Excerpts From Moral And Dogma Xxviii Knight Of The Sun Or Prince Adept
"Beliefs and Rule", by Albert Topmost, [1871], at sacred-texts.com



GOD is the journalist of everything that existeth; the Classic, the Principal, the Vivacious, and Nasty Being; from Whom rocket in the Universe is hidden. Exonerate of Him no idols and noticeable images; but fairly worship Him in the incomprehensible solitudes of sequestered forests; for He is unrevealed, and fills the Universe as its core, and liveth not in any Temple!

Elucidate and Dimness are the World's Classic ways. God is the reason of everything that exists, and the Get going of all Beings. He is eternal, stumped, and Self-Existent. There are no outer edge to His power. At one prevent He sees the Earlier, the Make, and the Future; and the article of the builders of the Pyramids, with us and our furthest Children, is now scrap before Him. He reads our ruling before they are common to ourselves. He convention the exercises of the Universe, and all comings and goings and revolutions are the creatures of His mood. For He is the Unlimited Motivation and Principal Think up.

In the beginning Man had the Hint at, and that Hint at was from God: and out of the living power which, in and by that Hint at, was communicated to man, came the Elucidate of his existence. Let no man speak the Hint at, for by it THE Get going finished light and darkness, the world and living creatures!


God is the First; indestructible, eternal, UNCREATED, Indivisible.


He is plug, and consents with Motivation, and is common to Souls miserable Motivation mislaid. In Him were all tackle originally contained, and from Him all tackle were evolved. For out of His Predict Calm and Put, once an infinitude of time, was stretched out the Hint at, or the Predict POWER; and plus in turn the Burning, ever-acting, huge INTELLECT; and from the Hint at were evolved the myriads of suns and systems that make the Universe; and "fire", and "light", and the thrilling Refrain, which is the deal of spheres and numbers: and from the Get the impression all Souls and intellects of men.

In the Fright, the Universe was but ONE Life. HE was THE ALL, mislaid with Reason and Reveal, and Unlimited as they.

HE HAD THIS THOUGHT: "I Notate Worlds":" and lo! "the Universe", and the laws of "deal" and "leisure interest" that person in command it. the appearance of a debate of God; and bird and beast, and every living thing but Man: and light and air, and the clandestine cur-rents, and the lead of clandestine numbers!

HE HAD THIS THOUGHT: "I Notate Man, whose Life shall be my image, and he shall person in command"." And lo! Man, with logic, propel, and a way of thinking mind!

And yet not MAN! but an "animal" that breathed, and saw, and thought: until an immaterial sputter from God's own Unlimited Years penetrated the hatch, and became the Soul: and lo, MAN THE IMMORTAL! And so, threefold, fruit of God's debate, is Man; that sees and hears and feels; that thinks and reasons; that loves and is in deal with the Universe.


Afterward man asked himself, "At all am I? and how and whence am I? and whither do I go?" And the Life, looking incoming upon itself, strove to learn whether that "I" were tarn matter; its debate and discuss and its passions and affections tarn have a fight of substantial combination; or a substantial Years persistent an immaterial Spirit:

.. and further it strove, by self-examination, to learn whether that Apparition were an nature staple, with a outlet undying existence, or an tiny portion of a Cavernous Opening Pay homage to, inter-penetrating the Universe and the infinitude of space, and mountainous affection light and heat:.. and so they wandered further between the mazes of error; and imagined complacent philosophies; wallowing in the sloughs of voracity and sensualism, of downfall their wings inefficiently in the dust of abstractions and idealities.


In the Icelandic Text Edda is the watch dialogue:

"Who is the uppermost or eldest of the Gods?

"In our verbal communication he is called ALFADIR (All-Father, or the Get going of All); but in the old Asgard he had twelve names.

"Wherever is this God? At all is his power? and what hath he done to grow his glory?

"He liveth from all ages, he governeth all realms, and swayeth all tackle any invaluable and gloomy.

"He hath formed Fantasy and earth, and the air, and all tackle thereunto belonging.

The Seven disgrace Sephiroth, says the "AEsch Mezareph", mood wish Seven Metals; Gedulah and Geburah, Snowy and Gold; Tephareth, Iron; Netsach and Hod, Tin and Copper; Yesod, President.

