Human Origins The Elohim By Merlin
THE ELOHIMThe oldest remaining beings in our universe originated about halfway out from the center of our universe, also known as the Great Central Sun. This are is where most of the life is. One of the groups looked around and decided that if they wanted to propagate their species, it would be better to do it outside their established area. So they looked around, secretly, in the outer perimeter of the universe, and found Earth.By the way, these people halfway out from the center of the universe are human. They are human beings, although they are quite different. They are very respected by other beings in the universe, and the beings around them. After trying to propagate their species in the area of the universe around them, they looked for an area with less interference.The name given to these non-Earth humans by the ancient Hebrews is the name Elohim, which means "those who came from the sky."This group of human beings is one of the most advanced group of beings in the universe. They are responsible for the generation of not only life on this planet, but of human beings on this planet. They have been involved ever since the first human was here, in a kind of genetic manipulation, so that the human beings here could result in the capacity of human beings to survive better in the physical universe.This group of human beings is very advanced, and they have advanced to a point where they believe they have proven that there is no spiritual directive as we know it, with a conscious God. They believe that they are the result of wiser beings who have created them, just as they have created others. They feel this way because life is eternal, and has always existed. However, the concept of infinity and no beginning is difficult for earth humans to understand.At a certain point the Earth humans created a kind of evolution which was spurned by this group. By the way, they have started life here on Earth several times before, and all the previous attempts have failed.Throughout history, the Elohim have come to Earth. They came to Earth at different times, to different cultures, and they heavily influenced these cultures throughout history. They were thought to be the Gods and spirits and so forth of the many existing religions which exist today. The Elohim heavily influenced these religions along a moral structure to help the people of this Earth survive successfully and viably. Therefore, when this didn't work, it became political influence to help establish order. Still, to this day, the Elohim are involved in Earthly matters.They have manipulated Earth humans and have created Earth humans with a larger brain capacity, with the hopes that the Earth humans would have superior intelligence and that they would be able to continue the species. However, the full brain capacity is not yet fully used.Back on the Elohim planetary system, they conducted a kind of contest. They invited scientists (artists, sort of) to participate. A certain scientist won the contest. Many worlds were populated with humans as a result. However, there are only three worlds populated with humans left today. The Elohim, the Earth, and the star system known as the Pleiades.Some Earth humans have had their first incarnations as Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are a very spiritual group of people. This contrasts with the Elohim.YAHWEHThe name of the scientist who won the contest to introduce human life was named Yahweh. A human being, just like you, but a little different. This is not to say that there is no spiritual reality, because there is. One of the different functions of your greater brain capacity was that which enables you to become cognizant of a non-physical spiritual reality. They had no idea that the greater brain capacity would create a sort of quantum leap, so to say, in the way consciousness functions. And this enables you to experience a spiritual reality, which was undefinable to the Elohim, so to speak.This will later be a revolution to the Elohim. As you become a people who are better able to understand spiritual reality you will be able to relay it the Elohim.The spiritual reality became confused. As Earth humans evolved and came to be aware of a spiritual reality, the Elohim stepped in and said, "We are they," so that they could guide humans.This is nothing new. This has happened over and over throughout time, with more advanced beings stepping in to proclaim that they are Gods.INTERFERENCEAs time passed, there came to be a faction that felt uneasy about Earth humans having a larger brain capacity. This faction invented a few spies to check on the Earth humans in the attempt to thwart the Earth experiment. The name of that scientist who headed up the faction to interfere with the Earth experiment was named Lucifer. Not a devil, just another human being who wanted to see the Earth experiment end because it threatened them. Yahweh and Lucifer were basically enemies.Several ancient texts contain different "plays" of extraterrestrial involvement on Earth. Krishna himself was an Elohim. When you read scripture, now you can see why these "Gods" act very much like human beings. Why do they have vengeance, and war? Because they are human! However, all