Barley Evidence Of Reconnection

Suggestion THAT TODAY'S HEBREW Catch a glimpse of RESTS Entertain A Maintain SHABBAT, A SHABBAT SHABBATON, AND Entertain THE Maintain EDGES OF A WITCH'S ATHAME, Amid TWO Parcels ZAYIN (... ).

The zip product of the Belongings that we traditionally eat concerning Tu B'Shevat is barley. The word in Devarim 8:8 is meaning "and barley", someplace the firstly transmission is a vav () of stance called a "vav hachibur". This is the vav which reconnects the transmission yod to the transmission chet in the word wheat () as discussed in my from the past swagger, "Wheat - From Galut To Geulah" (from expatriation to redemption).

Indication for this reconnection is found in the seed of the word for barley, which implies a strong drive from within . The firstly transmission of the seed is sin ("s" benefit) as vile to shin ("sh" benefit), with a nikud (dot) manager the spent scaffold as vile to the right scaffold. Like so, we can see that the drive manifests straight action of the feminine spent emanation.

For example is this movement? It is the drive described in "Sefer Yetzirah 1:6" and "6:1" as a stormwind, the se'arah. Ruach se'arah is a klipah (as I've complete on one occasion in this, Sufah and Se'arah), in contradistinction to ruach hakodesh or divine alarm. Entertain its ezer knegdo, the shoresh "against it" (), it implies stretching and extending in signal to a strong inner drive. In other words, it is think about, intentional, income work. This klipah gives the middle whatever thing to drive and wrench against enabling enlargement. As a yetziratic "agitating curve" meant to untangle bowed complexes in the middle for removal and/or reconstruction, ruach se'arah is neither as powerful nor as potentially harmful as Ruach HaShem. Ruach se'arah have a fight for example the at all moves on the way to the divine. Ruach HaShem have a fight for example the divine bestows upon the at all. Like so, the powerful specter of the "higgledy-piggledy fast-moving" described in this is last word that the reconnection has been recurring.

In my own life, this fast-moving is discussed greatest a lot in this (Atmosphere Of A Bat Kohen) and in this (Modah Ani).


Hebrew is read right to spent, as vile to from spent to right as with English.

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