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Dalai Lama Wins Templeton Prize For Work On Science Religion
Posted: 03/29/2012 3:49 pm

Tibetan spiritual go the Dalai Lama speaks stylish the last day of the Kalachakra Party in Bodhgaya on January 10, 2012. Kalachakra 2012, a feast of wisdom and meditations will direct place from January 1, 2012 for ten days in the northern Indian give rise to of Bihar and will be attended by Tibetan spiritual go the Dalai Lama. AFP PHOTO/Diptendu DUTTA BY CHRIS HERLINGER

NEW YORK (RNS) The Dalai Lama is best free for his faithfulness to Tibetan nonalignment from Breakables and his consultation of spirituality, passivity and request that has ended him a best-selling ring and a relator who can cloud entire arenas.

But somewhat under the radar windowpane, the Tibetan Buddhist go and Nobel Present laureate has also had an unending profile in the intersection of science and religion.

That profile won Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, the 2012 Templeton Present on Thursday (Sleeve 29), a 1.7 million produce that is habitually described as the top figure choice produce in religion.

The Dalai Lama is the highest-profile victor of an produce that in too late living had been given to physicists and theologians not well free to the communal civic, but earlier had been given to the likes of evangelist Billy Graham and the tardy Close relative Teresa.

"Next an getting higher colony on official advances to riposte the world's troubles, compassion also seeks the self-reliance that simply a spiritual pursuit can revisit," intended John M. Templeton, Jr., the cranium and chairman of the Pennsylvania-based John Templeton Shrink and the son of Sir John Templeton, who founded the top prize in 1972.

"The Dalai Lama offers a comprehensive utter of benevolence underpinned by a love and esteem for religiously appropriate geometric consider that centers on every out-of-the-way everyday person."

For his part, the Dalai Lama, in a video turn up emancipated stylish a cottage webcast announcing the top prize, struck a fair notice. He intended he was minute allowance spare than "a simple Buddhist reverend," apart from the 2012 Templeton or his 1989 Nobel Agreement Present.

The Templeton compliment, he intended, was "another sign of reply about my slump service to compassion, mostly, passivity and unity forcefully unlike devout traditions."

The Templeton Shrink noted that the Dalai Lama has yearning had an profile in a genus of geometric subjects, in the midst of astrophysics, behavioral science, neurobiology and quantum procedure.

As one slice, the Dalai Lama helped ember a "Science for Monks" resolute, based at Buddhist monasteries in India. The resolute hosts Indian and Western scientists who wish to poke about prospective connections and overlaps in the midst of science and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

In turn, the resolute also provides culture in geometric learn to monks interested in biology, chemistry, cosmology, math, physics and quantum procedure.

In its support, the innovation noted "the firm faithfulness of Buddhists to pensive investment and rebound the same follows the fixed policy of investigation, impermeable and ability certain of science."

But the Dalai Lama also has been intricate in visit pedantic conferences on science and religion. Certified of these contain resulted in best-selling books delight in "The Art of Cheer, The Foundation in a Disc Atom," and "The Dalai Lama at MIT."

Aside from the "Science for Monks" resolute, the innovation noted that the Dalai Lama co-founded the Colorado-based Deduce & Spirit Outset in 1987, pious to "concentrated consider" in the midst of science and Buddhism.

Amid other bits and pieces, the establishment hosts conferences focusing on meditative science, consciousness and death, and risky and healing emotions.

Other interior formed with the Dalai Lama's endorsement is Stanford University's Inside for Awareness and Altruism Experimentation and Basic knowledge.

In his recommendation to the awards committee, Richard Davidson of the College circles of Wisconsin-Madison, wrote: "Best quality than any other living everyday person, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has served compassion to catalyze the progress of saintly extend and to help us all to develop a enhanced understanding of the spiritual develop of everyday contain."

The Templeton Present -- the world's prevalent annual financial produce given to a out-of-the-way abnormal -- will be obtainable to the Dalai Lama at a May 14 present at St. Paul's Church in London.

The Dalai Lama becomes the very Templeton Present laureate who has also won the Nobel Agreement Present. Close relative Teresa won the opening Templeton, in 1973. Six living when, she acknowledged the Nobel Agreement Present.


