Reclaiming The Spiritual Symbols That Have Been Hijacked And Used Against Us
Supermodel Kate Moss looking demonic and affectation with an wrong side up crucifix, as well-brought-up as the bride of Christ. Angela Pritchard, "Guest"WAKING Mature Numinous symbols are powerful. Beneath the facade of outgoing norms they are subsistence recycled in a concealed war. Not austerely gorge dark forces propagated the symbols of black magic appearing in millions of unaware homes, but besides a mixture of of the world's excellent spiritual symbols of light gorge been demonized. For thousands of days forces of darknesshave tasked themselves with the aim of destroying spirituality and suppressing consciousness. They gorge infiltrated spiritual groups, organizations and schools (such as the Freemasons, the Catholic Place of worship etc.); gorge hijacked their spiritual texts, teachings, symbols and knowledge; and gorge later local it comatose, bent, defeated and suppressed it. For example we gorge been finished with is a path of soiled esoteric knowledge and infiltrated spiritual schools in secular history, where on earth spiritual symbols of light are given a bad name, wrong side up and recycled opposed us.// // // ]]>ALL IS NOT For example IT SEEMS The way they gorge recycled symbols can leave behind a good extensiveness appearing in how natives losing the dent of spirituality do their work. Sometimes THEY Acquit Moving Play BAD by demonizing and creating impish connotations with good. Sometimes THEY Acquit BAD Play Moving by glamorizing and glorifying what is bad. And sometimes "THEY Place in the ground THE BAD Within THE Moving" by working losing and in the company of structures that are good on the face. All of this creates a collect of puzzlement where on earth civilization who don't know any stuck-up are turned opposed the knowledge of the light (the very thing that can help them), respect luggage of misery, and create themselves with the best of intentions to institutions that are not what they echo. It is later a very mausoleum thing to uneven deeper appearing in the matrix. The ancient Chinese symbol of the yin and yang as found in mapping out the cycles of light and misery in the rendezvous.Substantial Start Secret language gorge an origin deeper than a mixture of fantasy. They are not honorable contemporary to procure an trace or concept. They hold back inclusive standards, which is what gives them their powerful properties. For pattern, a mixture of of them can be found in the aerobics of the cosmos-the gravel Venus traces a pentagram in its cause in dead heat to gravel Terracotta every 8 days, the swastika is found in the cause of Terracotta in the company of its annual report solstices and equinoxes, and the yin and yang is a map of the light and dark halves of the rendezvous. So why are lunar symbols once the pentagram and swastika now ally with evil, and sincerely dark symbols, once the upside down crucifix and suppose of the beast, so in devoted now?Secret language Recycled FOR Gloomy AND FOR Light Many near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, ancient texts, religions, spiritual wisdom traditions, and now even areas of methodological suppose, gorge avowed that contemporary are other body of co-existence that are settled by beings-both cherubic and demonic. Whatever thing we can see encompassing us, in addition to ourselves, is multi-dimensional-it's honorable that we are widely austerely au fait of the physical part. In close proximity everything to boot, symbols that are vivid appearing in are clear in other body, and according to the symbol, can attract or junction other dimensional forces and beings. "The average form does not even disrepute the occult properties of figurative pentacles. On this inferior the excellent Paracelsus has written: 'No vagueness a mixture of option wolf at the seals, their font and their uses, which are described in these books, while it seems illusory to them that metals and font [symbols] which are dead must gorge any power and effect. Yet no one has ever proved that the metals and equally the font as we know them are dead, for the salts, sulphur, and quintessences of metals are the maximum preservatives of secular life and are far aloof to all other simples.'""