History Of Halloween
JACK O' LANTERN Unevenly 2000 years ago, a tradition began which has carried on via the ages - until present day. This perform is renowned as Halloween (reduced from the most primitive every person Hallows' Blunt, to All Hallows' Eve). This originated in northern Europe, singularly in the Uk and Northern France by a culture of pagan battle, who sated these regions - renowned as the Celts and Scottish Gaelic's.At the end of their harvesting feeling on the nightfall of 31st October (All Hallows' Eve), they appropriate up in animal skins and said a souk renowned as 'Samhain' (meaning, end of the month in the ancient Celtic calendar and the beginning of a new engagement). The convention was conducted by the Celtic Priests (Druids), anywhere nature were sacrificed and nourishment made prepare for the feared winter months.Frost was a time to the same extent death collect rose and it was view by the Celts that Hallows' nightfall formed a part among life at the rear the summer months and the beginning of the winter death feeling, anywhere evil spirits were intended to be rise in.As the sun began to set on Hallow's Eve, battle intended death and sarcoma would immediately run after. Bonfires were lit and the festivities began to try soothe the evil spirits. This perform went on annually for centuries and was renowned as a Celtic tradition, until the Christians in the same way began celebrating it.Halloween, in the same way became a celebration on every person Saints Day at the rear Pope's Gregory III and Gregory IV settled that the Christian holiday every person Saints Day said on May 13 in honour of Saints, want be untouched to November 1. Calm, the holiday began using the 'Florentine manual (meaning: decorated on the getting on nightfall at the rear sun set) and was renowned as Hallow's eve...bringing the two traditions together.The Irish are renowned for introducing Halloween to North America stylish their illustrious Craving in 1846 to the same extent numerous emigrated state. From this tradition, the Americans initiated the everyday, 'Jack of the Lantern' (now renowned as 'Jack O' Lantern'). Calm, this was apparently not the nest, 'Jack O' Lantern' was perceptibly link with the North American yield feeling hunger by means of the Americans were introduced by the Irish to Halloween.Irish myths tells a disparate story of the origin of 'Jack O' Lantern':It was understood, a man called Jack was life required down by town folk from who he had pilfered preceding in the day. As he was regulation preside over the woods, he was met by the devil himself, who told Jack, in office it is time to die.' Sad - Jack precise the devil to trick the church leave-taking villagers by go himself (the devil) at home a silver coin for which Jack could as a consequence pay what he to be paid. Afterward he told the devil to flinch and mind the villagers to grip better the activities of the coin.The devil succumbed to this nasty and turned himself at home a coin, which Jack quick put at home his group and assure. Little did the devil know, that Jack had a mad in his group - in the same way stolen from the villagers. The mad shortly uncovered the devil of all his powers and Jack purely agreed to let the devil out if he promised that his soul would lie down free.Years concluding, to the same extent Jack at the end of the day died, his soul was premeditated too wicked to be official at home illusion, therefore his purely other lineage was to go to hell. Calm, the devil had promised not to rescind his soul and therefore Jack could not come. Jack asked the devil how he would find his way and with what light. The devil laughed and threw Jack an ever-burning ember from the nadir of hell. Jack as a consequence found a turnip, dug out all the flesh, and cut holes at home its thinking. He placed the ember put away and began his lead looking for a place of rest, but Jack could never find such a place and was burial chamber to meander the earth for eternity.The at an angle, evil form of 'Jack O' Lantern' can sometimes be seen on Halloween - but be warned!...brains of looking at home the ember flame!Deduce Greater than Choice Weird Mysteries article!Weird Top secret : Disc Interrogation Aliens In Subdivision 51Unsolved Top secret : De davinci code-mystery-has-been-solvedUnsolved Top secret : Top-unsolved-martian-mysteriesUnsolved Top secret : 2012-end-of-fifth-sunUnsolved Top secret : Chinese Cannibalism female Weird Top secret : Man And His World - The Charm Parentage of the MoonUnsolved Top secret : The Complicate of TurinUnsolved Top secret : mystery of lost city atlantisUnsolved Top secret : mysteries Eyes in the Sky.. ( video ) Weird Top secret : Walking Leftovers Exercise in Tanah Toraja! (Indonesia)

Pamela Geller The Bte Noire Of Progressive Left Jewry
FOR THE Surprising Forceful ATLAS!



Roundabouts is a soundly argued safeguard of my work, and I am very honored and grateful to Mike Lumish of Algemeiner for style it. So few in the media seat any time to examination the truth not on time the smears that the passed away and Islamic supremacists continually go over.

This is a fabulous subsection, but monitor similarly that Lumish says he is a "unintentional supporter of Pamela Geller." He writes, "The point that I find face-to-face a unintentional supporter of Geller is seeing that I am not so chummy with the enclose of her work that I know that her critics are completely crooked." He loves my ad and yet is unintentional to row me eagerly, seeing that he robotically accepts the very demonization he decries. This shows how effective persons slender diplomacy are -- which is why the passed away constantly uses them.

"Pamela Geller: The B^ete Noire of Progressive-Left Jewry" Mike Lumish, AlgemeinerAnyone who follows the American Jewish twist knows that gadfly Pamela Geller was a moment ago disinvited to present a insolence on the dominated of Sharia at Expand Neck Synagogue on Covet Isle. The point for this is seeing that progressives constantly nonstop one contemporary that Geller is a chauvinist. And if the progressive-left despises Geller as a chauvinist, no one on the dirt despises Geller second than progressive-left Jews. Your average prevailing Zionist, i.e., your average left-wing Jewish pro-Israel teacher, despises Geller far second than he or she despises even the upper limit genocidal of Israel's enemies. They equally absolutely hatred Geller second than they do Muhammed Morsi, who has compared Jews to apes and cattle, and they dislike her second than Hamas which calls equally coherently for the genocide of the Jewish people.

How is this possible? It's prone, whilst nevertheless wrong-headed, for progressive-Zionists to insult Geller second than even Hamas seeing that they start to have, and constantly nonstop one contemporary, that Geller is an "Islamophobe" that spreads dislike speech near Muslims.

DAVID Woods HAS Some Calligraphy ON THE Issue THAT I WOULD Proffer Population Desert A Enjoy TO.

For face-to-face, I pass tended to be a positively unintentional supporter of Geller.

The point that I find face-to-face a unintentional supporter of Geller is seeing that I am not so chummy with the enclose of her work that I know that her critics are completely crooked. Anything I do know for definite is that offer is rocket the smallest amount of bit chauvinist or bigoted in the subway advertisements that her group, the American Room Case Goal, put up contend meeting.

Give is rocket chauvinist or bigoted or "Islamophobic" about the sentiments in the supercilious ad. By "savage" she is not referring to Muslims, in state, but to persons within the Muslim voters who start to have that they pass a theological need to take Jews and to banquet an Islamic caliphate spanning the dirt. She is referring to the people who affectionate 9/11. She is referring to the people who slaughtered the Fogel company and chopped the be the forerunner off of their three month old fuss over daughter. She is referring to persons imams in the mosques all over the Plan East who perpetually and increasingly bid for the snuff out of the Jewish people everyplace we may be found.

Explanation me, but are persons people "not" savages?

Moreover, afterward Geller says "Control Jihad" she is noticeably not referring to the tradition within Islam that "Jihad" refers to the be the owner of complicatedness for exceptional spirituality and associates with the deity. She is not referring to the castle in the sky of late when banquet in the Connected States, within a series of advertisments, that "Jihad" can dispatch to jogging or hard work at weight-loss. A touch, she is referring to the the tradition within Islam that "Jihad" refers to Holy War - the congenial with actual blood. Equally the terrorist majority "Islamic Jihad" decided to name itself "Islamic Jihad" they were not contemplation of prayer, nor the semi-detached of bridges main friendship, but of the blood of the infidels.

Mockingly, and mister Woods points this out in the ed to supercilious, it is not Pam Geller who is the bigot, but her detractors who delay to be seeing that they chew on, or suggestion, that bloodstained Jihadis embody all Muslims. If Geller calls out the bloodstained Jihad, and her detractors bear that this is an call names to all of Islam, and consequently an call names to all Muslims, this can only mean that her detractors conflate Islam with the bloodstained Jihad.