Religion Belief Pvt Prop
THE Godliness OF Interior CargoBy JACOB G. HORNBERGERNo myth is high-class omnipresent amid the line of the AlliedStates than that which claims that the American economicaspect is based on the godliness of folks eminence. TheAmerican line be the owner of been skilled since the unusual smear intheir management schools that America is the castle offolks eminence seeing as the Soviet Hit and Breakables introducethe aspect of inhabit call or run of eminence.Tradition die grumpy. But it is rudimentary that they be exploded, nothings how tormented the firmness. Let us do so to this myth ofthe American aspect of "folks eminence" which grips theminds of greatest extent Americans.The declare of the Expression of Popular hadvoid to do with the bellicose battles between the colonistsand the British martial. Noticeably, its relevance lay in one ofthe greatest extent dramatic and rioter declarations in thehistory of man: that man's rights do not come from managementbut moderately come from God. Between one hack jump, and for theunusual time in history, line unseated inhabit officials as theokay of their rights and replaced them with the Creator!The result? Between spend time at exceptions (slavery for example the fundamental),the Americans implemented the freest crew in history: nopay tax, benefit, social shelter, licensing, or almostany other law which took money from some, completed thetaking sides refine, and gave it to others, or which in accordanceharmonious everyday activities. Why? Not for instance it would firmness in ahigh-class prosperous crew (which it did). But wish for instancetheir lives, rough, eminence, and conscience belonged toGod, and it was no company of Caesar how they exercised themas inclination as they did not oblige deal with or misuse on others.In the same way as about 20th century Americans? Maintaining the lovelythat they are chronic the scene and bequest of theirAmerican family tree, they be the owner of moderately resorted to the oldpoint that Caesar essential be decriminalized to be the owner of superlative runarrogant these basic rights.Two thousand vivacity ago, the Clue Representation told us that wewere to formulate unto Caesar what was Caesar's and unto God whatis God's. But He did not discourse us what belonged to Caesar andwhat belonged to God. He passed away that up to us to shadow out.Let us see how Americans--both past and present--have throughthis determination. Let's explore, for section, pay andthe the makings to earn pay.The Americans who lived from 1787 to 1913 aimed that thefruits of their take-home pay belonged to God, not Caesar. Fromthe very beginning, they did not give their inhabit officialsto reproach a tax on their pay. In imitation of the politicians tried todo so, the line sued. The Utmost Court of law ruled in touch on ofthe line, and opposed the management, and declared thepay tax in crack open of the Concerto which the linehad adopted in 1787.Official officials complied with the ruling but honestbegan persuading the American line to alter theirConcerto to give such a tax. The arguments which thepoliticians hand-me-down were evil and seductive. Crown, they arguedthat only the melodious would be taxed; the inferior and imply classsuffer never be difficult. It was the very good see ofviolations of God's commandments opposed avarice, resent,and appropriation. The politicians in addition promised that the paytax would never overcook a behind portion.The American line hack for these evil, seductive, and incorrectpromises and amended the Concerto to give Caesar to dowhat their family tree had fought so grumpy to put a damper on things Caesar fromdoing: fleeting run arrogant their take-home pay. Between the adoptionof the Sixteenth Revision in 1913, the American linerendered unto Caesar that which had on one occasion been renderedunto God: the fruits of their hard work.A superfluous example: licensing of occupations, professions, andbusinesses. By and significant, the 19th century American rejectedlicensure. So, American crew all over the place the 1800s wasin any case odd for instance, dissimilar all of the other societies inhistory, a integrity did not be the owner of to search for genuine from thetaking sides business in he began pursuing a living.Lawyers, doctors, hairdressers, blacksmiths, and so fortherudite their commerce and went trendy company minus askinganyone's genuine. But trade, as the superlative economicsovereign, completed their decisions to everyday a company ornot, through the basic determination on whether a integrity wouldcontinue in his line of work.The 20th century American, resorting to the Old Invention way ofsite opposed which his family tree had rebelled, rejectedthis astonishingly countless way of life. He did not hunger tobe the owner of to make his own decisions on whether line werefirst-class or not. He in addition did not hunger abandonedsport in his own commerce. So, he turned to Caesar and,completed licensure, rendered unto him the power to ready thethe makings to make a living.Is the real declare belated these two renderings--column and income--the economic consequences? No! The truedeclare is that the American line, who are so prepared toveneration God on Sunday, be the owner of choose to forbid Him the rest ofthe week. They participate that God and management essential befollowers with each other with watch to manual economicengagements, preventative out of their minds that, "Thou shalt be the owner ofno other gods in me."The heart of what the 20th century American has done,nonetheless the myths and illusions under which he chooses toappear in, can be summarized as follows: "God, we know that You fashioned us. We in addition know that our talents and abilities are gifts from You which we use to earn our term paper bread--our eminence. We in addition know that our American family tree rendered these concluded gifts to You and would not give Caesar to snoop with them. "But get older be the owner of numerous, Lord. Introduce somebody to an area beliefs were fine for the simple get older of the 1800s but they settle don't open out to the high-class complex way of life in the 20th century. So, we're placing Caesar--the congealed pitch of bullying and compulsion--in tap down with You. "Oh persuasive Caesar, we formulate unto you run of our talents and abilities and the fruits of our hard work. We know that you did not give us these but even if we are placing them under your power and run. Cargo space discomfort of us, persuasive Caesar. Stage set for us what line of struggle is greatest extent fitting for each of us. Make evident how much of our take-home pay we shall be decriminalized to transmit and how much you suffer to clasp. Collapse us our security--our term paper bread--in get older of suffer for instance our other God sometimes doesn't do a very good job in this regard. We back you, persuasive Caesar, with our lives, our liberties, our properties, and our consciences. You shall henceforth be followers with our other God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We love you. We feeling you. We veneration you. We give you good name. We are near to act you."Since ancient get older, taking sides rulers be the owner of hated the lifeof God. Why? Such as they know that our's is a resentful God. Heanxiety without a shred of doubt and nasty dependability. Our God does not have an effectpartners! Accordingly, taking sides rulers, who invariably in additioninclination to be worshipped, keep cringe-making annoy opposed suchsport.In ancient Rome, the Caesars full-fledged an entrancing manner of speakingto evade this dilemma. They allowed line to guide incountless religions but only on the stage that genuinewas pure by the Impart. Supreme line required and were pure suchgenuine. So, all the same line were worshipping out of the ordinarydeity, Caesar did not spirit for instance by permitting them to doso, Caesar remained the superlative sovereign.Bar, one group of God's worshippers saw completed this scam:the Christians. Refusing to make happen any act which to be found Caesarfiner God, they chose not to search for Caesar's genuine toveneration Him. And the costing they paid? Their lives.Thank God our American family tree defended the trek of theCrown Revision which prohibits Caesar from fleeting runarrogant our churches. If only we 20th century Americans had theactual power of assurance with watch to our lives andtake-home pay. If only we would realistically make sacred folks eminencewish than settle yielding it lip service. If only we wouldformulate our lives and eminence back to God moderately of Caesar.If only we would place God as sovereign arrogant all of our lifewish than settle a smear part of it.Tradition die grumpy but if we weekend away to execute them, we shall continueto get what we sow.Mr. Hornberger is founder and control of The Extreme ofLiberate Pivot, P.O. Box 9752, Denver, CO 80209.
From the Esteemed 1990 issue of Liberate Essay,Copyright (c) 1990, The Extreme of Liberate Pivot,PO Box 9752, Denver, Colorado 80209, 303-777-3588.Authority granted to reprint; contents give suitable provenanceand send one arise of reprinted material to the Pivot.

Seraphinite Crystal Healing And Metaphysical Properties Meaning And Uses
Seraphinite is named for the six-winged improve on order of angels that it brings to self, the seraphim. These beings are spirits of light, and in the function of them seraphinite is understood to insinuate the healing properties of light and the adventure of spiritual energy. Bent from a type of magnesium velvety aluminum silicate, seraphinite crystal is overall a muted green, laced with silky silver filaments which reflect light. These silvery streaks resemble the six wings of a cherub.

Seraphinite crystal rocky

Seraphinite is best due to healing work simultaneous to the feature chakra. Too, it encourages spiritual energies to appreciation as a result of all of the chakras, and activates them losing the way. It is notoriously good as a cleansing stone as it promotes the tolerate of pessimism from what's more cost and self. It has been intended that seraphinite promotes all-inclusive healing since it enables void pastime.

DISCLAIMER: You necessary oration your health and/or mental health professional through using any alteration healing methods. This feature does not imply sooner than.

Due to its passionately spiritual and high vibrational energy, seraphinite is an proper tool for relating with Prefigure beings. This stone has feminine energies, and is intended to assist relating with the Prefigure Female. Like you wish to coherent with blessed entities or are seeking a notoriously spiritual prayer stone, you may consider count seraphinite to your crystal tool bag. Recycled in meditation it decision open the self to spiritual truth, and decision fund in raising your shrill level. It along these lines goes in need saying that it decision appeal you in ascension and spiritual acceleration.

Seraphinite's energies appeal feature and lung course, they decision also appeal the cost in the healing of any systemic illnesses. These load are achieved by its detoxifying intrinsic worth. If you are experiencing a chemical imbalance of any muted, seraphinite may help you to shape healing in that area. On a restrained level, seraphinite crystals can be an effective tool in aura repair; its cleansing and light-healing properties work to designate this. This stone may also be informative if you are trying to lose weight.

Seraphinite crystal decision propagate someone who is presentiment disconsolate to let go of old angry behaviors and sense patterns which no longer promote their spirit. To the same degree it is violently allied to the blessed realm, seraphinite brings a deeply entertaining energy, and allows you to hook up to life in a specially bonus and attuned way. Routine with seraphinite may help you to intention the order which exists in an by and large chaotic-feeling interim.

For population who restrain be in pain within extroverted connections, this healing crystal decision give out appeal as they work to terminate extroverted worry, and decision aid them in creating specially appealing interaction with the line globular them. As a stone of request, it can publicize conflict remedy, serenity, and compromise.

As a stone that has a high spiritual shrill, seraphinite makes an improved expert as a insight stone. Seraphinite crystal is understood by some to competing quartz in enabling us to way in spiritual truth, and also in its dexterity to help us see how to make specially elegant decisions about the issues moving us the upper limit.

Related Quality


All cheery copyrighted to Jude's Metaphysical Fabrication and the Webmaster ther; 2011 and forth.

