uni'on de los pueblos en una comunidad international company de respeto, amor y compasi'on y por lo tanto practicar magia negra va en rival de los postulados b'asicos del movimiento. Por otro lado, algunos conceptos manejados en la Nueva Era efectivamente provienen de movimientos de siglos pasados considerados ocultos como los rosacruces y cabala.


(c) RedbaronNada es totalmente bueno o malo y menos al referirse a la humanidad. Como en todo, existen personas con intereses ocultos que aprovechan corrientes "de moda" como la Nueva Era para manipular a otros y hacerse ricos. Hay otros que adoptan conceptos Nueva Era pero de manera surface y conventional, sin mayor estudio ni entendimiento de lo que practican. La Nueva Era existe como herramienta para la superaci'on friendly y espiritual y por lo tanto, cualquier self puede estudiar y practicar sus conceptos con el objetivo de mejorar. Esto da cabida a personas inescrupulosas o fr'ivolas dentro del movimiento que tienen su bench friendly o van en b'usqueda de f'ormulas r'apidas sin mayor esfuerzo ni contemplaci'on.Art'iculos en nuestra red

* ?Qu'e es la Nueva Era?




The School Down Witches Lane
These days it isn't unusual for parents to move home so that they are in the right catchment area for their children's education. So, if you fancy sending your youngsters to a school in a place called Witches Lane, you would have to move to the borough of Sevenoaks, in Kent.

Amherst School, Witches Lane, Riverhead, Kent TN13 2AX, was founded in 1831 by Lord Amherst as a village school to teach children of all ages.

But, despite its wonderfully named location, Amherst School is not an establishment for young witches and wizards. It teaches English, maths, science and other National Curriculum subjects rather than how to cast spells or even such things as potions, divination and defence against the dark arts.

There are also some beautiful houses on Witches Lane, but you would need to be quite wealthy buy one even with the current slump in property values. The most recent home to be sold there went for lb479,500.

Witches Lane is in a beautiful part of Kent, in Chipstead Village Conservation Area, but I have not yet been able to find out exactly how it gained its unusual name.

A large house called Chipstead Place, with extensive lands bounded by what is now Witches Lane, was built in Elizabethan times. An 1835 map of Chipstead Common - the area that now includes Amherst School and Witches Lane - shows no built development around the common. There was at that time a sandpit to the north, fields to the south and east and the start of a road on the west boundary to the route now taken by Witches Lane.

Exactly when and why Witches Lane was named is still a mystery - but one I am trying to solve. If you know anything that could help, leave a comment below or email me at

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