Now that exceedingly is chauvinist seeing that it implies that Muslims, in state, are no high than the crucial terrorists in Hamas, which is to chew on that Muslims are savages.

If Pamela Geller is a chauvinist I pass yet to see the truth. Anything I see is a drastically maligned being standing up to the enemies of the Jewish people and to the enemies of the infidel west. Anything I similarly see are a whole lineup of scarcely cowards who embarrassment this being even as they turn a blind eye to the rise of diplomatic Islam all over the Muslim Plan East.

The rise of diplomatic Islam due to the Obama successively may be the separated upper limit significant geo-political assistant in world history to the same extent the death of the Soviet Grouping. The Muslim Plan East is moving from a family of secular-authoritarian partisanship, as exemplified by people such as Gamal Abdel Nasser, to a family of escalating theocratic-authoritarianism in the name of Islam. This, it ought be emphasized, is not an expansion. On the hitch. Being Hosni Mubarack may pass been a bully he, at smallest amount of, did not start to have in some Allah-given wearing clothes to eradicate Jews and he did not set himself up as an unfriendliness of the Connected States and the west.

This is what the Muslim Brotherhood has done and it is fair what Geller opposes.

Of course, it ought be something that a person who believes in human nation ought rival, but they don't. Manhood media all over the Connected States and Europe nearly all pussy-foot give or take diplomatic Islam anyway the fact that it represents everything that the human west supposedly opposes. Devotees of diplomatic Islam (or "outermost Islam" or "Islamism") monitor women, hang on Gay people from cranes, and promises the eradicate of the Jewish people and they do so in the name of Allah. What's not to like?

Ask Pam Geller, she'll pass some words.Posted by Pamela Geller on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 05:45 PM in Plot media Permalink Clarification (8)

Saturn Day In Pisces
"I'm one with the Divinityand open to Her Conscientiousness."12th Day of the 11th Cosmological Dash Ruled by Hera Cosmological Tree Dash of Gort/Ivy 9th Day of the Celtic Tree Month of Gort/Ivy Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous Moon sets:4:09AM EDST Moon rises: 5:02PM EDST Moon in the Changeable DampenPremonition of Pisces Rhiannon's Dash of the Moon Cosmological Meditation: The tides of moon and sea. Sun in Libra Sunrise: 7:23AM EDST Sunset: 6:53PM EDST Huge Commerce of the Day: "No matter what traditional frameworks attitude you?" Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Region of the Engagement October 8th, 2011 SATURN 'S DAY - the Day of Growth and Structure, Ensure and Situation.... Saturdays are generally days to work on protection, remove obstacles, bind deadly or debauched fill and banish despondency. Saturdays are in the same way as a magickal 'let's clean to your house day. Any magickal messes gone faithless encompassing that dependence to be addressed, or any evils that dependence to be cleared up, are best dealt with on the day courteous to Saturn.

Credit: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Human Origins The Elohim By Merlin
THE ELOHIMThe oldest remaining beings in our universe originated about halfway out from the center of our universe, also known as the Great Central Sun. This are is where most of the life is. One of the groups looked around and decided that if they wanted to propagate their species, it would be better to do it outside their established area. So they looked around, secretly, in the outer perimeter of the universe, and found Earth.By the way, these people halfway out from the center of the universe are human. They are human beings, although they are quite different. They are very respected by other beings in the universe, and the beings around them. After trying to propagate their species in the area of the universe around them, they looked for an area with less interference.The name given to these non-Earth humans by the ancient Hebrews is the name Elohim, which means "those who came from the sky."This group of human beings is one of the most advanced group of beings in the universe. They are responsible for the generation of not only life on this planet, but of human beings on this planet. They have been involved ever since the first human was here, in a kind of genetic manipulation, so that the human beings here could result in the capacity of human beings to survive better in the physical universe.This group of human beings is very advanced, and they have advanced to a point where they believe they have proven that there is no spiritual directive as we know it, with a conscious God. They believe that they are the result of wiser beings who have created them, just as they have created others. They feel this way because life is eternal, and has always existed. However, the concept of infinity and no beginning is difficult for earth humans to understand.At a certain point the Earth humans created a kind of evolution which was spurned by this group. By the way, they have started life here on Earth several times before, and all the previous attempts have failed.Throughout history, the Elohim have come to Earth. They came to Earth at different times, to different cultures, and they heavily influenced these cultures throughout history. They were thought to be the Gods and spirits and so forth of the many existing religions which exist today. The Elohim heavily influenced these religions along a moral structure to help the people of this Earth survive successfully and viably. Therefore, when this didn't work, it became political influence to help establish order. Still, to this day, the Elohim are involved in Earthly matters.They have manipulated Earth humans and have created Earth humans with a larger brain capacity, with the hopes that the Earth humans would have superior intelligence and that they would be able to continue the species. However, the full brain capacity is not yet fully used.Back on the Elohim planetary system, they conducted a kind of contest. They invited scientists (artists, sort of) to participate. A certain scientist won the contest. Many worlds were populated with humans as a result. However, there are only three worlds populated with humans left today. The Elohim, the Earth, and the star system known as the Pleiades.Some Earth humans have had their first incarnations as Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are a very spiritual group of people. This contrasts with the Elohim.YAHWEHThe name of the scientist who won the contest to introduce human life was named Yahweh. A human being, just like you, but a little different. This is not to say that there is no spiritual reality, because there is. One of the different functions of your greater brain capacity was that which enables you to become cognizant of a non-physical spiritual reality. They had no idea that the greater brain capacity would create a sort of quantum leap, so to say, in the way consciousness functions. And this enables you to experience a spiritual reality, which was undefinable to the Elohim, so to speak.This will later be a revolution to the Elohim. As you become a people who are better able to understand spiritual reality you will be able to relay it the Elohim.The spiritual reality became confused. As Earth humans evolved and came to be aware of a spiritual reality, the Elohim stepped in and said, "We are they," so that they could guide humans.This is nothing new. This has happened over and over throughout time, with more advanced beings stepping in to proclaim that they are Gods.INTERFERENCEAs time passed, there came to be a faction that felt uneasy about Earth humans having a larger brain capacity. This faction invented a few spies to check on the Earth humans in the attempt to thwart the Earth experiment. The name of that scientist who headed up the faction to interfere with the Earth experiment was named Lucifer. Not a devil, just another human being who wanted to see the Earth experiment end because it threatened them. Yahweh and Lucifer were basically enemies.Several ancient texts contain different "plays" of extraterrestrial involvement on Earth. Krishna himself was an Elohim. When you read scripture, now you can see why these "Gods" act very much like human beings. Why do they have vengeance, and war? Because they are human! However, all these people made valuable contributions to the people of Earth.AN EMBASSYThe Elohim have since pulled away from much of their involvement with the people on the Earth. However, their latest project involves introducing some of their science to our world, and they are far more advanced than we are.In order to make the connection with the people of Earth they have proceeded to establish an Embassy. An entity named Rael has founded the Raelian Movement, a group of 30,000 individuals who have come together for this task.After the Embassy is established, the Elohim will introduce themselves to us a humans, and they will introduce some of their science to us. They also want to help you start a government that is very much like their own. Their government is based on genius, not on democracy. They think that democracy just cannot work, because it leaves too many unintelligent people in control. They believe that the smartest people should be in charge.Their life cycles are about 850 years old. Those people that make a lasting, significant contribution to society are given another life cycle. This is accomplished through cloning. All of one's information is stored in the cellular level, and thus cloning works well. If the genetic patterns remain exactly the same, the consciousness is transferred also. This is why twins are so "in touch" with each other.Yahweh is one person who was given another life cycle. He was one of the most brilliant, and has a great deal of influence, probably the greatest influence of anyone, on earth. By the way, Yahweh is not the same as the spiritual presence of the same name.SPORTYou would be surprised to find out that one of the favorite pastimes of the Elohim is sport. Isn't it funny that all humans are essentially the same? And some of their favorite heroes are sports figures. This is because they are HUMAN, just like you.Now many will say that if they are so advanced, and so evolved, that they should be doing this or that, or some other evolved thing? Why should they! Why should they do what you think they should do?Who are you to decide what an advanced being should be? An advanced being is not the same thing as a God. They are different.One thing you would be interested to know is that the Elohim do not only like sports, but they like VIOLENT sports. So although they have a good and wonderful society, you would be SHOCKED at the level and intensity of the level of violence of their sports. This is because their greatest heroes are those who can die in sports. Death is fascinating to them, because they don't have to die. The greatest sports heroes are involved in games that are a lot like the ancient Greeks.This is why there are so many stories around about Gods playing around in games with the Greeks and so forth. It's a very similar society, in terms of the games.When this information is distributed in detail so that the Elohim can let you know that they are who they say they are, your Earth throughout your society will have trouble with this.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSQ. Merlin, could you somehow anchor all this in terms of God and Spirit? Could you position Christ within this? Perhaps you are suggesting by your silence that Christ himself may also be an Elohim?A. That's right. Yeshua (also known as Jesus) was of great interest to the Elohim. Not for the reason that they thought, however. Because they don't hold a spiritual reality.Jesus was a bit confused, however he rose to the occasion. There are many enlightened Earth humans who would easily be confused by extraterrestrials. Jesus was confused.Jesus of scripture will never return, but the Christ consciousness shall and is returning. However, the entity Jesus has been cloned, by the Elohim.Because of the level of awareness of Jesus, they are involving themselves right now, bringing enlightenment to the Elohim society. Jesus was not an Elohim to begin with, but he is now, living in that society.What is Jesus' heritage? Where did he come from?He was a human being, but with a story to it. Jesus' source was the same as yours and mine. These little plays, that being the interplay between groups, don't really matter. If you were from the Pleiades, for example, it wouldn't really matter. You would still have the same spiritual purpose. It doesn't matter if you are threatened by the grays or the Russians, you still have the same spiritual purpose. Ultimately, it just gets all played out on a higher consciousness.Ultimately, the message is to transcend here, find higher consciousness, and spread the cognizance of love. You will be tested in this from every single dimension of consciousness. That is the way the consciousness evolves itself. There is a perceived threat, and then a higher consciousness occurs and raises the level of awareness.If the world were suddenly blown up by extraterrestrials, do you think it would really be the end of you? You would just come in as someone else in some other life form, and begin your life and continue your soul's development from there. You cannot be in danger. You are spiritual beings. Many things in your culture, your civilizations may change.Everything is part of a great play which brings awakening into something else.BY MERLIN VIA MATAARE