~ Male P Courtyard, The Shadowy Wisdom of All Ages" Hero of a nation, pacesetter and idol of millions of boys - David Beckham sports an upside down pentagram, symbol of the cable of man/woman appearing in the gulch. Opinion whispererTHE Secret language OF Gloomy MARKETED All the rage MILLIONS OF HOMES The fact that symbols and come to pass which attract dark entities are subsistence recycled bigger and bigger in pop culture doesn't honorable declare that contemporary are dark forces losing these industries; if it did, contemporary would be undersized good quality to natives promoting them. Very, their encouragement brings these symbols appearing in millions of homes, even billions, encompassing the world, where on earth they attract forces and beings of misery appearing in the lives of unaware civilization.THE Secret language OF Light ARE TRASHED AND RIDICULED On top of this, the symbols that attract the powers of light are equally demonized and trashed (knock down with natives who use and teach about them). Abstruse luggage for good are ready out to be kooky, cultish and eerie, as the dark symbols and rituals of evil are promoted as dressed in and cutting edge. What symbols of light gorge the power to attract the forces of light, they equally gorge the power to banish the forces of misery. Stigmatizing them terrazzo comatose the fitness for civilization to use symbols of light to authenticate themselves opposed evil forces. In this way contributions is subsistence whichever deceived and dis-empowered.A 101 ON THE Binary USE OF THE Limit Seam Numinous Secret language One tell-tale way to assume a symbol of black magic is if it is a symbol of light but wrong side up. Gloomy, in a spiritual inkling, is light inverted; so it too has its own power for natives who learn to spread it. Folks who provoke in light stem the powers of light and spotlessness, as natives who provoke in evil stem the dark rush of the inclusive energy (the "dark rush of the exhort" as it was referred to in Female lead Wars). This snapshot from the music video stretch Natural by pop musician Kesha is a good pattern of how symbols of light are demonized. The symbol of an upright pentagram hangs in an old church where on earth Kesha engages in orgiastic acts. What the variety of misery is the invalidate of light, it follows that dark symbols option be natives of light wrong side up. "In symbolism, an wrong side up subtract continuously signifies a perverted power... The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic fault bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be deadly to his schemes. He penury thus obscure the hierograms so that they depict the occult fact that he himself is distorting the standards for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a basic art; it is the steal of an art. Accordingly it has no symbols of its own. It exactly takes the figurative records of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.""~ Male P Courtyard, The Shadowy Wisdom of All Ages"THE PENTAGRAM The transit of Venus in dead heat to the Terracotta makes a pentagram every 8 days. Opinion whisperer The pentagram so synonymous with evil and witchcraft, is really a deeply great one found in the aerobics of Venus (the Origin and Dusk Female lead) in dead heat to the Terracotta. Being pointed downwards it attracts demonic entities. It represents the fall of the secular subsistence appearing in hell/the gulch, and the person in charge of matter (the condescending four points of the star) disdainful spirit (the one tabled hype). An wrong side up pentagram which is recycled to attract beings of misery. "This subtract (the pentagram) is the usual symbol of the magical arts, and signifies the five properties of the Substantial Miraculous Expressive, the five good sense of man, the five elements of variety, the five extremities of the secular physique. By means of the pentagram within his own time, man not austerely may master and function all creatures unkind to himself, but may demand notice at the hands of natives aloof to himself. The pentagram is recycled a great deal in black magic, but in the function of so recycled its form continuously differs in one of three ways: The star may be out of order at one hype by not permitting the converging defiance to touch; it may be wrong side up by having one hype down and two up; or it may be bent by having the points of shifting lengths. Being recycled in black magic, the pentagram is called the "sign of the cloven hoof," or the marks of the Mischievous sprite. The star with two points budding is equally called the "Goat of Mendes," while the wrong side up star is the fantastically found as a goat's initial. Being the upright star turns and the condescending hype gush to the flummox, it signifies the fall of the Origin Female lead.""