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Such as is Perceive My Blog Friday?I breakfast been seeing some Perceive Fridays for other nonpagan blogs but breakfast yet to see one for the pagan blogging community so I momentous to wind one! Perceive My Blog Friday works a mini level Perceive Friday on Chirp memorable as #FF. In imitation of it's done on blogs it's called a blog hop and is an awesome way to get allies and find other blogs to follow! I general feeling be your jam for this blog hop. It is current and general feeling empty every Friday!To accumulate notes fun introduce general feeling a establishment every week for you to reply on your Perceive My Blog Friday post. This week's establishment is:FF#1 Question: Such as are your New Year's Resolutions as to your spiritual and magickal practice?My answer: I endeavor on studying all the branches of magick that breakfast anxious me such as high magick, fix magick, and alchemy. I in addition wish to work with dark magick even more, typically that which has to do with dark goddesses and confronting the shadow.How does Perceive My Blog Friday Work? 1. Primitive you wind a Perceive My Blog Friday post on your own blog that connections back to this post. If you would level to list every blog that has signed up in the Linky Utensils underneath, crack the phone that gives you the secret language and add it to your blog post as HTML.2. Produce and rod the phone to the blog post you breakfast finished and add it underneath to Linky Utensils. You sue for to be trustworthy to add the phone to a specific post not the homepage of your blog for Perceive Friday to work recurrently. For sample, this is my blog url: this is a specific blog post url: Arrival you sue for to hang around as lots blogs as you can and hunt their blogs. If you breakfast the time, rank them a luster saying so long, Holy Be, or anything on their Perceive My Blog Friday post. (You see now why it's crucial to phone back to the specific Perceive Friday post?)4. If someone follows you, please hunt them back!Are Nearby Any Rules?1. (Crucial) You want breakfast a blog in order to add your name to the Linky Utensils list. No it does not sue for to be a pagan blog. However it Necessity be written by a pagan, be pagan customary, or breakfast whatever thing to do with witchcraft, Wicca, the occult, mysterious, magick, fantastical creatures such as fairies or dragons, mythology, nature, spirituality, or the metaphysical. The Linky list is definitely open for one week. Last that introduce general feeling be a new Linky list on my be with Perceive Friday post wherever you can add your blog.2. (Crucial) You may definitely add your own blog. Associating someone with a pagan blog lean is not cool and borders on "contend" them fading contract.3. (Perfectly Optional) It would be noble if you followed my blog.4. (Somewhat Optional) Elucidate the Perceive Friday establishment in your post.5. (Extramural) Add the Perceive My Blog Friday standard to your blog.6. (Extramural) Work a luster on this post.