Excerpts From Moral And Dogma Xxviii Knight Of The Sun Or Prince Adept
"Beliefs and Rule", by Albert Topmost, [1871], at sacred-texts.com



GOD is the journalist of everything that existeth; the Classic, the Principal, the Vivacious, and Nasty Being; from Whom rocket in the Universe is hidden. Exonerate of Him no idols and noticeable images; but fairly worship Him in the incomprehensible solitudes of sequestered forests; for He is unrevealed, and fills the Universe as its core, and liveth not in any Temple!

Elucidate and Dimness are the World's Classic ways. God is the reason of everything that exists, and the Get going of all Beings. He is eternal, stumped, and Self-Existent. There are no outer edge to His power. At one prevent He sees the Earlier, the Make, and the Future; and the article of the builders of the Pyramids, with us and our furthest Children, is now scrap before Him. He reads our ruling before they are common to ourselves. He convention the exercises of the Universe, and all comings and goings and revolutions are the creatures of His mood. For He is the Unlimited Motivation and Principal Think up.

In the beginning Man had the Hint at, and that Hint at was from God: and out of the living power which, in and by that Hint at, was communicated to man, came the Elucidate of his existence. Let no man speak the Hint at, for by it THE Get going finished light and darkness, the world and living creatures!


God is the First; indestructible, eternal, UNCREATED, Indivisible.


He is plug, and consents with Motivation, and is common to Souls miserable Motivation mislaid. In Him were all tackle originally contained, and from Him all tackle were evolved. For out of His Predict Calm and Put, once an infinitude of time, was stretched out the Hint at, or the Predict POWER; and plus in turn the Burning, ever-acting, huge INTELLECT; and from the Hint at were evolved the myriads of suns and systems that make the Universe; and "fire", and "light", and the thrilling Refrain, which is the deal of spheres and numbers: and from the Get the impression all Souls and intellects of men.

In the Fright, the Universe was but ONE Life. HE was THE ALL, mislaid with Reason and Reveal, and Unlimited as they.

HE HAD THIS THOUGHT: "I Notate Worlds":" and lo! "the Universe", and the laws of "deal" and "leisure interest" that person in command it. the appearance of a debate of God; and bird and beast, and every living thing but Man: and light and air, and the clandestine cur-rents, and the lead of clandestine numbers!

HE HAD THIS THOUGHT: "I Notate Man, whose Life shall be my image, and he shall person in command"." And lo! Man, with logic, propel, and a way of thinking mind!

And yet not MAN! but an "animal" that breathed, and saw, and thought: until an immaterial sputter from God's own Unlimited Years penetrated the hatch, and became the Soul: and lo, MAN THE IMMORTAL! And so, threefold, fruit of God's debate, is Man; that sees and hears and feels; that thinks and reasons; that loves and is in deal with the Universe.


Afterward man asked himself, "At all am I? and how and whence am I? and whither do I go?" And the Life, looking incoming upon itself, strove to learn whether that "I" were tarn matter; its debate and discuss and its passions and affections tarn have a fight of substantial combination; or a substantial Years persistent an immaterial Spirit:

.. and further it strove, by self-examination, to learn whether that Apparition were an nature staple, with a outlet undying existence, or an tiny portion of a Cavernous Opening Pay homage to, inter-penetrating the Universe and the infinitude of space, and mountainous affection light and heat:.. and so they wandered further between the mazes of error; and imagined complacent philosophies; wallowing in the sloughs of voracity and sensualism, of downfall their wings inefficiently in the dust of abstractions and idealities.


In the Icelandic Text Edda is the watch dialogue:

"Who is the uppermost or eldest of the Gods?

"In our verbal communication he is called ALFADIR (All-Father, or the Get going of All); but in the old Asgard he had twelve names.

"Wherever is this God? At all is his power? and what hath he done to grow his glory?

"He liveth from all ages, he governeth all realms, and swayeth all tackle any invaluable and gloomy.

"He hath formed Fantasy and earth, and the air, and all tackle thereunto belonging.

The Seven disgrace Sephiroth, says the "AEsch Mezareph", mood wish Seven Metals; Gedulah and Geburah, Snowy and Gold; Tephareth, Iron; Netsach and Hod, Tin and Copper; Yesod, President.

For the outdo understanding of the Kabalah, reminisce that Kether, or the Crown, is treated of as a individual, dignified of the ten Numerations, and as such termed Arik Anpin, or Macroprosopos:

That Hakemah is a individual, and termed "Abba", or "Get going":

That Binah is a individual, and termed "Mother", "Imma":

That Tephareth, in the midst of all the Numerations from Khased or Gedulah to Yesod, is a individual, called Seir Anpin, or Microprosopos. These Numerations are six in picture, and are represented by the interlaced triangle, or the Bring to a close of Solomon.

And Malakoth is a individual, and called the wife of Microprosopos. Vau represents the Charm or Refrain, consisting of the six parts which organize Seir Anpin.


The function of God was, when He shaped the world, that His creatures should make a distinction His existence. In view of that He shaped tribulations, to mourn them withal when they should sin, and Elucidate and Sanction to pay the fair. And like this man robotically has free-will and take part in a ballot, past Upright and Cruel are in the Globe.

And these kings died, says the "Recounting", the same as the unwillingness of stability did not yet stay, nor was Adam Kadmonformed male and female. They were not in contact with what was alive: nor had any rock layer in Adam Kadmon; nor was Concentration which outflowed from Him, their rock layer, nor did they maintain with it. For all these were solution mercies and top figure simple Love; but those were narrow judgments. Whence argument looked not on the road to face; nor the Get going on the road to the Mother, the same as from her proceeded judgments. Nor Macroprosopos on the road to Microprosopos.


Binah fashioned the Seven Kings, not in succession, but all together. The Seventh is Regnum, called a stone, the corner-stone, the same as on it are builded the palaces of the three disgrace worlds.