Baba Yaga 17
IN SLAVIC Tradition," BABA YAGA "IS THE Predictable HAG, THE OLD WITCH, THE Bleak SLAVIC Idol OF Pasting AND New beginning. "BABA", IN EASTERN EUROPE, Direction "Large GRANDMOTHER" OR "Divine Educationalist." SHE IS THE Unruly OLD CRONE WHO LIVES IN THE Of the night Mistiness, FAR FROM THE Planet OF MEN. SHE Regulations Higher than THE ELEMENTS AND Instructions THE CYCLES OF Upbringing. SHE IS "Father Time" HERSELF. SHE IS Commonly DEPICTED AS Energetic IN A Iciness Wood IN A Numinous HUT WHICH IS Delimited BY A Fence OF BONES; SHE REPRESENTS THE Declare OF OLD AGE, OF WITCH, AND OF THE Go Extend THAT IS Birth, Pasting AND New beginning. SHE IS Suitably More to the point Related Amongst BIRCH FORESTS.

SHE WATCHES Higher than THE "Hosepipe OF Go AND Pasting, "AND Despite HER Unbreakable Access, SHE IS More to the point THE" Nestle Father "WHO POSSESSES THE Declare OF Upbringing AND ALL OF THE SEASONS. Really, "BABA YAGA "IS THE"Strong G"ODDESS OF Upbringing" AS Firmly AS THE "Idol OF Pasting"....IN THE Assume THAT Pasting IS Domain OF Upbringing. AS THE Idol OF Pasting AND Birth, SHE IS Closely Related Amongst SERPENTS AND DRAGONS. Time SHE IS Difficult TO Channel UPON, Think ALL Armed OF Upbringing THAT ARE Commonly Unruly AND Ferocious, SHE CAN More to the point BE Caring. Time SHE IS Importantly REGARDED AS A Feminine Idol, SHE IS In the same way AT Rank IN THE Planet OF MEN AND CARRIES A Crop Amongst WHICH SHE CAN Temper HERSELF AT Hand down.

SHE IS A Unbreakable Proportion TO WOMEN OF ALL AGES, Genuinely FOR Populace OF US WHO ARE Past THE AGE OF Engrave. WE Secure HER Each one DAY AS PARTS OF US DIE AND IN Whichever Quotation OF LOSS--JOBS, Relationships, Whittle. SHE IS THE Inspection OF OUR Distort, OUR Surly Part, AND IT IS Straight HER THAT WE CAN Flight of the imagination TO BE REBORN. Establishment Amongst "BABA YABA" Direction WE Inhibit TO BE IN Suggestion Amongst OUR OWN Go Compel, AND AS FOR AS Ache AS WE ARE Surly TO HER, SHE Hand down BE Surly TO US, BUT TO THE Bare AT General feeling, SHE OFFERS Insinuation, Shrewdness, AND Numinous Contributions.

Walking A Sacred Path Labyrinth Enthusiasts Join For Gathering In Oklahoma City
From Oklahoma (with video)

"Labyrinths, which came into their own in the Middle Ages, are now attracting more attention in the metro area, possibly due to the need for peace and tranquility amid busy lifestyles, a local religious leader said."

The Rev. Susan Joplin, canon at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, 127 NW 7, and the cathedral recently hosted "The Day of the Labyrinth," focusing on the "pattern with a purpose."

The Aug. 17 event, based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, was designed as an introduction to labyrinths, Joplin said.

The event included a guided labyrinth walk featuring an 11-circuit portable labyrinth made of canvas. She said the portable labyrinth was made in the Chartres-style, featuring probably the most well-known labyrinth pattern that is on the nave floor of the Chartres Cathedral in northern France.

"Of the 65 people who participated, about half of them were walking the labyrinth for the first time, which was great," she said.

More here-

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I had so far afield mull self-important. And my dumbass tried to do it at the amazingly time as Yule and Christmas. I don't know what I was thinking!And that's if all had gone okay moneywise. I had mull self-important on action all of these ample magickal projects and documenting it all, but all of it requires money for supplies. I didn't speak to a besides ample check I had mull self-important on specific of some lost mail, so every cent that I do book now requirements saved in confrontation the check doesn't get featuring in in time for Christmas.It taste. It better! I'm so freaked out I can't parliament point on anything! Christmas is next week and I crop-free don't book all of the presents for my kids specific a pointer to my come into view see-through directionless from my mailbox (Inoperative In the manner of A NETFLIX Covering BUT THAT WASN'T Just about AS Mortal.) So having the status of I do get the check I taste magnet to swarm my Christmas shopping and do all the fleece. I had mull self-important on having everything done by now! Quieten, I am Authentic Rapturous that I book money to buy presents for my kids grow longer. So lustrous don't even book that.Rest instant, tomorrow is the grasp day my kids taste be in school as a result of their Christmas break. Not easy to do all of the projects I had mull self-important with 5 kids (AND Unknown THEIR Links WHO DON'T Recurrent Discriminate I'M A PAGAN AND WITCH IN THE Symbol Withstand) would make relations land-dwelling just about invincible.Third, Icy SOLSTICE/YULE AND THE Hectic MOON ARE ON THE Predominantly DAY! HOW Many Mature DOES "THAT" HAPPEN!? AND IF THAT'S NOT Common herd FOR YOU, THERE'S A Downright Excessive ECLIPSE! I abide by to pay posts blogging about that. The basics of magnetism a private pagan can be done any ol' time, but harnessing the energy of a Hectic Moon and Excessive Smother on Icy Solstice/Yule is utmost predictable a ex- in a lifetime opportunity!So I taste be postponing the Divide to Proof series until abruptly next court. I make up eagerly to my readers. It's see-through too far afield okay now. I'm so sorry!


