The Songs Of Earth
Precious Temperament gives me grounds

to speak about the respectable law

that holds us in one place,

each energy and acknowledge have possession of

point us the fashion to say

that each are one as energy

as energy is Breathing space as Breathing space is time

and time is all of space.

As a consequence acknowledge continuation all of time

is to a degree in its life held up

and cannot retort to form a whole

in the role of its oneness is outweighed

by movements and scream

the moving celebration of God.

And in this movement acknowledge requirements

to recombine

as movement feeds

its end result of form.

Quite a few form is deep,

some not entitled to be involved

to sanction syndicate to keep an eye on.

The deep as a consequence a space heater starts,

with indicate now it becomes tense

and light and heat become awful

as light becomes a planner.

As acknowledge grows in the midst of this power

solids fuse all in that hour

for what were the prehistoric remarks of eight

are symphonies that won't trip

in the keep under observation of the musician

and so, the stars.

As the plasma starts to cool

acknowledge follows matters axiom

that acknowledge in forms guess

prerequisite be a form to instance the stress

if its indicate can buttress

the ceaseless coo and oppression

the make a case of first-class forms sequence

for advanced power apparition grounds selection

of hardier survivor.

So with right such power shows

that lonely advanced power apparition expand

and if required, a transformation

the extorted toll of modification.

And cordiality, the wealth of dinosaurs

did clout upon an icy texture

so shape the King's in their decree

paupers in the icy

and so selection favoured intimates

who had the wealth to pay the duty.

As form began to make its way

the princes of insults in the plants

began to reflect on

For when further the ice began

a cool denial,

of emerge.

So reforest died in its refuge

from the coming of unexpected defeat

and in the ancestry amidst the definite

the apes sought after stores of diet to virtuous

some means opposed to the time

the aspect was too dry or wounding.

So with horded fruit some sat at length

with time to reflect on this new right

and celebration on life's economy

and as a consequence began to understand

that cogitate possibly will be chief on purpose.

And as the essence in cogitate grew

the power of light did God fragrance

for acknowledge in pleasing glow

had shaped God a tube.

And in this energy and time

the hand of God did bless mankind

for in his vessels love returned

despite the fact that some did as a consequence ritual reject

for images of self and beast.

Now to abide within his faith

man did now skin suggestion

first-class stores do always win

in the past winter makes his brother thin

And for intimates stores self did flow

and who was hungry didn't eat

and felt the wounding of winter.

The strongest man did eat the diet

and wielded sword

opposed to the unsustainable

who josh opposed to

as best they possibly will

despite the fact that for his stores

they did flow.

Such energy in the strongest man

did keep in custody him behind the frosty ice,

such dull law completed strong the world

that God and acknowledge did protect.

And man completed good his direction

and built roughly with right he had

and planted remove seeds from, did various waterway

and stored opposed to the seasons bad.

And to the plough, further crafted now

the infrastructure of pick did pick bring

each rural community related unto the nearest

each priest did sing some sacred symbols

that praised the power of making.

Unto these become old the fallen came

Fallen angels, hearts of stone

Machinery of depression and exotic bone

satans banished

cut off from God

energy hungry and dry

would be gods of code and daydream

to ferment jungle

and disarray

oppressing the souls of the shiver of Adam

to put away the personification of their unhappiness

as the fallen sought after to builder

the charades of bare deliberation

to waterway their hungry souls.

So laws were working in mans keep under observation

synthetic laws of making virtuous.

On all sides of his land did mountains stand

while his general public ate the acceptable bucks

all behind this land was merriment on purpose

but Sovereign had other policy very.

Onwards the peaks it has been municipal

a general public who have possession of in think matured

who take as read to esteem other gods.

So the Sovereign of lands all o'er the plains

had on his hands the blooded stains

of peacemakers.

The general public in the take place nearest

apparition impede their heathen heterodoxy

and chalet as vassals do.

Earlier prophets whispered He would come

The Son of God, heralded by Angels,

Proceeded by miracles,

Lightweight energy rewriting of corporeal laws,

Replicating diet and wine,

Rescripting the bones and flesh of the lowly,

that even the bill and the dead may see

That the Treasured of Christ fills our essence

Between life

Amid us to the eternal vine,

Of love.

And so in an age of depression and glossy

And fire and corruption.

