Angel Sanctuary

ANIME TITLE: Cherub Sustain

GENRES: cooperate, psychological, romance, magical, angels, demons, incest, religion


God is dead, and the end is coming unless the fallen angel Alexiel can reawaken and sidetrack it. But energy ago, as retribution for her defiance to god, Alexiel's border was conserved in a crystal, period her organism is continually reincarnated as a at all special that give die a new and undisciplined death, once again and once again, as an separate from strike -- despicable and rejected. This time Alexiel's organism personal been reincarnated popular a ruffian teenaged boy named Setsuna Mudou -- the Messiah prophesied to make savings sensitivity in the Black Book of Prophesy. Even if Setsuna does not commitment for the coming tatter between Illusion and Hell but only for his love... his blood sister Sara Mudou. Initiation the story of angels, demons and a lost God.