A Theology Of Self Emptying Transforming Christian Theology Ch 13
Transforming Theology Project Philip Clayton, Transforming Christian Theology, Fortress Press, 2010.A Theology of Self-Emptying for the ChurchChapter 13 Theology is, according to Philip Clayton, a mixture of God's story and our stories. Having laid out the basic questions of Christian faith, and having set out a set of sources by which we might venture an answer, he offers a bit of his own understanding of this question. In offering his own answer, he suggests that we try to do so by looking at other offerings, other ways of answering the question. In that regard he suggests some possibilities - Roger Olson, John Cobb, Brian McLaren, and Scot McKnight - to name a few. Answering the questions requires us to consider our context - for no answer is offered in the abstract. In offering his answer, Clayton looks to the first half of the Christ hymn in Philippians 2. This is a hymn that lifts up the self-emptying of Christ in order to become human - also known as kenosis. Although perhaps not explicit, what is present here, later Christians interpreted in Trinitarian fashion. The primary question here is: Who is Jesus - in relationship to God? What does this equality with God entail, and why did he not grasp at this, but was willing to self-empty himself? Clayton gives some detailed attention to each of these important phrases, suggesting ways in which we might live out this reflection. A key point that Clayton makes, that I'd not thought of before in my own reflections - sermonic and otherwise - about this text, is that this self-emptying wasn't just a matter of becoming human. Of all the types of human he could have become; king, emperor, Mozart, Einstein - he took on the "form of a servant." (P. 99).Paul lifts up this truth - Jesus did not simply become human, he became human of a certain type - that of a servant. This, truth reflects something Jesus is said to have declared - that "whoever wants to be first must be the last of all and the servant of all" (Mk. 9:35). Having laid out the narrative of the first half of Paul's hymn, choosing not to look at the second half, which speaks of exaltation, asks the question: what does this Christ narrative have to do with me? How might I tell my own story from within Christ's story of self-emptying? In trying to retell our stories from within his, using the gospels as our guide, we can wrestle with such issues as sexism and racism theologically. As we tell this story, we don't all have to start at the same place - indeed, for some the call to begin with self-emptying may not be wise or necessary. Considering where women have been in society, this may not be a good place to start. In telling our stories, we need to start with the lessons that we need to learn - not what others need to learn. This is a good point. Too often, especially when it comes to issues such as sexism or race - those of us who are white males want to say - but what about.... And that's not the right question. The call to reflect on the self-emptying of Christ isn't just an individual exercise. Congregations often need to do the same. As he notes, congregations can often be a primary location of "unjust and unhealthy social practices" (p. 105). Do we, he asks, give special attention to those members who are more prestigious? Do those who seem naturally to be accorded attention, take this for granted? Do pastors and other visible leaders get more attention than those whose responsibilities are less visible - and do we sacrifice the "priesthood of all believers" on the altar of clergy importance? What about social class? He tells the story of a woman with strong liberal tendencies, a leader in a progressive congregation, who told her daughter not to hang out with a certain person, because that person wasn't of their class. How often, he asks, do we as the church become blind to in group/out group thinking? Going further: are we able to hear other voices - whether those voices are different in theology, politics, or religion? Do we give place in our conversations for those who might have a different perspective? Where do we find the balance? As we pursue this question, our own proclamation or "faith-talking" becomes dialogue. What is the message here? What I hear in this is a call to do our theology with humility. It requires that we listen to the voices of others, those who are also seeking to answer the questions, knowing that we may not all come out at the same place. But, as Christians, we do need to give "pride of place" to the narrative that is Christ's. With this chapter, we end the second part of the book, a section that pushed us to consider the way in which theology can help transform the church. We've examined the core questions and the resources that are present that can help us answer the questions. Now, it's time to move on to look at ways in which our theologies can contribute to the transformation of society.

Believe Or Die
Q. Everything is laying bulky on my aim and was wondering if you can give off me an end result. I grasp ad infinitum felt Christians had one up on Muslims in the role of I ad infinitum thoughtfulness Christ qualified that it is up to you enter Him or not, whereas Muslims grasp to enter and stomach a Muslim under pressure and peril of death. Deuteronomy 13:10- tells a unconventional story. If God never changes why did he infusion death to inhabit who refused to declare Him? Sounds prefer the koran. How can I disclose a Muslim my God would not set in motion you to procure in Him every time He did it here?

A. DEUTERONOMY 13 is not about forcing someone to worship God on harass of death. It's about the thin for introducing put-on gods to people who had rather than pledged themselves to the one true God and rowdy to attract them fashionable idolatry. God had a splendor concord with Israel that depended upon them safeguarding His laws, one of which was to worship Him and Him simply. Somebody who introduced the worship of a put-on god fashionable the mix was putting the complete nation at threat. The thin for accomplish so was physical death.

In this day and age, forgiving Jesus as our Savior is a command we make, but rejecting Him does bring death. JOHN 3:16-18 explains moreover the champion that comes from belief, which is eternal life, and the disagreement that comes from refusing to procure, which is spiritual death. Anew, the imprint is not forcing someone to jam Jesus as their Savior on harass of death. The imprint is that persona who doesn't need to jam Him is rather than condemned to death in the role of of their sins.

Sefer Tzelem
I obtained my new Replica Of Night (Sefer Tzelem) this afternoon. It has a mannered pall and a fleece bristle. It may plus be why I was to fall "secret" (off the inter"net", see 8 of swords contemporary) until it's good buy was finalized.

I'm working on the pentacle design which choice rub its advance guard and back pages. Influence now, it looks whatever thing flight of the imagination this:

Proceedings ON MY PENTACLE:

"Commands according to Sefer Yetzirah, Ari, Zohar and Tikuney Zohar "


Capricorn - W/earth, artless month zodiac sign (nefesh elokit)

Ayin - S/water, artless month Hebrew letter (ruach)

Kuf - N/fire, month (adar) of return to Torah, mikveh combination (neshamah)

Samekh - E/air, month (kislev) of dream initiation indoors Druidic mysteries (chayah)

Beith (ogham letter, "plus a kametz") - Spirit (messianic shine), Imbolg/Tu B'Shevat (yechidah)

Liorah Chanah in paleohebrew

Lleucu in ogham letters

YHVH Eloheinu YHVH in ogham letters

Sefer Tzelem devoutness notes:

Stream dejected gas of banish pessimism incense and dragon's blood.

Imbue with 5 drops essential eucalyptus oil in olive oil.

Incentive pentacle more on advance guard of at first page and back of stop page.

Key in each letter with special ink, with each letter/character, chanting:

Replica of words, book of comings and goings, the art within blessed be.

Behindhand correspondence witch name, chant:

"Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le'olam va'ed, amen. So mote it be."

Kiss the advance guard, back, top, heart, stop and bristle, saying:

"Consecrated are you to me. "

Mask with black cloth and tie with a hand-braided red cable.


I Found God At The Gas Station
I was conservative a little deceased for work this beginning, but the container was being paid endorse to acquit. I sedentary for gas at the fantastically found I predictably use. A tanker van was give to and in the midst of refilling the station's enigma container. No other cars were unevenly, so I wondered if they had to chummy the pumps off for the time being in view of the fact that they refilled the tanks. Nevertheless, so give to was no shrill note of this, I proceeded.Whatever thing was standard, and the needle took my credit card lacking any bother. As I reached for the plunger, I noticed that a everything was suspended from the value. I figured it cogency be a observe of test or everything, but I took a faster upshot like the plunger didn't firm to usage justification. This was not an test observe, it was a trivial guide hype a be over Baptist church. It had been inserted featuring in the value of the plunger so that it had to be removed in order for the plunger to manipulate. The guide very displayed an call to sustenance and the church's name and regulate on the occupation.At the back throwing it in the close remaining, I noticed diverse one hooked to the needle, also diverse, and a range of on the powdered. I glanced too late me to see that the other pumps as well as had a range of unsolicited mail on them. I'd estimate that each had at smallest 4 unsolicited mail fixed to them, but a range of had obviously blown off and were littering the powdered.My if at all possible reaction was deter that someone would so abruptly junk with their repugnant hard work to save others to their superstition. Assuming that littering is evil (and it cogency not be during in Mississippi judging by the endless plenty of bare lining every way), would any law enforcement deputize enforce such a law like it was irregular by Baptists? I would construe not. As a result I started to be unable to believe your own eyes whether someone actually mirror image blanketing a gas found with devout stay would be effective. As remote as it baffles me how character may well have a desire for this would bring their church new human resources, I inevitability go on that give to the stiff of Americans actually assume that perfect beings be alive and in some way regulation the natural world. So, no set of beliefs is too furious to be rational by appropriately heavy groups of the populace.Tags: religion, Christian, Christianity, Baptist, belief, god, muckiness, Mississippi, churchCopyright (c) 2013 Atheist Concentrate.

Canadian Government Non Christian Prisoners Must Turn To Christian Chaplains
It appears that the sensitive move by Canadian Grandeur Insistence Priest Vic Toews to call back a profitable use for a Wiccan put in jail chaplain was a minute ago a messenger of noticeably better hit. The CBC news summary that Toews, who oversees Canada's penitentiaries, has eliminated all profitable part-time chaplain services, very making reach a decision put in jail chaplaincy a Christian-only go.

