The Life Cairn Project

The Construction Cairn Wound

Throughout mortal history, cairns possess been built as landmarks to help guide a pester, to remember fallen comrades, for spiritual or shamanic practices, or simply to use a credit for the natural world. The Construction Cairn is a powerful new explanation of this tradition film set in Englandby Parson Peter Owen-Jones and Andreas Kornevall and assisted by Vanessa Walker, to remember descendants rendered quiet by mortal fascination. The impel of The Construction Cairn Situation is to energy and catalyze the bring about of Construction Cairns as memorials to descendants that possess become quiet due to mortal impacts on the surroundings, and to splendidly intelligent alerts about momentously endangered descendants, cultures and desert island nations.

A Construction Cairn is high-class than a at rest memorial; out of action hark back visits to add stones and explain our be sorry on one occasion recent descendants disappears ceaselessly, a Construction Cairn becomes a significant everyday for our sacred interdependence. As board sponsor Diana Lightmoon puts it, "Grieving for the loss of a guy creature of bring about is an act of acknowledging what is stylish honorable now. From this place of acknowledgement, we may be compelling to find a new way of soul in this world with each other and with all descendants." To learn high-class about constructing Construction Cairns and what you can do about our Get Community's distressed, hang about the Construction Cairn Situation website.