~ Male P Courtyard, The Shadowy Wisdom of All Ages" An upright pentagram symbolizing spirit disdainful matter and the increase of a secular to heaven. Being pointing upwards, it is the secular climbing towards heaven/the spiritual realm, matter under the guidance of the spirit, and the amalgamation of the secular with god. At the moment it is stationary recycled to junction demons (I separately wear one and drape one in my room)-so is it any take by surprise it has been turned appearing in a symbol of public mock and suspicion? The pentagram is a good pattern of how demonic entities cadge the knowledge of light and truth, and obscure it to massacre it. As you option read less than, they gorge equally hijacked a mixture of other spiritual symbols in this way.THE ALL-SEEING EYE The sign of DARPA's primitive take to court to set up a centralized study path. The Latin underneath the pyramid reads aim is muscle. The benchmark symbol of the "powers that be", the "New Concept Act" and "Illuminati", is the all-seeing eye. It appears this like ancient spiritual symbol became hijacked in the function of Freemasonry was infiltrated.At the moment it has been bent to gorge unlike brunette meaning. Being recycled by the concealed hands losing the "New Concept Act" it symbolizes the knowledge of misery, which is accessed and standoffish by a few elites who use it to run the rest of contributions preceding their insight. The sign of the primitive take to court to set up a centralized study passage by DARPA was the all-seeing eye atop a pyramid. The term that accompanied it - scientia est potentia (knowledge is power); the knowledge of the "dark rush of the exhort" equally brings with it huge power, and demonic entities use it to run others. A resemblance of a complaining disintegrate of the secular attend to and the eye of Ra symbol from ancient Egypt. The design is very combined exposition that this eye was really recycled to characterize an inner spiritual glimpse given by the pineal gland. But this symbol, which surfaced in ancient Egypt as the eye of Ra, equally has a spiritual meaning - one that empowers a secular subsistence honestly than enslaves. It represents the inner spiritual eye, sometimes called the "third eye", and includes the pineal gland-now well everyday to be united to our association to future realities and states of consciousness. It is depicted as one eye as contemporary is honorable one of them (not once our two noticeable eyes), and looks ridiculously combined to the design of the Egyptian eye of Ra. This third eye can be awakened in the company of a spiritual work and allows someone to see and respect preceding the textile world.PYRAMID The Substantial Nearby on the Cooperative States go against tab. The lucrative path brought in knock down with this has fashioned a measure with it that is enslaving the world. The symbol of the pyramid is widely accompanied by the "all seeing eye" which sits at its peak. Anew the pyramid has a united meaning. To the "New Idiom Act" the pyramid is the ranking of power and of evil. Demonic entities work within a ranking that extends from other body, appearing in the physical world. This is why the eye is regularly seen not speaking from the rest of the pyramid, telling the real run coming from preceding the textile horizontal. Devotedly the pyramid can breathe life into a suppose of luggage. They gorge been built by ancient spiritual cultures encompassing the world where on earth they were dreadfully sacred seats. Despite the fact that they were sophisticated taken disdainful by evil and brunette forces, pyramids elementary signified the cable and increase of consciousness on the path to elucidation. A triangle itself represents the three forces of the world that are indispensable to spirituality: the Commencement, Father and Son of the concept, represented in sacred trinities in the world such as the Christian Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and Egyptian Osiris, Isis and Horus, that are consistent within in the spiritual work.CRUCIFIX/CROSS Pop star smooth in upside down crucifixes and undertaking a envoy wave in sheath their eye - creating the all-seeing eye. Pop star smooth in upside down crucifixes and undertaking a envoy wave in sheath their eye - creating the all-seeing eye. In close proximity the pentagram the complaining is unlike symbol that in the function of upright is of light, and in the function of turned upside down/inverted is of misery. The upright complaining has appeared not honorable in early Christianity, but in a mixture of fresh spiritual cultures that preceded it in addition to ancient Briton, and ancient Egypt as the ankh. The come in of life'/ankh at the temple of Kom Ombo in Egypt (copyright Hedwig Storch). Being wrong side up, once the pentagram, it is the fall of the secular subsistence appearing in hell/the gulch. Even though a mixture of wits it originated from the way Peter the supporter was assumed to gorge been crucified, which was upside down, it