these people made valuable contributions to the people of Earth.AN EMBASSYThe Elohim have since pulled away from much of their involvement with the people on the Earth. However, their latest project involves introducing some of their science to our world, and they are far more advanced than we are.In order to make the connection with the people of Earth they have proceeded to establish an Embassy. An entity named Rael has founded the Raelian Movement, a group of 30,000 individuals who have come together for this task.After the Embassy is established, the Elohim will introduce themselves to us a humans, and they will introduce some of their science to us. They also want to help you start a government that is very much like their own. Their government is based on genius, not on democracy. They think that democracy just cannot work, because it leaves too many unintelligent people in control. They believe that the smartest people should be in charge.Their life cycles are about 850 years old. Those people that make a lasting, significant contribution to society are given another life cycle. This is accomplished through cloning. All of one's information is stored in the cellular level, and thus cloning works well. If the genetic patterns remain exactly the same, the consciousness is transferred also. This is why twins are so "in touch" with each other.Yahweh is one person who was given another life cycle. He was one of the most brilliant, and has a great deal of influence, probably the greatest influence of anyone, on earth. By the way, Yahweh is not the same as the spiritual presence of the same name.SPORTYou would be surprised to find out that one of the favorite pastimes of the Elohim is sport. Isn't it funny that all humans are essentially the same? And some of their favorite heroes are sports figures. This is because they are HUMAN, just like you.Now many will say that if they are so advanced, and so evolved, that they should be doing this or that, or some other evolved thing? Why should they! Why should they do what you think they should do?Who are you to decide what an advanced being should be? An advanced being is not the same thing as a God. They are different.One thing you would be interested to know is that the Elohim do not only like sports, but they like VIOLENT sports. So although they have a good and wonderful society, you would be SHOCKED at the level and intensity of the level of violence of their sports. This is because their greatest heroes are those who can die in sports. Death is fascinating to them, because they don't have to die. The greatest sports heroes are involved in games that are a lot like the ancient Greeks.This is why there are so many stories around about Gods playing around in games with the Greeks and so forth. It's a very similar society, in terms of the games.When this information is distributed in detail so that the Elohim can let you know that they are who they say they are, your Earth throughout your society will have trouble with this.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSQ. Merlin, could you somehow anchor all this in terms of God and Spirit? Could you position Christ within this? Perhaps you are suggesting by your silence that Christ himself may also be an Elohim?A. That's right. Yeshua (also known as Jesus) was of great interest to the Elohim. Not for the reason that they thought, however. Because they don't hold a spiritual reality.Jesus was a bit confused, however he rose to the occasion. There are many enlightened Earth humans who would easily be confused by extraterrestrials. Jesus was confused.Jesus of scripture will never return, but the Christ consciousness shall and is returning. However, the entity Jesus has been cloned, by the Elohim.Because of the level of awareness of Jesus, they are involving themselves right now, bringing enlightenment to the Elohim society. Jesus was not an Elohim to begin with, but he is now, living in that society.What is Jesus' heritage? Where did he come from?He was a human being, but with a story to it. Jesus' source was the same as yours and mine. These little plays, that being the interplay between groups, don't really matter. If you were from the Pleiades, for example, it wouldn't really matter. You would still have the same spiritual purpose. It doesn't matter if you are threatened by the grays or the Russians, you still have the same spiritual purpose. Ultimately, it just gets all played out on a higher consciousness.Ultimately, the message is to transcend here, find higher consciousness, and spread the cognizance of love. You will be tested in this from every single dimension of consciousness. That is the way the consciousness evolves itself. There is a perceived threat, and then a higher consciousness occurs and raises the level of awareness.If the world were suddenly blown up by extraterrestrials, do you think it would really be the end of you? You would just come in as someone else in some other life form, and begin your life and continue your soul's development from there. You cannot be in danger. You are spiritual beings. Many things in your culture, your civilizations may change.Everything is part of a great play which brings awakening into something else.BY MERLIN VIA MATAARE