The Heroes Of Asgard
BOOK: THE HEROES OF ASGARD BY ANNIE KEARYThis is a complete telling of the Norse Gods of Asgard from their mythical creation to Ragnarok (The Twilight of the Gods). This is an action pack tale with giants and elves Gods and mortal men. Evidently, when they wrote the Edda (12thC Norse poem collection) (13thC Norse poem collection compiled by Snorri Sturluson, Containing Norse myths, poems, and treatise on poetry) they were not aware of English. However, there is no excuse for the later translations. If you want to know the gods and their story, but have no time to cut though exotic lengthy prose, then this is the book for you. The stories are straight forwarded and have a contemporary feel. Still they are of the time and place they should be and not superimposed on today's century.The illustrations add a dimension to the stories. Being in a sketch form adds to your imagination and helps explain some concepts.After the Introduction the chapters are:OdinHow Thor went to JotunheimFrey's WooingThe Wanderings of FreyjaInuna's ApplesBaldur's DeathThe Binding of FenrirDownload Annie Keary's eBook: The Heroes Of Asgard Books in PDF format to read:Yacki Raizizun - The Secret Of DreamsAndrea Haugen - The Ancient Fires Of MidgardAsatru Free Assembly - The Lessons Of AsgardAnnie Keary - The Heroes Of Asgard