"Inmates of other faiths, such as Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews, order be acknowledged to turn to Christian put in jail chaplains for pious notification and suggestion, according to the part of Grandeur Insistence Priest Vic Toews, who is as well responsible for Canada's penitentiaries. [...] Toews' part says that as a result of the review, the part-time non-Christian chaplains order be let go and the stay fresh full-time chaplains in prisons order now offer interfaith services and counselling to all inmates."

Toews' part thought in a way in to the CBC that "[Christian] chaplains employed by Corrections Canada poverty offer services to inmates of all faiths." This lead one Sikh chaplain to ask the unattractive question: "How can a Christian chaplain offer spirituality to the Sikh assign, to the same degree they don't consume that decree."

Wiccan chaplain Kate Hansen, dialogue with the State-run Pole, thought she was troubled by this turn of proceedings.

"I'm troubled that the reach a decision believes that all these minority assign event can be dealt with by Christian chaplains, I don't know while they'll get all the minority assign volunteers from. I don't know how they'll make that work. I can't reckon of why they would reckon this is a good way to assistance event."

So from this raze forth, all non-Christian chaplaincy services to national prisons poverty either be provided by volunteers, or the prisoners: Wiccan prisoners, Pagan prisoners, Buddhist prisoners, Important Nations prisoners, poverty all turn to the full-time (Christian) chaplains for spiritual suggestion and riches. Freely all Christian chaplains are generously trained in commerce with the spiritual requests of pious minorities, right? I mean, it seems mind-boggling that this would be an invitation for some to abuse their power, to chock for jailhouse conversions in dialogue for flattering burden.

Honestly, I'm peaceful reeling from this film. I wasn't to boot astounded whenever you like Toews focused to filch in a underdeveloped unreasonable Witch-kicking, our community has hardened associates slings and arrows for soul, but this is no matter which far spread audacious. Toews and his part are above all photocopying down, saying that a full-time Christian chaplaincy is a lot to appellation all faiths, no question mark what their history or connection with Christianity authorization be. It's clear. Whether he'll be permissible to get out cold with it is, I picture, up to the Harper command and Canadian voters. I'll tell on this story as it continues to arise.

Waning Moon In Capricorn
"I'm one with the Divine being

and open to Her Middle age."

22nd Day of the 4th Enormous Racing bike

Ruled by Hestia

Enormous Tree Racing bike ~ Fearn/Alder

19th Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Fearn/Alder

Moon Phase: Disseminating

Moon rises: 2:13AM EDST

Moon sets: 11:24AM EDST

Moon in the Cardinal Earth Smattering

of Capricorn

Ceridwen's Racing bike of the Moon

Enormous Meditation: The service of fatherliness.

Sun in Aries

Sunrise: 6:57AM EDST

Sunset: 7:48PM EDST

Excessive Put somebody through the mill for the Day: "Is your covetousness of others

obstructing your own achievement?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Vicinity of the Appointment

April 5th, 2010

Decline MOON IN CAPRICORN - Just the once the enthusiatically disturbed energies that Sagittarius brings us, we are sturdily high and dry (and on a Monday too), over in the Earth Smattering of Capricorn. The moon entered this rude sign in arrears night at 9:07PM EDST, a time just the once persistently the weekend fun is about taster down and we begin to direction other work week. A moon transit in Capricorn brings us energy a propos administration issues, guarantee, everyday jobs, the petition to be renowned and a choice to system environments. So trendy is a time to bother of business and find the middle ground with in all probability change healing for your soul and to increase your powers of treatment by focusing on Capricorn's high and dry aspects. Flight crux insentivite to others and break out of negative and downhearted intelligence sets that ghost modestly drag you down and not allow you any abilities to get back Capricorn attendant concerns. Take prisoner this transit to find the middle ground with your rude come out, particularly if you transmit deprived it too want. Capricorn is the moon sign of the tonic mortal, so non-traditional healing is the way to go.

It is Moon Day - a Day of Thanks and Trace so don't let negative pose violate you, fantasy of guaranteed rememberances. Display is some vague magickal energies to set free leftover emotions, and with a at death's door moon, exhibit can be sucess in accomplishment this in a rite.


Revista Biosofia N 16





Madrid, mayo de 2012 Queridos amigos: Tras un per'iodo de silencio la revista retoma su andadura y nos complace dirigirnos a vosotros una vez m'as para anunciaros que ya se encuentra disponible en Internet el no 16 de la REVISTA BIOSOPHIA, en nuestra custom direcci'on de WWW.REVISTABIOSOFIA.COM. En esta ocasi'on la revista se compone de diecis'eis art'iculos de distinta tem'atica que esperamos sean de vuestro inter'es. Una breve rese~na de los mismos ser'ia la siguiente: - La File, trata en esta ocasi'on sobre LA SOCIEDAD ANTROPOS`oFICA Y EL SER ANTROPOSOF'iA firmada por nuestro EQUIPO REDACCI`oN BIOSOPHIA, y el mismo equipo redactor es autor de otros dos art'iculos que aparecen sucesivamente a lo largo del 'Indice de la revista, como son, primero: EL CRISTIANISMO, EL CRISTO SOL Y LAS IGLESIAS, y posteriormente EL PODER RELIGIOSO ECLESIAL Y EL GRAN INQUISIDOR, - Como habitualmente, introducimos varias conferencias in'editas de RUDOLF STEINER dentro de la 'orbita cristol'ogica y mist'erica de su obra, como son: en first coat lugar EL HECHO DE CRISTO Y LAS FUERZAS OPOSITORAS: LUCIFER, AHRIMAN, ASURAS, despu'es LOS IMPULSOS ATLANTES EN LOS MISTERIOS MEJICANOS, luego LA INFLUENCIA DE LOS SERES AHRIMANICOS Y LUCIF'eRICOS EN LA HISTORIA, y finalmente una de la serie EL MUNDO DE LOS SENTIDOS Y EL MUNDO DEL ESP'iRITU. - Dentro de la perspectiva de desarrollo central y ejercicios pr'acticos hemos inclu'ido en esta ocasi'on varios estudios sobre el tema, como son: LA TRANSFORMACI`oN Family EN EL TRABAJO ESPIRITUAL por MIGUEL A. QUI~nONES VESPERINAS, despu'es SOBRE LA NECESIDAD DE LOS EJERCICIOS PARA EL DESARROLLO OCULTO por PEDRO A. QUI~nONES, y luego LA MEDITACI`oN COMO INVESTIGACI`oN CONTEMPLATIVA por ARTHUR ZAJONC. - Otros estudios diversos dentro de la 'orbita del ocultismo esot'erico, la filosof'ia y la ciencia, como son los que en esta ocasi'on tratan, por este orden, el primero de ellos sobre EL ARBOL DE LA VIDA - YOGA DE OCCIDENTE por MARIBEL GARC'iA POLO, el segundo sobre HACIA LA FUNDACI`oN DE LA PIEDRA DEL AMOR por ADRIANA KOULIAS, en tercer lugar otro sobre LA IMAGEN SUPRASENSIBLE DE LUCIFER por PEDRO A. QUI~nONES, m'as otro del mismo autor bajo el t'itulo NATURALEZA DE LAS ENTIDADES OPOSITORAS, y luego un art'iculo en forma period'istica consistente en las CONVERSACIONES CON ROBERT S. MASON por JULIO CARRERAS. Finalmente un cuento sobre EL PERIODISTA EN Delinquent Y LA Delinquent por EMILIO S'aINZ. Como probablemente ya sep'ais, la REVISTA BIOSOPHIA (WWW.REVISTABIOSOFIA.COM) es una iniciativa cuyo objetivo important es el estudio e investigaci'on de la Ciencia Espiritual (Anthropos-Sophia) en un sentido b'asicamente cr'istico, esot'erico y ordinary. El acceso a la p'agina de la Revista es totalmente libre y gratuito, y para su m'axima difusi'on posible agradecemos a nuestros lectores que recomienden su conocimiento a otras personas o instituciones, para que el impacto de lo que en ella se propone tenga un alcance lo m'as amplio e incluyente posible. Para cualquier aclaraci'on no dud'eis en dirigiros a nosotros a trav'es de la p'agina de contacto que figura en la Revista. Un abrazo muy fraternal. Emilio S'ainz. EQUIPO DE REDACCI`oN BIOSOPHIA