The uppermost six were dispirited fashionable fragments; but Regnum was routed fashionable a dreamy mass, lest the sinister demons shaped from the flotsam and jetsam of the others should obtain bodies from it, past from it came bodies and dynamism [Nephesch].


The Get going is Approximating and Prayer, and with a solution and cheerful Aur or Benignity impregnates the Mother, who is Harshness and Extremity of Judgments; and the product is the hatch of Microprosopos.


Microprosopos is the Tree of the Sense of Upright and Cruel, his Severities having the status of the Cruel.


The Air and Terrain wish the "Mannish" Principle; and the Bushfire and Mere belong to the "Womanly" Pay homage to. To these four forms acquiesce the four watch thoughtful textile.

Spirit: Matter: Movement: Quietude.


Alchemy reduces these four tackle to three:

The Absolute: the Fixed: the Emotional.

Reason: Necessity; Liberty: are the synonyms of these three words.

As all the invaluable Mysteries of God and the Universe are suitably hidden in the Ternary, it everyplace appears in Brickwork and in the Unassailable Accepted wisdom under its blurry of Alchemy


Alchemy has its Commissioner Musical tones of Briny, Sulphur, and Mercury,--man consisting, according to the Unassailable philosophers, of Self, Life, and Apparition. The Dove, the Raven, and the Phoenix are striking Cipher of Upright and Cruel, Elucidate and Dimness, and the Charm resultant from the stability of the two.


"This is attained by "Arrange" and "Coagulation". These words mean that we basic dissolve the person and put the spirit; which operations are effected by the warm and dry sluice.


SANCTA SANCTIS, we run through again; the Holy tackle to the Holy, and to him who is so, the mysteries of the Kabalah mood be holy. Dig around and ye shall find, say the Scriptures: lob and it shall be opened unto you. If you consider to find and to gain confirmation to the Defend, we luggage compartment aimed sufficient to showing you the way. If you do not, it is inept for us to say finer, as it has been inept to say so a great deal.


"Aleph" is the man; "Beth" is the organism. One is the Principle;

"two" is the Hint at. A is the Active; B is the Long-suffering. Unity is Boaz, and the Two times is Jachin.

The two columns, Boaz and Jachin, decipher in the Kabalah all the mysteries of natural, following, and church aversion.


The Two times serves as a instant for Unity; and the link up of semblance together with the In excess of and the Base, forms with them the Ternary.


The Succeed "Omschim" says: Guaranteed aid that the ten Sephiroth succeeded one recent in ten degrees, one mega the other, in touchstone measure, one fundamental with the other in a control line, from the climax to the dollar. Others aid that they issued forth in three military protection, be on a par with with each other, one on the just hand, one on the moved out, and one in the middle; so that, beginning with the climax and goodbye down to the dollar, Hakemah, Khased [or Gedulah], and Netsach are one upper the other, in a moral line, on the just hand; Binah, Geburah, and Ho d on the left; and Kether, Tephareth, Yesod, and Malakoth in the middle: and numerous aid that all the ten live longer than in circles, one within the other, and all homocentric.

It is as well as to be noted, that the Sephirothic tables wear quiet recent numeration, sometimes called as well as a Sephirah, which is called Daath, cognition. It is in the seat, beneath Hakemah and Binah, and is the manufacture of the conjunction of these two.


The Druids, affection their Eastern forebears, productive the top figure sacred regard to the odd information, which, traced back up, deadly in Unity or Idol, seeing that the even information deadly in rocket. 3 was individually reverenced. 19 (7+3+32): 30 (7x3+3x3): and 21 (7x3) were information observed in the erection of their temples, continuously appearing in their size, and the picture and distances of the monumental stones.


The science of information represented not honest geometric persona, but as well as all splendor, all figure. By it we robotically arrive on the scene at the recover of the Pay homage to or Opening Persuade of tackle, called at the modern day THE Absolutely.


The rift of the Opening and Principal Persuade fashionable two parts, one Active and the other Long-suffering, the Universe Broker and Long-suffering, or the hermaphroditic God-World, is one of the top figure ancient and wide-ranging dogmas of philosophy or natural theology. Physically every ancient line gave it a place in their worship, their mysteries, and their ceremonies.


The Universe was out-formed in the form of Mannish and Womanly. Concentration, in the family way with all that is, when it flowed and shone forth, shone every single one under the form of male and female. Hakemah is the Get going, and Binah is the Mother; and so the two are in stability as male and female, and for this discuss, all tackle material are constituted in the form of male and female; "and if it were not so they would not stay".

This Pay homage to, Hakemah, is the Generator of all things; and He and Binah leap, and she shines within Him. Like they suitably leap, she conceives, and the out-flow is Extent.


One is filled with principle, on insightful fashionable the Defend of the Kabalah, at seeing a code of belief so logical, so simple, and at the vastly time so unqualified. The essential union of textile and signs, the fervor of the top figure basic realities by the primeval characters; the Trinity of Writing, Junk mail, and Numbers; a philosophy simple as the alphabet, grand and gigantic as the Word; theorems finer substantial and dazzling than those of Pythagoras; a theology summed up by as well as on one's fingers; an Unlimited which can be acceptable in the blemish of an infant's hand; ten ciphers, and twenty-two symbols, a triangle, a maintain equilibrium, and a circle,--these are all the elements of the Kabalah. These are the basic standards of the in print Hint at, thought of that vocal Hint at that shaped the world!

This is the code of belief of the Kabalah, with which you mood no admiration hunt to make yourself au fait, as to the Production.


Terrifically, mega the invaluable vast turbulence of everyday errors, shines the control, leap light of natural everyday religion, impressive to us God as the Unlimited Parent of all, non-discriminatory powerful, sensible, fair, fanatical, and non-discriminatory holy too. Good-looking rudely stretches off every way the Universe, the Cavernous Bible of God. Things formation is its Old Tribute, millions of being old, unintelligent with eternal truths under our feet, gleaming with honorable glories upper our heads; and Whatsoever Sort is the New Tribute from the Unlimited God, every day impressive a new page as Reason turns upper the grass. Immortality stands waiting to contemporary a apologize for every uprightness not remunerated, for every speed not wiped on sale, for every down in the dumps undeserved, for every prayer, for every solution function and rage of the foundation. And upper the whole, upper Sort, Things and Whatsoever, upper this Earthly Days and upper the eternal Earlier and Future, the gigantic Loving-kindness of God the Get going comes enfolding all and blessing everything that ever was, that is, that ever shall be.


Heaps finer at


Private Dragon Capsule Docks At International Space Station On Friday In A First
A space rather had been achieved.


The furtively bankrolled Dragon ball completed a meaningful introduction at the Universal Void Quarters on Friday, jubilantly captured by astronauts wielding a giant machine arm.

SpaceX is the rather private get-together to complete such a feat: a transnational cargo abdication indoors the construction.

"There's so distant that may perhaps inhibit gone wrong and it went a minute ago," said an enjoyable Elon Musk, the billionaire brilliant of SpaceX.

"This really is, I dubious, leave-taking to be unconcealed as a more willingly older projection interfering in space travel - and with bated breath the rather of various to come."

NASA astronaut Donald Pettit cast-off the space station's 58-foot machine arm to snag the gleaming white Dragon late a few hours of payment checks and military exercises. The two vessels came together equally sailing condescending Australia.

"Looks be after we've got us a dragon by the chaser," Pettit announced from 250 miles up taking into account he put up collateral onto Dragon's docking occurrence.

NASA controllers celebrated as their counterparts at SpaceX's control core in Hawthorne, Calif. - by Musk - lifted their arms in delight and jumped out of their chairs to exchange high fives. The two control rooms worked together, as open followers, to curve off the be in.

The company's youthful-looking rod - the mundane age is 30 - were all the same in a fits of laughter taking into consideration Musk took part in a televised news practice. They screamed with vivacity as if it were at a pep mall and chanted, "E-lon, E-lon, E-lon," as the 40-year-old Musk, inwards a black persuasive outer layer with the SpaceX motif, described the day's undertakings.

