Pagan Eye Snapshot Of A Moment
"I don't commonly post photos of population, but today is an imperviousness.I took this picture in Rock Palace Traditional at the extremely time as the photos of the dinosaur's lead I posted closer this week on my blog verification about Dragons of London. In point of fact, it was the most primitive picture I took that day. I was waiting for the population to move so I can get a get challenge of the statue, but I the group of report got me attitude - and I took a snapshot to tolerate the dash.I supply posted it on St George's Day so, the image assumed no matter which to me about England today, in a set that says a lot about England of the beyond.I don't know who the population are in the picture - honest three women and a boy by a bit of not working statuary on a punishment day. Such substance must supply happened immeasurable become old boring the centuries, and attitude do once more. But their postures and what they are comport yourself very much place them in our time.They are standing easily, expressing that not in forcefulness called "VIEW" that implies tubbiness and belief, but not really party.They sensible uncaring in the cork of statue they are sitting on - part of the catch sight of of dinosaurs built by Victorians to go in the wisdom of the Rock Palace. This flat and pane palace was built to lay the Great Exposition of 1851, but stimulated to Sydenham Levitate in 1854.That was a inventive of its own era, but it is no first-class. It overdone down in 1936 and, period go bust residents would very much darling unorthodox to be built in its place, it seems introduce to coop.But back to the group in my picture, who a hundred lifetime ago would supply been in the wisdom of the Rock Palace, but today are in Rock Palace Traditional, a squat tone of triumph days gone by. A 100 lifetime ago, the women's clothes would supply been covet dresses equitably than wash pants and T-shirts, and they wouldn't supply been standing with hands on hips, or smoking. I qualm that in a 100 lifetime time, smoking attitude be wholly a thing of the beyond for a person.Subsequently the group you can honest see some white bars that mark the retrieve to the Rock Palace State-owned Sports Centre. That was built in the 1960s to help train Olympic athletes, but now that too seems first-class of England's history than offering family members.The centre is these days equitably shut down and is due to be superseded as London's essential size for sports by the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre, subsistence built in Stratford, East London, for the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 100 lifetime it attitude apparently be gone, darling the palace.So, this picture to me is a small snapshot of England in the in the order of and now, but with echoes of the beyond and suggestions about the selected.But you vigor ask why I am letters about this on a blog about paganism and witchcraft. My closer St George's Day posts about knights, dragons, musing and magic vigor sensible first-class what a witch and pagan destitution be odd in. Closely, to me, paganism isn't honest about mythology, old gods, myths and obsolete eras. It is more to the point about subsistence in reveal with with world we wait in now.In words furthermost witches attitude be forwards with:"Consecrated be this place,and this time.And they who are with us."Consecrated be. And intense St George's Day!Friends Crystal Palace Palace National Sports Centre