is equally recycled in black magic. Demonic entities wish to see every secular subsistence find out hellish regions, and to massacre the spirituality of the great Son anywhere and whenever it has appeared. This is why you'll find brunette powers promoting and relishing in the extravaganza and dent of sacred spiritual teachings and symbols once the crucifix. Being upright the complaining is the tree of life-the conjunction of the three forces of the cosmos: Commencement, Father and Son. It is a symbol of the inner death of the ego and the resurrection of a form to the imperishability of the spirit.Gone Devote VS State Devote A representation of a demonic original in hell/the infra-dimensions with its finished arm crossed disdainful its devoted. In esoteric literature contemporary are a mixture of references to a left-handed path, and a right-handed path. Initiates of misery roll the left-handed path and are symbolized with a finished arm or leg crossed disdainful the devoted. Initiates of light roll the right-handed path and are symbolized by a devoted hand crossed disdainful the finished. An ancient statue of Osiris with his devoted arm crossed disdainful his finished (copyright Olaf Tausch 1April2009). Depictions of someone with their arms crossed disdainful their case can be found as far back as ancient Egypt, where on earth pharaohs and deities were portrayed with their devoted arm crossed on top of their finished, detection the barely humane idiosyncratic whisperer of the civilization's illusory knowledge.SWASTIKA The cause of the earth in its aim, which is found in the ancient symbol of the swastika. And overwhelmingly the swastika, which is one of the upper limit stigmatized symbols that exists today due to its use by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Troop. This is a primitive pattern of someone who was amenable in esotericism (Hitler), but who obviously had no spiritual level and slightly caused its collect demonization. The swastika has been depicted in various ancient cultures, in addition to upper limit resplendently Hinduism. It is not an evil symbol at all whether circling clockwise or anti-clockwise, but portrays a great principle of cause.Embezzle Assist THE Origin OF Uninfringeable Live through FROM THE HANDS OF Gloomy An upside down pentagram deceitfully nonexistent in a Catholic Place of worship in its maximum place of friendship where on earth it brings down demonic forces. Opinion whisperer The dent of the knowledge of how to provoke consciousness is flawlessly indispensable to the work of misery. The vilify wrestle that has been waged by demonic entities and their initiates in the physical world opposed natives with the knowledge of how to provoke stanchly has been fought what recorded history. On one hand initiates of light movement to bring quiet, approach and elucidation to the world. On the other, initiates of misery taste to massacre their hard work and slightly enslave contributions. To this end, schools of light and knowledge gorge been infiltrated, soiled, victimized, and defeated from within, their symbols wrong side up, bent and demonized, and texts forbid and suppressed. That's why today we are witnessing black rituals at music awards, the falsification and extravaganza of spiritual symbols in pop culture, the deterioration of the ideology that came to union from spirituality, the conclude stress on raising generations obsessed in covetousness from genesis, and the move to a humanist one world religion that is uncovered of any esoteric (empowering) knowledge. We can tranquil, cadge back the ancient inheritance of knowledge from the hands of misery. Numinous symbols are by their variety an gut and inclusive lexis that can be assumed like bigger. And at this hype WE Stand AN Simple Snooty TO MAKE: we can either profit the knowledge of the great standards that these symbols hold back, or be situated chance and firm by natives who use this knowledge for dark purposes.On the subject of The Critic ANGELA PRITCHARD is an playwright and studious appearing in the inclusive variety of spirituality and consciousness. She is the co-author of two books on ancient sacred mysteries. Her plug work out is on experiencing spirituality firsthand, in addition to in the company of OBEs, and she has been zealous to this for the outer surface 10 days. She aims to verify the concealed heredity of what's really overcast the enter in union and the world in dead heat to the war on consciousness and stimulation, and writes aligned with her partner on the website ~~ Help WAKING Mature TO Support THE Quiver BY Rupture THIS Item Amongst THE BUTTONS Less than... 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