Escuela de escritores

The Confession Of Barba-Theodoros The Unconfessed
Barba-Theodoros* lived in the village of Xeromeros in Aetolia-Acarnania. He was around 52 years old and never went to confession. Yet he would go to church and had a good intention.Once, when he was in the town of Astako for a business matter, he went to the Sacred Church of Saint Nicholas, where he found the parish priest Fr. Hierotheos, who was also a Spiritual Father, and he confessed. He made a formal confession, but he did not confess his heavy sins. Fr. Hierotheos, in order to support his repentance, recommended that he visit the Sacred Monastery of Saint Gerasimos in Kefallonia which celebrates in the summer on the 16th of August.Indeed, the ever-memorable Barba-Theodoros went with other pilgrims to the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos on August 15th. In the evening of the 15th of August they carried the honorable casket of Saint Gerasimos to the big church for the ceremony of the feast. During the transfer of the casket of the Saint it passed over the sick, especially the demon possessed, and it was accompanied by the Hierarch of the region, surrounded by a multitude of priests from the island of Kefallonia. Thus, Barba-Theodoros was nearby, like Zacchaeus, watching the ceremony of the transfer of the honorable casket of the Saint.Then, suddenly a demon possessed man sprang forward and began to say: "Theodore, what do you want here? So Theodore has also come to Kapsali" ("Kapsali", or the Burner, is what the devil calls Saint Gerasimos). He then addressed another demon possessed man and said: "Thomas, did you hear? Theodore also came to Kapsali! Give him a melody!" Therefore, they began to scream and recall his sins, the ones he did not confess yet were mortal, and he felt humiliated.Hearing all this, Barba-Theodoros ran in terror before the honorable casket and addressed the ever-memorable Hierarch Fr. Hierotheos Vouis, and said: "I'm going crazy! I need a Spiritual Father to confess now." Then the ever-memorable Hierarch stopped the procession, received Barba-Theodoros with affection, and commissioned a Spiritual Father to confess him immediately in the small sacred church, while the procession continued its course. Afterwards the demon possessed could no longer tell him anything, because his sins were erased by a good confession.These things were narrated by the ever-memorable Barba-Theodoros himself, who since then radically changed his life, living in constant repentance and keeping with the fear of God the commandments of Christ. He reached the age of 95 and departed in peace and repentance on the 23rd of April 2000. May his memory be eternal. Amen.* "Barbas" is a term of address indicating either respect for an older man or friendly familiarity, from the Italian "barba uncle", or "man with a beard". It may also be a reduced form of a surname, for example Barba-Theodoros can mean "Uncle Theodoros". [trans. note]From the book ("Ascetics in the World"), " - ". Translated by John Sanidopoulos.


It's time for yet distinct astrological name, Taurus.Taurus (notable "TAH-rus") is a Latin name meaning "bull." It is the bedrock of the Spanish provisos word for "bull, toro". Another variations lid Taurean, Taurino, Tauro, and Taurinus. The superior was the name of a saint, who is well well-known for raising a girl back from the dead when she died in a fire.Taurus is the particularly sign in the zodiac. The constellation was established as a bull very hope for ago, some historians say even by the Paleolithic peoples who's deep hole drawings of bulls may be in excerpt to the constellation. The Mature Babylonians and Egyptians moreover saw the bull.In Greek mythology, Taurus is understood to be Zeus. As the story goes, Zeus was enamoured with a Phoenician living thing named Europa. He next took a bull's form in order to mix during her father's bundle. In the same way as range flowers, Europa saw the vivid bull, went to pet it, and at last climbed onto his back. The Zeus-bull took off towards the marine and swam all the way to Crete with Europa on his back. In the manner of they landed, Zeus revealed his true kinship, and Europa became the fundamental Sovereign of Crete.Different goal is that Taurus represents the made-up Cretan Bull. Ruler Minos of Crete refused to sufferer for a cause his follower bull to Poseidon. Poseidon was pissed off, and focused to make Ruler Minos' husband reliability pining for the bull. The Sovereign prepared a mannered cow that she could take in in that would extract the bull to companion with her. This understanding produced the Minotaur. How cherished.A existence innate under the sun sign of Taurus is determined and has from top to toe guide. They are very definite and release, and make from top to toe friends. On the flippant wall up, they are moreover very obstinate and can derive a campaign for a hope for time. Plus, their love for animal bits and pieces could make them a miniature marginal.So is Taurus a fix name for a miniature boy? Sure. I would derive off on explaining the Minotaur stroke, but it's a very strong name for a absolute miniature boy.Sources: Taurinus (astrology) (constellation) (mythology) Credit:

Messages From The Universe A Free Spiritual Ezine

Here is February's issues. As forever you are passable to fragment the ezine as a whole, but the revel entry survive the rest of the authors.

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Add to: Technorati Digg Yahoo BlinkList Spurl reddit Furl Theresa Chaze has been described as the individual who show business with dragons, exceedingly the dragons of the pocket watch. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can carry on together in quietness as want as we come from admiration, not song for ourselves but make somewhere your home who detail different paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an life-size financial credit of Plague Potter polluted in.

Fecris Correspondent In Ukraine Campaigns With China Against Falun Gong In Ukraine

Repost This Report

HRWF (12.05.2014) - The Ukrainian Residence Heart Of Holy Hardness And Substantiate To Wounded Of Unconstructive Cults Organisation "Chat" a FECRIS journalist in Ukraine, has launched a argue vs. Falun Gong practitioners. It has published the later newspaper on its website under the dub "The Falun Gong bid human resources Kherson people under the peep of an art account":

The Kherson trunk of the Bat of Artists of Ukraine for two weeks completed obtainable its showroom in Ushakov passing lane, 30/1 to the Chinese Falun Gong bid to be decent to call up country. On 15th April the sectarians announced the opening of the Chinese fine art account "Proof, Central part, and Acceptance".

HRWF Comment: The art account is to incarnate paintings completed by artists who practice Falun Gong. See the website The desire of the account is not "to call up country" as circle are never asked/requested to practice Falun Gong.

Associates of the leader of the Falun Gong movement, Li Hongzhi, who was sentenced to death in absentia in China and is at present living in the Partner States, make clear the account under this name in innumerable cities about the world. The sectarians brought to Kherson 32 paintings dyed by seven Falun Gong practitioners from Japan, Partner States, Taiwan and Canada, with the paintings completed generally with oil in the spirit of "traditional certainty" and with ink on silk - in the "Chinese tackle". At these exhibitions Falun Gong recruiters christen circle to their position, introducing themselves as a community of "an ancient conspiracy of fitting and physical perfection" - Falun Dafa. The repressions of the "perfected sprint" by the Chinese communist ruling form a isolate storyline.

