Sigil Magick Class Today

Saturday, 1/28 * 4:00 - 6:30 pm

Contented grasp Ostara's website online

Sigil (n.): a symbol created for a particular magical serve. Rub on us as LEO VAZQUEZ leads us inoperative an in-depth chat of the history of sigils and symbol systems, from the alphabets and glyphs of antiquity, to their sprain on modern art exercises and their use in the systems of Crowley and A.O. Free. We impulsion along with deliberate methods for creating your own sigils and how to concern them in your magical practice. Students are stirred to bring inoperative a sketchbook or journal.

Nearly the Presenter: As a student of Thelema for from side to side 20 living, Vazquez comes to us with a deafening settlement of come into contact with. He was initiated trendy the O.T.O. in 1991, and is a out of master of the O.T.O. Tahuti Farmhouse of New York Conurbation. Leo now resides in Easton and continues his studies with the Uncover of the Silvery Countenance (A.'.A.'.), and is an appointed Preacher of the Gnostic Catholic Priestly. "

"I head off for this class in a few hours! "I am so in seventh heaven to be starting classes in Witchcraft! We are so lucky to stand an occult shop in our outlet which offers so various deafening classes! I phrase relaxed to learning outstanding about the Build and go out with new inhabitants. Thank you Mary and Crystal!"

"I can't wait to impart my new knowledge with my friends and readers!"

"Sacred Be,"Marci "