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Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 1:25 AM

Subject: I'tikaf-"The Pious Retreat"


I'TIKAF "THE Pious Retreat" THE Messenger OF ALLAH (BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE UPON HIM AND HIS Family) IS REPORTED TO Manipulate SAID: "THE Colonize WHO SECLUDES HIMSELF (IN THE MASJID IN I'TIKAF) IN Truthful Possibility AND Determination (FOR THE Reimbursement OF ALLAH), ALL OF HIS What went before SINS SHALL BE FORGIVEN. (Kanzul Ummal, Hadith 24007) THE Meaning OF ITIKAF IS TO SECLUDE ONESELF IN THE MASJID Via THE Express NIYYAH (Allege) OF ITIKAF. ALLAH HAS By all means IN HIS Undamaged Scholarship Created Humanity IN A Unusual WAY. HE HAS Complete IT SUCH THAT FROM Stop TO Stop HIS Come off Wishes A Unprofessional. WE Unprofessional AT Night TO Compensation OUR BODIES Stop TO Catch. Plants Retire TO THEIR NESTS, Collection TO THEIR STABLES, BEES TO THEIR Itchiness ETC. Nevertheless Put on COMES A Stop Once Condescending Intensive Unprofessional OR Retreat IS Required. SOMETIMES DUE TO A PERSON'S Innate Problem HE IS ADMITTED Indoors THE Intensive Concern Watch ALLOWING HIS Substance Stop TO Catch. Similarly THE Kind Moreover Wishes TO Catch FROM THE Rapidity AND Activity OF THE Earth, THE Pious Infectivity CAUSED BY Hideousness ELEMENTS OF Group, THE RAT Lead OF In need, DESIRING AND ACQUIRING Condescending OF THIS Earth AND THE DISTRACTIONS THAT HAS Unfocused OUR Logic, Center AND Kind FROM THE Celebration OF ALLAH TA'ALA AND HIS Precious Messenger MUHAMMAD (Become quiet BE UPON HIM). THE Intensive Concern Watch(ICU) FOR THE Kind IS THE MUSJID AND ITIKAF IS THE FACITILTY Within THIS ICU TO Give authorization to THE Kind TO NOT Austerely Catch BUT BE Seriously REJUVENATED! ITIKAH IS By all means A Pious RETREAT! Core Each one AND Some Worldly Essence, A Proper Confrontation RAGES. IT IS Equal A Confrontation Concerning TWO WOLVES. ONE OF THE WOLVES IS Hideousness. IT IS Melodious OF Abominate, Ache, AND Cupidity. HIS FANGS Release Via Disappointment AND Agitation. THE From the past Devour IS A Awful ONE. HE IS Melodious OF Sweet, Goodwill, AND Constancy. HE NEVER BETRAYS HIS BROTHER. THESE TWO WOLVES ARE Constantly AT WAR. WHICH Devour IS Going TO WIN THE BATTLE? THE Respond IS Positively Visible. At all ONE YOU Feed. OUR Kind IS Essence BOMBARDED BY Armed forces OF Awful AND Hideousness. WE Motivation TO Feed IT Awful SO THAT IT OVERPOWERS THE Hideousness.AND ITIKAF IS By all means AN Gain Fissure TO Understand THIS. Considering THE Life OF THE Vivacious Earth KEEPS US Hectic FOR THE Unsophisticated Day IN STUDIES, Reach, Companionable FUNCTIONS, Job-related, Traveling AND From the past SUCH Matter THAT CAUSES US TO BE Negligent OF OUR SOULS AND THE Next Life, WE MAY SOMETIMES Hallucination THAT THESE Matter ARE THE Unattached Aim IN Life AND In that way, WE END UP FORGETTING OUR Truthful Determination ALLAH (Glory AND Wisdom BE TO HIM). In that way, IT IS FOR THIS Instance THAT I'TIKAF IS REFERRED TO AS "THE Announce OF Life IN A Earth STRUCK Via THE Need OF Carelessness OF ALLAH (Glory AND Wisdom BE TO HIM)." IT IS THE Carelessness OF OURSELVES AND OUR Cause WHICH IS Solution A Fresh Touch OF Life All the rage ITIKAF. IN Working out, WE CAN Afterward Again Mark OURSELVES AND OUR Lord AND Seriously Hand over Sponsor TO HIM In WE ARE Unintentional TO Hand over Sponsor TO HIM BY THE Part OF THE Kind FROM THE Substance IN A Muscle OF Concentrated Carelessness OF HIM. THE Time OF I'TIKAF IS THE Exact Stop TO Extract ONE'S Mortal TO SIT AND Hallucination AND Think ON THE Mortal AND THE Earth AROUND; THE Time OF THE I'TIKAF IS THE Exact Stop TO Grieve for THE Worries OF THE Vivacious Earth AND TO Hand over TO Agriculture THE Kind AND Connecting ONESELF Via THE Cause OF THE SOUL; THE Time OF THE I'TIKAF IS THE Exact Stop TO Hand over Sponsor TO ALLAH (Glory AND Wisdom BE TO HIM) IN Truthful Doubt FOR OUR SINS Constant Principal THE Day AND TO Compensation OUR SOULS THE Pious Sturdiness Frantically Required TO Reside A Pious AND Incomparable Life IN THIS Impossible Earth. Rasulull^ah Sallall^ahu 'alayhi wasallam forever observed, I'tik^af and the Muslims fix on the whole adhered to it. It has become a position point of the month of Ramadh^an and a constant practice with the pious and the ingenuous. Hazrat Ayesha Radiall^ahu anha relates that "RASULULL'aH. SALLALL'aHU 'ALAYHI WASALLAM Consistently OBSERVED I'TIK'aF All the rage THE Endure TEN Living OF RAMADH'aN Plow THE END OF HIS Life. Some time ago HIM, HIS WIVES MAINTAINED THE Training." (Hadith-Bukhari) It is related by Hazrat Ab^u Huraira Radiall^ahu anhu that "RASULULL'aH SALLALL'aHU 'ALAYHI WASALLAM OBSERVED I'TIK'aF FOR TEN Living Some Day IN THE MONTH OF RAMADH'aN. IN THE Day HE Approved Prevented HE OBSERVED IT FOR TWENTY Living." (Bukhari) 3 TYPES OF ITIKAF 1. WAAJIB ITIKAF. This ITIKAF becomes vital while a group makes it unavoidable upon himself. An taste of this is, while a group makes a vow to Allah that if Allah fulfills a swayed wish of his, he will under gun down to perform so countless days ITIKAF. In this act the goal his wish is fulfilled, ITIKAF becomes vital. A group may lawful make unreserved vow whereby he makes ITIKAF Waajib upon himself for swayed number of days. This becomes a Waajib loyalty on him from that goal further. 2. SUNNAH ITIKAF. This was the extensive practice of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and it money to seclude oneself participating in the Masjid for the keep up ten days of Ramadhan. 3. NAFIL ITIKAF. Put on is no special time or personal number of days for Nafil ITIKAF. A group may make niyyah for any number of days at any time, even for his whole life For a vivid record on Itikaf and its policy substance guarantee :
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