Shhh It A Secret God Told Me To Tell You

By Pastor Danny Isom

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, "

but the things revealed belong to us

and to our sons ceaselessly,

"that we may stumble on all the words of this law. "

(Deut. 29:29)

As the Reverend has ahead of told us, "Current is nil new under the sun"." (Ecc. 1:9) So why be obliged to we be flabbergasted that yet "special" build has been the more inheritor of yet "special secret" from God and, for the first time in the history of the world, is making it positive to us? For some reason, more readily of draft it down in one of the irregular languages of the Bible and making it merrily open to all find irresistible the irregular Prophets of old, this time around God chose to stick it in print in English and sold for 16.99 (9.00 on the Flicker). For a fee, the "analyst" will come and speak about it. Two-faced teaching oblique as "pronouncement" find irresistible Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" stick been around so libretto was invented and such will, no miracle, stand until the Lord salary. Comfortable do not buy it or even shift reading a friend's copy; why be obliged to you good deal in reserve time from your actual meditation in Scripture, the abandoned "true"fondly of revelation? But such things clutch coming up, so I clutch separation back to the finer verse.

* Sincerity 1: God has not revealed everything to us, "nor will He".
* Sincerity 2: He has "ahead of" revealed everything we appeal to know in His Name. Current is no room for new books in The Secure.
* Sincerity 3: If we cannot be respectable to what has ahead of been revealed, organize is no "new" or further pronouncement coming.

In member to out-and-out double-crossing teachers and double-crossing prophets who teach omission, organize are as well natives who, "...s"peak a impression of their own ingenuity, not from the maw of the Lord"." (Jer. 23:16b) In either hide, it is to be rejected solely the extraordinarily.

The sad thing is that I cannot even tome this to be the supreme egregious go off to settle the Ambassador in this gray manner of claiming everything never-before-revealed. Current seems to be a whole "Bible codes" problem built on population and aerobics who standard to be the first ones in history whom God endorsed to tallness out these "secrets." On the supreme frivolous, materialize level of this trash, why does it not shift anyone with a group of pupils school order that the Lord has endorsed all of the apostles, pastors and scholars by way of the whole of history up this crest to stick miscalculated, mistranslated, or solely discharge mishandled the Name restrain these chosen few whom God waited until now to reveal it to? Why is it that we so once in a while see these "capable" population living find irresistible a "true" apostle or analyst, distant less a unwavering rank-and-file believer? Why does God transfer for them to narrowly expand so approvingly from this a few pronouncement such as this was suchlike but the hide for natives shortest whom the true, in print Name of God was in advance given? (Prophets from biblical mature need be envious of returns in modern times-pun intended.) Why be obliged to I even go off a scriptural pointer such as the contest is won and lost not including ever death the area of common sense?

For the place, the name of the suspend book of the Bible, in Greek, is "Apokalypsis"." It describes an unveiling, everything that becomes clearer and clearer as you get earlier to it, and the eclipse which you can ahead of one-sidedly see shortest is lately lifted out of the way. The truth is that if we would solely acknowledgment the timing and sense of the Blissful Spirit shortest Whom we filch the abandoned assistance that can stem God's Name, "Current ARE NO" yet to be paid "secrets." At devote we can ahead of see the flow of air of them all, so it is really a hide of God's timing as to such as we will be brought hitch bounty and the eclipse absolutely unconnected so that what has been organize all along comes in the field of our liberate, worldly view. Such are not "secret" things, but a test of standing to see if we will accept all that we stick ahead of been detailed while we come to an end for His timing such as it comes to the rest. Care for of natives who true they are the abandoned ones who can stem what is downhearted the hide, fantastically if it hire 16.99.

But I stick to say that it amazes me how insolvent the so-called "Christian" con-artists and counterfeiters are at their work! We may perhaps never find an unbelieving con-man or faker producing inevitable imitations and sufficient knock-offs that would not deceive anyone. They stick distant higher pride in their work than the Christian con-artists! The professional thief at tiniest does their groundwork, pays opinion to all the lowest possible give details and makes it the supreme troublesome worldly to see any adjustment in the company of the act and absolute. At tiniest "their" act parallelogram is so good, abandoned the supreme well-equipped and knowledgeable adroit can outspoken the adjustment so that they really do deceive the pursue. All Christian con-artists group to appeal to do is accept everything bright and more readily which abandoned "they" would stick the audacity to sheet a "parallelogram," and organize is "no end" of takers who are fooled! They do not stick to make any concern whatsoever elapsed no more than craft it a "parallelogram" and, unusual a wiser build of the world, their track no more than good deal their word for it. Another the world's counterfeits, it is so clearly everything of youthful cartel to the real thing that it be obliged to never stick fooled anyone to begin with.

One would connect that these charlatans would cost at tiniest a "youthful"time studying how an absolute, biblical analyst lives, speaks and acts. Or that they would intently craft their cargo to be as abstracted as worldly from the absolute. Or that they would try to imitate the irregular appropriate down to the poor out sandals. Why is it that Christians will purchase an inevitable deception which any non-believer with bad catch sight of and a insolvent sense of stink would bow to in ten seconds? Why is it that every modern-day double-crossing analyst fills the important mildew Jesus well-known as producing everything clearly false?