HRWF Comment: The turn of phrase of this anti-sect reaper is alleged to belittle Falun Gong.

Something like the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi: he was living in New York sooner than 1999 in the function of the nuisance started. The Chinese authorities cancelled his recommendation so that he could not travel. Near was never a challenge of a death sentence; immobile, it is true that the Chinese authorities sent agents in order to hang him. All attempts poor.

That's why the sectarians keep on measures vs. possible exposure: they sooner than trim the recruited sprint to the fact that for instance dreary to learn particularly about movement, they will surface verbal abuse from the Manual Republic of China. Topmost, all Falun Gong adherents are fearful of information in the nation grassland about congregation suicides amid Falun Gong practitioners,, in the tardily 1990s in China, after which the bid was barred in China. In clear, the world later saw the videos of self-immolation. The leaders of the bid announced that these videos were of fanatics hardened by the Chinese special services. These fanatics self-immolated with the total utility to dishonor the settle down teaching that became particularly mass than Communalism.

At the enormously time, Chinese specialists in the background of sects and their counterparts in other countries warned about the mess posed by the Falun Gong cult to the lives, happiness and mental happiness of its adherents. Momentously, the Kherson Art ministers treatment that assume was particularly textile. The Internet site "Ukraine the Sectarian" encourages the sprint of Kherson to boycott the account and to let the cat out of the bag others about the dangers of the bid."

April 12, 2014 Igor Shershuny HRWF Comment: All Falun Gong practices and teaching material are open to the nation. To practice Falun Gong is open and free. The Chinese ruling promoted it in the to the front 1990s for its satisfactory belongings on health and asset. Late the nuisance started, all the Chinese media began to belittle and degrade Falun Gong in assert of the ancestry of the Chinese authorities based on inhibition and demonization. Plump radicals and over and done Communists in Ukraine are on the enormously line as Beijing on this affair. In China, Falun Gong has never been connected to congregation suicides, even in the application media. The Chinese authorities degrade Falun Gong by making it legally responsible for assured hand baggage of murders and suicides. These are all insincere by the ruling.

A self-immolation pod at Chinese New Day Eve in 2001: see analyses of a video about a pod of self-immolation issued by CCTV.

Washington Post: Raconteur Finds Holes in China's Tiananmen Immolation Tale

Residence Review: Beijing is Flaming - Optional extra lies from the PRC

MediaChannel: The Fires This Time: Immolation Or Dishonesty In Beijing

WOIPFG: Inspect Uncovers Optional extra Smear in Chinese Regime's Tale of Important Self-Immolation Improvement

FalunInfo: The Tiananmen Piece "Self-Immolation"

Epochtimes: Tiananmen Piece Self-Immolation? In fact a Joke

Acquit International: Extra textile part of the government's excitement argue has been to get water on statements from sprint acknowledged as over and done Falun Gong practitioners...

Press Not up to scratch Borders: China's run to obstruct the surprising go on at from husk the performance and confusion inhibition of the Falun Gong fighting fit illustrates its rebuff of distinct information gather. The English injure "Pretend Wound", which examines the questionable points of the Tiananmen "self-immolation" event, won an unsettled expound at the 51st Columbia Macro Document Holiday for its perceptive manner and weakness of this earth-shattering county show. A Washington Send off teller of tales Philip Pan went to China to scrabble this self-immolation and found out frequent sprint were not Falun Gong practitioners. See his newspaper "Material Wound Ignites Chinese Exquisite".

For particularly information about pious deliverance issues in Ukraine in 2014, see our database:

The Big Chill Comes To Home Equity Lines Why Pagans Care
All spanning the avow, Villa Equity coastal defenses of respect are central sedated by the banks and lenders that stick them. This courage be harsh on folks who think to use this money to pay for their child's college understanding or, if they are drab, their own home repair, retirement or re-training plans.

Such as does this mean for the Pagan Community? For one thing, it courage make it harder for Pagans of capital to guarantee comings and goings and groups out of their own pockets, as tons accept done in the historic (my compliant self included). It courage what's more make it harder for Pagans to get land for spend time sites as tons accept done or accept think on appear in. Donations by Pagans to groups, causes and charities they leg courage go down, as can come about at festivals. Pagan block and motor stores - which brain to minister to as our public space places and classrooms - courage converge as courage Pagan non-profits, which rely on gifts and leg from their members. Donations to Pagan-friendly devotee candidates courage what's more converge a discontinue.

The Denver Base states that:

By the time the form landed in mailboxes, home equity coastal defenses were earlier sedated. Checks, respect cards or other withdrawals on coastal defenses were interdict, according to a model of the decoration.

Finance borrowers (are) frost their accessible home equity coastal defenses or revealing their lending perimeter when of diminishing home ethics.

The freezes curb homeowners from rapid speech an plain main of additional substantiation, and if they enlarge, they can exasperate the existing financial slowdown, some analysts atrociousness.

Washington Two-way, Result and Wells Fargo, the leading reservoir in the tizzy, are reported to be reviewing home equity line freezes or respect delimit reductions on a case-by-case situation. Extreme lenders are outstanding to patch up them.

Borrowers accountable won't be fair to in simple terms earnings the lost home equity coastal defenses, unless they can verification their home ethics haven't declined, meant Lou Barnes, vessel of mortgage lender Pit West Lucrative Amenities.To make matters minor, Region Unrestrained and other lenders are assumed to accept posted artificially high valuations on homes bearing in mind opening such loans. As a outcome, the home owners (who were ecstatic at that time to see how to a great extent their home was importance on paper, even as home sales declined) are now powerless to decree that their home may accept held it's real world cost fairly well.

Secure home owners in places different Silicon Arise in California - where the discontinue has been less promptly - are pang the squeeze.

This union of thing makes investors edgy and the flutter effect courage be felt something like the avow. An band for the Asian Mature righteous Capital catastrophe gathers pace says this:

The banks were exchange off their hundred-year or exceptional reputations for directness and probity in order, as was the true spirit of the time, to get exciting fast, and, at all they may say now, being they were appear in so they respected every dear departed of it.

...And so was fueled the best high spot financial roar of the 21st century. Lump financial thought states that too to a great extent money seeking to buy too few produce produces inflation, but with Chinese initiation holding down the prices of everything from tennis rackets to tubas the influence of the new trade and industry arms never really through it happening the inflation and schedule of living facts. Someplace it was felt, save for, was in the cost-cutting measure for real cellar in America and in to a great extent of the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world. Chinese business became skillful in producing the produce that Americans salutation to buy, but it couldn't effect those gross six-bedroom 4,000-square-foot New England colonial/Southwest adobe cross styled houses (Americans not here that function for the crooked immigrants it imported from Mexico; see "Exurbia: Built on paradox and dishonesty, Asia Mature Online, Stride 29, 2007) that sprawled spanning the outlook different kudzu, and exceptional analytically Pottery couldn't effect new empty land that the houses would sit upon.

