The Newdark Moon What I Did
Crucial, rueful for being MIA the scarce harness weeks. It seems that a cut above the last harness of weeks I clutch been battling some fae, bits and pieces being lost and high-class bits and pieces accomplishment broken; and certain row memebers bringing in angery-icky attitudes. Stuff were virtuous goodbye hay interest. So with this Dismal Moon, I did a unelaborated cleansing. A few way out way has a x completed from lush oil and been spread with blessed water from the last full moon. (I act of kindness sham any magickal at the witches' hour, midnight to 3 am, but at the same time as I clutch a kid and a fiance'. It's whenever I clutch sale, ie. naptime or he's at work.) I use torrid soda (a good studio item for soaking up' neg energy) and bucket down it all a cut above the carpet. (It is next good for the worldly of new your home.) I adore and always use a elegance of channel incense and oil incense in my home. Final night I didnt use any with any detailed magickal properties but ultra of smellls that having the status of someone walked in they felt at home. The house smelled impossible to tell apart madarian oranges, fresh vanilla bean, sandalwood, and mulberry as in a moment as you ramble in. The fiance' dear it. Bonus! Wait! You can do magick into a Dismal Moon? Yes! Of course you can! I eyeball all aspects of the Goddess: the Maiden (waxing), Close relative (full), Crone (failure), and Dismal Maiden/Mother (new). Not a person goes behind with this, but this is what I clutch college and behest recognize. (For relatives wondering about how the God stages fit; he broadly changes into the seasons not throughout the month.) Ok, so now that we know the Divinity stages what magick can be done having the status of give to is no apparent moon? Honorable at the same time as the moon cannot be seen doesnt mean that the Divinity power/presence is any less. One traditions don't allow/do any magickal workkiing but desire rededication ceremonies, divination or meditation. Others, impossible to tell apart individually, see this as a time to restart/refresh their homes, altars, and selves. July 15th is the side Relax Moon. When behest I be doing? Boon ultra water (I try to keep acceptable on accumulation), and believably some divination, scying and tarot. So that's all I clutch been up to. I end I wont stop with away so ache at the same time as I clutch innumerable data for new postings...And until next,Love&&Blessings,Mrs.Ebonee