Mantra To Remove Doubt
An effective mantra to remove doubt is given here. Doubt arises when there is a momentary shortage of Prana or the life sustaining force in the body. Certain actions trigger off a certain reactions in the body; doubt is one of them; it is the dual mental state of mind, where one is uncertain as to the reaction to a certain action. Such a state of mind; if chronic lead to unhappiness and inferiority complex.The mantragiven is one which removes fear and doubt from the sub- conscience mind of the chanter. The mantra which is a short one has to be chanted 500 times daily for it to be effective. Mantra to remove DoubtRelated Articles * Ghost capturing Mantra ( * Simple Vedic mantra for removing fever ( * Mantras to remove corruption ( * Surya Mantra to purify the skin ( * Mantra for brain power - 2 ( * Kamala Laxmi Mantra Sadhana ( * Mantra for the Riches of Life ( * Jain Mantra for disease cure ( * Mantra for frustration ( * All tasks fulfilling mantra (