"But what did you go out to see? A man wearing clothes in sunlit clothing? Fill who wear sunlit clothing are in kings' palaces! "(Matthew 11:8)

How did John's semblance and fit into reveal he was suchlike but someone who called a king's palace a home? He first and brief looked and lived the part.

"Now John himself had a garment of camel's hair and a fleece belt around his waist; and his block was locusts and wild sweetie. "(Matthew 3:4)

And what was John's accompanying message? To the same extent did he "say"to do about the approaching entry of the Messiah, the last join "pronouncement" of all time?

"So be ill with fruit in supervision with repentance; "(Matthew 3:8)

Anyone "after that", solely as today, knew that the Messiah was coming right away. The real analyst did not reveal a new "secret," did not dazzle them with everything abandoned he had, but called them back to the supreme basic thing they knew all along for instance it had been drilled inactive and inactive another time shortest all the previous prophets and God's Name predicting His arrival: repent of sin and put the Name of God as ahead of detailed in the field of practice so you will be exceptional to lift the coming pronouncement.

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons ceaselessly, that we may stumble on all the words of this law. "(Deuteronomy 29:29)

And what is even higher mind-blowing is that the Messiah DOEScome, the Messiah fulfills higher than three hundred twenty prophecies in the Old Shrine, and the enormous crowd form miss the "pronouncement" of the Messiah's first coming! Why? More willingly of play in what John alleged, they snobbish taking sides and seeking at the rear natives who dangled everything "exceedingly" in fore of them. How distant higher absolute can it get than to stick the Messiah, in build, appropriate organize in fore of you and more readily lightheartedly run at the rear the sufficient, bright deception that "looks more readily" inactive there? No, the infuriate "after that" is the extraordinarily as it is "now": a lack of branch of learning to what God has "ahead of" revealed, a general population that can be deceived for instance they are not film set for everything "new" for instance they never enormously alleged the "old."

Do I feature that organize are "deeper" truths to be gleaned from the Name than are inevitable at first glance? Of course, but organize is a basic sway of interpretation which tells us such as the line has been crossed from "exegesis"-drawing out of Scripture what is organize, and "eisegesis"-reading everything in the field of Scripture that was never organize to begin with: Scripture "never"contradicts Scripture.

I stick seen workforce use Gematria, where the letters of the Greek or Hebrew alphabet are assigned a edition, to epitomize that the Messiah to come was separation to practically be named "Jesus." If that is true, it is not actually everything "new" or in brawl with the rest of Scripture, is it? Scripture confirms that the Messiah is surely named "Jesus." At home Scripture is a interesting touch of patterns, allegories, parables and typology, all of which never form the "layer" for doctrine, but in every suit is correct vetoed in Scripture by what is severely known. The "deeper" things think and undertake a a cut above understanding of the basic things. If someone offers everything that cannot be correct and supported by Scripture, run far, my friend... run fast.

How does a real analyst lift God's creative thinker Word? Consequence at the guy shortest whom higher "secrets" were revealed in the Old Shrine than any other. No one has no more us higher Old Shrine creative thinker puzzles than Daniel. How did he lift the big shot of God's pronouncement in his time?

"In the first blind date of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of Intermediate cradle, who was complete king inactive the set down of the Chaldeans- in the first blind date of his charge, I, DANIEL, OBSERVED IN THE BOOKS the edition of the existence which was revealed as the word of the Lordto Jeremiah the analyst for the close of the desolations of Jerusalem, namely, seventy existence. SO I GAVE MY Look after TO THE Lord GOD TO Endeavor HIM BY Prayer AND SUPPLICATIONS, Together with FASTING, SACKCLOTH AND Residue. I PRAYED TO THE LORDMY GOD AND CONFESSED and alleged, "Forlornly, O Lord, the superb and stimulating God, who keeps His settlement and lovingkindness for natives who love Him and clutch His commandments, we stick sinned, resolute iniquity, acted dishonestly and rebelled, even relax aside from Your commandments and ordinances. "(Daniel 9:1-5)

Daniel is inquisitive the Name which God has "ahead of" given! Daniel, someone accepted for actual responsibility to God's Name, discovers everything no one exceedingly seems to be conscious of which is "now" the Name which God has ahead of given! To the same extent does he do with this "secret"? Daniel begins by addressing the major feature of penitence of sin and branch of learning to the Word-that which has "ahead of"been complete positive. He knows they are not separation to get the more agreement to come if they do not get what has ahead of been revealed.

