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Spell for All-Around WarmthChant "I am warm warm as fire, all this warmth is my desire" in a few seconds you should feel warm.
Anger SpellsAnger teasMake a cup of your favorite tea. While it is seeping, chant:Fiery anger, go away.Calmness come and with me stay.Soothe my mind so I can think,Steep peace of mind within this drink.
Make yourself a nice cup of mint tea. Sweeten it. Chant the following over the tea before drinking:Cool my anger, herb of mint.Honey/Sugar sweeten my intent.My attitude, I ask you, change.Toss heat of temper out of rage.orCooling mint I ask of the, take this anger far away.Soothing herb I beseach you, keep those emotions at bay.
Anti-Nightmare ChantNo Nightmare chantSay while you are falling asleep (only works in your bed):Go away evil dreamsits not what it seemsgo away go far away leave my dreams sightgive me at least one good night(keep repeating it)- Submitted by Victoria Anxiety SpellsAnti-anxiety chantNervous anxiety, you are dead.Lord and lady, soothe my head.Bring me to your calming peaceas i will so mote it be.- Submitted anonymously Anxiety teaAdd two teaspoons of valerian root to one cup of boiling water. As it seeps, chant:Nervous anxiety, you are dead.Roots and water, soothe my head.Bring to me your calming peace.As I will, so mote it be.Note: To cut the taste you might want to strongly sweeten it with honey.-- Dorothy Morrison Calming SpellI chant this 3 or more times whenever I'm feeling worried or scared:"Magick, Magick, unto me, hear me now, my soul be free."- Submitted by Lady Moonwood Release nervousness before a pictureOk, my school's picture day was 2 days ago, and I was so nervous, I decided to write a spell, and see if it worked, and it did. It got rid of my nervousness. So this is how I wrote it, and just, play with the words if you need to. Just say this to yourself as many times as needed, until you're not nervous anymore:"Release my fright, it's picture day, I don't want to look scared, it's a yearbook picture, let me look nice, erase my fright."- Submitted by Anonymous Believer Stress releaseSay this while your thinking of all the good things in life:Once was therenow was goneturn this stressso it's goneThen take a deep breath and continue on what you are doing.- Submitted by Magie Vanilla anti-anxiety spellHold a vanilla scented candle in both hands until it becomes warm to the touch. Chant three times:Vanilla chase this mess away.Keep it far from me today.Light the candle and let it burn until the anxiety disappears.-- Dorothy Morrison Back to the routine spellThis is a great spell to do after the holidays or vacation when you need to get back on track with your life.Need: a white candle and a plain ringConsider your daily routines, the brick and mortar of your life. Hold the ring and picture your typical day, from beginning to end. Then light the candle, saying:Day in, day out, laugh, cry, whisper, shoutThis is what I do; show me now what is true.Meditate on what this routine means to you. Blow out the candle. Wear or carry the ring with you all day. At the end of the day, think about which routines you appreciate and which you'd like to give up. Honor all of them for giving your life some structure.- Elizabeth Barrette Banishing SpellsTo Banish JealousyBy Spiritual LilyYou will need the following items: *. A candle in your favorite color *. A green candle *. A small knife *. Cinnamon joss sticks *. Cinnamon essential oil *. Hyssop herbThe timing of this spell should also be considered as it forms part of the ingredients. Perform the spell during the dark moon.1. Have a purifying hyssop bath to wash away negativity, then cast a magick circle.Starting in the east, walk around the room clockwise with a cinnamon joss stick in your right hand.Visualize a blue sphere surrounding your home.2. Step into the circle. Using the knife, etch your name on the candle chosen to represent yourself, and the jealous person's name on the green candle.Start so the name begins nearest the wick and goes down the candle.3.Anoint your candle with cinnamon oil. Light it saying,"It is my will to banish jealousy from my life."Now anoint the green candle and say,"This candle represents a jealous person who will trouble me no more."4. Light the green candle and move it out of the room towards the front door, saying, "I banish envy out of the door. May your spirit grow past petty spite, to fill your soul with love and light."Allow the candle to burn down to the wick.5.Bind your spell by imagining a blue ribbon of energy and tie a knot with this around your candle, saying,"I call on Earth to bind this spell, Air to speed its travel well, Fire bring spirit from above, Water fill this spell with love. This spell bound around shall be, to cause no harm nor return on me. As i do will So Mote It Be."6. Thank the elements, saying, "Earth, Water, Fire, Air, leave this circle to my care. Go with my thanks and with my love." Now walk around the room anticlockwise with a cinnamon joss stick, seeing the blue circle of flames fading away.To whom that may use this spell, may it bring you your wish.Spiritual Lily xxx Chant to rid negative energyI see only pure reflected lightI am ridding all bad luck and negative energyO Blessed BeRepeat this and feel a securing warmth around your body and imagine white light glowing around your skin, it is sure to rid you of any bad thoughts or unwanted presence.-- submitted by Candice Beth Banishing PestsSprinkle black pepper over the windows/doorways where pests (i.e. Flies, ants, crickets etc.) are entering or congregating. Repeat three times:(bugs Name,bugs name) go awaywith this pepper that I laydon't return another dayfrom whence ye came, there shall ye stay- Submitted by Magick Moon Chant for releaseCandle black and candle white, heal this darkness with your light.I now release this plight to be transformed by love so I am free.