Fire Meditation Spell
you need

Cauldron/Pot even a BBQ Quiz give work fine


8 red candles

Set up the 8 candles in a circle. One to the North, one to the North East and so on. Make ready the circle about a foot in diameter. Moderately good the candles. Rip the paper appearing in 9 pieces. Outline your name on the opening box of paper. Location it in the medium of the circle of candles. On the imminent 8 ballpoint "harm". Location each of the 8 by the candle on the outside of the circle. Now start at the top candle and take up the box of paper that says "harm" on it. Gain it on fire and in a little while put it in the fire perfunctory reason moment saying this:

"Blaze burns and fire turns all evil and harm in another place from me."

Take you back this for each of the weaken 8 pieces of papers that say "harm" on them. What all papers have been burned, surface at your name and say this three time with confidence:

"Fires power and fires influence

Protects me every day and night."

Come to an agreement the candles to nothing down to symbols and ruin themselves. By the way, you can use birthday candles or less important candles so the process give be more readily if you wish. (NOTE: Use simply fireproof candle holders.) You now have a Blaze Sound of protection on the subject of you!