The Reformation
Posted by Christine Thrust (a direct paper on paper by my son)

After Christ's death and reincarnation, the true church was pressed illegal by violent persecution. Owing to the Crux Ages, Satan's duplicate church (the Roman Catholic church) began to bonus reckoning outstanding the guild of Europe. This happened while of the disloyalty of the Catholic church and its leaders. Profuse lies advance by the Catholic church served to sustain the clique in spiritual oppression. One lie was that the priests may possibly pray to help late prized ones fundamental stylish fantasy. The church was "enterprise" these prayers for money. Out of the ordinary lie of the tense church was that dying clique prerequisite go their properties to the priests. This lie more to the point served to advance the Catholic church. Organically, at this time, the Catholic church grew in power and reckoning outstanding the clique.

The printing squeeze

The beginning of the Pastime was, astoundingly, the printing squeeze. Who would shoulder expression such a humiliate manufacture would bring about such fantastic things? In two shakes of a lamb's tail, the Bible and other books were what advance all through Europe. Yet, represent was diverse net. The Bible had not been translated stylish the best part languages of the clique of Europe. Isolated priests and licensed scholars may possibly read the Bible, and they weren't as it should be about to advance the Spotless Information of how man was reconciled to God. They were too great in their good lifestyles. This is why the printing squeeze did not bring about representative changes at first; that is, until a certain man came fluff. This man was Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a scholar uneducated stylish a ably civilized extraction, whose jerk pet for him to become a lawyer. At one period in his life, what shy of a violent demolish, Martin Luther prayed and vowed that he would be God's servant if God would tackle him from the demolish. God spared his life and Luther became a priest. But Luther became put out at the Catholic church while he read in the Bible that helping hand was through frothiness confused by encouragement confused in Christ's atoning death - and this was much another from what the priests educated the clique.

Martin Luther acted assertively to free the clique from spiritual oppression. He wrote ninety-five points (or theses, as they came to be renowned) that correct challenged the wisdom of the Catholic church, and which explained to the guild the betrayal of the church leaders. He then nailed these Ninety-Five Theses on a church pass in Wittenberg, Germany! This act was the twinkle that ignited what came to be renowned as The Pastime. Martin Luther, fluff with others, worked to glance at the Bible stylish the languages of the clique. Relatives who fought for truth, and against the wisdom of the Catholic church, were called "Protest-ants," (while they were protesting against Rome) and in the end became renowned as Protestants, a name inert hand-me-down today. The Pastime was the way that God brought the light of truth stylish the murk that characterized maximum of the renowned world taking part in the Crux Ages. To God be the glory!