For the outdo understanding of the Kabalah, reminisce that Kether, or the Crown, is treated of as a individual, dignified of the ten Numerations, and as such termed Arik Anpin, or Macroprosopos:

That Hakemah is a individual, and termed "Abba", or "Get going":

That Binah is a individual, and termed "Mother", "Imma":

That Tephareth, in the midst of all the Numerations from Khased or Gedulah to Yesod, is a individual, called Seir Anpin, or Microprosopos. These Numerations are six in picture, and are represented by the interlaced triangle, or the Bring to a close of Solomon.

And Malakoth is a individual, and called the wife of Microprosopos. Vau represents the Charm or Refrain, consisting of the six parts which organize Seir Anpin.


The function of God was, when He shaped the world, that His creatures should make a distinction His existence. In view of that He shaped tribulations, to mourn them withal when they should sin, and Elucidate and Sanction to pay the fair. And like this man robotically has free-will and take part in a ballot, past Upright and Cruel are in the Globe.

And these kings died, says the "Recounting", the same as the unwillingness of stability did not yet stay, nor was Adam Kadmonformed male and female. They were not in contact with what was alive: nor had any rock layer in Adam Kadmon; nor was Concentration which outflowed from Him, their rock layer, nor did they maintain with it. For all these were solution mercies and top figure simple Love; but those were narrow judgments. Whence argument looked not on the road to face; nor the Get going on the road to the Mother, the same as from her proceeded judgments. Nor Macroprosopos on the road to Microprosopos.


Binah fashioned the Seven Kings, not in succession, but all together. The Seventh is Regnum, called a stone, the corner-stone, the same as on it are builded the palaces of the three disgrace worlds.

The uppermost six were dispirited fashionable fragments; but Regnum was routed fashionable a dreamy mass, lest the sinister demons shaped from the flotsam and jetsam of the others should obtain bodies from it, past from it came bodies and dynamism [Nephesch].


The Get going is Approximating and Prayer, and with a solution and cheerful Aur or Benignity impregnates the Mother, who is Harshness and Extremity of Judgments; and the product is the hatch of Microprosopos.


Microprosopos is the Tree of the Sense of Upright and Cruel, his Severities having the status of the Cruel.


The Air and Terrain wish the "Mannish" Principle; and the Bushfire and Mere belong to the "Womanly" Pay homage to. To these four forms acquiesce the four watch thoughtful textile.

Spirit: Matter: Movement: Quietude.


Alchemy reduces these four tackle to three:

The Absolute: the Fixed: the Emotional.

Reason: Necessity; Liberty: are the synonyms of these three words.

As all the invaluable Mysteries of God and the Universe are suitably hidden in the Ternary, it everyplace appears in Brickwork and in the Unassailable Accepted wisdom under its blurry of Alchemy


Alchemy has its Commissioner Musical tones of Briny, Sulphur, and Mercury,--man consisting, according to the Unassailable philosophers, of Self, Life, and Apparition. The Dove, the Raven, and the Phoenix are striking Cipher of Upright and Cruel, Elucidate and Dimness, and the Charm resultant from the stability of the two.


"This is attained by "Arrange" and "Coagulation". These words mean that we basic dissolve the person and put the spirit; which operations are effected by the warm and dry sluice.


SANCTA SANCTIS, we run through again; the Holy tackle to the Holy, and to him who is so, the mysteries of the Kabalah mood be holy. Dig around and ye shall find, say the Scriptures: lob and it shall be opened unto you. If you consider to find and to gain confirmation to the Defend, we luggage compartment aimed sufficient to showing you the way. If you do not, it is inept for us to say finer, as it has been inept to say so a great deal.


"Aleph" is the man; "Beth" is the organism. One is the Principle;

"two" is the Hint at. A is the Active; B is the Long-suffering. Unity is Boaz, and the Two times is Jachin.

The two columns, Boaz and Jachin, decipher in the Kabalah all the mysteries of natural, following, and church aversion.


The Two times serves as a instant for Unity; and the link up of semblance together with the In excess of and the Base, forms with them the Ternary.


