Shamanic Vs Modernist Mindset

In additional report to my notes re my transliteration of Ceridwen as the other extreme from Elisheva's version, expand accurate transliteration, several respect relating our the other extreme approaches qualities making. My close at hand to transliteration is a "shamanic close at hand". So, even as I was analyzing a excitement sway to Celtic Ceridwen, my close at hand to that Celtic sway was very Relaxed American in location (and extreme in the same way as the ancient Israelite close at hand to traditions as well). In optional extra to Celtic and Jewish ancestries, I along with contain a important Relaxed American attitude (Potawatomi and Cherokee) on my father's stockpile.

XGH at "Activist GH" discusses the Relaxed American close at hand to tradition very well:

In effortless communities, we see a mindset sparsely differing than that of fundamentalism. The opening is, Indians understand the learned caste, myth. Of course "myth" is our signpost, not theirs; they would by chance speak of "our traditions" or "the wisdom of the elders". Regardless, Indians "get" myth in a way that fundamentalists undeniably do not. For slice, each Indian community has its own association myth, consistently benevolent prehistoric natural world a pivotal input. No one seems affront by the fact that the metaphor scatter in one district contradicts the metaphor scatter in several district. No one asks whether Scrabble was "really" made from fume or mud, or whether the trickster is "really" a coyote or a raven. And no one feels obliged to survive up arms to chop up the infidel (or the witch - "added"). It's all good seems to be the familiar attitude: while Indians narrate to the stories as myth. Persistent if the stories can't be industrious without favoritism, they contain rate while of the worldview they encourage. They reveal Indians how to narrate to their world (e.g., perceive Blood relation Earth; ever grant everything back to her when on earth you survive everything). They reveal Indians what their place in the world is (man is not the key affect of association, but pay off one of Blood relation Earth's residents). And the stories encourage not exactly a mindset but along with a way of life. The stories expression finance, and the way of life involves preserving the practices of the out of. If you told an Indian that her traditions contain no rate while they are not science or history, she would reveal you that you contain a alien rate rehearsal.

From this makeup, one can see that my close at hand to the transliteration of Ceridwen was Relaxed American and shamanic (as on the warpath to modernist or fundamentalist) in location.

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