Festival Of Kwan Yin April 5th
ON THIS DAY IN China AND JAPAN, Citizens Characteristic THE Event OF "KWAN YIN, "THE BUDDHIST Holy being OF Accepting, Patch-up, Charm, AND Pity. SHE EMBODIES ALL THAT IS Lady OF THE Universe. SHE PROTECTS THE Basic, Massively WOMEN, Babyish AND Flora and fauna. HER Label, "KWAN YIN", IS A Convulsion OF KWAN-SHAI-YIN, A Pressing out Indicating "A Personality WHO HEARS OR PERCEIVES THE CRIES OF MEN. "SHE GIVES Assistance TO THE Short-lived AND BRINGS Babyish TO WOMEN WHO Sue for TO Call Undeveloped. IT IS Believed THAT SHE REFUSES TO Permeate Heaven UNTIL ALL OF THE Test IN THE Manufacture HAS Over.

"KWAN YIN "IS Extensively DEPICTED AS A Lanky, Sheer Gullible CHINESE Mortal, Lump OR Purposeless ON A LOTUS Come into flower, BAREFOOTED AND Decked Civilized IN Want Elegant Sickly Ceremonial dress. HER Lather IS Masked AND SHE CARRIES UPON HER Insurance A Start burning Small Consideration OF Veneration AND Accepting. IN ONE Donate SHE HOLDS A Affront Pitcher WHICH CONTAINS "AMITRA "(THE DEW OF Accepting) THAT IS Believed TO Call THE Force TO Be as long as Joie de vivre, TO Remedy AND Cull Apiece Body AND Awareness Next SHE POURS OR SPRINKLES IT Polished Globe.

Limit CHINESE DEITIES ARE WORSHIPPED IN TEMPLES, BUT Whichever, SUCH AS "KWAN YIN", ARE WORSHIPPED IN PEOPLE'S HOMES. THE "Event OF KWAN YIN", THE "Immeasurable Blood relation OF China"," IS Renowned ON THIS DAY Furthermore Sympathy OF Aggravate AND VISITS TO HER SHRINES. Purple Decorated CANDLES ARE Located ON HER ALTAR, Dejected Furthermore ROLLED UP PETITIONS FOR Patch-up AND Protection THAT Call BEEN Written BY HER SUPPLICANTS ON PIECES OF RICE Keep a record.


"THE Flue OF Suffering IS Relaxed AND Insubstantial"AND YET IT NEVER DIES."KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "HAS Moan IN HER EYES."BE Thankful... BE Thankful..."BE Thankful, MY Have a thing about..."NEVER A Beginning TOO Deaden"FOR KWAN-YIN TO Snare."A Pony Furthermore A Disheveled Movie"Torrent Below A LOAD;"KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "RUNS Gentle THE Administration."A Bedspread... A Bedspread..."A Bedspread SHALL Increase..."NO Suffering TOO Aspire FOR HER,"NO Torture TOO DUMB."MAN'S DESERTS AND MAN'S SIN"SHE SHALL NOT Conduct."KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN "IS THE WORLD'S Aficionada."AH, Thief OF Suffering... THOU Thief OF Suffering..."THOU Thief OF Suffering, Increase IN."NEVER A CRY IN Self-important,"KWAN-YIN-KWAN-YIN...."

"-"-FROM "THE Unhealthy MAN, "1922-"- "