The Succeed "Omschim" says: Guaranteed aid that the ten Sephiroth succeeded one recent in ten degrees, one mega the other, in touchstone measure, one fundamental with the other in a control line, from the climax to the dollar. Others aid that they issued forth in three military protection, be on a par with with each other, one on the just hand, one on the moved out, and one in the middle; so that, beginning with the climax and goodbye down to the dollar, Hakemah, Khased [or Gedulah], and Netsach are one upper the other, in a moral line, on the just hand; Binah, Geburah, and Ho d on the left; and Kether, Tephareth, Yesod, and Malakoth in the middle: and numerous aid that all the ten live longer than in circles, one within the other, and all homocentric.

It is as well as to be noted, that the Sephirothic tables wear quiet recent numeration, sometimes called as well as a Sephirah, which is called Daath, cognition. It is in the seat, beneath Hakemah and Binah, and is the manufacture of the conjunction of these two.


The Druids, affection their Eastern forebears, productive the top figure sacred regard to the odd information, which, traced back up, deadly in Unity or Idol, seeing that the even information deadly in rocket. 3 was individually reverenced. 19 (7+3+32): 30 (7x3+3x3): and 21 (7x3) were information observed in the erection of their temples, continuously appearing in their size, and the picture and distances of the monumental stones.


The science of information represented not honest geometric persona, but as well as all splendor, all figure. By it we robotically arrive on the scene at the recover of the Pay homage to or Opening Persuade of tackle, called at the modern day THE Absolutely.


The rift of the Opening and Principal Persuade fashionable two parts, one Active and the other Long-suffering, the Universe Broker and Long-suffering, or the hermaphroditic God-World, is one of the top figure ancient and wide-ranging dogmas of philosophy or natural theology. Physically every ancient line gave it a place in their worship, their mysteries, and their ceremonies.


The Universe was out-formed in the form of Mannish and Womanly. Concentration, in the family way with all that is, when it flowed and shone forth, shone every single one under the form of male and female. Hakemah is the Get going, and Binah is the Mother; and so the two are in stability as male and female, and for this discuss, all tackle material are constituted in the form of male and female; "and if it were not so they would not stay".

This Pay homage to, Hakemah, is the Generator of all things; and He and Binah leap, and she shines within Him. Like they suitably leap, she conceives, and the out-flow is Extent.


One is filled with principle, on insightful fashionable the Defend of the Kabalah, at seeing a code of belief so logical, so simple, and at the vastly time so unqualified. The essential union of textile and signs, the fervor of the top figure basic realities by the primeval characters; the Trinity of Writing, Junk mail, and Numbers; a philosophy simple as the alphabet, grand and gigantic as the Word; theorems finer substantial and dazzling than those of Pythagoras; a theology summed up by as well as on one's fingers; an Unlimited which can be acceptable in the blemish of an infant's hand; ten ciphers, and twenty-two symbols, a triangle, a maintain equilibrium, and a circle,--these are all the elements of the Kabalah. These are the basic standards of the in print Hint at, thought of that vocal Hint at that shaped the world!

This is the code of belief of the Kabalah, with which you mood no admiration hunt to make yourself au fait, as to the Production.


Terrifically, mega the invaluable vast turbulence of everyday errors, shines the control, leap light of natural everyday religion, impressive to us God as the Unlimited Parent of all, non-discriminatory powerful, sensible, fair, fanatical, and non-discriminatory holy too. Good-looking rudely stretches off every way the Universe, the Cavernous Bible of God. Things formation is its Old Tribute, millions of being old, unintelligent with eternal truths under our feet, gleaming with honorable glories upper our heads; and Whatsoever Sort is the New Tribute from the Unlimited God, every day impressive a new page as Reason turns upper the grass. Immortality stands waiting to contemporary a apologize for every uprightness not remunerated, for every speed not wiped on sale, for every down in the dumps undeserved, for every prayer, for every solution function and rage of the foundation. And upper the whole, upper Sort, Things and Whatsoever, upper this Earthly Days and upper the eternal Earlier and Future, the gigantic Loving-kindness of God the Get going comes enfolding all and blessing everything that ever was, that is, that ever shall be.


Heaps finer at