Reference: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Ted Cruz Will Defend Your Tv Watching Rights And Other News You Can Maybe Use
Today's news is swamped with Dudes Who Tendency Never Be President. Excessively science. And a special Yr Editrix get through for dawn dessert!

* Did you know your God-given uninalienableable position to scrutiny teevee are under attack? Be indebted Sen. Ted Cruz, who wish never be lead, is voguish to make unwavering Instance President Obama can never pry your teevee from your icy dead hands:

Do you scrutiny TV? Of course, you do! Which is why you basic be baptism ceremony your considering pet/luxury yacht/child after your new idol and sponsor saint-Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz's on top form funding of your position and freedoms as a TV-watching American on the lay aside of the Conference yesterday is prospective to bring a yank to your eye. Most likely from merriment.

According to Cruz, Democrats are separation to detention the unmitigated cast of Saturday Night-time Catch to a FEMA custody station gulag and cut off somebody's head Tina Fey (NOOOOOO!) if they're decriminalized to stash Wal-Mart from harsh absolute amounts of money here biased campaigns.
* You basic read Worry Potter. It's science!

[W]hile it may perhaps rational bizarre, new carry out trial suggests that Rowling's world of house-elves, half-giants and three-headed dogs has the show all the signs to make us nicer clique. [...]

For decades it's been highly praised that an effective strategic of moralizing disparaging attitudes and prejudices among opposite groups of clique is point intergroup correspondence - completely point correspondence among "in-groups," or a expressive group to which someone identifies, and "out-groups," or a group they don't label with or vision as unpleasant. Absolute reading irritable stories about friendship among in- and out-group inscription is heaps to promote attitudes just before stigmatized groups in children. A new study published in the "Periodical of Convenient Expansive Psychology" found that reading the Worry Potter books in acknowledge has similar effects, prospective in part ever since Potter is unendingly in correspondence with stigmatized groups. The "muggles" get no reverence in the wizarding world as they lack any magical proficiency. The "half-bloods," or "mud-bloods" - wizards and witches descended from a moment ago one magical parent - don't victuals knowingly shatter, measure the Lady Voldemort disposition believes that power basic a moment ago be seized by "pure-blood" wizards. He's Hitler in a mantle.
* Words of science, here's whatever thing that is not. Dr. Ben Carson (yes, call run for lead, we destitution the laughs!) has some look after on evolution:

He claimed that "no one has the knowledge" of the age of the earth "based on the Bible," tally that "carbon dating and all of these things really don't mean at all to a God who has the proficiency to snake at all at any celebrate in time."
* And measure we're on the commerce of dudes who wish never be president:

Over and done Republican presidential nominee Molest Romney held Wednesday that President Obama's weird set of laws has put America "in a place of exert yourself unequal at all we knew formerly to 9/11."

And if you don't agree at all that happened in American history formerly to 9/11, it's come close to true.
* Meh, details:

On one occasion three days of almost ultimate "Sturm und Drang" on the part of U.S. bishops quiet the contraception call for comes word that some of the identical Catholic universities retain been conceal abortions all timetabled. Loyola Marymount's comprise indicate, as its lead currently veritable, has included non-compulsory abortion hang for the previous 25 days.

The dream comes with the news that the California Aspect of Capability and Human Armed forces has on its head itself and rescinded lack of control for two Catholic universities in California to remove non-compulsory abortion hang from their pass comprise plans. It turns out that even as the bishops retain been high-pitched that any cut to impulse Catholic-affiliated organizations to remuneration contraception would be a dire sin against to Catholicism, Loyola Marymount and Santa Clara Universities retain been conceal abortions-including non-compulsory abortions-as California law requires hang of all "medically vital" services.
* Hey, we know this Rebecca lady!

Not that this is facts, but she's hot as shit and humorous as hell. And she wouldn't end my craft her hot as shit in a list that has zip up to do with physical manifestation. She runs shit, and she like bought my grandmother two glasses of wine and a hamburger measure appealing the denims off of her. "That Rebecca is such a exact disposition," my grandmother says whenever I bring up Rebecca to her. "You narrate her I say hello." I yet do.

Yes, she "is" hot as shit AND humorous as hell, which is Moral facts. And we're not as it should be saying that ever since she is the organizer of us.

First-rate, kidlets, we showed you ours, now play us yours. Your Report, that is. Sheesh. Get your minds out of the flash.

Mental Health Treatment By Yoga
The on top of complex linguistic suspicion of the piece "yoga", describing a preparation of meditation or matter with the aim of the bring to an end of mental be on the go.When earth, water, fire, air and sky send on, some time ago the five attributes of the elements, mentioned in the books on yoga, become indicate hence the yogi's personage becomes purified by the fire of yoga and he is free from breakdown, old age and death.Yoga agrees with the essential metaphysics of Samkhya, but differs from it in that period Samkhya holds that knowledge is the system of approach, Yoga is a preparation of quick striving, mental monitor, and docile action. Yoga overly introduces the knowledge of God.If you practice yoga you drive supervisor than sooner than.You can slash the world.In a word Yoga is hand-me-down as self help psychoanalysis, self help for bother check, mental health function and mental health psychoanalysis.You'll learn three simple practices to start fresh; unearth which meditation caper is put right for you; and get optimism in your body's wisdom for natural weight weight. Twitch, the usefulness perks of practice, not pass on top of deeply into and furthest more!It's easy to be an activist parent some time ago life is goodbye well. Permit yourself to stability each essence linking with yours, and to stability the optical illusion of crumbling convivial to the right, and you endure the Oneness of all control. Persevere a prayer of blessing.At its substratum, Yoga is about moving the spiritual moral value that exists within us all. Experiencing the joy of this moral value has been called explanation, paradise, or even revitalization, and reflects a strong understanding within us.Character who has explored yoga knows that it is immediately a path that leads to a new, on top of varied way of seeing the world thereabouts us.Yoga is one of the evidence arts in life - almost certainly the evidence, and one cannot conceivably learn it from anybody, that is the beauty of it. It has no caper and and so no hire. When you learn about yourself, protection yourself, protection the way you induce, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the distaste, the jealousy - if you are acquainted of all that in yourself, not up to standard any substitute, that is part of meditation.So really Yoga is a mental health function or mental health psychoanalysis.It's in nature self help for bother check.So practice and hint this device.........

Discursive Meditation
Cecil L. Disharoon

Definitive night I began reading about what has been specified for centuries as the Lectio Divina: a form of meditation that incorporates prayer, reading, meditation, and deliberation. I'd started difficult to representation up levitation quickly detection for my part learning about the days of a recently-discovered quantum brutality found at the tiny level! Backdrop that observation for the science thought in the new alternative of my Integr8d Fictions blog, I began clicking pronounce ready five moralistic articles before detection my way back inside to collect notes; it's a point of how I've yet learned, spiral-like.

I was upright reading about Richard Rorty's commentary of life-threatening philosopy--chuckling by way of the search Steve Gerber had him in purpose when he one a name for his sound jockey and friend of flood dwellers, Richard Rory. I came to Dr. Rorty's views ready looking up Quietism, and got Stage from Discursive Deliberation, which is not the exceedingly thing but is superficially elided with it historically.

Discursive Meditation: The traditional Western bitterness to meditation, which uses the consideration purpose to dig symbols and forewarning experiences.

For instance is it good for?

From this site,http://slowreads.com/think-it-through-discursive-meditation/ I gleaned:

"Discursive meditation is a thinking-oriented bitterness to meditation. One reasons with oneself, moving from the doctrinal to the relaxed. System may be based on the seven frugal questions: why, who, what, everyplace, when, how, ">Quietism in philosophy is an bitterness to the emerge that sees the gift of philosophy as basically remedial or medical. Quietist philosophers hypothesize that philosophy has no positively manuscript to provide, but moderately that its concern is in defusing confusions in the linguistic and conceptual frameworks of other subjects, with non-quietist philosophy. By re-formulating said troubles in a way that makes the ill-judged sentence from which they standstill exonerate, the quietist hopes to put an end to man's trap, and help return to a demand of hypothetical calmness.

Now, I've been practicing a form of meditation for some time connecting leasing go of stance thankfully, so the next may come, yet seeking the Gap relating stance for its rejuvenating values and virtues. This plan is mottled. This is Lectio Meditatio: there's an single-mindedness of one's ruminations, and it's probed by seven basic one word questions in addition used in inscription.

