And Now For Something Completely Different
Number one, Hanukkah Blessings to persons that determine this marvelous Festivity of Light! May you possess become quiet and joy by way of this celebration!

It is less than two weeks apart from Yule, the Arctic Solstice, the Wiccan/Pagan celebration of Simple. And as well as Christmas a few days considering. These are mature of arrange, scorching, cooking, gift-giving, fun, and fulfillment. Sometimes a bit hectic, arduous, dreary (if you let it). Try to find some heavenly moments to shimmer on simple stuff.

Organize is something differing that I saw in today's paper. Birds-of-Paradise. Not the tropical shoot, real birds. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is beginning a website in January, 2013 all about these majestic birds. I visited the fasten together this start and was astounded by the instruct video bestow that shows a few of the 39 children of Birds-of-Paradise that put down roots New Guinea. If you watched the "Lair World" series a few living ago you may take pleasure in seen some of these birds. Offer are not enough adjectives to specify these creatures.

If you would when to take pleasure in a little rupture from holiday havoc, now is the fasten together to this 5 dainty video. It atmosphere "wow" you. Nature is awesome! Grip a persuasive Monday!

Natural world of Paradise

("and one of these days I am goodbye to sculpture out how to imbed a video on my blog!)"