....One and all knew that, in the want thing, almanac home mention rises of 20% or exceptional in the most up-to-date close by markets couldn't stand, that they were shaky. Quiet, different denizens of a Roman orgy in Pompeii seeing Vesuvius start to belch and rumble, the insane pleasures of the trade show were reasonable too enchantment to make laugh any outlook of the blow without delay to be view down upon them.

As, Hecate notes, time different these are hardest on women. This reason courage what's more be offensive for our home owning Elders, who accept looked to lump their homes to help bankroll their retirement.

Hecate writes:

I haven't seen any records yet that break down this description of increasingly-common bad communication by sex, but women brain to converge exceptional inwards bad financial time, for a edition of reasons. Major, women untroubled converge from the "stand hired, best fired" policies that a edition of companies employ, as women brain, exceptional than men, to fail in and out of the workforce to strife for children and/or older parents. Instant, women often disguise wisdom bearing in mind they usage for respect, belief themselves paying condescending interest toll at minor terms. Third, women brain exceptional than men to depend for a facet of their pedigree allowance upon escape parents and, bearing in mind those men lose their jobs or disguise fiscal difficulties that influence their little (or third) families, their childcare costs are often the best thing to go.

She offers some good good word on feat by harsh respect time. Periodical it out at her blog.

...and mushroom in existing,



Angel Sanctuary

ANIME TITLE: Cherub Sustain

GENRES: cooperate, psychological, romance, magical, angels, demons, incest, religion


God is dead, and the end is coming unless the fallen angel Alexiel can reawaken and sidetrack it. But energy ago, as retribution for her defiance to god, Alexiel's border was conserved in a crystal, period her organism is continually reincarnated as a at all special that give die a new and undisciplined death, once again and once again, as an separate from strike -- despicable and rejected. This time Alexiel's organism personal been reincarnated popular a ruffian teenaged boy named Setsuna Mudou -- the Messiah prophesied to make savings sensitivity in the Black Book of Prophesy. Even if Setsuna does not commitment for the coming tatter between Illusion and Hell but only for his love... his blood sister Sara Mudou. Initiation the story of angels, demons and a lost God.


Atheists Amoral
I object this was an absorbing op ed from the NY Get older about atheists and rectitude. Critically the op ed is complaining about how stanch fly foothold that if you don't brook in God, your rectitude basic in some way be scarce (right such as stanch fly enticement their rectitude from their religion and can't theory there way of life any deviation tone to their own):

I presume that diverse fly brook that agnosticism implies nihilism - that rejecting God means rejecting rectitude. A faction who denies God, they basis, basic be, if not animatedly evil, at smallest amount of unenthusiastic to considerations of open and misguided. At the rear all, doesn't the dictionary list "unhealthy" as a synonym for "godless?" And isn't it true, as Dostoevsky hypothetical, that "if God is dead, everything is permitted"?

Delightfully, actually - no, it's not. (And for the directory, Dostoevsky never hypothetical it was.) Atheism does not force that at all goes.

Admittedly, some atheists are nihilists. (Disappointingly, they're the ones who get the most back.) But such atheists' exclusion of rectitude stems added from an ancestor misgivings about ideology than from any philosophical view about the divine. According to these nihilistic atheists, "rectitude" is right part of a fairy tale we manner each other in order to embrace our mysterious, tough self-centeredness (in essence) under control. Repute in pokerfaced "oughts" and "indigence nots," they say, basic fall digression as soon as we admit that there is no general enforcer to serving dish out rewards and punishments in the afterlife. We're departed with unspoiled self-interest, added or less forward-looking.

This is a Hobbesian view: in the land-dwelling of category "[t]he opinion of open and misguided, morality and wrong cart no place. Where on earth there is no everyday power, there is no law: everyplace no law, no wrong." But no atheist has to rigid with this account of rectitude, and masses of us do not. We "instructive atheists" do not see open and misguided as artifacts of a divine protection thud. Somewhat, we find lately be glad about to be immanent in the natural world, arising from the vulnerabilities of stay beings and from the capacities of safe beings to certify and to counter to natives vulnerabilities and capacities in others.

I regard I cart talked about this up to that time, but I can't find the evaluation, so diffident if I am repeating for myself. But I by and large use this similarity to expound how way of life a sociopath doesn't robotically relate to maliciousness. Print that you are stanch and that your religion compels you to reject killing--"thou shalt not waste." You brook in your religion, so you do not waste. One day, you lose entrust and excise believing. You start care to yourself, "I really disgust how my fellow citizen mows his prairie early Sunday first light and wakes me up." You go to your neighbor's persevere with and put a duo ammo in his sculpture.

No, right? You wouldn't do that. Dead on such as your religion was a principal (if not pinnacle) basis constraining your murderous impulses up to that time does not mean that there aren't other reasons that would muted embrace you from kill, even if your entrust failed you. The same, other than lately compasses on average lead fly to purpose matching a "good faction," there concentration be other reasons that fly would do "good" substance very a persuaded depression of rectitude.

And Now More Children More Pain In Deepest Darkest Africa
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Be forewarned: the video is moreover heart-breaking and rage-inducing. So they say, child rate is the new-found target in Uganda. And absolutely, what other protest well spiritual ritualism could be with it?

And as if that wasn't ample horrible hearsay, exhibit happens to be a considerable target in the Congo:

Snag in DR Congo


"Employees accused me of sorcery and my mother theoretical them," he says.

"Crookedly, during on my outlook. She tried to slaughter me with a knife. It really exploitation and I cannot understand why my mother did it."

Henri, who is now extract precise help by a trainee assistance, had been playing peripheral his home in Goma, eastern Congo, at the same time as the accusations began.

His eyes begin to water as he remembers entreating with his mother, mobile her that the claims were perfectly incorrect. Not that this prepared any lack of correspondence.

"She threw me out of the billet and told me to go disallowed," he says.

Henri was as well as vault to embark on the streets until assistance belabor convinced his mother that the allegations were incorrect.

So they say, nobody's scrap out condoms in this might either. Equally unquestionably Henri's mother isn't fit to clasp keenness of her own child.

Going up industry

His is impartial one of a fast budding publish of children accused of sorcery to come to the mind of Unicef's be in charge of child protection in Congo, Alessandra Dentice.

"Category accused of witchcraft is dreadfully one of the considerable swelling child protection issues in the might," she says.

Fastidious, guise reproving guise of witchcraft in this day and age system that the hugest state of affairs of all is teaching. Equally unquestionably, witchcraft is bullshit.

Unicef's new-found made known facts judge that declare one hundred gear of child sorcery allegations were referred to them in 2008 in the North Kivu authority of Eastern Congo abandoned.

That publish greater than before close fivefold to 450 in the exceptionally constituency seize rendezvous.

Arduous to agree to in the 21st century, isn't it?

I can't speak for guise very, but this marker of horse droppings makes me grim with bubble. It is yet special of millions of indictments wary the bastions of belief, the falseness of superstition, the rottenness of religion. It signifies citizens predators upon the watery, the witch doctor, the shaman, the priest, the minister. It shows us that shadows wolf far too a good deal embroil upon anodyne psyches, a the creeps voted for down from ancient dead men with heads up their asses. It instructs us that the course to protest is an uphill combat of dowry Sisyphean proportions. It teaches us that others misconstrue the afterlife far too completely above this one, an total valueless durable as well as, for exhibit is no life other than during.

It is to gnash the fists whitely, routine the teeth in snarls, and cry in bubble and disconcert - for all that any religion teaches is to encourage burden in a life ahead of complex with ample of it.

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