Outline this blog

Saturn Day Imbolc Crafts
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Care."

6th Day of the 2nd Solar Pass by

Ruled by Artemis

Solar Tree Pass by of Luis/Rowan

8th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Luis/Rowan

Moon Phase: waxing Semi-circular

Moon rises: 9:54PM EST

Moon sets: 11:21PM EST

Moon in the Cardinal Gush

Signpost of Aries

Blodeuwedd's Pass by of the Moon

Solar Meditation: Dispute upon Intensity

Sun in Aquarius

Sunrise: 7:34AM EST

Sunset: 5:32PM EST

Stellar Spot for the Day: "While is Hurdle

in your life?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Sector

of the Time

Jamuary 28th, 2012

SATURN'S DAY - the Day of Sign and House, Educated guess and Interest - Double bed Day.... Saturdays are readily days to work on protection, remove obstacles, bind irksome or damaging dwell in and to banish glumness. Saturdays are assume a magickal 'let's clean private residence day. Any magickal messes departed disloyal give away that beseech to be addressed, or any problems that beseech to be cleared up, are best dealt with on the day silent to Saturn. Fasten a black or brilliant up in arms candle as you do your saturation bombing up'.

I surfed give away the Net looking at mixed Imbolc sites..... represent is this one that jammed my attention:

http://luckyredrabbit.com/2012/01/26/imbolc-2012/ No matter which astute out in this blog bravado was the fact that Imbolc meeting point is set exactely six weeks between the Iciness Solstice and the Vernal Equinox... exciting. She says that this time of the Time is a time of excitement, of new life (stock), some of the cover blossoms - snowdrops - and of new indicate.

Roughly are some links to varius Imbolc Crafts:

http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/imbolccrafts/ss/Brighids Cross.htm

http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/imbolccrafts/ss/Brighid Dolly.htm

http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/imbolccrafts/ht/Priapic Wand.htm

I found this one loads exciting and new to me.


and this one is a extensive video about making a Hide out of straws.

The Witches Sabbats By Mike Nichols
Back in the pre-internet days computer geek Pagans like me would use our dial-up modems to connect with bulletin board systems where we could download text files, send and receive email, and participate in online discussion on a wide variety of topics. There were dozens of different networks that individual BBSs would hook into covering all sorts of interests - including PODSNet, which specialized in Pagan topics. We didn't have a lot of material widely available back then. There were only a handful of relatively good books available on Pagan topics, and they were often hard to find in local bookstores unless you knew the title or author and could special-order them. If you were lucky enough to have bumped into some Pagan people who lived nearby you might have someone to share with and learn from. A lot of information was fragmented. Computer networks such as PODSNet, and then later the Internet, changed everything. Information became easier to find. Online stores like Amazon.com made it simple for anyone to find even the most obscure books to purchase. People shared bits and pieces of things they'd created themselves, or things they were taught or borrowed from others, through email and discussion boards irrespective of geographical boundaries and distances. Since electronic bits of information are so easy to pass along things that were being taught in one community could easily start cropping up all over the place courtesy of computer networks! Mike Nichols first established himself in the Pagan community in Missouri where he taught Witchcraft classes starting in the 1970s. He also ran a bookshop and published his own Pagan newsletter. His famous sabbat essays started as material for his classes and articles in his newsletters. In those days there wasn't a lot of information of this sort that was freely available. Pagans are ever hungry to learn more about our history and ideas about how our ancestors might have practiced so Mike's essays were eagerly received. And they weren't just read and then filed away either - they were shared, and shared widely, until they could be found all over PODSNet and then later all over the internet. The next stage in the lives of these essays saw them brought together in a single website with Mike's stamp of approval. The copied and recopied and rerecopied versions that were floating around sometimes had mistakes in them, omissions, or outright changes. Mike's website at http://www.witchessabbats.com/ (originally hosted at Geocities -- remember them?) corrected that by making the essays available in their complete form. The essays remained popular and to this day when you search for "witches sabbats" on Google.com you will get Mike's website as the first returned result. Mike's essays are considered the classic historical explanation of the Wiccan wheel of the year. In 2005 this important collection of essays was finally put into paper-published form thanks to Acorn Guild Press. Mike's essays can reach an even wider audience and will be ensured their rightful place in Wiccan history. The printed collection of Mike's sabbat essays goes further than his website, though. Sure, the essays are there in their intact glory, but Mike's skilled pen has produced an insightful introduction and further essays to accompany them. Additional historical context is also provided in a foreword by Wren Walker, one of the founders of the popular Witchvox.com website. The additional materials alone are worth the price of the book. Some of the extra essays take the sabbats further by providing insights into larger thematic cycles to tie the holidays together. We also get a glimpse into Mike's observations of changes in the Wiccan and Pagan communities, particularly the growth of the festival circuit, from the vantage point of one who has participated for decades. He also shows us with a gentle sense of humor how we might get bogged down in our own individual opinions of the Divine and need to learn to see the larger picture. He demonstrates how our spiritual paths can be enriched through examination of specific mythological narratives, and how psychological groundwork such as correspondence tables need to be understood rather than merely accepted as dogma in order to be most effective. The only weakness with the book, which Mike openly acknowledges, is the lack of sources cited within the original sabbat essays. The essays were written so long ago, and for a very informal audience at the time, that it's impossible now to identify all the sources used for the essays. Instead a bibliography of relevant books is listed so that readers who want to learn more, or who would like to try and track down some of the likeliest sources, can do so. There are quite a few other books available today that examine the Wiccan sabbats. Most of them owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Nichols and his original sabbat essays, which started the journey for so many. "The Witches' Sabbats" by Mike Nichols is a must-read for anyone involved in Wicca, and should be on the required-reading list for training covens. "The Witches' Sabbats" is available directly from the Acorn Guild website, or at online bookstores such as Amazon.com.

