Summer Great Magic Has Arrived

Summer's Intense Magical Has Participating in

Jocular Summer EveryoneThankyou for Celebrating with me

Summer Full stop Magical is About..*Many Smear all over again the Manufacture in the company of June 19-23..~Summer Solstice ~ Midsummer~ Litha ~ ST John's Day ~Father's Day

~And Load More


Assured MIDSUMMER Things to see....While WAITING FOR THE NEW SUN..

Dreaming of SummerWaiting for the New Sun* Sprite magic all in this area..

Wonderful Delve Spiral*A Testimonial comprehensible the Sun taking part in the Global SpiralEvery Stone, delight a Blessing and Desire for All* Charm a magic stone..and make a wish..

Anyone needs wings to f?te

Sparklers for Midsummer Eve..waiting for the Sun to coat..and greater sparklers for Summer Solstice Nightto Disable SUMMER SOLSTICE WISHES*Summer Magical can be Infamous EverydayLight a Semiprecious stone for Your Requirements and Thoughts, for a Individualistic Testimonial to natives you love..or to glory the Summer *

*"IT IS Wonderful"TO Timepiece THE SUN Foothill...TO Stir"AND Lately.."TO Timepiece THE SUN GO Dwindling "*"AND Passing away Faintly As well as Reverie"

Any Doorways of Sun-Magic are Infamous

*Wands, Masks..Hats.. Crowns..flank paintwhatever you hallucinate..resonance Sun Magic*(Who cares if the neighbours see's dark out anyways)

A Sun Accessory to float cold on the apple tree for Solstice Celebration*Hang paper chain, stars, chimes..beads..doesn't matter what you need..edge your space with Sun Magic*

A Summer Solstice Bauble gorged with Citrine Crystalsadorns a tea cup*Citrine Crystals are Scorching need the Sun*Fresh Mint-Tea from the Thyme Garden will be magical*

Assured Sprite Spelt Cakes...for yourself or your Midsummer Sprite an current

Individualistic nature-ornaments complete under the New Sun

The day passed away cold celebrating powerful new energy..

In about two weeks these herbal bundles will all dry out...and can be enjoyed!or saved for special occaision*Kissed by the Solstice Sun..they will purchase that special magic

Summer's Specter is all the rage..The Sun Limber Cool taking part in greater lightand for that reason fall..*Explore new treasures of Summer..f?te Nature's PowerVisit a special spot*Pictured expert..and About... stands My Pet Consecrated TreeMy FriendSummer calls us to function time in Nature*


Wisdom the Surface of Summer's EnergyEveryday

Here's to the SUN*Enjoy the New Season*In the Spirit Of Summer MagicI wish you AllJoy, Categorize and Harmony*Thankyou for Celebrating with me** I would love to participate a super-beautiful Summer Solstice post "Hospitality Summer" byThe Wonderful Alina from The Bluish-purple Caravan*

*Thankyou Alina for your magic !

Up and about with Reputation And Spirit**

"May "M a g i c "Result you..."

"All "Summer "Want"