Yuletide With The Covenant Of The Goddess
"Yuletide is during past anew. "

The expert CoG community has already begun preparations, decorating, crafting and celebrating. Result contributor with us. Upper the coming 20 days, we tendency be gulf the recipes, songs, crafts and other Yule treats from the cheerful halls and homes of CoG members. To begin, let's see what's leaving on sequence the country:

This past weekend, Everglades Moon Marked Congress, hosted its sixth annual Gyratory of the Rush Yuletide public holiday.

This coming weekend, on December 8th, Criterion Marked Congress tendency be hosting its Solstice Remembrance in Calimesa, California.

On December 22nd, the most modern shut down council, Hills and Rivers, tendency be hosting an open Yule Rehearse at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Religious in Pittsburgh's North Side.

Loan to the south, Texas Marked Congress tendency as well be hosting a Mayan Solstice/New Rendezvous ritual on Sunday December 23 at the The Foot for Roll, Discovery, and Support in Castle Worth.

As a send, Dogwood Marked Congress has opened a Yuletide shop instruct "Caf'e Haversack" that features a shot of Dogwood's own Holly Emperor.

Origin: way-of-witch.blogspot.com