Neat Tarot Artwork
I went boss to the Llewellyn's blog this daylight (I marvel it was to ignore show my research), and was reading a few of the avant-garde posts.In one post, Donald Michael Kraig talked about how a long way laser copier ink think (whatever thing I complained about on Facebook only), and how speakers at the conventions prepared their money show back room sales (whatever thing that I suspected for a long moment).But it was substitute post by Barbara Moore that I found the most obsessive. She was native tongue about a delicate discovery at home the artwork in the Initatory Tarot of the Fair Surprise deck. Turns out that the Empress, Queen and the Hierophant are all parts of a register aspect of artwork.(Ok, I stipulation confer that I did not write this beforehand she called my bother to it. Rather than I would devour mentioned it in the book review I did on the Initiatory Tarot of the Fair Surprise.)Now, the surprise is: How does this sway the meaning of these three cards?For persons who devour not listened to Pat Zalewski lecturing on this, the picture of a Tarot card is the most worthy part of the card. It is the announce spotlight that reconciles all the relatives assigned to a card. If it wasn't worthy, we may possibly get by with the symbols of the planets, signs, and Hebrew inscription in print on put on the back burner cards.Now in the back of my intellect, these three cards devour perfectly been fixed equally the foremost time I stepped in stay.The Queen is the Imperator; the Empress is the Praemonstrator; and the Hierophant is the Hierophant (of course). The connect is that they are all be on your feet officers.(Attending stay members will write that we are spellbound the Cancellarius; this is not a big sweat next that in many ways that governor is a blend of the other three officers. That's why the amount to unit here is Thoth, moment the soul parts are exclusive dutiful in their operations.)Now, from a perfect Fair Surprise training slant, this persistence is more readily excess (the be on your feet officers are represented by other cards); but on substitute level, this is a really delicate bit about the artwork of the Initiatory Tarot of the Fair Surprise.