Spell To Improve The Health
Materials: 1 guards celestial or pink consecrated, 1 botellita of oil of the health, 1 photo of the ill person or a paper with its name Procedure: This spell serves to help to improve somebody patient. First to take the celestial candle if the person is pink O-Man if she is woman, and to write in her the name of the ill person. Secondly: to pass oil through the candle visualizing a curadora energy in the form of light flowing of its fingers towards the candle whereas it says. " by the divine name of the goddess whose breath gives life us I consecrate and load this candle like a magical tool of sanaci? n". Third party: to put the candle loaded in the part of above of the photography of the ill person and igniting it, while the candle is consumed is necessary to concentrate itself in the person seeing it healthful while the following thing is recited: " magical sanaci'on. while the candle burning fire, the disease finishes and the health will back".

Credit: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com