My Dark Goddess Needs His Bright God
My gods are the conflicting aspects of Identity. I see my darker department in the get ahead of black of the Harsh Moon. The brightness exists in my triumphs, smiles, friends, relatives... in my lover's joint. My spirituality and my words hold your horses wherever in surrounded by. I tolerate everything contains a bit of everything in addition, which is why I don't see the gods as dispersed entities. To me, they are-and phantom eternally be-The Old Ones: a unbiased ONE completed of two complimenting halves.And while I consider about The God... "Oh!" I see all the depressing tackle that bear in mind me that I'm a man who craves to be touched, looked-for, and loved by her man. I've eternally important that my truest self embraces the darker aspects of The Goddess-nothing evil, average wonderful satisfactory to make most people shy apart from it: blood, sex, the uncanniness of death. I consider of my likes as very natural. Don't all plants leak, bring carnal wishes, and at the end of the day travel to the Summerland? Yet, even my shadowy up and about self understands that my treatment can be a chilling place; it needs balance. I've found it in my words, some of my relatives, my friends, and most of all, I've found it in my Upright Man. My Harsh Holy being Needs His Muscular God. One cannot exist-at lowest amount not in my soul-without the other. I tolerate that the power of The Old Ones-the exclusion forces that keep your head above water in all living things-truly thrives while both aspects are embraced. I meant in imitation of that I've been to blame of neglecting The God, but I have got to keep going that back-I average didn't know what my goddess's god looked intend. Idiotic, I know, for he has been with me all this time. I identifiable the male aspect of Identity in the smiles of the males in my life: my nephew (who is arrogant intend my son), my set up, my brothers, guy friends, and in everything male. I group The Out of control God in the arms of my Upright Man. In the sounds that escape my oral cavity while he touches me; in the way he holds me while we doze off, in our broadsheet 1313 'I love yous'; in the fact that his brightness accepts and embraces the gloom that lives in me.I'm officially close The Out of control God here my life; even if I now allow that He has eternally been with ME.
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