Eye Of Ra A Mystical Horror Film
Eye of Ra is an occult terror let off that is based on Egyptian mythology. At whatever time Isis wrap power from Ra, she initiated a defender who not solely had the severity to be the chief cycle for this expand power, but who moreover had the expert to protect its secrets from persons who would abuse them. Jealous of her grandmother and daughters' spiritual gifts, Sandra takes her youngest youngster, Rikki and disappears. Seeking power, she searches the world for the Eye of Ra; at whatever time she finds it, it is Rikki not her that the Warden chooses. Teed off, Sandra makes a go down with with the Gray Ones; if they help her attack her own youngster, she heart use the Eye in their name. Sandra attacks in the mean of the initiation royal. The Priestess is killed prematurely it can be lost. A moment ago running away with her life, Rikki salary to the brusque township of her native. Her physical wounds admit healed, but the guilt and self-doubt be arranged her from seeing the truth of her life. Sandra follows Rikki to bring to a standstill what she started, bringing the evil of the Gray Ones with her, and a brusque northern Michigan township learns the black secret that had been implied amid them for generations.

To read an excerpt go to http://www.theresachaze.com/files/Eye of Ra.pdfTheresa Chaze has been described as the insect who plays with dragons, exceedingly the dragons of the mind. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can defer together in ask for as hunger as we come from own, not solely for ourselves but persons who way substitute paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an towering archetype of Irritate Potter international in.