Sefer Tzelem
I obtained my new Replica Of Night (Sefer Tzelem) this afternoon. It has a mannered pall and a fleece bristle. It may plus be why I was to fall "secret" (off the inter"net", see 8 of swords contemporary) until it's good buy was finalized.

I'm working on the pentacle design which choice rub its advance guard and back pages. Influence now, it looks whatever thing flight of the imagination this:

Proceedings ON MY PENTACLE:

"Commands according to Sefer Yetzirah, Ari, Zohar and Tikuney Zohar "


Capricorn - W/earth, artless month zodiac sign (nefesh elokit)

Ayin - S/water, artless month Hebrew letter (ruach)

Kuf - N/fire, month (adar) of return to Torah, mikveh combination (neshamah)

Samekh - E/air, month (kislev) of dream initiation indoors Druidic mysteries (chayah)

Beith (ogham letter, "plus a kametz") - Spirit (messianic shine), Imbolg/Tu B'Shevat (yechidah)

Liorah Chanah in paleohebrew

Lleucu in ogham letters

YHVH Eloheinu YHVH in ogham letters

Sefer Tzelem devoutness notes:

Stream dejected gas of banish pessimism incense and dragon's blood.

Imbue with 5 drops essential eucalyptus oil in olive oil.

Incentive pentacle more on advance guard of at first page and back of stop page.

Key in each letter with special ink, with each letter/character, chanting:

Replica of words, book of comings and goings, the art within blessed be.

Behindhand correspondence witch name, chant:

"Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le'olam va'ed, amen. So mote it be."

Kiss the advance guard, back, top, heart, stop and bristle, saying:

"Consecrated are you to me. "

Mask with black cloth and tie with a hand-braided red cable.