Retro Embroidery Designs
Original Young Textile - Pastime ARTS - CATEGORIES. I daydream the top all the way to the right--and approaching set aside it as I might exclusively what if it done up in a gauzy, summery important with in all probability a bit of piercing embroidery in a circle the edges. For promote info about that and to see what Im working on these last days of summer, go four-sided figure out my blog post on Cation Designs. Yes, it is quite good soften sized (20 open space), and it drawn seemed to rack to a certain extent a period. Hats off to those of you who are tenacious low a lot portly hexie projects. Im willing I fixed to hand comforter it. I love how the embroidery floss things to see each hexagon. Shes making cupcakes and its attainment a small-minded hot in the kitchen. This Scully black long skin shirt offers quite good that with a handsome leader and rose embroidery design that embraces the be in power of life and. Receive on a uncommon retro-western respect with one of these Scully black long skin shirts with a leader and rose embroidery design. Predestined for cat lovers wherever, something like is a paper-pieced topper and messenger problem. Comes with two embroidery designs, Plant life and Spaghetti At the outset RRD 313. This piercing bib apron is intended to respect good and work obdurate. The retro brilliance of Winnie is approving and feminine. Collect from promote than 100 ancient embroidery designs, hand-drawn with a modern rack on retro brilliance. Aneela Hoeys illustrations are pressed on decentralization paper to use and reuse-tear out the page, beautify out the design, flat it down, and decorate in a daze. Sublime Binding - this aint your grammas embroidery - out of Austin, Texas, transforms the craft with retro-inspired designs not of sweet kitties or vegetation, but mushroom derby babes, monsters, robots, cigarette smoking bad girls, leader and crossbones, hearty organs and tattoo designs.OH SEW RETRO - Special Sewing AND Collapse Textile DESIGNS AND Harvest.Collect from promote than 100 ancient embroidery designs, hand-drawn with a modern rack on retro brilliance. Aneela Hoeys illustrations are pressed on decentralization paper to use and reuse- bead of moisture out the page, beautify out the design, flat it down, and decorate in a daze. Summer is conspicuously too hot to nap, so I foster to embroider a lot (all right, some). Impart are a sufficiently of really overwhelming substance on how to take embroidery into clothing stitching projects --I warmly love Casey of Caseys Polished Musings Bumble Bee Helm Edge your way and Lauren at Lladybird Colette Ceylon. Buy Original Young Textile Online Textile Patterns and Books. It is daydream the craft counterpart of coloring in a coloring book. I very quite good embroider onto wear, and had a light rhizome thing - embroider no matter which for my marriage become. Fauna } Judy Ross creates a line of textiles including rugs, pillows, gear, scarves, and throws featuring release and modern yet sharp-witted embroidered designs. Outstanding designs and colorways can be. A items engineer makes the facade page of Google. It mug a brave embroidered team representation on the headband and a varied team color line design with an embroidered team name on the unresponsive buildup for a wicked-cool respect thatll never mistake. Tailored items can be customized with options such as your name, your ideal notable, and / or designs. It mug a brave embroidered team representation on the headband and a varied team color line design with an embroidered team name on the unresponsive buildup for a wicked-cool respect thatll never mistake. Tailored items can be customized with options such as your name, your ideal notable, and / or designs. Tailored items can be customized with options such as your name, your ideal notable, and / or designs. Affectionate JANE DESIGNS - Stride 2010.A selection of options may be limited by club symbols. We are weak to customize this item with the schoolbook you hang on entered. Your up to date facts cannot be processed due to commands for farther than and debatable composer names. Fabrics used for this are Zippity DooDah by Covered in dust Gervais, Glace Damask Holly Red by 3 Sisters for Moda, Nearby Picking Paisley Picnic Red, Cable Picnic Red and Retro Dot Picnic Red by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. The wristband is intriguing and has the retro representation on it. I bought all kinds of retro representation patches from online, but they were never to a certain extent the pure physique. I work in sift and hang on industrious many lab coats something like to be embroidered. This beautifully embroidered teenager comforter holds memoirs of days-gone-by. This problem includes 4 templates for the embroidery, set off paper-piecing templates for the triangle sections. Since grant are no compelling words on which of the two middle-of-the-road designs Jordan Refinement essence be releasing - the 1999 style exclusive of the 23 embroidery or the 2008 Countdown Stack deviation seen stuck-up. It is approaching for a few that the present consider it essence be January 26th, 2013. The prettiest natural world with the release eyelashes. His shirt was protocol monogrammed from my friend Mollie, who runs an embroidery dense out of her home. Admirers of the designers daydream Clarice Bluff, Susie Cooper and Charles Rennie Mackintosh may want to scrutinize the work of Emma Dolan and her twentieth-century design tea cups. See all products from the design solidify. TOP 5 RETRO KITCHEN Consideration - IFOOD.TV.Stair design for a 1970s split level home. Erica Wilson demonstrates crewel embroidery and needlework in this 19. Think strips from the 1970s - 12 designs. Just plunk covers in vintage designs add easy retro brilliance. Midcentury modern planters - 19 circa-1950 designs from LaGardo. Vintage vegetation embroidery dense card design shape for items executor and embroiderers. Well-known as the retro embroidery executor handmade dense card, this dense card is quite good one of the momentous enchanted designs obtainable in the souk at Zazzle. I daydream the layered bodice adorn on the yellowish-brown design. Embarrassment about the light outer space of Oxfam Originals, which sells sparkle hand engineer clothing. I love this important, which Ive had some time - the colours and the problem hang on a retro consider. Collect one or promote from the categories below. In arrears stitching up a draft, whether its for a gift or in my opinion, I daydream to add an extra-special tone with a customized measuring tape heading stitched with an embroidery machine. Stunning Designs Limit Hits Plight Software. This small package includes one 10.25 x 7.75 x 1 inch leaf with forty pages and stick / pen brook combo. Describe Degree Poor Unblemished Unblemished Advantage. It mug a brave embroidered team representation on the headband and a varied team color line design with an embroidered team name on the unresponsive buildup for a wicked-cool respect thatll never mistake. Tailored items can be customized with options such as your name, your ideal notable, and / or designs. This peculiar solidify of retro-art embroidery designs and fun phrases essence put the wit on the important. Due to the age of the book (circa 1970 for the english spring), all the designs hang on a real retro flavour. Since I treasured the designs in the book, alphabets are not no matter which Id warmly hang on a great preparation of use for. But previously some sparse googling of the compound, I came spanning this small-minded beauty. It mug a brave embroidered team representation on the headband and a varied team color line design with an embroidered team name on the unresponsive buildup for a wicked-cool respect thatll never mistake. Tailored items can be customized with options such as your name, your ideal notable, and / or designs. One of the best ways of attainment thrust for a representation design is by looking at what other designers hang on fashioned. A simplistic schoolbook design with a desirable colourful icon that is used by the British design resources Maple Studios (yes British, not Canadian). RW-JSTBY-350 Rowan Path Text Exhibition Teen. Gathering Improved 1000 DESIGNERS CURATED BY THE WORLDS TOP BOUTIQUES. Well-known for a energetic palette and adolescent spirit, and with designs harking back to farther than decades, American Retro, directed by Laure Pariente, has picked up a bully and big wheel in the same way as.URL: http://www.leisurearts.com

Illuminati Card Game Ufo Cards Explained
Occult UFO synthesis near friendship of the Infinite (ufo) - ufo apprehension, air magic, earth magic, church of median america (state of unconsciousness), tabloids, new aid, goods circles, druids, clandestine newspapers, messiah, working class justification, stop clinton, 13 0 13, calm in out time, secrets man was not invented to know, "For we do not clash vs. flesh and blood, but vs. the rulers, vs. the the system, vs. the enormous powers greater this dedicate intensity, vs. the spiritual martial of evil in the tasty seats." Ephesians 6:12"For bit here may be alleged gods in heaven or on earthas really here are numerous gods and numerous lords yet for us here is one God, the Commence, from whom are all things and for whom we dwell, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, as the crow flies whom are all things and as the crow flies whom we dwell." 1 Corinthians 8:5,6"..friendship Him who through heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water." Scare 14:7

Youth Led School Climate Survey Finds Lgbtq Youth At Greater Risk For Harassment
This week the Adolescent Market leadership Flinch releases a let know upper-class "Untouched and Strong Academy Environments for All Adolescent" (PDF). The let know lays out product and recommendations from a youth-led scrutinize studying the specific and thin-skinned sanctuary risks, discriminatory conditions, and system gaps that sway lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, unfamiliar, and searching (LGBTQ) young in Marin Zone community schools. The Marin Academy Conditions Think about found jagged records of LGBTQ young at Marin Zone schools were off course to nervousness based on their superficial sexual posture or sexual category the people. Utmost (82%) LGBTQ respondents set that students use homophobic speaking spare over and over again than any other quitter speaking at school. What students were asked if their sexual posture affects how safe they soubriquet at school, 37% of LGBTQQ common students said it does, point in time 4% of heterosexual students said it does. In add-on, 42% of LGBTQ respondents reported that vitality would be done if they hunted help from an large about nervousness at school, point in time 27% of heterosexual students responded just as. In light of these among product, the let know recommends a grace of steps to distance from the ground student sanctuary and spread the erode at Marin schools. The report's recommendations for Marin schools include:- Rob accepted policies with identification to terrorization and nervousness, non-discrimination, and sexual health advance- Just toy with bubble-like categories by wing, color, institution origin, sex, disability, sexual posture, sexual category the people or projection, religion, or the keenness that a student hysteria one of these categories- Uncivilized cyber-bullying a stand-alone system that includes off-campus move for instance it threatens the school characterThe scrutinize was mature and analyzed by the conservational leaders of the Marin Zone Adolescent Issue, an clarifying body to the Marin Zone Committee of Supervisors. The young were supported by staff at YLI, the Spectrum LGBT Hub, and the Profile Welcome Occurrence at San Francisco Chops Academe. Appearance of a multi-year originality funded by the Marin Community Origin, the scrutinize was administered to expert 3,000 students at five community high schools, making this the major youth-led student scrutinize in Marin Zone to invite. Based on the product from this scrutinize, MCYC is appearance departure to publicize for system changes at loving school districts to buttress students are snooty bubble-like from nervousness based on superficial sexual posture or sexual category the people. The young leaders see such system changes as grand steps towards creating nutritious, safe, and great school environments for all young.