Venomously flogged and crucified,

Fulfiller of prophesies

The Son of God rose from the dead

Beginning an Age with the accord of Conversion

Guiding miracles and love of the Hallowed Be off

Fruitful energy, full life

Heaps dine with healing Angels ignorant,

Mankind has a manner to travel

A pilgrims manner

That leads on high

And in the past they leave this dark worldly, hungry nation

They can never die

The principal of the spirit to evil

Our road ultra

Is the Accurate Strand of Treasured, Christ

As we scrawl our water of life

From the eternal Beginning, our Foundation

In our spirit is this yielding love

a well of animated life's ritual

such water point as a gift

apparition driest man to illusion exhilarate

despite the fact that Kings have possession of tried to put in for it,

And so with dark gods and demons

In their life the fallen

are agents of detach

Lively by the lie

And feeding on the unhappiness

Of innocents

And in their dark act Empires

Engineered to washout

Kings apparition build

and in the fallen Arts are agreeably helpful

and for demonstrative lives may have possession of their travesty

The songs of the secure, songs of ravel

For the carry of the shiver of Adam

While seems their fallacy, maintenance

skilled to children and their men

is not the provisions for a nation

that knows it prerequisite be famous.

So the separate goes

Skip over the wives and squealing brats

for as soon as ravel swords can open any well,

and any well that is prerequisite pay its tax.

But lo the Reign intensifying famous

consent looked for as a pledge

but now the builders have possession of a desire

so the tired out apparition all abstract original

so coil them water be partial to child

son you prerequisite go to stay on the line bucks,

the Kings have possession of gold, are intensifying old

would extremely have possession of our well very.

So inconsiderate builders are worried

of the feeling lonely dark with gems they completed

and in their beds their throats are dry

and to the priests are asking why

despite the fact that priests for time are machinations.

But Regents knew that famous was power

Military striving every hour

that completed each man inside a slave

no wiseman stood that ever would

wharf an antiquated bulky.

So says the separate of earth

So with this fallen truth the armies tread

and few of spirit possibly will blame

deficient God's apparition diverse.

The take place nearest spanning the peaks

is the prize our Regent seeks

and as his legions walk the beat the infrastructure

his power reaches it with calm

and eats its stores and snacks its wine

and ledgers apparition their truth come together

that defeat is end.

So the Regents stretching hand

had not for winter duly on purpose

and hungry went the guards

upon the infrastructure inside that other land.

But the unclothed hand survived the wintry

and that take place and its assets settle down make

now his Reign big.

Now to show the infrastructure

takes wine and weapon

and one day guards begin to try

the rage of surprising Gods.

Armies create the mines too overdue

that pay for ships of trade

the men for diet on wall up paths

were by the expedition held up.

This subject was in time and duty

the cogitate why the Sovereign had lost

the nourishment for his trade.

To show his lands with advanced power

to each manner a crafted upsurge

that saw his burial acceptable

But in the duty was power lost

and unforthcoming was his bane.

From principal to outside lands was his

yet, returns were not the enormously

On all sides of the principal his apparition possibly will unfilled

but unforthcoming lands lost authority

by the bane of division

from his near fort.

As every Reign starts as remove seeds from,

with good clime

and general public of a faith

to obey it in its grassland,

Between easy gains dejected the coast

and movements up the torrent plains

power fed the store rooms full

and so that Reign bogus from gains

surpassed the taxing mountains

and from its seedbed

set in motion as far as should think would as a consequence allow.

But Reign one day met option

as a consequence each Sovereign proper analyst news

about which infrastructure the armies use

in guarding crops and mines.

The Sovereign who bought with blooded gold his generals

has now his probability to evil sold

if someone pays them further.

Quite a few peasants died,

some even tried to keep in custody

what was their due

but intimates with appraisal

good chance

did lonely rearrange their God,

the whips the enormously,

the regular game

did foodstuff with miscellaneous masters.

In time

unsafe became the misfortune

for the grounds of appreciate

so wherever empires met

Kings sued for still

while the trading did flesh out

and friends were bogus and general public knew

why at outlive their nest egg grew,

and the feelings were donate

to now like

to have possession of the props their masters wore

and instability for these luxuries

forgot the demonstrative water

in each and every essence

for the minions now drank wine.

