Friday Prayer In Puteaux
Here and there in is what an Muslim website has to say about Friday prayer in Puteaux, a municipality in the Paris community of Hauts-de-Seine:

The mosque of Puteaux, care for so abundant seats of devotion in France, is experiencing stumbling block every Friday, a day of unhealthy charisma. Friday is a special day for Muslims. It is a blessed day in vogue which the prayer called the "Friday prayer" (relating 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.) is whispered. To drama in this prayer at the mosque is compulsory. (...) Specially and patronizing prayer rooms no longer claim the force to dock the ever swelling back copy of lessen. As a mature, the streets habitually free as prayer rooms, as in Puteaux.

This is why gift are difficulties with the inhabitants, the mayor, and the prefect and the like to passion to a certain extent drastic course - crude course in the case of Puteaux.

The mosque sent out this message:

"We would care for to inform the seal off lessen that the mosque of Puteaux, in agreement with a decision of the prefecture of the splitting up and the mayor of Puteaux, and for reasons of vindication that possibly will sack the closing of the mosque, it has been approved that in vogue the Friday prayer, the doors of the mosque incentive be bunged as soon as the mosque is broad. We are moving as fast as Allah allows to find a clean to council house someone."

Joachim V'eliocas at Islamisation picks up the story:

The tip was no longer good enough. The link succeeded in acquiring a strip of land 950 organized meters, for a great mosque. (...) The semi-detached slip away was obtained, the work incentive begin in the months to come.

The leaders of the link found the fundamental support:

"Initial, we consulted Madame the mayor of Puteaux, Jo"elle Ceccaldi-Raynaud, who told us to go cheery, that it was a good contemplation and that she stood by us. We each consulted the prefect of the splitting up who whispered it was a very good contemplation."

The mosque incentive be included, as everyday, classrooms, a media room, a teachers' room (what does our priest of tutoring cleave to of this?) The sunni knowledge that are open would aspect to set sights on Saudi wahhabism and the razor-sharp line of the Institution of Al-Azhar, like the "scholars" who incentive be invited to donate seminars: Sheik Saad Elbrik of the Saudi Islamist TV river IQRA and Sheik Khaled Al-Joundi, an Egyptian scholar from Al-Azhar Institution, whose severe knowledge we claim or else analyzed.

Note: A fasten together is provided to this newspaper, in French, about Dr. Khaled Al-Joundi's knowledge, for populace who wish to discourse it. It is very desire but sophisticated. The prime minister part deals with the fact that Barack Obama visited Al-Azhar Institution and praised it in his cherished (and infamous) family delivered at the Institution of Cairo on June 4. V'eliocas points out that Al-Azhar, which trains imams, encouraging the miniaturization of the fatwa against apostates and that this decision, issued on Grand 21, 2007, led to the deal with of a embryonic drawback who had renounced Islam and embraced Christianity. But now are some of Obama's notes from that day:

I am revered to be in the timeless municipality of Cairo, and to be hosted by two handsome institutions. For to play with a thousand go, Al-Azhar has stood as a flare of Islamic learning, and for to play with a century, Cairo Institution has been a grounds of Egypt's grow. Coupled, you existing the accord relating tradition and shuffle.(...) As a student of history, I each know civilization's debt to Islam. It was Islam - at seats care for Al-Azhar Institution - that carried the light of learning out of action so abundant centuries, paving the way for Europe's Revival and Elucidation.

The observation words were each spoken by Obama. They are not included in V'eliocas' post. I am extra them now to make clear the scope to which Obama lavished exalt on Islamic civilization:

It was expansion in Muslim communities that sensible the order of algebra; our captivating compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed. Islamic culture has given us disarray arches and grand spires; timeless verse and dearest music; agile script and seats of tranquil theory. And all through history, Islam has demonstrated out of action words and endeavors the contract of self-righteous permissiveness and racial resemblance.

Obama each whispered these words, emotional some awareness maybe of the position in which apostates are treated, but limiting his worry to what he sees as a negligible minority of Muslims, and forever stressing Muslim "permissiveness":

Islam has a elated tradition of permissiveness. We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba in vogue the Inquest. I saw it firsthand as a child in Indonesia, someplace perfect Christians worshiped freely in an effectively Muslim rule. That is the spirit we like today. Populace in every rule must be free to feel like and singing their consortium based upon the persuasion of the keep an eye on, essence, and essence. This permissiveness is essential for religion to flower head, but it is role challenged in abundant opposing ways.

Among some Muslims, gift is a upsetting taste to play in one's own consortium by the abjuration of another's. The fulsomeness of self-righteous superior requirement be upheld - whether it is for Maronites in Lebanon or the Copts in Egypt. And burden resentment requirement be bunged in the middle of Muslims as well, as the divisions relating Sunni and Shia claim led to agonizing do violence to, manifestly in Iraq.

The complete English publication of Obama's utter, if you claim not read it, can be found now.

Now, back to the originally post on the Puteaux mosque. As indicated improved, one of populace who incentive be invited to donate classes at the mosque is related with the TV river called IQRA. This river, according to Khaled Mountasser, an highly developed Egyptian person responsible, must really be named "Ikrah", the Arabic word for "aversion", equally it specializes in teaching aversion of non-Muslims:

According to Mountasser, we learn by celebration this river that intolerance in the Arab world is not innate from zero, but is prompted by the institutions and the media venues that trigger children and embryonic nation to hatred others. So at the same time as they apprehend widely held, these children incentive cleave to that all populace not belonging to their own attendants or their own religion are miscreants who requirement be killed. (In an sample with a very passing girl), more exactly of asking her "what style of Pampers are you wearing?" or "claim you been vaccinated?", they ask her her point of Jews. Her area, her school and the event that circulate harmful interviews of this type are to blame for the evil that is done to this passing girl and to millions of other children improved concerning scene material ammo (...)

Note: At one time gift was a video of the sample alluded to improved. It is no longer impending someplace. It requirement claim been deleted by its compose, for reasons cryptic, but one possibly will speculate that it fashioned too other bad tout.

The photo at top shows the Friday prayer on Rue Saulnier in Puteaux. Underside, the Al-Azhar Institution.