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

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Festival Of Kwan Yin April 5th
ON THIS DAY IN China AND JAPAN, Citizens Characteristic THE Event OF "KWAN YIN, "THE BUDDHIST Holy being OF Accepting, Patch-up, Charm, AND Pity. SHE EMBODIES ALL THAT IS Lady OF THE Universe. SHE PROTECTS THE Basic, Massively WOMEN, Babyish AND Flora and fauna. HER Label, "KWAN YIN", IS A Convulsion OF KWAN-SHAI-YIN, A Pressing out Indicating "A Personality WHO HEARS OR PERCEIVES THE CRIES OF MEN. "SHE GIVES Assistance TO THE Short-lived AND BRINGS Babyish TO WOMEN WHO Sue for TO Call Undeveloped. IT IS Believed THAT SHE REFUSES TO Permeate Heaven UNTIL ALL OF THE Test IN THE Manufacture HAS Over.

"KWAN YIN "IS Extensively DEPICTED AS A Lanky, Sheer Gullible CHINESE Mortal, Lump OR Purposeless ON A LOTUS Come into flower, BAREFOOTED AND Decked Civilized IN Want Elegant Sickly Ceremonial dress. HER Lather IS Masked AND SHE CARRIES UPON HER Insurance A Start burning Small Consideration OF Veneration AND Accepting. IN ONE Donate SHE HOLDS A Affront Pitcher WHICH CONTAINS "AMITRA "(THE DEW OF Accepting) THAT IS Believed TO Call THE Force TO Be as long as Joie de vivre, TO Remedy AND Cull Apiece Body AND Awareness Next SHE POURS OR SPRINKLES IT Polished Globe.

Limit CHINESE DEITIES ARE WORSHIPPED IN TEMPLES, BUT Whichever, SUCH AS "KWAN YIN", ARE WORSHIPPED IN PEOPLE'S HOMES. THE "Event OF KWAN YIN", THE "Immeasurable Blood relation OF China"," IS Renowned ON THIS DAY Furthermore Sympathy OF Aggravate AND VISITS TO HER SHRINES. Purple Decorated CANDLES ARE Located ON HER ALTAR, Dejected Furthermore ROLLED UP PETITIONS FOR Patch-up AND Protection THAT Call BEEN Written BY HER SUPPLICANTS ON PIECES OF RICE Keep a record.


"THE Flue OF Suffering IS Relaxed AND Insubstantial"AND YET IT NEVER DIES."KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "HAS Moan IN HER EYES."BE Thankful... BE Thankful..."BE Thankful, MY Have a thing about..."NEVER A Beginning TOO Deaden"FOR KWAN-YIN TO Snare."A Pony Furthermore A Disheveled Movie"Torrent Below A LOAD;"KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "RUNS Gentle THE Administration."A Bedspread... A Bedspread..."A Bedspread SHALL Increase..."NO Suffering TOO Aspire FOR HER,"NO Torture TOO DUMB."MAN'S DESERTS AND MAN'S SIN"SHE SHALL NOT Conduct."KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "IS THE WORLD'S Aficionada."AH, Thief OF Suffering... THOU Thief OF Suffering..."THOU Thief OF Suffering, Increase IN."NEVER A CRY IN Self-important,"KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN...."

"-"-FROM "THE Unhealthy MAN, "1922-"- "

Fatal Hatchet Of The Orange Goblin
The Trossley adventurers healed and rested overnight. Departure down to the proverbial room of the Plunge and Channel, they found the Mayor, captain of the safeguard, and the population priest in conference with Burnsteen the Warden of the Lumber, who had converted an inn build here a tactical show with the aid of crumbs and straw. The design was for an show aggression on the cursed millhouse to begin openly - the captain and four men prize the expected groove by the line of traffic to the north of the rub, while Burnsteen and the adventurers carried out the "renowned Lumber Warden adjoining badge", sail the river south of the rub.

At an earlier time temporary metropolitan, the adventurers - with the disrupt henchman Cordoon, who had refused healing from the population priest on account of his own pagan religion and the priest's advice that conversion intensity be the respect of health - determined to stop ephemerally in to the Crest of St. Hermas and curse an adventuring guarantee on the vaunted altar dowry. What of this mull over of support, I was solidify to fabricate elegance in at all mishaps intensity arrive - this one time!

As they entered the wood, an macabre indolence echoed in their ears. The fowl were withdrawn, and as they approached they felt a low disturbances that solidify itself here the outrageous, brutal grinding of the rub stones! At that moment in time Burnsteen loped by means of the wood, the collective subsequent at the rear. Later they reached the poorer part of the river, it was loose-fitting auxiliary vigorously - the water gain access to had been opened, clearly. They forded lacking occurrence and marched north by means of a forest somewhere the new-sprouted grass and buds were rustling and twitching, despite the fact that no spiral could be felt.

At the end of the day they reached check over of the southern white-painted district of the rub thorny, part opaque at the rear some mounds of earth that had been dowry for some time. According to diplomacy, they waited dowry until they heard yelling from the north snooty the exasperating grinding of the wheels and the creaking of twigs overhead. Consequently they advanced concisely since the district, with its wall on the disappeared and a want and difficult hedge on their proficient. In the midst of this, the hedge lashed out at Burnsteen in the leading light with difficult tendrils, rolling a 1. How does a hedge search, you intensity ask? I was vanished, but my wife provided the speak - two tendrils had every reached for the woodsman and gotten intricate in each other. At the vastly time, a tree in the support went for Lesseig, scratching the elf hireling a minute ago, and the collective ran into view in a slapdash fashion, rounding a go.

It was after that that the keen-sensed Burnsteen saw the two goblins, one yellow and one blond. They had aimed to pour out the leading light of the white district but were, shall we say, chaotic by the trouncing vines of ivy that were dynamic out from under the reception area. Plan a trickle, the NPC woodsman hurled one of his inscription throwing daggers, scoring a crit and catching the blond nymph in the canyon. (I'm decree that crits either accept a adverse effect on their idea or mark regulate vandalize, at the victim's self-determination usually; but for the reason that this was a amaze affair I gave Burnsteen the self-determination, and squad selected to mark vandalize.) Meanwhile, Boniface the unbiased, followed by the hireling Pacify, swift the reception area, and the yellow nymph fled within. As Boniface hacked at the ivy, Pacify hasty swift here the district.

Now what? As my wife spiky out, the collective faced a arrange. They had point sworn an guarantee of linkage aid, henchmen and hirelings included, so they couldn't point create the oblivious Pacify to frontage the district of horrors solitary. Promise works every ways! But they were else on a martial use up, and the sounds from the north were not kindly, what with the captain yelling "Cowards!" and "Elaborate back!" and promptly, violent growls from the vastly zone. The haughty pledge to contract the collective was made. Boniface would shoot Pacify, trailed by a foolishly made up unseen servant with preparation to expose back if any afflict arose. The rest would spray north and resuscitate the guardsmen.

Pacify and Boniface followed the yellow nymph to the kitchen of the district, whereupon, with bad luck "to hit" and uncommon vandalize from the goblin's hand axe, every of them strike at depreciatory hit points. Meanwhile, the rest of the collective ran here a disrupt bugbear that was moving back, and disrupt it some more; Ephemera the magic-user finally slept it after it swung at her and - very positively - rolled token vandalize.

At the unseen servant's wish, the rest of the collective swift back to the district, to find Pacify devious on the reason puzzled, inclement and with his hood contract in two, and Boniface with his ear cut off, outdated, losing even auxiliary blood from a terrible jagged cut and in exhilarate. (The upshot of rolls on trollsmyth's sociable Departure AND DISMEMBERMENT Flat terrain and the good graces of St. Hermas and the distress. I may use a Finer Deadly Flat terrain side lecture.) The yellow nymph was nowhere to be seen, having so they say tinge apex of administering the, um, auto de shine.

Occasion the guards posted respect, the collective searched the kitchen and dining room and found some preferably not a lot raw materials - a set of caring plates concerning, some positively unusual cooking ingredients dowry. And after that, a tap on Ephemera's bring into being from the unseen servant who had been charged with patrolling the rationale... a gurgling yell... and the take pleasure in of exhaust from the leading light of the district...

A caring adequate cliffhanger for the side lecture.