Gone faced with the prospect and destined agreement of God's creative thinker Name, a "true" analyst first and brief addresses the meagerness in living according to what God's workforce be obliged to ahead of know. Daniel did not know how God would typically recognize the prophecies in Jeremiah, but he knew that it would be missed in whatever form it took by God's workforce if they did not repent and start living according to the Name "ahead of" detailed to them. In other words, for instance workforce were not living according to the Name of God as ahead of detailed, they were ineffective of seeing what was "about to be" revealed in the creative thinker Name of God! God is not separation to reveal a "secret" to someone who is defiant to accept the discharge truth ahead of provided. In fact, such as Daniel was detailed an actual secret, he was told to "clutch" it secret until God Himself would reveal it at God's looked-for time. (Dan. 8:26-27)

Now round is an gaudy supporter "pronouncement" from Scripture such as it comes the unveiling of God's secrets. To the same extent would pour out if God DIDmake one of His secrets known? How would we know for infallible that this was reliably loot place?

"The secret of the Lord is for natives who disquiet Him,"And He will make them know His settlement." (Psalm 25:14)

It will abandoned come to natives who are obediently putting His Name in the field of practice for the concept of their "further" putting His Name in the field of practice! Biblically native tongue, "natives who disquiet Him" is fixed as someone who is strongly acquainted and so reveres the Lord that it is plainly well-known by their branch of learning to His Name. This verse does not challenge the one in advance quoted from Deuteronomy, but establishes what we know not abandoned about every biblical prophet's ministry, but every sign and dispute recorded and still to come: it is "continually" about branch of learning to the more memorandum of the Name. The Psalmist tells us that the end keep count is the deepest and supreme hopeless working of God's Name, to "know His settlement." This is the residence which expresses having entered in the field of a actual association with God based on the obliging terms of His Name. Unaffected secrets from the Lord "know for certain" His Name for natives ahead of in a appropriate and respectable association in the supreme boundless ways so that it has the last effect to renew branch of learning to His Word!

* We know some "secrets" to be reproduction for instance God does not reveal secrets to someone living a life departure from His Name.
* We know some "secrets" to be reproduction for instance they are not supported by nor adapt to God's ahead of provided Name.
* We know some "secrets" to be reproduction for instance they try to drill everything "new" that cannot be found in God's in print Name.
* We know some "secrets" to be reproduction for instance they are so total, we do not know what to actually do with the information.

But we conclusively know to unavoidably eliminate "anyone"using the residence "secret" not including delving very importantly. Why?

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons ceaselessly, that we may stumble on all the words of this law. "(Deuteronomy 29:29)

"I stick not idiomatic in secret, In some dark land;"I did not say to the little of Jacob" angle Me in a expend place';"I, the Lord, speak righteousness,"Declaring things that are honest. "(Isaiah 45:19)

To the same extent is round uttered shortest Isaiah in the Old Shrine is stretched out upon by Christ Himself:

"Jesus answered him, "I stick idiomatic honestly to the world; I continually educated in synagogues and in the temple, where all the Jews come together; and I Make fun of Go fast IN Mischief. "(John 18:20)

Paul tells us that even such as God reveals a mystery, it is verified by God's Name and natives shortest whom His in print Name was detailed, and that such is continually merrily and publicly revealed to the unreserved world and has as its ultimate concept responsibility to God's Word:

"Now to Him who is exceptional to obstinate you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to THE Catch napping OF THE Mystery WHICH HAS BEEN Cool Mischief FOR Yearning AGES Subsequent to, BUT NOW IS MANIFESTED, AND BY THE SCRIPTURES OF THE PROPHETS, ACCORDING TO THE Order OF THE Ageless GOD, HAS BEEN Ready Noteworthy TO ALL THE NATIONS, Uppermost TO Meekness OF FAITH; to the abandoned cautious God, shortest Jesus Christ, be the confusion ceaselessly. Amen." (Romans 16:25-27)

To the same extent is, has, and supreme without doubt will come a range of higher mature in the form of natives claiming to reveal everything "secret" is conceivably best explained by Peter for what it really is:

"But Two-faced PROPHETS as well arose concerning the workforce, solely as organize will as well be Two-faced TEACHERSamong you, WHO Attitude Sneakily Establish Detrimental HERESIES, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift catastrophe upon themselves. Many will grow their sensuality, and Since OF THEM THE WAY OF THE Exactness Attitude BE MALIGNED; AND IN THEIR Insatiability THEY Attitude Prosecution YOU Together with Two-faced WORDS; their verdict from inclination ago is not bare, and their catastrophe is not asleep. "(2 Peter 2:1-3)

Too a range of are so cleanly deceived for instance they cost horizontal no time in the Name, as normal for instance to do so would mean having to detached house the regular issues of actual sin in their life. They do not know what God's Name says, so they allow someone exceedingly to define it for them. It is find irresistible buying a parallelogram not including ever actually sophisticated what a real parallelogram looks or feels find irresistible, so why not solely good deal the salesman's word for it? But for natives of us who work to set upon to such as a Learned Virgin (Mt. 25:1-13) who stay resolute to His Name in damage of the belatedness of the hour, we stick ahead of been provided "everything" we reliably and practically appeal from Start 1:1 to Catch napping 22:21. No matter which exceedingly is an inevitable and crayon deception.

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