- Submitted anonymously Chant to rid negative energyI see only pure reflected lightI am ridding all bad luck and negative energyO Blessed BeRepeat this and feel a securing warmth around your body and imagine white light glowing around your skin, it is sure to rid you of any bad thoughts or unwanted presence.-- submitted by Candice Beth Lady Phoenix's Infamous Potato SpellThis spell is intended to remove unwanted people from your life. For example, if you have an ex who simply will not get the message and leave you alone, then this is the spell to use.However, I strongly suggest that this spell be done as a ritual, within a properly cast circle, and it is written below as such.I also must sincerely and genuinely stress that this spell only be done after serious consideration and consultation with a divination tool such as the Tarot or runes. Please be sure that you really, truly want the outcome that you seek, and make sure that you are covered karmically, because this spell does NOT fool around. Believe me - I know.What you need: Regular altar setup, upon which should also be a plain potato; a marker; a sharp knife that is NOT your athame; rusty bolts, nails, or screws; and black thread or yarn.Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual.Cast circle.Call quarters.Invoke Goddess and God.Draw a dotted line across the middle of the potato; write your name on one half, and the name of the person you want to remove from your life on the other half.Hold a sharp knife (NOT your athame; remember, athames should do no physical cutting) over potato and say:"Here lies the ties that bind me to energy negative and disruptive.Now I cut those tiesLet this blade separate me from the negative, leaving me in fruitful peace."Cut the potato in half, using the dotted line as guide, so that your half is separate from the half belonging to the other person.Hold up your half and say:"Where this root lies, may it provide fertility to the land and to me.In the names of the Lord and the LadyAs I do will, so mote it be."Take up the half with the name of the person you want to remove from your life. Insert rusty bolts, nails or screws in the potato one by one. With each bolt, say out loud something that you want this person to stop doing. For example:"Stay away from my houseDon't call me on the phoneDon't show up at my workplace" etc.Once you've inserted all the bolts and made all your demands, then take up the black yarn or string, and wrap it around the potato half many times. Each time you wind the string or yarn around the potato, you are binding the person from bothering you, so you should say this out loud; for example, you can say:"I bind you, So-and-So, from harming meI bind you, So-and-So, from coming to my home" etc.Wrap the string around as much as you want. It's probably best, though, to make sure that the potato and the bolts are completely covered with string.When you are finished, hold up the bound potato half and say:"May the negative energies represented herestay as far away from meAs this potato will be,Never to return.In the names of the Lord and the Lady,as I do will so mote it be.May this spell not reverse or place upon me any curseMay all astrological correspondences be correct for this working." (These last two lines are especially important, for insurance purposes.)Thank Goddess and GodClose quartersClose circleAfterward, you should immediately take the bound potato half somewhere far away from your home. Drive a couple of hours-go into another state if you can. Remember, the wording of the spell was that the negative energies would stay as far away from you as the potato is, so you want that potato miles and miles and miles away. Bury it in a forest, or some deserted place. You can say some additional words similar to those used during the spell as you bury it.Take the potato that has your name on it and bury it somewhere on your property. You should be able to grow a potato plant out of it.One last caveat: If you don't want to get pregnant, omit or rewrite the line about bringing fertility to you. Trust me. =)- Lady Phoenix MoonFlame Vanilla-rosemary spell to Remove obstaclesNeed: A red candle, vanilla oil (or oil mixed with vanilla extract), rosemaryAnoint the candle. Roll it in rosemary and light it. Chant:Ancient Ones of strength and mightCome and aid me in this plight.Push through all that is in my way,Let them fall and crumble away,So my path is clear and free,As I will, so mote it be!As the candle burns, concentrate on the obstacles in your way melting away as the wax does. Let candle burn for 15 minutes. Repeat daily for a week, allowing the candle to burn out on the seventh day.- Dorothy Morrison To Repel the Berufen (the Evil Eye)Fill a jar with stream water taken with the running current. Place seven coals, handfuls of meal and garlic cloves. Boil. Then stir with a three-forked twig while chanting.....Misec' yakha tut dikhenTe yon kathe mudarenTe atunci efta cokaTe caven misece yakhaMisec' yakha tut dikhenTe yon kathe mudarenBut prahestar eyakhaAtunci kaves th'avenaMisec yakha tut dikhenTen yon kathe mudarenPca' buvena, pca' buvenaAndre dereless kero yakha- submitted by Merrick Banishing Grief SpellThis spell is said to help one let go of painful feelings of grief. It is for those times in life when it seems impossible to feel joy again, such as after losing someone close to you.Items Needed: A smoky quartz gemstone, bowl of water, three tablespoons of sea saltThe Spell:Begine by holding the stone in your power hand. See your grief in your mind's eye. Visualize the grief moving from within yourself and through your hand to the stone. As you do this, say:Banishing stone,Fill yourself with my grief,so that I may feel joy again,So be it, blessed be!Stirring counterclockwise, mix the sea salt into the bowl of water, then add the smoky quartz stone. Swish the stone around three times in a counterclockwise motion. Leave the stone in the water for a few minutes, then take the stone outside and safely throw it as far as you can away from yourself.- By Amerindea

Source: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com