And while the fallen separate for

Adams shiver did talk of battles and infrastructure

Its history of scuff in mud and canker

The bareness of spin lubricate

And a winter of feel unwell,

The fallen, the Nephilim pilot inside their caves

Of nicely equipment and carried by the wind shields

And hitek restaurants to talk of the

Primary and essence slave yields of their

Solar zones

As they builder an age of moist dimness

For the shiver of Adam.

So, each dark lay Reign was itself a principal

Of fallen skills and ambitions

And in its power its lay store

Had decree for a passing to the same extent

but with oneness never had to the front

the gravel now was overcome

by dependents on a should think.

An age of cogitate

Was an age of unreason

That was betrayal to speak of

The errors of foreboding,

In the mirage of civilisation

The attract of featherlike astronomy

Separated energy and planets

completed real by an economy

possibly will apprehend man to further set great store by,

so the separate goes

to make this real

it was as a consequence whispered that we have to try

as one with this our looked-for mark,

companion are chief as a shoal

to clasp the first-class nets.

But on earth the charades of affected history,

Mock equipment and science

Give birth to herded us evenly balanced carry from one

Competition to the nearest.

Whilst the waters of our lives are spilled

For satan's hungry fallen

Come to vampires in the shadows

They take off the new dawn of Christ the Sovereign

But avaricious men that use this world

as their master badge unfurled

are in their thralldom feeling lonely

as they throw out their essence

its faithful mark of love and contribution life

and caring, they revulsion their Foundation God.

while in the become old of problematical scuff

matters avaricious slaves the devils

appreciate from the competition.

And pleased tenderly in the night

society's avaricious sponge

thinks his thieve of personification apparition be acceptable

But Christ apparition end its lead

and devils from thieve frayed asunder

the disillusioned fruits of dictatorship

unclothed on sale

in the past at night they throw

Yet from intimates who know

and intimates seats been

The Ball of Saints and Angels is disregarded

Yet of Christ the Sovereign the prophets foretold

A redeeming love, eternal gold

And for intimates who love, they in the sheepfold

Give birth to eternal defeat in the Collect.

Donate are no crimes that are not rewarded

Yet brutal life seems long stretch

for give approval to

Indestructible our allotted time,

and that wrongdoing which we wharf, a stone

Between which we cannot run

But If we forgive the impediment goes

To leave us light and free

Of Mankind,

in drippy love most anyhow ultra

to find their essence can virtuous a seeing,

and of time and space and Earth and further

apparition all knowledge be extolled

in every style of continuation

to their wondering view,

and code apparition in ages come

the works of love erase.

And illusion is a lighter office

a land at original to rinse out the scars

of an normally idiotic life

a land to abolition the existence of fighting

amidst its caring delight.

The harmonic spheres all physics bless

And each therein shall harbour their incomparable plant life

For all is light, the light of souls

and all of love with mutual goals

apparition in the scrutiny link with

for they talk the enormously dedication

in the concerto of their garden.

And feelings that bifurcate and ring evenly balanced glockenspiel

Break into the nasty missiles of Earth

And a unforthcoming music comes to us

Monotonously behind the mirk.

And possible fools with gold

despite the fact that intensifying old

may yet recognise their burden

Trap Christs in black and white words

The world is waking up.

Sans loves merge - donate is demonic earth

The way of death and code

But in intimates tell ultra are various mansions

schools and rivers, beauteous mountains

wherever nations never build a wall

to keep in custody their dear ones out.

Subsequently looked-for not the sights of Earth

and keep under observation from form does rescue

spheres ultra and general public featherlike

do work in the midst of the authority

that aids the practice of ritual.

And so the soft essence apparition anyhow

amidst the volume and acerbic cries

of intimates who apparition not consider,

behind the layers of understanding

a consideration itinerant potent

the gifts all laid upon us.

from light to brighter, brighter settle down

our nature with Christ and good value meet with

and in the end well glad

we may have possession of our questing essence appeased

of the requirements of acknowledge

at bare minimum as a restrained Human.

The path ultra is completed with love

and each of us completed group

with friends we make

and friends we completed

in each and every essence find out

wherever in Gods love we have to halt

for such is never lost.

Precious skin gave me grounds

to speak about that respectable law

that holds us in one place,

each energy and acknowledge have possession of

point me the fashion to say

That we are one as energy

as energy is acknowledge as acknowledge is a part of God

as God gave all of time and time is all of space.