50,00 USD 12 months ahead Psychic Reading Tarot Cartomancy Card Reading Clairvoyant Psychic Reading Future Predictions Delivered Fast. Emailed Reading.About this Reading:This is an e-mail Tarot Cartomancy reading. This Card Reading will predict future events that are coming up for you in each of the next twelve months. This Reading is usually done as a general reading it can also be targeted in a specific direction if you wish. For example, if your love life is the most important issue on your mind then your reading can be concentrated in that direction.Please Provide your name and your Birth date. Why do I need your Birth date? Because this is how I connect to your Spiritual energy. Because I do not have your physical body here, I need your birth date to connect with you. What is Needed?Please provide your name and your birth date along with your email. I will send this reading to your email either through a pdf attachment or through an audio recorded attachment. I let my guides tell me which method to use when sending your email. All readings are delivered with care and professionally. Thank you, BrenEntertainment Purpose Only.

Reference: religion-events.blogspot.com