Rapture Vision Urgent Message From Choo Thomas
Urgent MessageThe Final Countdown Last night I was contacted by a blessed brother named Larry. He prayed with me on the telephone for about an hour. Larry told me that he has become good friends with Choo Thomas and that I was to call her today because she may be willing to come on the Tribulation-Now radio show tomorrow night to share her urgent vision of the Rapture. Here on my desk is a piece of paper with her telephone number. I've been reading her book "Heaven is So Real" now for quite some time but fervently for the last several hours. It is amazing. If you are led to read this wonderful work and gift from our King Jesus Christ, I recommend you start reading now. It appears that time has run out and those of us who are found worthy to "escape all these things" will be leaving earth very very soon. I pray I am one of those found worthy. Larry is Elvi Zapata's brother. I understand Elvi has received more exciting information was well. I must call him later today as well. If you have yet to listen to the radio shows with brother Elvi, I cannot more highly recommend you consider doing so. God Bless You. Here again in the link to the show(s) archive Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio In a few minutes I will call Choo on the phone.CHOO THOMAS - VISION OF THE RAPTURE I sense that there could be a final countdown to this message..let each one who have an ear, hear what The Spirit is saying to the Church this time for their own eternity sake Urgent Messages! Praise the Lord for showing me the rapture vision today, December 27, 2011. This morning after my prayer suddenly my body had a stronger anointing than usual. I began to sing holy songs during the same time the anointing was stronger than the vision voice and the songs were mixed together. Also it got louder and louder and I could see the sky and then I saw grown people were popping out of their graves and flying into the air. At the same time so many people with robes were floating up into the air toward the clouds. This scene happened for a while. Then I saw the top of the clouds and the Lord was standing in the middle of the clouds and the angels were surrounding the Lord with trumpets. Those who were raptured were standing around the angles and the Lord. It was the end of the vision and the Lord said to post it on our website. This means whoever is ready for the rapture should focus on the trumpet sound at any time. The Lord already told me the Devil is after those chosen ones to be raptured so they can't be raptured. He also told me that so many Christians even after the rapture will go into the Valley. Any Christian who has not totally died from every worldly thing will not hear the trumpet sound. I pray that whoever reads this message focuses on the rapture very seriously. The Lord began talking about the trumpet sound in the twinkling of an eye since 2011 after every one of my prayers until now. This happens four times a day. Anytime the Lord wants to do something He always talks for a long time before He does it. I believe the rapture is the final thing He is talking about. Remember "Heaven is so Real" is His end time book. Every reader of this message please take it very seriously. Remember anyone left behind will have to go through severe suffering. Only pure hearted people will see the Lord. Read Matthew 5:8. -Choo Thomas Also please set aside the time to listen to Choo Thomas' "Heaven is So Real" testimony here below:SUMMARY IN JESUS NAME Brother Ron Reese has posted a number of compelling articles suggesting that the "sudden destruction" will likely happen sometime around January 28th of this month. Here is a LINK to one of these recent posts. Brother Reese also submits that this will be the time of the "rescue mission" (rapture) of the Bride of Jesus Christ; the Church of Philadelphia. Praise Jesus. I have received untold additional letters from other wonderful brothers and sisters that they are also receiving visions and dreams that correlate to this time frame as well. Here below is a snippet from one such email. This is from our brother Raul. Brother John, I know your busy, theres a vision that could be for this coming January, please can you look at these signs and vision and tell me what you think. If one knows the season of the Israel war, then one would know the nearness of the rapture, because its one of the 3 signs that Elvi Zapata talked about. Thank You. There is a vision from the 40s that the russians will attack america Jan 26 of some year, which I believe its this one. But before the russians attack America, America is supposed to go to war with China first according to Dumitru Duduman So between now and Jan 25 the Americans are going to war with China. Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear, and Iran is going to fuel the Tehran reactor this Mid Feb. So way before then sometime Israel is going to strike Iran from between now to this coming year 2012 in late jan. Russia and China as warned USA to keep their hands off iran, this might explain the vision, iran is attacked looks like this early to mid January and the Chinesse will act on their threats of WW3 and then the Russians attack next. If the rapture does not happen this year, theres strong signs this January. HOWEVER! Not only did this email catch my attention, but the date of Dr. David Owuor's forthcoming conference did as well. The prophet Dr. Owuor was given a vision by our Father that the rapture would occur during one of his conferences / revivals. Here is the conference information Raul shared with me in the email: Canberra Australia Conferenceon JANUARY 26-28 IndiaAnd Jan 12 - 15 Australia Please notice the word "Canberra". Yesterday afternoon I was standing in a longer than usual line at the local convenience store. Strangely my eyes were "yanked" to a shelf of paper products. There were rolls of "paper towels" on the shelf. The brand name on the paper towels was the same Canberra PS: Choo Thomas said YES! Glory to Jesus. She will be on the radio show tomorrow night (Sunday January 1st) at 8PM ET. GLORY! See you there: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tribulation-nowSEEK JESUS WITH ALL YOUR HEARTREPENT "CONTINUOUSLY" OF ALL YOUR SINS"ASK GOD TO PURIFY YOUR HEART"THE TIME IS NOWIT'S TIME TO GO!Share this: