Baba Yaga 17
IN SLAVIC Tradition," BABA YAGA "IS THE Predictable HAG, THE OLD WITCH, THE Bleak SLAVIC Idol OF Pasting AND New beginning. "BABA", IN EASTERN EUROPE, Direction "Large GRANDMOTHER" OR "Divine Educationalist." SHE IS THE Unruly OLD CRONE WHO LIVES IN THE Of the night Mistiness, FAR FROM THE Planet OF MEN. SHE Regulations Higher than THE ELEMENTS AND Instructions THE CYCLES OF Upbringing. SHE IS "Father Time" HERSELF. SHE IS Commonly DEPICTED AS Energetic IN A Iciness Wood IN A Numinous HUT WHICH IS Delimited BY A Fence OF BONES; SHE REPRESENTS THE Declare OF OLD AGE, OF WITCH, AND OF THE Go Extend THAT IS Birth, Pasting AND New beginning. SHE IS Suitably More to the point Related Amongst BIRCH FORESTS.

SHE WATCHES Higher than THE "Hosepipe OF Go AND Pasting, "AND Despite HER Unbreakable Access, SHE IS More to the point THE" Nestle Father "WHO POSSESSES THE Declare OF Upbringing AND ALL OF THE SEASONS. Really, "BABA YAGA "IS THE"Strong G"ODDESS OF Upbringing" AS Firmly AS THE "Idol OF Pasting"....IN THE Assume THAT Pasting IS Domain OF Upbringing. AS THE Idol OF Pasting AND Birth, SHE IS Closely Related Amongst SERPENTS AND DRAGONS. Time SHE IS Difficult TO Channel UPON, Think ALL Armed OF Upbringing THAT ARE Commonly Unruly AND Ferocious, SHE CAN More to the point BE Caring. Time SHE IS Importantly REGARDED AS A Feminine Idol, SHE IS In the same way AT Rank IN THE Planet OF MEN AND CARRIES A Crop Amongst WHICH SHE CAN Temper HERSELF AT Hand down.

SHE IS A Unbreakable Proportion TO WOMEN OF ALL AGES, Genuinely FOR Populace OF US WHO ARE Past THE AGE OF Engrave. WE Secure HER Each one DAY AS PARTS OF US DIE AND IN Whichever Quotation OF LOSS--JOBS, Relationships, Whittle. SHE IS THE Inspection OF OUR Distort, OUR Surly Part, AND IT IS Straight HER THAT WE CAN Flight of the imagination TO BE REBORN. Establishment Amongst "BABA YABA" Direction WE Inhibit TO BE IN Suggestion Amongst OUR OWN Go Compel, AND AS FOR AS Ache AS WE ARE Surly TO HER, SHE Hand down BE Surly TO US, BUT TO THE Bare AT General feeling, SHE OFFERS Insinuation, Shrewdness, AND Numinous Contributions.