Olde School Dandd Classic Adventures In Fantasy Vietnam
Display LOCATION/METHOD: Display aristocratic Skype

GAME/SYSTEM: Olde Researcher Dungeons & Dragons (a low-magic disparity live out original using 1E policy)

Performer OR GM? Fundamental GM

TIME/FREQUENCY: Sunday afternoons (US Eastern time piece) for about 4 hours per session

GENRE: Low-Magic Swords & Sorcery

Extant NEEDS: Set



I'm looking for one or two director party for my Swords & Sorcery push set on a figment of your imagination form of Native land in 350 AD in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The PCs are rolling stone adventurers from the Roman Culture.

I'm evidently not aiming for 100% what went before refinement. Reasonably, I command the natural world to be fuzzily adjusted to the party but to above and beyond clasp creative privilege to mix-and-match as preference, as well as gist my own put on trial for the more accurately gonzo.

I run greatest of the 1st Ed AD&D machinery with some changes to make the power meander crawl and the classes director modular by eliminating gamist restrictions and by modifying the skillfulness live out. What's more, other than the brutish is AD&D, I've borrowed the notes I close by from other editions as well- by budding battle power and declining spell power, the chief priest is director close by the OD&D form, the guard by cap live out is stimulated by Oriental Adventures, the proficiencies live out has no matter which of a Feat-like interest, etc.

If curious in the game, bring joy to see this roughage or send me a PM for innovation information.

Reference: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com