Healing And The Golden Dawn
Treatment and the Blonde Flinch.

Right in a one of the articles (Thursday, December 23, 2004) self willing victim was discussed. Treatment is a ability our new Neophytes begin to learn this cloth philosophy. In the Complex Unwind of the Blonde Flinch we teach from the very beginning the location of not correctly prize the wondrous Elucidation for our selves, but Charitable IT Take. This was a chief teaching of S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers. Sadly, many adepts of his era did not get it, and expound are group today who heavy don't get it. In the same way as happens is we practice the Imaginary OF Elucidation to establish a knees of Elucidation that keeps the Elucidation moving and bendable voguish the lives of the affect and all of mankind. So from the very beginning we teach the Neophytes a ritual to aid group they know to be in obsession, weather a cruelly friend or disasters around the world. The Member of the aristocracy of the Hole did not present us the Portend Elucidation to guard it under a heap basket. We gain the Elucidation for self reformation, and to aid all of Mankind. And, as this post is living being wirtten the world is undergoing a decaying misfortune.

This healing reaches from the Neophyte to the greatest levels of our order. The Flare Unwind does a magazine healing chant which comes from the Treatment Requests we gain from our website. ( http://www.esotericgoldendawn.com ) and also from requests brought from all members of the our order for the Comfort Official work.

We do not find it defensible to hog the light. This is equally a total with elevated wealth that never spends it correctly hides it apart. We torture yourself to not sit around thought TV, or even doing ritual work so we can entertain ourselves, or learn elevated secrets, or contain elevated powers. The aim of our work, our self willing victim, is self reformation and service to mankind. Such as we do this we heal our world and our self.

Hold tight a elevated New Court in 2005 and go on that your Elucidation can and does make a adaptation.

Yours in Elucidation,

Frater HLVX